True Martial World Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Thousand Feet Black Silkworm
Chapter 279: Thousand Feet Black Silkworm

Deep in the silent night, the cold wind blew, which covered everything with icy dew…

Yi Yun suddenly woke up from his deep sleep.

A natural instinct for danger suddenly arose in his mind. Yi Yun immediately opened his energy vision and found a furry desolate beast that was slowly moving like a ball.

This desolate beast had a pair of black round eyes and its body was covered with numerous small tentacles. These tentacles would rub against the ground, but strangely it did not emit a single sound.

Not only that, the beast’s presence was extremely well-concealed. There was not a single sign that it was present. As it moved forward, corrosive liquids flowed out from its pores. Everywhere it went, a trail corroded by this liquid was left behind on the ground.

This corrosive liquid also slowly seeped into the soil.

“Chi!” “Chi!” “Chi!”

The explosive disk arrays Yi Yun had set up previously gave off soft sounds that were nearly inaudible. Due to the corrosive liquid that had seeped into the ground, the disk arrays were corroded just before they could initialize.

Yi Yun’s muscles tensed up and the Purple Crystal within his body swelled up with light. This desolate beast was a Thousand Feet Black Silkworm!

Yi Yun had previously read in the “Divine Wilderness” book that the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm was a desolate beast that was extremely difficult to handle. It liked to ambush its prey at night and it had an obtuse temperament. It completely ignored the feces of King-ranked desolate beasts. As the liquid that flowed out from its body could corrode the Ignition Disk Array, it could catch many cultivators by surprise. Hence, it was also the nemesis of many cultivators that traveled alone.

The Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s body hair was needle-like. They could be shot out, and due to the toxic bodily fluids within it, a warrior would die just touching a tiny bit of the corrosive liquid.

That was the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s most powerful move. When it shot out all its body’s arsenal like arrows, it was almost impossible to evade.

A typical cultivator would often hide to avoid fighting it to the death if they met a Thousand Feet Black Silkworm.

Before Yi Yun came into the Divine wilderness, he had made ample preparations. The Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s weakness was its speed. To deal with it, he had to first open up a gap from it, and attack it from far.

It was equivalent to committing suicide trying to attempt melee combat with a desolate beast that was full of toxins and that had spikes that were as solid as steel.

With the Tai Cang Bow in hand, Yi Yun suddenly burst up from the pit!


Rocks and soil were sent flying. The sudden explosion stopped the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm in its tracks for a while.

At that moment, Yi Yun had flown more than thirty meters backwards. While he was in the air, he pulled the Tai Cang Bow to its fullest.

Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi rapidly condensed and surged into the black arrow head. The cold beam of the Wind Chasing Arrow flashed in the night.


Yi Yun’s arrow flew and its light beam cut through the night sky. In the arrowhead of the Wind Chasing Arrow that Yi Yun had shot, there was an explosive array within it!

This arrow hit the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm at lightning speed!


With a loud blast, the explosive array exploded. The Thousand Feet Black Silkworm let out a shrill and a large amount of bodily fluids splashed out.

Black blood covered the surround grass. With a dull “Chi Chi Chi” sound, the toxic blood bore holes into the ground wherever it landed.

At the same moment the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm was suffering, Yi Yun’s eyes locked on the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm with hawk-like eyes. He flexed his arms as he continuously shot arrows!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The bowstring emitted a sounds like muffled thunder as the sharp arrows cut through the air, leaving a visible Yuan Qi trace in its wake.

In the darkness, these arrows came raining down like a meteor shower, with the ability to tear everything apart. They rained on the wound that the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm had been inflicted with by the explosive arrow.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The few arrows pierced through the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s wound, and entered its soft flesh.

The arrowheads tore the weak stomach of the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm apart, till the flesh was completely penetrated through, before sticking heavily to the ground.

The Thousand Feet Black Silkworm made an earth-shattering scream and all its muscles contracted, sending out all its bristles out!

Usually the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm would only shoot out about tens of spikes for hunting prey, but now as it was threatened with death, the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm shot out all its bristles, and they fell in a dense downpour!

It was really an attack that was all-encompassing!

Cultivators, who fought against Thousand Feet Black Silkworms, easily died under this desperate attack as there was no way to dodge!

Yi Yun had anticipated that the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm would make a desperate attempt to counter at all costs. With his foot stepping on the ground, the ground beneath him exploded. Yi Yun’s body seemed to be carried up by a strong wind as he charged towards the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s wing on its side.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless number of bristle needles flew and scraped past Yi Yun’s body but he had dodged all of them.

Yi Yun’s current position was where there was a sparse amount of bristle needles because this was where the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s wound was!

Yi Yun’s attack had blown up a large portion of the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s flesh, leaving a few bristles left. Also, as much of the flesh had been damaged, the bristles could not be shot out.

This was the only flaw in the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s all-encompassing attack!

Yi Yun had already calculated beforehand because he would have found it hard to deal with the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s desperate attack. He had created this flaw for him to seek shelter!

Seeing the ineffectiveness its last attack, the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm was in a panic. It had shot out all its bristle needles from its body!

