True Martial World Chapter 275

Chapter 275: Lin Bone Gall
Chapter 275: Lin Bone Gall

The news of Yuehua taking in disciples quickly spread throughout the Tai Ah Divine City.

People thought that Yuehua took in personal disciples and did not know that she was just a quasi-master. If they knew that, it would be impossible to know their reaction.

When Yang Yuefeng heard that Yuehua took in both Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er as disciples, he received another devastating blow!

These days, Yang Yuefeng was completely listless. He locked himself in his house all day and did not see anyone.

For a person like Yang Yuefeng, who was one of the leaders of the younger generation in the Chu royal residence other than the Chu crown prince, what was most important in his circle was face.

But now, he had become the biggest joke in the Tai Ah Divine City.

In Yuehua’s first lesson, Yang Yuefeng had ridiculed Yi Yun in an extremely condescending way, but the next day he had been mercilessly suppressed by Yi Yun. The face he valued so much had been smashed to pieces!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, many of those who were not on good terms with Yang Yuefeng purposely spread and embellished the actions and the “impassioned” words he said in front of a crowd. Soon, Yang Yuefeng became a huge joke amongst the aristocratic circles.

Whenever Yang Yuefeng thought of this incident, he would go crazy. Many of the things in his house had already been broken by him.

“Yi Yun! I’ll remember this!”

Yang Yuefeng did not dare to hate Yuehua, he could only hate Yi Yun. From his failure in recovering the ‘Truth of the Laws’ to the point of him becoming a clown in the Tai Ah Divine City, it was all because of Yi Yun.

He was determined to find an opportunity to settle scores.

Now, in the Wilderness Divine Hall.

Yi Yun was in the sixth hall of the Wilderness Divine Hall. He had already stayed in there for 16 hours.

The primordial species statue in front of Yi Yun was a large, red fire bird.

The fire bird had its wings spread out. Its feathers were soaked in Great Yan gold, making it shine like the lustrous sun. It was burning in front of Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was standing almost right in front of the fire bird, at a distance of less than three feet. The frightening heat made Yi Yun feel like he was being burned by flames, his entire body was scalding hot.

He perspired and soon his sweat evaporated to form steam. That feeling was extremely hard to undertake.

“This Rainbow Blood Feather is scary…”

Yi Yun gasped. He had already come to the sixth Wilderness Divine Hall, which contained the Rainbow Blood Feather, several times.

The Rainbow Blood Feather was chosen by the founding city lord of the Tai Ah Divine City. It was a primordial species that had a vestige bloodline of the ancient three legged Golden Crow. Back when Yi Yun cultivated the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, he had chosen this hall in the Wilderness Divine Hall to cultivate pure Yang Qi. It made the process so much easier.

But till now, Yi Yun had only spend about 2-4 hours in the sixth hall of the Wilderness Divine Hall. He had never spent 16 hours in there like he did today.

This was a big challenge for Yi Yun.

Yi Yun kept using the Purple Crystal to control the pure Yang power in the hall. At the same time he also used the pure Yang power to think through the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’!

To use the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ to complete an Aspect Totem was an extremely difficult task. This was not only an Aspect Totem mystic technique prepared for sages, it was even a remnant copy.

Even Yi Yun, with the Purple Crystal’s help, found it very difficult to gain much understanding in the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

“Indeed, the primordial species killed by others millions of years ago cannot be used to condense an Aspect Totem.”

Yi Yun felt a sense of regret while enduring the torturous, high temperature.

Cultivating the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was best done by condensing the energies of primordial species.

Warriors, who cultivates an Aspect Totem, had to absorb the energies of the desolate beasts they killed, only then could it be completed. The Rainbow Blood Feather in front of him had been dead for many years. So even with the help of the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun had no way of binding those energies to condense an Aspect Totem that belonged to him.

“The Purple Crystal may be heaven-defying, but at times, it will also follow certain rules.” Yi Yun thought in his mind. The Purple Crystal had absolute control over energy, but it was not omnipotent. For example, the energy controlled by another living being could not be absorbed by the Purple Crystal.

Now, in the condensing of an Aspect Totem, the Purple Crystal also followed the rules of the Aspect Totem.

“It seems that I have to use the desolate beasts I kill with my own hands to condense an Aspect Totem that belongs to me. With my current strength, it’s completely impossible for me to hunt a primordial species. I can only instead use low-grade desolate beasts, but that will make mastering the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ much more difficult.”

The path Yi Yun chose was already much harder than others from the outset.

Not only in regards to the Aspect Totem, even the Saber Truth’s 32 Words, the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ and the pure Yang Great Dao that Yi Yun chose were all extremely difficult types.

It was difficult to grasp it, and perfecting it was difficult. However, once it was mastered, it was obvious how beneficial they would be for Yi Yun.

Other people still had to switch mystic techniques midway, Yi Yun however did not need to do that. These Great Dao Yi Yun chose were sufficient for Yi Yun to reach an extremely high level.

After the 18th hour, Yi Yun came out from the sixth hall in the Wilderness Divine Hall.

All of his skin had been completely burned red. These 18 hours of cultivation had been a kind of torture for Yi Yun.

