True Martial World Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Taking the Site Over
Chapter 285: Taking the Site Over

Seeing Qiuniu’s agitated look, Yi Yun felt exasperated. He never realized that this rascal liked to get excited over the smallest things.

Alright, a mystic technique even sages could not master did sound a bit ridiculous…

“Yi Yun, why did you choose that mystic technique?”

Chu Xiaoran found it incomprehensible. Yi Yun had outstanding talent in Aspect Totems. In his Purple Blood realm stage, he was as good, if not better than human lords in condensing beast marks.

But that was only when comparing him to human lords.

Real human sages could kill even stronger desolate beasts and the beast marks they condensed were even more beautiful.

Furthermore, sages had stronger soul power. Accompanied with their experience, their insights into the the laws and mystic techniques left Yi Yun in the dust.

Now, by choosing the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, it was a waste of Yi Yun’s time considering how the Aspect Totem could not be condensed even in the Yuan foundation realm, let alone the Purple Blood realm.

“Yi Yun, the beast mark you condensed and then absorbed, was it any help in condensing the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Aspect Totem?” Chu Xiaoran asked Yi Yun.

“A drop in the bucket…” Yi Yun answered helplessly. “Currently, it does seem that this mystic technique is quite hard…”

“It’s more than hard!” Qiuniu felt speechless hearing that. “Brother Yi, you have great talent, so don’t waste your time. It’s not too late to change your mystic technique. I think it won’t be any trouble mastering those high-grade totem mystic techniques that can be cultivated in the Yuan foundation realm!”

Qiuniu sincerely advised Yi Yun. Even Yi Yun himself wavered. Maybe his choice of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was really a mistake…

Up to now, Yi Yun had not seen a glimmer of hope in mastering the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ in the Yuan foundation realm.

“Maybe I should change. Previously, my thoughts were too simple.”

Yi Yun could already anticipate the scene when he found old man Cang to change his mystic technique. Old man Cang would smile with a smug look that was asking to be beaten. He might even deride Yi Yun by saying, “I long knew you would come back. The bridges your father, I, have walked are longer than the roads you have walked by more than a hundred times. How could heeding my advice be wrong? It a great virtue to correct what you have done wrong!”

This old man…

Yi Yun shook his head. I will let him feel complacent once.

Although cultivating the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was a failure, Yi Yun did not feel any regret. He had to try such things to get an understanding.

Besides, when he became a human lord, it would not be too difficult to cultivate the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

“That’s the best.” Chu Xiaoran nodded. She endorsed Yi Yun’s decision. “But Yi Yun, you sure have great aspirations. Such a mystic technique that even sages cannot master, and it’s even a remnant. I completely lost interest reading the description. You actually exchanged for it. Just that boldness fills me with admiration!”

It depended on the person when it was the same matter. If any typical person were to choose the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, Chu Xiaoran would think that they had a problem in their head, but when Yi Yun chose it, this assessment was no longer the same. It became an assessment of boldness.

“Let’s go training. I know a good place!” Qiuniu laughed and strode ahead, leading the way. He loved battling. Besides the time in the rookie ranking competition, he spent all his time in the Divine wilderness killing beasts.

“Good.” The rest echoed.

Yi Yun no longer chose to travel alone. He had already made preliminary plans on giving up the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ temporarily. Now, there were no more problems in following these people and it was much safer.

The group passed through a stone forest and they met a few desolate beasts that launched surprise attacks, but they were easily handled by the group.

The place Qiuniu mentioned was a canyon. When Yi Yun entered the canyon, he found that the pure Yang energy within the canyon was more intense than other places. This was like a ‘spiritual vein’ in the Meteorite Abyss.

Of course, it could not be compared to the “Fallen Star Gate”.

“This place is indeed pretty good.” As Yi Yun said this, he noticed that there were other people here.

These people looked like cultivators from the Tai Ah Divine City just from their attire. And the person in the middle was dressed in a purple flying dragon suit. He held a purple sword and he had a domineering presence.

The surrounding people clearly venerated the youth who was bearing the purple sword. Be it their words or behavior, they were extremely respectful with the purple sword youth.

“It’s Yang Haoran!” Chu Xiaoran slightly frowned.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family all had Yang for a surname. Yang was also a big surname in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. If one were to follow the super family clans’ family trees, they would have blood relations with the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family.

This Yang Haoran’s family was one of those families. Although he was not of direct royalty, he still received royal treatment. Also, he could wear a flying dragon suit because of his outstanding talent.

“Yang Haoran…One of the most prominent people in the third year cultivators. Ranked in the top 100 of the Heaven roll, and just above 100 on the Earth roll. Also, he had formed his own association, named the Purple Maple Association. As President, he’s one of the influential people in the Tai Ah Divine City.” Beside Yi Yun, Chu Shan said. A person like Chu Shan knew all the influential people in the Tai Ah Divine City.

As Yi Yun and company saw Yang Haoran, Yang Haoran naturally also saw Yi Yun.

