True Martial World Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Yi Yun’s Score
Chapter 271: Yi Yun’s Score

“Master…” The two disciples looked at one another with odd expressions. “These test transcripts… were they done by cultivators from Tai Ah Divine City?”
“Of course!” Yuehua was curious, “Is there a problem?”

Yuehua’s answer made the two disciples speechless, “Master, I think it is best that you look at it in person. There is one test transcript that is very odd…”


Yuehua was slightly stunned. Recalling the cultivators present, Yuehua did not find anyone odd. Besides Luo Huo’er, there were only a few others, like Yang Yuefeng, who were barely acceptable.

And this acceptable standard was only by using the Tai Ah Divine City’s standards. But the cultivators that came to the Tai Ah Divine City every year added up to a million people over the span of 500 years. In the long river of history, these elites would usually slowly be buried.

Yuehua followed her two disciples to the other room where they were grading the test transcripts.

In the pile of test transcripts, one test transcript had been singled out.

Although this test transcript had been previously graded, there was no score on it.

“It’s this piece…” One of the two girls said. They had already worked out the score to that transcript.

It was only because they felt it was too ridiculous that they did not dare to fill it.

“Oh?” Yuehua took the scroll and scanned it with her mental powers. She first looked at the simplest thing, the three energy reservoirs.

It was filled up to 45%!

Compared to Luo Huo’er’s 60%, it was nothing much. But according to the Tai Ah Divine City’s standards, this was definitely the best.

By filling it up to 45%, a score of 151 was given.

“Barely satisfactory.” Yuehua gave this evaluation in her mind. One could not see much from simply the filling quantity. Next was the energy control, which was the 182 fine rune paths.

Seeing golden light emitting from it, Yuehua could already sense something. She did not use her mental powers to quickly scan it. She thoroughly checked every rune path, just as carefully as when she checked Luo Huo’er’s.

“Perfect, perfect, perfect…”

Yuehua analyzed the methods of the examinee and her expression grew solemn. This person’s precision in his energy control was surprising.

“It’s not any worse than Luo Huo’er!”

Yuehua was very surprised. Energy control was much more important than the quantity of energy extracted as it depended on talent.

If a person really could be comparable to Luo Huo’er up to a certain extent, then it would be a really big surprise!

“The Tai Ah Divine City actually has two monstrous geniuses appearing at once…”

Yuehua muttered to herself as she carried on looking at it, “Perfect, perfect, and still perfect!”

It was perfect up to the 100th fine rune path.

Following that, 110, 120, 130!

Up to the 130th fine path rune, every path had been perfectly filled, this stunned Yuehua greatly.

She had originally thought that this examinee might be able to barely catch up with Luo Huo’er, but she never expected that his energy control would exceed Luo Huo’er’s!

Luo Huo’er first defect came after completing 126 fine path runes.

But this person maintained his perfectly.

140, 150…

Yuehua was very shocked!

She slowly began to become short of breath. She stared unblinkingly at the test transcript.

Although she was eager to know the final result, Yuehua’s grading speed became slower and slower.

Every rune path was examined carefully by her.

It was still perfect up to 170!

Could this test transcript be…

Yuehua’s expression turned incredulous.

The more she wanted to know the result, the slower she graded. Yuehua’s expression really looked as if she had just read a compendium left behind by an ancient Desolate Heaven Master.

180, 181, 182…

All the 182 fine rune paths were perfect!

A perfect score!

Yuehua froze. It took a while before she was able to regain her composure.

She had deliberately prepared the test to make Luo Huo’er sweat. It was something that would definitely make all the other Tai Ah Divine City examinees complain. But yet, there was someone who managed to get full marks on energy control!

She finally understood why her two disciples came looking for her with such odd expressions. This definitely did not look like a examinee’s answer script, but like the model answer scheme!

364 points from the energy control, with 151 points for energy extraction.

This test transcript scored a total of 515 points!

Luo Huo’er had only earned 494 points, yet this person scored 515!

This was a ridiculous score!

Who was this monster?

Yuehua took a deep breath and turned the scroll over. The examinee’s names were written behind the scrolls.

And all she saw was two words, “Yi Yun”.

Yi Yun?

Who’s Yi Yun?

Yuehua did not pay attention to the Tai Ah Divine City’s rookie ranking competition, so it was natural that she had never heard of this name.

“Check to see who Yi Yun is!”

Yuehua said to her disciples. It was easy to check on a person in the Tai Ah Divine City. Everyone received an identity token when they entered the Tai Ah Divine City.

Soon, Yuehua received Yi Yun’s details and saw Yi Yun’s picture.

Seeing the youth’s picture, Yuehua became dumbfounded.

How could it be him!?

She never dreamed that Yi Yun would be the youth dressed in linen clothes.

Yuehua had gotten everyone to refine a desolate bone relic, but that youth was standing there like a fool. When he was asked why he did not do anything, the reason was because he did not know the Desolate Heaven technique.

He did not know the Desolate Heaven technique, yet he managed to score 515 points on his test!

Was this a joke?

Although energy extraction was a basic of the Desolate Heaven technique and did not need much Desolate Heaven technique knowledge, it needed both talent and one knowing the methods to extract energy.

In theory, it was possible for those who did not know the Desolate Heaven technique to be good at extracting energies…

But this was in theory. Practically, one had to obtain perfection through practice.

If this person had never attempted to extract energy before and reached such a standard in his first time, then it was too ridiculous!

It was incredible!

Could this kid be bluffing me when he said that he did not know the Desolate Heaven technique? But what would be the point in lying?

Yuehua gripped Yi Yun’s test transcript tightly as she read through Yi Yun’s details. She noticed that Yi Yun actually came from a small tribal clan in the Cloud Wilderness.

A person from a small tribal clan in the Cloud Wilderness had no background. They were worse off than common civilians. Desolate Heaven Masters were like gods to them. It was common for them to not have any contact between one another.

In other words, when Yi Yun said that he did not know the Desolate Heaven technique, it was likely the truth…

For a person who does not know the Desolate Heaven technique to obtain such an achievement..

Yuehua muttered to herself. It was like she was in a dream.