True Martial World Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Reconciliation
Chapter 269: Reconciliation

Extracting energy was extremely simple for Yi Yun. However, injecting the energy into the golden rune required some Desolate Heaven technique knowledge.

He had to understand the reasoning behind the golden rune.

But, with the help of the Purple Crystal, this was not much a problem for Yi Yun either.

Back when Yi Yun cultivated the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, the process of drawing the picture of the Sun using pure Yang Qi was a hundred times more complicated than infusing energy into this golden rune. Even so, Yi Yun had managed to complete it.

It was easy for Yi Yun to just copy the process mechanically.

But, Yi Yun was not satisfied with just that. While he was drawing according to the golden rune, he made sure to understand why the rune was drawn in the manner it was. He had to understand the reasoning behind the golden rune or he would never become a Desolate Heaven Master.

Yi Yun was very quick, the Purple Crystal’s pull on the desolate bone’s energy was silent, neither did it emit any light. One couldn’t even feel any energy fluctuations.

This was the power of the Purple Crystal. Up to this day, everything the Purple Crystal had done went unnoticed by anyone else. The Purple Crystal was also completely ignored the two times Jian Ge examined Yi Yun’s body.

Around Yi Yun, many of the others were looking bitter or very focused. Everyone was engrossed in this intense test.

As for Grandmaster Yuehua, she placed all of her attention on Luo Huo’er.

Seeing Luo Huo’er’s methods, the undisguised appreciation in Yuehua’s eyes indicated that she treated all the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices as her students, but Luo Huo’er, she was her disciple!

Luo Huo’er was very fast at extracting the desolate bone energy, but Yi Yun was faster. If Yi Yun wanted, he could even complete everything in about 20 seconds.

However, to understand the theories within the golden rune, Yi Yun deliberately slowed down his pace.

But even so, Yi Yun only used about 7 minutes to extract the energy from the desolate bone he chose. There was still plenty of time left, and with Yi Yun’s understanding of the golden rune deepening, he could already absorb another two desolate bones’ Power of Desolates to fill up the golden rune.

If Yi Yun completely abandoned the attempt to understand the Desolate Heaven technique theories, he could even fill the golden rune up with energy. But, after thinking about it, Yi Yun decided against it. It would be too shocking.

After a second thought, Yi Yun chose another desolate bone, which was lower in quality and extracted its energy, injecting it into the golden rune.

In total, Yi Yun spent 10 minutes doing these things, so there was still 5 minutes left to the end of the test.

Besides Yi Yun, everyone else were basically fighting for each and every second before the test ended, including Luo Huo’er.

After all, the golden rune left by Yuehua had an enormous storage capacity. One could not fill it even if one had hour to do so, what more in only 15 minutes.

Luo Huo’er released a long, deep breath and massaged her sore wrists. She was very pleased with her test manuscript.

Raising her head, she saw Yuehua’s look of approval.

Yuehua nodded at Luo Huo’er gently. Luo Huo’er smiled sweetly back as she had a favorable impression of this teacher.

She was not only amiable and kind, she was also pretty.

“Not bad, carry on practicing your methods. In time, you should be able to develop an extraction mystic technique that belongs to you alone.”

Yuehua’s rare praise was an extremely high appreciation.

When the surrounding cultivators heard this, they became extremely envious.

As they were still working hard on following the golden runes’ paths, Luo Huo’er was already on the brink of developing an extraction mystic technique of her own.

It was really exasperating comparing.

Yuehua’s appraisal made Luo Huo’er very happy. As she was rolling up her test scroll, she suddenly recalled something and glanced at Yi Yun secretly.

She saw that Yi Yun already stood properly, the scroll in front of him had already been rolled up.

“This rascal, it must have been hard on him… I do not know why he is so obsessed with the Desolate Heaven technique, but seeing his diligence, I hope he learns something…”

Luo Huo’er stopped caring about Yi Yun. Whether it was the desolate bones energy extraction methods or the golden runes on the test scroll, it was all too difficult for Yi Yun in her eyes.

“Hand in your scrolls!”

Yuehua said simply and with that, all the cultivators rolled up their scrolls and handed them over to Yuehua.

“Tomorrow the results will be released in the Divine City’s Desolate Heaven Master Society. Class dismissed.”

Saying that, Yuehua immediately left.

Many of the cultivators left behind were still edgy. They did not know how good or bad their result would be.

“I didn’t do well…”

Someone complained.

“Yes, it’s quite difficult…” Another person shook his head, “I must say, Brother Yuefeng must have gotten excellent results!”

As a leader of the Chu royal residence’s younger generation, Yang Yuefeng had a large circle of acquaintances in the Tai Ah Divine City. Many were happy to associate themselves with him.

At this moment, seeing Yang Yuefeng looking proud of his success, everyone had various thoughts and complimented him.

“Haha! All of you do not have to squeeze me. This test was not easy and my answers can only be considered acceptable.”

“It’s also good to be acceptable, Brother Yuefeng must still give a treat.”

“Yes, Brother Yuefeng is probably going to shock everyone, making all of us envious!”

Many of them joked. It was common for the young masters’ circle to gather together, complimenting each other.

“Everyone must be joking, but since we are all gathered here, let’s go to the Divine Moon Restaurant to enjoy ourselves!”

If Yang Yuefeng treated, it had to be at the Divine Moon Restaurant. This had to do with a young master’s reputation. There were even different standards of spending in the Divine Moon Restaurant. A typical treat by Yang Yuefeng would cost several hundred dragon scale runes.

“Brother Yuefeng is an old sport!”

“No returning until we are all drunk!”

Their group laughed as they gathered their friends, heading towards the Divine Moon Restaurant.

Seeing this group disappear, Yi Yun leisurely packed his things and left the classroom.

He still had plenty of things to do.

The ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ and the ‘Truth of the Laws’ both needed to be cultivated. Yi Yun’s was tight on time.

Besides, in a while, Yi Yun was going to go out to hunt desolate beasts to condense his Aspect Totem. This was the most dangerous place for cultivation in the Tai Ah Divine City.

Many elites had died on this path of cultivation.


Just as Yi Yun began walking, he heard someone call him. Turning his head, a girl in red was standing in front of him. It was none other than Luo Huo’er.

“Miss Luo…” Yi Yun coughed dryly. Whenever he saw Luo Huo’er, he could not help but recall that scene…

“In the future, if you want to use the training ground, tell me in advance. I do not like to share the training ground with others.”

Luo Huo’er pursed her lips as she said.

She wanted to cultivate the ‘Sacred Fire Infinite Book’, and it was not something others should see.

Yi Yun touched his nose. Although it sounded like a boundary was drawn, this also meant that Luo Huo’er had accepted him as a neighbor. At least, whatever that happened was now in the past and Yi Yun did not need to worry about a crazy girl rushing at him with a sword while staying in the central divine tower.

“Alright. I will probably not use the training ground that often.”