True Martial World Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Meteorite Abyss
Chapter 282: Meteorite Abyss

With the golden brick in one hand, and the Thousand Army Saber in the other, Yi Yun had the saber’s tip on the Blackwater Ancient Crocodile’s snout. The Blackwater Ancient Crocodile was afraid that Yi Yun would kill it, so it could only follow Yi Yun’s instruction to ferry him across the swamp.


The Blackwater Ancient Crocodile’s body crashed through the corrosive mud and began heading deeper into the swamp.

When Yi Yun saw what the deeper parts of the swamp were like, he sighed silently. The Blackwater Swamp was really a place filled with death.

There were plenty of mud pools in the swamp, and if one were not careful, one could fall into one.

There were very few desolate beast laying dormant here, but there were a lot of desolate beast bones. All the desolate beasts had their flesh corroded away, even the remaining desolate bones had lost a great deal of their energy. They had been turned black from the swamp’s toxins.

Yi Yun even saw the bones of a huge python that looked like a mountain ridge half-buried in the swamp. The ribs that stretched out hundreds of meters into the sky were like spears that pierced the blue sky.

Yi Yun found it hard to believe that such a strong desolate beast would die here.

There were few desolate beasts in the swamp, but there were plenty of toxic plants. There were vines that were filled with toxins and they were tens of meters tall, and there were strange colorful flowers that could swallow corpses…

Yi Yun even saw the remnants of an airship. It was left wrecked in the deep part of the swarm. The hull had severely rotted, and blood-red moss grew on it.

Airships that could fly through the Divine wilderness were usually large in size. They had all sorts of arrays, weapons and cannons that needed more than ten humans at the human lord level to control them.

Yi Yun had also rode in a similar airship back when he came to the Tai Ah Divine City from the Divine Capital.

A typical small airship could easily crash if it was attacked by flying desolate beasts in the air.

When the airship crashed, Purple Blood realm warriors, who could not fly, would be committing suicide to fight with flying desolate beasts.

Hence, when cultivators went out to train, they would not take any airships. There was no way to control a large airship and they were expensive.

On the other hand, small airships were of not much use, and due to its large volume, they could not be placed inside an interspatial ring.

The airship in front of Yi Yun belonged to the small ships category that could not fly. It was probably specially prepared by cultivators to to cross the Blackwater Swamp.

But they must have had encountered an accident midway, or had been attacked by desolate beasts like the Blackwater Ancient Crocodiles, resulting in the ship being destroyed, killing all life on board.

Such a small boat had no defensive powers. Besides, the Blackwater Swamp did not have much water. It was mostly toxic sludge, so the speed of a boat through the mud was obvious. It was definitely incomparable to Yi Yun’s Blackwater Ancient Crocodile.

With an example before him, Yi Yun wanted to prevent the Blackwater Ancient Crocodile from causing destruction of good and bad alike. His Thousand Army Saber stabbed deeper making the Blackwater Ancient Crocodile shiver. Its four limbs began paddling even harder as it swam forward.

The journey proceeded till the crescent moon appeared. Finally, Yi Yun saw land in the distance.

Yi Yun only heaved a sigh of relief when he saw land ahead. He finally relaxed his tensed nerves.

He dislodged the Thousand Army Saber from the Blackwater Ancient Crocodile’s snout and leaped ashore.

The Blackwater Ancient Crocodile stared at Yi Yun with a worried look within its amber eyes.

Yi Yun smiled, “Thanks!”

Saying that, Yi Yun turned around and ran off. The Blackwater Ancient Crocodile felt as if a huge weight had been lifted of its shoulders and it quickly wagged its tail to enter the mud before fleeing far away.

After passing the Blackwater Swamp, the Meteorite Abyss was already getting closer.

Yi Yun could feel the pure Yang Qi in the air getting richer. He found a safe spot and meditated there for hours, adjusting himself to an optimal state.

The next day was when the real battle began.

The night was calm. No desolate beasts, that did not fear the king-ranked desolate beast feces like the Thousand Feet Black Silkworm, appeared.

The next morning when the Sun rose, Yi Yun stood at the top of a cliff and looked far ahead. Ahead of him was an endless barren Desolate Lands. The ground was filled with reddish rock fragments and fine gravel.

Along the edge of the Desolate Lands, where the horizon was, there was a deep canyon that seemed to cut up a mountain ridge. The jagged cliffs were staggered as if something had cut through the earth.

If one were to look down from an airship, one would think that the deep abyss was a huge scar dug up by a god with his divine sword.

In the middle of the Meteorite Abyss, there was a faint Yang fire shining. The heat turned everything in a few kilometers radius red, evaporating even the clouds in the sky!

The closer it was to the Meteorite Abyss, the drier the land became. There were no clouds, let alone rain.

Beneath the abyss’ surface, there was smoky haze that enshrouded layers of flames, obscuring everything that happened within.

Here, the air was clearly hotter.

In the swirling heat, light became distorted like water ripples.

He had finally arrived!

With his destination ahead of him, Yi Yun felt excitement deep down. He picked up his pace.

Stepping on the scorching sand, Yi Yun had arrived at the edge of the Meteorite Abyss swiftly like the wind. Hot winds blew up from the deep abyss. Breathing in the air made his nostrils feel strangely hot.

