True Martial World Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Test
Chapter 268: Test

The cultivators’ spirits rose when they heard that there would be a test after the lesson ended.

If they could gain the appreciation of Yuehua, they might get the chance to learn Yuehua’s “Thousand Hand Moon Buddha” on top of earning the high-value scholarship.

A mystic technique of that level was the dream of the cultivators present.

Yuehua said, “These ten basic extraction methods are the basics for all sorts of mystic techniques and their variants. Although they are known as the basics, they are not simple at all. Not to mention beginners who just began learning the Desolate Heaven technique, even grandmasters, who have been well-versed in the Desolate Heaven technique for a very long time, might occasionally make a few mistakes. Now, I will explain all the ten extraction methods once. You can compare it with what you have previously learned…”

“The first extraction method…” Yuehua began to lecture. From time to time, she would demonstrate for the cultivators present.

As a sage-level Desolate Heaven Master, Yuehua’s level of the Desolate Heaven technique was impeccable. All the cultivators present gained a lot from listening to her lecture. Many of the things that they were previously confused about slowly became clearer to them.

During Yuehua’s lecture, Luo Huo’er would listen with ease, while stealthily taking glances at Yi Yun.

She wanted to see what the scene of a simpleton listening to a book from heaven would be like.

Luo Huo’er originally thought that it would be impossible for Yi Yun to understand Yuehua’s lecture. She thought he would either be frowning, with a constipated look, or he would be day dreaming.

Either one of those would have made Luo Huo’er delighted. However, when she looked at him, he was listening with a fascinated look on his face.

He held a pen in his hand and would scribble on a piece of paper from time to time.

A warrior’s memory was excellent and they would often have eidetic memory, but that would usually only happen if they had a basic understanding of what they learned.

If they did not understand anything, then it would be difficult for them to remember. This was when pen and paper would reflect their functions.

Seeing Yi Yun ruminating over it, with the occasional scribble or the occasional frown, Luo Huo’er was stunned.

Could this rascal stop taking this so seriously? I’m sure he can neither understand it nor be able to learn the Desolate Heaven technique.

This view was not because Luo Huo’er looked down on Yi Yun, it was because he had started too late. Besides, he was learning under a grandmaster like Yuehua, which would be almost impossible to catch up with.

If he could not learn it, why was he so adamant about it? Was he stupid? Why bother being so stubborn?

During Yuehua’s lecture, there were some parts that became extremely profound. Even some of the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices slowly failed to follow her teachings. Once they were unable to catch up, they would easily be left behind.

The cultivators present were all in their teens. Although they were hardworking, they would have some child-like mentalities. They might find it difficult to focus, especially when many of the things were incomprehensible.

It was taxing on the brain to try and understand the things Yuehua was teaching. A couple of minutes would be fine, but to continue on for more than an hour made many of them unable to handle it.

Luo Huo’er realized that some people had already lost focus, and when they regained their focus, they would find many things incomprehensible no matter how hard they paid attention.

But Yi Yun, who was a person who did not know anything about the Desolate Heaven technique, was focused from beginning to end. He was quickly scribbling on his paper without any slack.

“This toad…” Luo Huo’er could not understand the situation.

Even if he knew the hopes were low, he was still diligent…

Such a person could easily move a person’s heart.

Initially, Luo Huo’er’s attitude towards to Yi Yun was one of ridicule and gloating, hoping to see Yi Yun suffer a setback.

But over time, Yi Yun’s seriousness changed Luo Huo’er’s impression of him. No matter when it was, it was not right to ridicule a hardworking person.

It might be easy to laugh at the stupidity of a person determined to surmount an impossible task, but if one were to do so, it meant that one was going further away from success.

Yuehua lecture went on for two hours before she finished.

Many of the cultivators received a headache from listening. Only the best, like Luo Huo’er or Yang Yuefeng, could follow Yuehua’s thoughts, receiving enormous benefits.

“Alright, digest what I have just taught. In ten minutes, we will have the test.” When Yuehua said this, many of them began to tense up.

Many of the youths, who were originally very confident about the test, had now lost their confidence.

The things Yuehua taught were too profound. They were afraid that they would not be able to obtain a good result.

Seeing so many people with sour looks, Yang Yuefeng was extremely excited. He loved tests. He wanted to earn a scholarship through the test, and at the same time, shine. He wanted to let everyone see his talent in the Desolate Heaven technique!

Although he was inferior to Luo Huo’er, if he could become the person closest to Luo Huo’er through his hard work, he might be able to gain the attention of Luo Huo’er.

The more Yang Yuefeng thought, the greater expectations he had. As for Yi Yun, he had long forgotten about him.

Yang Yuefeng repeatedly looked at Luo Huo’er, brimming with confidence.

He wanted to vie for second place!

“Alright, I’ll hand out the test now!” Yuehua tapped the lecture stand lightly and, with a tiny voice, quietened down the entire classroom.

Many of them now held their breaths as they grew nervous.