Although the Rainbow Blood Feather’s energy could not be condensed into an Aspect Totem, Yi Yun still gained something. He had used the pure Yang power in the sixth hall to continuously deduce the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. Now, Yi Yun had a much deeper understanding of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ technique.

Thanks to this, when Yi Yun really went out into the Divine wilderness to hunt desolate beasts, it would make his attempt at condensing of a ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Aspect Totem much easier.

Yi Yun dragged his exhausted body back to his apartment, there he took a comfortable bath and meditated for about an hour before he slowly recovered.

At this moment, the door sounded.

Yi Yun opened the door and saw a maid servant of Luo Huo’er standing by the door.

She looked at Yi Yun and stuttered, “Teacher Yuehua has set up a lesson for you… The work… needs to be handed over to Teacher Yuehua… after you are done.”

The maid servant said while passing a jade scroll to Yi Yun before she turned and ran away.

Yi Yun laughed. He injected his spiritual energy into the jade scroll and scanned it. Inside it, there were practices that involved energy extraction and basic Desolate Heaven Master seals. When Yi Yun completed it, he would then hand it to Yuehua for her to point out his deficiencies.

“I never expected Grandmaster Yuehua to guide me in such a painstakingly manner…”

Yi Yun was flattered by such painstaking educational methods. He kept the jade scroll and walked to the Desolate Heaven Master Society.

The Desolate Heaven Master Society had dedicated bone refinement rooms. On top of that, Yuehua had set aside an exclusive area for Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er. This exclusive zone had the best facilities for the Desolate Heaven technique.

Yi Yun opened the door to the bone refinement room. Luo Huo’er was already in there.

Besides Luo Huo’er, there were also Luo Huo’er’s maid servant Dong’er as well as six other young girls.

These girls had clearly received Luo Huo’er’s approval to enter. They too were Desolate Heaven Master apprentices.

“President, what do you think of my method?”

A girl with a ponytail asked Luo Huo’er after she took out a scroll that had energy runes condensed within it.


Yi Yun was stunned. How did Luo Huo’er become a President?

On further thought, Yi Yun recalled that Luo Huo’er had formed the Luohuo Association, and it was a large association, only second to the Linxiao Association in the Tai Ah Divine City.

And Luo Huo’er was the President.

“This girl actually used her name to name the association. She sure is narcissistic.” Yi Yun mused. He could not help but recall the first time he met her and the speech she spoke to the mirror.

“You came?” Luo Huo’er glanced at Yi Yun. She actually greeted Yi Yun with a face full of smiles. She casually pointed to a spot and said, “You can have that position. Xiaoling, give way.”

“Yes President.”

The girl named Xiaoling obediently gave up her spot to Yi Yun. These girls were clearly also from the Luohuo Association.

The room was full of estrogen except for the only male, Yi Yun. Yi Yun stroked his chin. Why was Luo Huo’er so nice to him today? She even smiled at him?

Yi Yun walked to his spot and took out a jade scroll. He was preparing to finish the work Yuehua assigned him.

“Everything has been prepared. Master got someone to bring them over.” Luo Huo’er said and pointed to the stone table in front of Yi Yun. There was a pile of materials which were required for the assignment.

“Alright,” Yi Yun nodded. He noticed that Luo Huo’er’s eyes looked around when she was speaking to him. She never looked at him.

Yi Yun took a glance at the materials. They were the same as the pile on Luo Huo’er’s table. For energy extraction, Yi Yun exceeded Luo Huo’er greatly, so their assignment was exactly the same.

Yi Yun recalled the things Yuehua said in class. He reached out his hand to grab the materials but when his hand touched the materials, he suddenly felt that something was amiss…


Yi Yun was slightly surprised. As the Purple Crystal was within his body, he was extremely sensitive to energy fluctuations.

This material is odd…

Yi Yun examined the material. The material’s name was Lin Bone Gall.

This was the gall of the desolate beast Lin Snake. The Lin Snake was very special. The surface of the gall was not made of flesh but was made of an inch-thick bone shell.

This bone shell enclosed the bile, so it was unique to the Lin Snake.

Such a Lin Bone Gall was the most valuable body part of the Lin Snake. It was not easy to extract the energy from a Lin Bone Gall, failure could come from a single mistake. This was also the reason why Yuehua used this material for the assignment.

By feeling something amiss, Yi Yun opened up his energy vision once again.

With the energy vision open, everything he saw turned into their original energy forms. All appearances disappeared.

Yi Yun finally saw the mystery hiding within the Lin Bone!

Inside the desolate bone, there was a strange energy node.

There were four different Power of Desolates mixed in this node. These energies were bound together by a seal, maintaining a delicate balance.

They canceled out each other’s effects and was well hidden. If not for Yi Yun’s energy vision, it would be difficult to realize its existence.

Yi Yun analyzed it bit by bit and understood that if he were to inject his spiritual energy into the desolate bone to extract its energy, he would break the balance amongst the four Power of Desolates. Following that, the Lin Bone Gall would also explode!

Because the energy was not strong, this explosion would not hurt Yi Yun, but it would drench Yi Yun with bitter bile.