True Martial World Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Yuehua’s Invitation
Chapter 273: Yuehua’s Invitation

“Brother Yuefeng, Brother Yuefeng, calm down!”

Some of the cultivators who were part of the Chu royal residence rushed forward to pull Yang Yuefeng back.

Seeing Yang Yuefeng’s stance, he would have probably rushed up to tear down the ranking list if he was not stopped.

At this moment, many of the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices around Yang Yuefeng were looking in complete disbelief at the bizarre ranking list.

They still remembered the scene of Yi Yun standing foolishly in Grandmaster Yuehua’s class. He did not even know how to refine a simple bone relic, yet he exceeded Luo Huo’er?

Was there really a mistake?

“I want to see Grandmaster Yuehua!” Yang Yuefeng was pulled back others, but he carried on screaming.

Seeing Yang Yuefeng in such a state, many Desolate Heaven Master apprentices looked at him with sympathy and also with a sense of schadenfreude.

The situation was very clear. Regardless of the list having a mistake, there was one thing that was certain. Grandmaster Yuehua had no intentions of taking in Yang Yuefeng as a disciple.

Yang Yuefeng’s test results was only 360 points. This score was not much higher than Li Daohong, so how could it catch Grandmaster Yuehua’s eye?

Only a heaven-defying score like Luo Huo’er’s 494 points, and the questionable 515 points that Yi Yun obtained were qualified to catch the eye of Grandmaster Yuehua.

Now, the higher Yang Yuefeng climbed, the harder he fell!

If he did not have hopes to skyrocket in one step and did not say those impassionate words in public to the point of no return, he would not be in such a tragic state.

“You want to meet Grandmaster Yuehua?” The two law-enforcers in charge of releasing the results looked at Yang Yuefeng as if they were looking at a retard. “Grandmaster Yuehua isn’t someone you can meet just because you want to.”

The two of them had never seen the results, but the results were handed to them personally by Grandmaster Yuehua. With Grandmaster Yuehua’s mental powers, she could refine a desolate bone relic that required tens of thousands of seals without any problems, not to mention the recording of a score. How could she make such a simple error?

Looks like Yi Yun really obtained first place…

The two law-enforcers left, leaving the group of Desolate Heaven Master apprentices in a daze. Today’s ranking was too shocking. It completely overturned everything they knew.

But at this moment in the crowd, the little maid servant Dong’er was completely dumbfounded.

“Miss actually isn’t first…Miss isn’t first?” The little maid muttered the sentence again and again. She stared with a large pair of watery eyes at the ranking list pasted on the wall.

But no matter how long she stared at it, the large and eye-piercing words; “Yi Yun, 515 points” remained there.

There was really no mistake.

“I need to tell Miss…” Dong’er spoke to herself as she ran to the central divine tower with her short legs.

At the 69th floor of the central divine tower, Dong’er rushed up quickly.


Dong’er pushed open the training ground’s door. At this moment, Luo Huo’er was still practicing her family’s heart sutra. When she saw Dong’er’s rash entrance, Luo Huo’er angrily said, “Damn girl, what’s all this rush about!?”

Luo Huo’er needed to have a calm heart while she practiced. Dong’er’s frequent entrance and exit affected her cultivation.

Dong’er ignored Luo Huo’er’s reprimand and exclaimed, “Miss, Miss…The test…test…”

Dong’er was extremely agitated so she was stuttering.

“The results have been released? Alright…What’s my score?” Luo Huo’er asked casually as she carried on her cultivation. It seemed like the release of the results was just a small matter to her.

Dong’er hesitated as the words she was about to say got stuck.

“Miss received 494 points…” Dong’er slowly said.

“494 points? What’s the perfect score? And how many points did the second place get?” Luo Huo’er asked casually again. She did not know the grading rubric, but she knew roughly what 494 points meant.

“Perfect score is….700 points.” Dong’er swallowed a mouthful of water and said nervously, “And…Miss, you are the person in second place. Someone else got first place. His score was 515 points…”


Luo Huo’er was almost about to do a flip of her body to complete a revolution, but when she heard Dong’er’s words, her body froze, almost to the point of crashing to the ground.

“What did you say!? Someone got 515 points, higher than me!?” Luo Huo’er stared widely. Her cultivation state was now in a mess, all lost in that one breath.

Dong’er jumped up in fright. She carried on nodding her head fervently.

Luo Huo’er looked at Dong’er with a dumbfounded expression. She knew that Dong’er was a natural simpleton who would not crack a joke.

How could someone be higher than her?

Was that person someone like that Yang Yuefeng or something?

Just recalling Yang Yuefeng’s toad face, Luo Huo’er felt that it was impossible. If she could not beat that toad, she might as well just die.

“Who scored higher than me?” Luo Huo’er crawled up and grabbed Dong’er’s shoulders. She was a lot taller than Dong’er, so now with her scary expression, Dong’er became afraid.

