True Martial World Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Life is Filled with Miseries
Chapter 276: Life is Filled with Miseries

What was this energy node?

Yi Yun was surprised. The body of the Lin Snake was huge and its gall was about the size of a child’s brain. If he tried to extract the energy from the Lin Bone Gall in the prescribed order, his body would be soaked in bile once it exploded.

It can’t be an elaborate trap that Teacher Yuehua set up, right…?

Yi Yun felt that this was unlikely. Even if Teacher Yuehua wanted to test him, she would not do such a thing.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly came to a realization. In the corner of his eyes, he noticed that although Luo Huo’er appeared to be slowly extracting energy, her eyes were furtively looking at him.

With this, Yi Yun immediately understood that this was Luo Huo’er’s prank.

Yi Yun was speechless.

“This girl is so vengeful. I embarrassed her once and all she wants is to take revenge, to make me make a fool out of myself…”

“No wonder this girl took the initiative to greet me when we met today. Also, all of these Luohuo Association members were probably invited by Luo Huo’er to be the ‘audience’ of this incident…”

Luo Huo’er probably felt that it would be more fun if Yi Yun made a fool out of himself in front of a crowd. It would not be as enjoyable to watch by herself.

These Luohuo Association members did not know that Luo Huo’er had tampered with anything. They would likely assume that Yi Yun had made a mistake, resulting in the Lin Bone Gall exploding.

Many thoughts flashed across Yi Yun’s mind, but he was already very clear about everything that had happened.

Hence, Yi Yun placed the Lin Bone Gall back unhurriedly. Following that, he pretended to examine the other materials.

At this moment, Luo Huo’er could not concentrate on her energy extraction as she was secretly observing Yi Yun.

When Yi Yun picked up the Lin Bone Gall first, she became very excited, she was waiting to watch the mayhem ensue. She did not expect him to place the Lin Bone Gall back down.

Then, Yi Yun slowed down even more. One moment, he was looking at a material, the other moment, he was touching another material. It did not seem like he had any intention to begin.

Luo Huo’er was getting anxious. She could no longer hide her thoughts.

“This darn kid, why isn’t he doing anything yet?” Luo Huo’er was pissed. She patiently waited for 15 minutes before Yi Yun finally began the energy extraction process.

Luo Huo’er’s eyes lit up!

Hehe, the show is about to start!

She could not wait to see Yi Yun become drenched in bitter bile.

As she brightened her eyes and focused on Yi Yun, she also pretended to do her own thing.

She saw Yi Yun holding the Lin Bone Gall, oblivious to the difference.

Yi Yun stayed silent for a while before he began injecting spiritual energy into the Lin Bone Gall. He made some of the hand seals according to Yuehua’s notebook, slowly extracting the Power of Desolates from within the Lin Bone Gall.

Actually, Yi Yun could extract the desolate bone energy even without a seal. But he still wanted to familiarize himself with everything in the Desolate Heaven technique, as it would further aid him in understanding the Desolate Heaven technique.

“As expected, this fool did not realize a thing. I do not know how he managed to get a perfect score for energy control, but how can this fool be better than me when it comes to energy? My tiny tampering would be enough for torture him. Hehe, it’s going to explode soon. When that happens, it would be fun…” Luo Huo’er felt a sense of schadenfreude. This energy trap was designed by herself. It was tailor-made for Yi Yun. No doubt, Luo Huo’er was very clever and the energy trap she designed was ingenious.

She had brought along a large audience, and all of them were beauties. When Yi Yun make a fool of himself in the midst of all these beauties, these girls would spread the news of Yi Yun’s embarrassing state, making even more people know about it.

Just thinking of this made Luo Huo’er feel delighted. As for whether the revenge method she employed was immature or not, Luo Huo’er did not care. She was such a petty person.

But… even after Yi Yun injected his spiritual energy into the Lin Bone Gall, five seconds passed without the Lin Bone Gall exploding.

Luo Huo’er was curious. What happened?

The energy trap should have been triggered immediately. Did she make an error, making the energy imbalance process need a longer period of time before activating?

Luo Huo’er could not exactly figure out what was wrong her designed trap. She comforted herself and carried on waiting patiently. But..

Ten seconds went by and the Lin Bone Gall was still silent.

Twenty seconds… The Lin Bone Gall was still fine.

“What the…?” Luo Huo’er was confused. The energy trap she set up should have exploded immediately. Yet, twenty seconds passed without it exploding!

After thirty seconds, the energy Yi Yun extracted grew more and more. He had already condensed the rune paths on a blank scroll, while the Lin Bone Gall was still being held in his hand.

Luo Huo’er was dumbfounded. Did her energy trap malfunction?

Luo Huo’er had always been proud of her intelligence, and she felt that she would never make such a mistake. But… the fact was laid right in front of her.

She really hoped that the energy trap within the Lin Bone Gall was just stuck and it would quickly “return to normal”, but…

Half an hour passed…

Luo Huo’er finally gave up.

“This darn kid sure has good luck!” Luo Huo’er gritted her teeth and murmured to herself. She was indignant about it. All she wanted to know was, in what aspect did the energy trap she set up go wrong?

