True Martial World Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Opportunistic Kill
Chapter 283: Opportunistic Kill

With a flash in his eyes, Yi Yun’s vision penetrated through the layers of haze. He instantly saw the scene a distance away. It was a teenage boy and girl fighting a gigantic red ant.

Yi Yun also recognized this red ant. It was the Metallic Fire Ant. Its body was covered in red armor that made it virtually invulnerable.

Its weakness was its antennae. Once its antennae were cut off, the Metallic Fire Ant would go blind. Not only would its perception be slow, it would also receive a great deal of damage.

When that happened, killing it was much easier. But the Metallic Fire Ant would protect its antennae very carefully. Anyone who tried attacking its antennae had to deal with the Metallic Fire Ant’s ferocious metallic pincers first!

The male-female duo were clearly weaker than the Metallic Fire Ant, so they were in a dangerous situation.

“They should be cultivators from the Tai Ah Divine City…”

Yi Yun determined that the duo came from the Tai Ah Divine City through their attire and their cultivation techniques

He was in a slight dilemma. He did not rush forward immediately. He saw that the duo were barely handling it, but they would not be defeated anytime soon.

He had to try absorbing the pure Yang beast mark first. This was the first pure Yang desolate beast Yi Yun had killed in the Meteorite Abyss. He could not waste his first auspicious kill as the beast mark could not be condensed if he did too late after the desolate beast’s death.

Yi Yun interfaced with the Purple Crystal with his spiritual energy and a whirlpool like force appeared, attaching itself to the Double Winged Ox Demon that Yi Yun had just killed.

Wo! Wo! Wo!

Energy began to swirl as the desolate beast’s Yang essence was extracted. A Double Winged Ox Demon beast mark, the size of a fist that looked very lifelike, formed in the air

Once the beast mark appeared, it tried to fly away immediately. With a thought, Yi Yun used a large suction power to draw it in, and the beast mark was instantly engulfed by his body.

After the beast mark entered Yi Yun’s body, his body trembled. He could feel the pure Yang energy flowing within his body before entering his bones and blood, slowly entering his Dantian.

The pure Yang Yuan Qi that Yi Yun absorbed was like a furnace that burned. It tempered Yi Yun’s body’s bones and blood, completing the harmonization process even more.

“As expected, the desolate beasts in the Meteorite Abyss have extremely rich and pure Yang Yuan Qi. I can finally condensed a pure Yang totem…”

Yi Yun followed the records in the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ and tried to use the beast mark to form a pure Yang totem. This was the first time that Yi Yun was attempting to condense a ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Aspect Totem. The Thousand Feet Black Silkworm he had previously killed was not a pure Yang desolate beast, so Yi Yun only absorbed its beast mark. It was unlike today, where Yi Yun used the beast mark energy as a foundation to construct the Aspect Totem.

As top grade totem mystic technique that received poor assessment and one that sages could not even understand, Yi Yun was full of anticipation with the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Aspect Totem!

As his energy circulated, Yi Yun felt his body subtly metamorphosize. He was inexplicably delighted and he became even more serious.

But when Yi Yun completely broke down the Double Winged Ox Demon’s beast mark, he found it hard to be happy when he tried to form the Aspect Totem.

Although the Double Winged Ox Demon was relatively weak, it had quite a lot of pure Yang energy contained in its body. But it could not even complete 1 in 10,000th of the Aspect Totem.

So little?

Yi Yun was speechless. He had the Purple Crystal Origins help, so he was confident that he had an incomparable advantage in the condensation of the beast mark. But even so, to really master the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was still difficult to a certain degree.

Did he really need to kill 10,000 Double Winged Ox Demon desolate beasts to barely condense an Aspect Totem?

The number 10,000 might sound simple, but to kill that many would take an unknown amount of time. Also, Yi Yun did not know if there would be any accidents when he used the energy to condense after he killed thousands of desolate beasts.

Many warriors might lose all their hard work just before they condense their Aspect Totem due to various reasons!

It was also because of this that people who could condense an Aspect Totem before the Yuan foundation realm were viewed as peerless geniuses. Even Qin Haotian did not have any advantage in condensing an Aspect Totem.

“This ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ sure is tricky…Other people’s totem mystic techniques are easier, so even if they lose all their hard work, it would not be too significant a loss. But my totem mystic technique is different…If I were to fail, I would suffer a great loss…”Yi Yun grimaced.

Originally, he believed that with the Purple Crystal Origin’s help, it would not be difficult to master the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, but now it seems that even the Purple Crystal Origins had to follow certain rules.

The ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ wrote that to completely master the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, one had to kill 10,000 primordial species.

The greatest difference between a primordial species and an ordinary desolate beast was in their energy qualities.

The Purple Crystal could control energy according to his wishes, but it could not change the quality of the energy. The Double Winged Ox Demon’s energy quality was clearly too low. It was not qualified to form the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Aspect Totem!

“It’s impossible for me to try killing primordial species. It looks like I need to try to kill even higher ranked pure Yang desolate beasts. I need to see if those pure Yang desolate beast’s energies are able to barely build up the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Aspect Totem.” Yi Yun sighed.