“That…That person’s name is Yi Yun…”

Dong’er did not know the “story” behind Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er. Of course, she did not know what impact the two words, “Yi Yun”, left on Luo Huo’er…


After hearing that name, Luo Huo’er felt as if she was struck by lightning. She was completely dumbfounded!

That…That rascal? How could that be possible!?

Luo Huo’er stared till her eyes turned round and her mouth was so open that a quail’s egg could be stuffed in it.

Just the mentioning of Yi Yun made her remember the evil words he had said a few days ago. That asshole actually ranked above her?

Besides, it was clear he did not know the Desolate Heaven technique!

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*!

Just as Luo Huo’er could no longer accept it any longer, she heard knocks on the door.

Dong’er ran to the door and saw a girl in white that looked twenty years old standing outside the door.

“Little lady, how are you?” The girl in white smiled sweetly.

“Good…” Dong’er greeted in a daze.

“Is Miss Luo Huo’er here?” The girl in white asked softly.

Luo Huo’er walked over, “You are…”

“I am Grandmaster Yuehua’s personal disciple. You can call me Senior Sister Liang. My master invites Miss Luo.” The girl in white gave a smile that made one very comfortable. Luo Huo’er was just about to look for Grandmaster Yuehua. She wanted to see the result list with her own eyes. She wanted to see how that irritating rascal had defeated her.

“Let’s go.” Luo Huo’er quickly changed her set of clothes and followed the girl in white to Yuehua’s room.

The girl in white took Luo Huo’er to the 98th floor of the central divine tower. Upon pushing open the door, all one could see was a spacious hall.

In the middle of the hall, there was an elegant-looking woman sitting on a chair. She was none other than Yuehua.

Beside Yuehua was another girl who looked like she was in her twenties. This girl had brought a youth. This youth was the person who made Luo Huo’er have no idea how to deal with, Yi Yun.

At the beginning, Luo Huo’er was slightly annoyed with Yi Yun when he first managed to break the record through trickery.

Later, in the training ground, that awkward situation had made Luo Huo’er want to silence Yi Yun, destroying his body in order to cover all traces.

Next was this test. Yi Yun had crushed Luo Huo’er with his score of 515 points.

What sort of person was he!? Why did she have this rotten luck every time she met him?

Luo Huo’er looked at Yi Yun while he looked back at her. Just exchanging glances with Yi Yun made Luo Huo’er feel uncomfortable. She kept feeling “bugged in the chest”.

“Student Luo Huo’er greets Teacher Yuehua.” Luo Huo’er respectfully bowed.

“Hmm….” Yuehua nodded with a smile. “Huo’er, in the future I will call you as such. Do you have any doubts?”

Yuehua’s voice was amiable. No matter who it was, they would find it strange encountering such a thing.

A kid who had never had any contact with the Desolate Heaven technique had defeated a bunch of elites. How could this be possible?

“Yes!” Luo Huo’er nodded. She said indignantly, “Teacher, I personally think this person doesn’t know the Desolate Heaven technique. I can not believe that he can score higher than me! Can…Can I look at the test paper?”

Luo Huo’er was suspecting that Yi Yun’s test paper was different from the one she did.

Yuehua gently smiled and said, “I will show it to you in a while if you want. Actually…I am also wondering, how did Yi Yun score higher than you? Yi Yun had also just arrived and I did not have a chance to ask him yet…”

As Yuehua said this, her gaze landed on Yi Yun. Her eyes looked clear, as if she could see through Yi Yun.

Yi Yun held his breath. He knew it was time to explain once again.

Talent was one thing, but just using talent to explain it was insufficient!

“Yi Yun…Your energy control received a perfect score. You filled in the 182 fine rune paths perfectly. How did you do that?”

Before Yi Yun could answer Yuehua’s question, Luo Huo’er covered her mouth.

What? A perfect score!?

“Teacher! Did we really take the same test?” Luo Huo’er asked.

She knew the difficulty of that test she did. Even if she was given another 15 minutes, she could not guarantee that she could perfectly complete the 182 fine rune paths.

“Of course, there was only one type!” Yuehua looked seriously at Yi Yun. Her eyes looked as brilliant as the stars at night.

When Luo Huo’er received Yuehua’s affirmation, she found it ridiculous. She had been exposed to the Desolate Heaven technique since she was young, yet she was inferior to a rookie who took one lesson?

Luo Huo’er’s reaction was noticed by Yi Yun. He touched his nose and awkwardly said, “That…How many points did Miss Luo Huo’er get in energy control?”

Yi Yun had attempted such a test for the first time. He did not know what results the other Desolate Heaven Master apprentices would obtain without the help of the Purple Crystal. Seeing Luo Huo’er, who was an extremely proud girl, lose her cool when she heard that he had obtained a perfect score, Yi Yun knew that he had caused a big situation.

But even if it was a big situation, Yi Yun did not mind revealing his advantage at energy control as it could be explained.

As for energy filling, this needed the foundation in one’s training. If Yi Yun, who lacked training, did shockingly well in that aspect, then he would arouse suspicion.