She thought through the entire energy trap’s principles once more, but there should not be any problems…

Slowly, another 30 minutes passed. Yi Yun had completed the extraction of the Power of Desolates in the Lin Bone Gall. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and placed the Lin Bone Gall to the side.

“I can only extract this much… I am really lacking in cultivation level. I am unable to extract all of the Power of Desolates from it.” Yi Yun pretended to appear tired. Actually, with the Purple Crystal’s full horsepower, no matter how many Lin Bone Galls there were , they would not be enough for him to tire from extracting.

“Eh? Miss Luo, why do you look so bad?” Yi Yun looked at Luo Huo’er with a “puzzled” look.

Luo Huo’er’s face was sullen. She could not understand why Yi Yun’s luck was so good that he could avoid this disaster.

“I’m alright.” Luo Huo’er replied stiffly. She also did not pursue the matter of Yi Yun not addressing her as Senior Sister.

“Oh…” Yi Yun shrugged. He ignored Luo Huo’er and said, “I consumed too much Yuan Qi, and I will need to recharge. You guys carry on.”

After saying this, he went to the corner of the room and sat down. He swallowed a bone relic, closed his eyes and began mediating.

“This useless rascal. He’s out of stamina just after extracting this tiny bit of energy…” Luo Huo’er despised Yi Yun, but what made her most pissed was that this trash had actually beaten her!

After hesitating for a while, Luo Huo’er looked at Yi Yun again. She noticed that Yi Yun had cut off all perception.

In a safe environment, warriors would often cut off their perception while meditating. They would isolate themselves from their environment as it increased the efficiency of meditating.

Now, Yi Yun seemed to be in such a state.

Luo Huo’er casually swayed around a bit to determine if Yi Yun was able to notice her or not. She then quickly walked over to the stone table where Yi Yun previously was, after which, she picked up the Lin Bone Gall that Yi Yun was using.

“Eh, Miss, what are you doing…” Dong’er asked curiously when she saw Luo Huo’er’s actions.


Luo Huo’er made a gesture telling her to be silent and furtively took a glance at Yi Yun. After determining that Yi Yun did not respond, she began probing the Lin Bone Gall.

She wanted to know what exactly went wrong with the energy trap she set up within the Lin Bone Gall.

She had perfected her Desolate Heaven technique foundation, so how did a trap that she set up not explode? What was wrong!?

Could it be that there was a fundamental flaw in the trap she designed?

If she did not know the reasoning behind the mistake, it would be dangerous. Who knows what sort of problems would happen due to a flawed understanding!?

Luo Huo’er calmed down and injected her spiritual energy deep into the Lin Gall Bone to examine its energy structure. She wanted to know where the mistake was.

Luo Huo’er was a person who had to know everything about the Desolate Heaven technique.

But at the moment Luo Huo’er’s spirutual energy touched the energy trap, the energy balance was broken, and all of the four Power of Desolates erupted.

It happened at lightning speed!


Luo Huo’er was originally focused on finding the flaw in the energy trap. She never expected that nothing happened when Yi Yun used his spiritual energy, but once she used her’s, the energy trap exploded!

What kind of reasoning was this!?

The sudden explosion left almost no time for Luo Huo’er to react. She jerked backwards but the green snake bile had sprayed out everywhere due to the energy flow, drenching her entire body!

This was also part of Luo Huo’er’s trap. She wanted to prevent any escape, even if Yi Yun were to realize something had gone wrong. But now, all those plans backfired on Luo Huo’er herself!

Too deep for tears!

Luo Huo’er stood there in a complete daze. The bile was dripping from her body and her hair was wet. There was even a large wet stain on her clothes. Her face was also covered in the green bile. She looked like a cat that had just fallen into a drain filled with dirty water.

Luo Huo’er was petrified. She just stood there in a daze as her mind went blank.

“Miss! Miss! What happened?”

Dong’er never expected the Lin Bone Gall to explode the moment Luo Huo’er picked it up. The other Luohuo Association members were also shocked. They all stopped their Desolate Heaven technique practice and rushed over to see if Luo Huo’er was fine.

“President, what happened?”

“President, are you alright?”

The girls asked with concern one after another.

Hearing these people’s words, Luo Huo’er went mad. Can someone tell me what the hell happened!?

At this moment, Yi Yun also stopped meditating upon hearing all the commotion.

He walked over with an uncertain expression. Squeezing himself in amongst the girls and looked curiously at Luo Huo’er, “Miss Luo, are you alright? Was this an explosion? What happened? Did you lose control of the energy?”

When Desolate Heaven Masters refined desolate bone relics, an explosion might occur if there was a loss of energy control. It was similar to how alchemists’ furnaces would explode if they made a mistake while refining pills.

But only incompetent Desolate Heaven Masters would make such a stupid mistake. For highly-skilled Desolate Heaven Masters, even if they failed to refine a desolate bone relic, they would not cause an energy explosion.

Luo Huo’er was of course not an incompetent Desolate Heaven Master. Loss of energy control was absolutely humiliating for her!

But now, other than failing to control the energy, how else could she explain it?