He did not make any indication, but his lackeys came forward. “Make way! This canyon is ours!”

These lackeys had long joined Yang Haoran’s family clan. With the Yang family’s domineering reputation, they often threw their weight around.

Qiuniu had the worse temper. Seeing these small fries flaunting their prowess made his face sink. “What are you? Do you even have the right to speak to me? This Meteorite Abyss’ canyon does not belong to anyone. Anyone can train here. What makes you have the right to chase us away?”

Qiuniu was almost about to make a move. At this moment, Chu Shan came forward and pulled Qiuniu back. “Old brother Qiuniu, don’t argue with them. We just need to go somewhere else!”

While out training, it was often best not to act on impulse. Yang Haoran was ranked just above 100 on the Earth roll, and with his mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm, all of them added up was not enough to beat him.

Of course, Qiuniu knew how strong Yang Haoran was, but he could not simmer down. “Chu Shan, what are you afraid of? It’s not like he can kill us!”

The Tai Ah Divine City prohibited cultivators from killing each other. The identity token they gave every cultivator had a special array designed within it.

This identity token recorded the number of desolate beasts every cultivator killed. According to the strength of the desolate beast, they would obtain a numeric score. This score was also resulted in the Heaven roll’s ranking.

If it was based on materials, then some people could privately purchase desolate beast materials to rush up the Heaven roll, then the Heaven roll would lose its credibility.

Not only that, the identity token would leave a record if cultivators were to kill other cultivators. Once such a fratricidal matter was revealed, one would come back to a death sentence!

Unless one stayed in the Divine wilderness without returning to the Tai Ah Divine City.

And in the vast Divine wilderness, even if Qin Haotian were to use his own strength, he could not get out. It was practically suicide.

Just as Qiuniu was about to push away Chu Shan’s hand to make a move, he heard a terrifying roar. A golden ox charged out from deep in the canyon right at Yang Haoran!

“Black Gold Ox!” Qiuniu took a deep breath. This Black Gold Ox had great strength. Its hide had tremendous defensive strength that exceeded the Metallic Fire Ant. And what was even more important was that the Black Gold Ox had almost no weaknesses.

If Qiuniu had to fight the Black Gold Ox alone, he had absolutely no confidence.

At this moment, seeing the Black Gold Ox charging at him, Yang Haoran had a look of indifference. He took a step forward and stabbed with his sword!


A purple-golden sword beam flashed. Yang Haoran had stabbed the Black Gold Ox straight through its head. The sword beam minced its brains.

Following that, Yang Haoran ducked dexterously and the large body of the Black Gold Ox passed by his body and proceeded diagonally before crashing into a boulder.


The boulder collapsed and the Black Gold Ox had been killed by Yang Haoran in one strike!

“Ha! Young master is too strong. Killing the Black Gold Ox is like killing a chicken. Too easy!” The lackeys immediately complimented him. They did not come to the Meteorite Abyss to train. They were there as followers of Yang Haoran, so they sucked up to him whenever necessary.

“See that, foolish big guy? If our young master wants to kill you, it will just be a matter of one attack!” A lackey said arrogantly to Qiuniu.

Qiuniu’s face flushed red. He had to admit that compared to Yang Haoran, he was indeed still a great distance away!

“Get lost quickly! Our young master is about to complete his Aspect Totem’s evolution. This place is ours!”

“Although our young master cannot kill you, there are no problems in him seriously injuring you. This will prevent punishment from the Divine City.”

These lackeys echoed one after another. One of them even provocatively pointed his finger at Qiuniu before turning around. He believed that Qiuniu and company would eventually have to take this lying down.

“Forget it, let’s go.” Chu Xiaoran said. Chu Xiaoran was naturally proud, so she could not take this lying down. But she was helpless against the pressing situation.

As Chu Xiaoran was about to leave, she noticed that Yi Yun did not move.

“Yi Yun?”

“Ha! No hurry.” Yi Yun smiled. Against these lackeys who had their eyes on the top of their heads, even clay figurines would be angry. But Yi Yun did not seem to take it to heart, nor did he seem to have any intention on leaving.

“Yi Yun…Don’t tell me, you want to make a move on them? This Yang Haoran is in the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm!”

Having not seen him for two months, Chu Xiaoran had guessed that Yi Yun’s strength had rose again. But no matter how much it rose, it could not be a match against a mid-stage Yuan foundation realm genius.

Back when Yi Yun defeated Li Hong, Li Hong’s cultivation level was just nearing the Yuan foundation.

There was an extremely big gap between the Purple Blood and Yuan foundation!

“No, I know my limits. Let’s just wait here for a while and watch.” Yi Yun smiled with a slight curl on the corners of his mouth.

Seeing the curl on Yi Yun’s lips, Chu Xiaoran’s heart missed a beat in an inexplicable manner. Actually, Yi Yun was just smiling normally, but in Chu Xiaoran’s eyes, she felt that this smile had a wicked flavor to it.