It’s combat power had been greatly reduced in a short period of time.

It gathered the toxins within its body, hoping to spew it on Yi Yun to corrode his body, but at this moment, Yi Yun had stepped forward, and with a flash of his body, he had appeared right in front of the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm.


The Thousand Army Saber was unsheathed and it sounded out. With a flash of the blade’s beam, it cut through the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm’s head. Before the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm could spit out its toxins, the huge Yuan Qi that had been condensed in the Thousand Army Saber exploded its head.

The shrills that the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm was making seemed like its throat had been pressed as the sounds came to a stop.

Its body twitched vigorously a few times before collapsing to the ground.

Yi Yun’s entire attack process had been done in one fell swoop. He did not give the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm any respite!

Seeing that the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm was already dead, Yi Yun recalled the heart sutras of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

To condense an Aspect Totem, one had to first condense a beast mark from a desolate beast’s corpse. A beast mark was the condensation of a recently-killed desolate beast’s life essence and Power of Desolates!

Under normal circumstances, a desolate beast’s life essence and Power of Desolates would slowly dissipate into the surroundings after it was killed.

The energy within the blood and flesh would dissipate the fastest while the energy within the bones dissipated slowly. It could then be used by Desolate Heaven Masters to refine desolate bone relics.

Warriors who were not Desolate Heaven Masters had great difficulty in using this energy.

Of course, after a warrior cultivated a totem mystic technique, he could usually borrow the worldly laws to a certain extent. They could make the desolate beast’s life essence and Power of Desolates synergize with their own murderous Qi by slowly extracting that energy.

A warrior’s murderous Qi could form such synergy only with the desolate beasts killed by the warrior himself.

By using the totem mystic technique, these separated energies would slowly form a light blob, and this light blob would have the imprint of the dead desolate beast within it.

This was the beast mark.

Actually, if a warrior were to use a totem mystic technique to condense a beast mark, he would only be able to obtain a tiny portion of the desolate beast’s energy.

Hence, even if the beast mark was extracted, this kind of dead desolate beast could still be exchanged for dragon scale runes. Using the desolate bones from such a desolate beast to refine a relic would not had too bad an effect.

It was not easy to condense a beast mark. Many warriors had to kill many desolate beasts to be able to barely condense a beast mark, and the quality left much to be desired.

If the quality of the beast mark was low, the Aspect Totem that was eventually condensed would also have limited powers.

To successfully condense an Aspect Totem, many cultivators would try to choose the totem mystic techniques that were easier to learn.

It could be said that the quality of the beast seal condensed depended on the totem mystic technique’s grade.

But a high grade totem mystic technique was impossible to learn. The beast mark condensed from killing dozens of desolate beasts was of questionable quality, so no matter how high grade the totem mystic technique was, it was still pointless.

For example, the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Yi Yun was learning was a high grade mystic technique.

Even the sages of the Tai Ah Divine City could only read through the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ to ponder over its wondrous meaning. They would not learn a mystic technique that no one could master…

Standing in front of the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm, Yi Yun closed his eyes and thought deeply for a while as he sank his spiritual energy into the Purple Crystal…

The Purple Crystal, which was located in Yi Yun’s heart, emitted a strange glow. Yi Yun felt like a whirlpool had appeared in his body and the the murderous Qi that he generated from killing the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm spread all over the whirlpool as it let out a light groan.

A large amount of life essence and Power of Desolates within the Thousand Black Silkworm were sucked by this whirlpool and surged towards it!

Hum Hum Hum…

The energy created violent tremors in midair before finally condensing into a beast mark the size of a fist.

This beast mark emitted a reddish-gold light. Within it, there was a phantom image of a baby silkworm. With a thought, this beast mark flew into Yi Yun’s body.


The beast mark’s energy entered all of Yi Yun’s limbs and bones. An indescribable feeling transmitted throughout Yi Yun’s body.

Although he had plenty of experience absorbing the essences of desolate beasts, none of them were similar to today’s experience. It made Yi Yun’s pores open up, as if his entire body’s soul and flesh had elevated to a new level.

“So this is the process of condensing an Aspect Totem…”

Yi Yun felt as if his entire body was free of inhibitions. Every inch of his bones, blood, meridians were being nourished by the desolate beast’s essence, as it went through a silent metamorphosis.

Yi Yun’s body was surging with life force, and it rising like a growing seedling.

After about a dozen seconds, only when the beast mark’s energy was finally fully absorbed by Yi Yun did he open his eyes.

It was so comfortable!

Yi Yun did not know what it was like when others condensed an Aspect Totem or what it was like to extract a beast mark from a desolate beast’s corpse.

Would it be any difference from his using of the Purple Crystal to extract a beast mark?

But there was no time to ponder over this. According to the records in the “Divine Wilderness” book, once a Thousand Feet Black Silkworm died, it would emit a special smell to inform nearby Thousand Feet Black Silkworm to gather here.

Soon, more than ten Thousand Feet Black Silkworms would gather in this place. There might even be a possibility of a Thousand Feet Black Silkworm King appearing, and that was something Yi Yun was unable to deal with.

He had to leave this place immediately!