Standing on the cliff and looking down, all he saw was a vast expanse of huge craters. Underneath these craters, there were hidden continuous canyons and deep cracks.

All of these had been hiding within the large amount of red smoke, making it hard to see.

But in this smoke, there were strange but unknown giant trees that grew from hundreds of meters down in the abyss up into the sky. They were extremely spectacular!

A place that never rained all year round actually had such odd trees growing here!

“It’s really a wondrous place…”

Yi Yun was filled with emotions. He found it hard to imagine what sort of meteorite would create such a sight after landing on land.


Yi Yun heard the faint growls of beasts in the midst of the hot blowing wind. With a thought, he opened up his Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

In the vast and boundless surface of the abyss, Yi Yun could slowly sense a lot of energy light dots and traces of life using the Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

He could not help but feel his heart warm up.

The exterior perimeter of the Meteorite Abyss was detailed in the introductory materials of the Tai Ah Divine City.

However, deep in the Meteorite Abyss, there was a “Fallen Star Gate”. There was very little information describing it in the Divine City. There was so little information that there was only a one sentence description:

“Inside the Fallen Star Gate, the Yang flames have been burning inextinguishably for tens of millions of years. The environment within it is ever-changing and it is extremely dangerous. Do not enter!”

Although Yi Yun was very interested in knowing what it was like inside the Fallen Star Gate, he knew himself. It was unlikely he could survive in such a place with his mere Purple Blood cultivation level. It was best if he avoided the place.

After all, the more dangerous the environment, the thicker the pure Yang energy was, which gave rise to even stronger desolate beasts.

Even if he did not enter the Fallen Star Gate, the perimeter of the Meteorite Abyss was already fraught with danger.

In the Tai Ah Divine City’s tens of millions of years of history, an unknown number of cultivators had died in the Meteorite Abyss, becoming food for powerful desolate beasts.

With these past examples, Yi Yun was extremely careful.

After he calmed his mind, the light in Yi Yun’s eyes turned brighter. With a deep breath, he chose a direction and jumped towards the dark red abyss like a huge bird.

The perimeter of the Meteorite Abyss was a few hundred meters tall. While landing, Yi Yun clung on to a cliff and used the Thousand Army Saber to cleave into the side of the cliff, sending rocks flying, to slow down his descent.


Yi Yun landed heavily on the ground, stirring up dark red dust.

Looking up, he saw that the sky was obscured by dark red smog.

Yi Yun was below a huge boulder. The barren boulder was like a little mountain with withered trees erected on its surface.

These trees were dark and shined with a metallic luster. Some of their branches had faint golden buds, demonstrating their strong lifeforce.

In the Meteorite Abyss, Yi Yun kept his energy vision on.


Yi Yun heard the sound of running water. This sound surprised Yi Yun. It did not rain in the Meteorite Abyss and with its high temperature, how could there be a river?

Yi Yun followed the sound with his ears and saw a river wrapping a hill about tens of meters away from him.

When Yi Yun went closer, he was surprised. This stream emitted a coldness. Just gently reaching out to touch made him feel a biting cold to the bone. It was definitely below freezing point!

Yi Yun was shocked. What was this river?

The river water was clear, allowing him to see the bottom. Within it were transparent fishes that were the size of a palm swimming.

As Yi Yun was wondering over this strange river, something changed in his energy vision.

There was a sudden wind that whistled in the sky. Something was rapidly approaching as it cut through the air.

Yi Yun did not look up for he already knew what the sound above him was with his energy vision.

It was a weird animal that had a head of cow, but a body of a goat. It had sharp claws and wings behind its back.

When it spread out its wings, it was over nine meters long. It cast a huge shadow over Yi Yun’s head.

“Double Winged Ox Demon.”

Yi Yun crouched down as a fierce wind blew past his head. The Double Winged Ox Demon had cleaved downwards with its metallic claws that resembled a blade. He would be beheaded if he was hit by it.

Yi Yun kept his body close to the ground and moved away. The Tai Cang Bow quickly appeared in his hands and he quickly shot a killer arrow that was like a shooting star at the desolate beast’s head.

With the Purple Crystal’s vision, Yi Yun could see the Double Winged Ox Demon clearly. This arrow was aimed at the Double Winged Ox Demon’s weakness!

Double Winged Ox Demon was much weaker than the Blackwater Ancient Crocodile. Its wings were as strong as black iron, but its stomach was extremely soft, which was its weakness.

The Double Winged Ox Demon was in the midst of its swift attack. Even as it felt danger, it was too late to dodge due to the close proximity.


The Wind Chasing Arrows had pierced through the Double Winged Ox Demon’s stomach!


The Double Winged Ox Demon slammed heavily into the rocks. Pure Yang energies emitted from its belly.

In the farthest perimeter of the Meteorite Abyss, the desolate beasts were quite weak, so it was very easy for Yi Yun to deal with the Double Winged Ox Demon.

Just as Yi Yun was about to absorb the soul mark of the Double Winged Ox Demon, he suddenly heard a squeamish call.

Suddenly, sharp sword beams rose up into the sky.

Yi Yun was slightly stunned and looked in the direction from where the sound came. Oh? There were other people here?