This was the problem with an extremely high grade mystic technique. Even sages could not master it, it was easy to understand the difficulty he faced with his Purple Blood realm level.

“It’s no wonder that even senior Cang Yan tried all ways to prevent me from choosing the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. Even though I had used only a few days before to gain insight on the Saber Truth’s 32 Words, he still did not think I could learn the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. This totem mystic technique sure is difficult…”

As Yi Yun was thinking it through, a girl’s scream resonated not far away. It seemed like she was in great danger.

“Oh? Can’t hold on anymore?”

Yi Yun turned around and glanced in that direction. He saw that the Metallic Red Ant was covered in a layer of ice crystals. It was in a rage as it attacked the duo crazily.

These ice crystals were clearly caused by an explosive array bead that the duo used. But not only did they not injure the Metallic Fire Ant, they angered it.

Since they were all from the Tai Ah Divine City, even if they did not know each other, Yi Yun would not stand by without helping. He pulled his Thousand Army Saber out and his body formed a series of afterimages as he charged towards the Metallic Fire Ant!

With the saber wind blowing, Yi Yun’s appearance made the energy of the surroundings fluctuate dramatically.

The duo, that was struggling to handle the Metallic Fire Ant, had no time to notice other things and they finally realized that there was another person nearby.

Seeing Yi Yun, they were overjoyed. The youth immediately shouted. “Friend, let the three of us join forces and kill this Metallic Fire Ant. Don’t be stingy with any life-saving trump cards you have. After we kill the Metallic Fire Ant, you can have all the best materials!”

Because of the Metallic Fire Ant’s attack, the youth’s voice was in a hurry. He felt that his conditions were very favorable.

But before he finished saying his words, Yi Yun had rushed towards the Metallic Fire Ant’s head like a strong gust of wind!

Yi Yun’s target was naturally the Metallic Fire Ant’s antennae!

That Metallic Fire Ant did not seem to expect that a small human would suddenly rush in front of it. After a momentary hesitation, it jerked its two antennae back!

At the same time, it opened up its metallic-like pincers and tried to bite Yi Yun!

The Metallic Fire Ant’s metallic pincers could even snap a black iron column!


The girl, who was not far away, let out a scream. The Metallic Fire Ant was extremely difficult to handle and everyone knew its weakness was its antennae, but attacking its antennae was easier said than done.

The Metallic Fire Ant’s reaction was extremely fast and hastily rushing up would not only be difficult to attack the Metallic Fire Ant’s antennae, one would also face the Metallic Fire Ant’s most powerful attack!

The girl subconsciously thought of the scene where Yi Yun was bitten to death and her heart swelled up.

In a split second, Yi Yun’s reaction was fast. He used the large success stage of Minute Subtlety movements to change directions midway in the air. At the same time, with a wipe of his interspatial ring, a black beam flashed, and Yi Yun attacked with the golden brick.


The golden brick hit the Metallic Fire Ant’s mouth directly!

Yi Yun’s brick may not have any rune inscriptions, but as the highly tempered frost metal was the hardest and most heavy material, the Metallic Fire Ant’s brain received a shock when it bit forward, not to even mention the Metallic Fire Ant’s pincer.

This feeling was as if a person had used a million pound sledgehammer to smash its head. No matter how strong one’s body was, it still caused dizziness.

In that split second when the Metallic Fire Ant was in a daze, Yi Yun used the Thousand Army Saber and aimed at the Metallic Fire Ant’s two feelers as the blade cut down!


The Saber Qi flared and shone through the sky like a white waterfall!

Although the Metallic Fire Ant had retracted its antennae, it could still not escape the powerful blade.


Two of the Metallic Fire Ant’s antennae flew up. It had been chopped off by Yi Yun!


The Metallic Fire Ant let out a scream that pierced the eardrums!

The Metallic Fire Ant became blind immediately. Its pain made it crash haphazardly, causing large rocks to fall.

The Metallic Fire Ant’s armor was hard not because of the shell itself, but because it contained a layer of pure Yang energy.

The antennae of the Metallic Fire Ant allowed it to interface with the world’s pure Yang energy. Without its antennae, all the the energy would leak out from the Metallic Fire Ant’s wound. So it became much easier attacking it.

Yi Yun waited for about ten seconds as the Metallic Fire Ant went crazy. He eyed an opportunity and with a flash of his body, he appeared before the Metallic Fire Ant’s head and stabbed the saber into the Metallic Fire Ant’s mouth!


Yi Yun withdrew the Thousand Army Saber and green juice splattered out. The Metallic Fire Ant struggled crazily for a few times before it crashed into a large boulder the size of a house, eventually falling to the ground.

Yi Yun let out a sigh of relief.


This Metallic Fire Ant was much stronger than the Double Winged Ox Demon from before. If not, the duo would not have been in such a pathetic state.

At this moment behind Yi Yun, the duo, who were planning to join forces with Yi Yun and wanted to use all trump cards to deal with the Metallic Fire Ant, were completely stunned.

They looked at Yi Yun’s back in a daze. Their mouths were slightly agape and they took a long time to close them.

This small guy looked about thirteen years old, and he was definitely a rookie cultivator, yet he could cleanly kill the Metallic Fire Ant?

He was practically a humanoid desolate beast!