Yuehua took out rolls of scrolls from her interspatial ring. There were more than a hundred rolls. With a flick of her finger, the scrolls flew to the front of every cultivator. These scrolls were made of desolate beast hide and were completely blank.

Following that, Yuehua did a hand seal. With a dense amount of shadows appearing around her fingers, more than a hundred seals were sent out by her. They turned into golden runes and flew!

The underground hall was not very bright, but with the hundreds of runes appearing, the room brightened up immediately!

“Oh? Is this the Thousand Hand Moon Buddha?”

Seeing Yuehua’s hand movements, many cultivators’ eyes lit up.

It was impressive to create more than a hundred seals in an instant!

People exclaimed.

Hearing them making a fuss, Yang Yuefeng disdainfully said, “How could this be the Thousand Hand Moon Buddha? It’s just some hand seals Teacher Yuehua casually made. The Thousand Hand Moon Buddha is even more incredible than this!”

Yang Yuefeng said this with a reverence for Yuehua. Throughout the lesson, Yang Yuefeng’s ambition grew. He too wanted to learn the Thousand Hand Moon Buddha!

“More incredible than this…”

People gulped a mouthful of saliva and stayed silent. Grandmaster Yuehua’s Desolate Heaven technique had long since exceeded their imaginations.

The hundred seals Yuehua formed flew in front of every cultivator, landing on the blank scroll, merging into them.

Yi Yun had also received such a scroll, and the runes on the scroll looked as if they were written with a golden pen.

“Now, you can choose any grade of desolate bone, extract the energy within the bone and condense it into the rune. I will give all of you 15 minutes before I collect the test papers.”

The contents of the test mentioned by Yuehua was clear and simple.

Although it sounded simple, it was not easy to do so. The runes may look small, but they came from Yuehua. Not only did the rune paths have a large capacity, they were also complex. Trying to conform to the rune paths and then use the Power of Desolates to slowly fill it was easier said than done!

Many of them frowned. They felt like they had an impossible task facing them.

The first lesson’s test content was very difficult!

A few people could not help but glance at Yi Yun. In their hearts they were thinking that thanks to this rascal, who would end up at the bottom, no matter how bad they did they would still be able to extract at least some energy. But Yi Yun would most likely stand there sillily like a wooden pole.

“Teacher Yuehua is such a nice person. She even handed to Yi Yun a test scroll even though he does not know anything…”

Many of them felt that there was no point in giving Yi Yun a test scroll. They felt that it was only because Yuehua was considerate of Yi Yun’s pride that she did not make any distinction.

At this moment, the best of them, like Luo Huo’er and Yang Yuefeng had already chosen their desolate bones. They had also began extracting energy from them, transplanting it into the golden runes.

This test’s level was not a problem for them, especially for Luo Huo’er. She made a few tiny movements with her finger, as if she was playing a piano. All her movements were harmonious like flowing water.

People could clearly see the shimmering light beneath Luo Huo’er’s hands.

This was the light coming from the condensing of the Power of Desolates. The methods and phenomena coming from the extraction of energy varied from person to person as everyone had a different affinity with energy. It did not really matter if the Power of Desolates emitted light as it could happen with either outcome. But overall, it was better to emit light during condensation.

At this moment, Yi Yun had yet to make his move. He could not resist opening his Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

In his energy vision, the Power of Desolates’ light was even stronger. Yi Yun could clearly see the light dots following every movement of Luo Huo’er’s as they flew into the golden rune.

Previously when Yuehua was lecturing, Yi Yun listened attentively. The first volume of Su Jie’s notebook Lin Xintong left him was also on energy extraction.

Back then, Yi Yun did not understand a lot of things, but after listening to Yuehua’s lecture, and seeing Yuehua’s demonstration of the methods, he compared it with the descriptions within Su Jie’s notebook. As such, Yi Yun began to understand many things he previously did not.

With Yuehua’s demonstration, Yi Yun could use his energy vision to see every seal she made clearly. He could see how the energy changed and moved, allowing him to keenly grasp it.

The other Desolate Heaven Master apprentices, even Luo Huo’er, would not be able to see it so clearly.

With theory conjoining with practice, Yi Yun had a general idea about the extraction of the Power of Desolates. With the Purple Crystal’s help, extracting the energy from desolate bones was no longer difficult for Yi Yun.

By recalling the ten theories of Power of Desolates extraction, Yi Yun made his move. He chose a high-grade general-ranked desolate beast’s bone. This grade of desolate bone was not easy for a Desolate Heaven Master apprentice!

Actually if Yi Yun wanted to, he could even extract the energy from a primordial species’ bone. But this would have been too shocking.

With some light finger movements, the energy within the desolate bones were now rapidly being pulled out by Yi Yun.

In the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, Yi Yun could see the light dots flying around like fairies all over the classroom.

But no one could see the light dots condensed by the Purple Crystal.

No matter how grand the scene was, the people around him were blind to this.