True Martial World Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Causing Trouble
Chapter 286: Causing Trouble

“Why are you not leaving?”

Yang Haoran’s lackeys shouted from afar.

Yi Yun shouted back, “We will not steal your desolate beasts. It should be alright for us to just stand here and watch, right!?”

“Are you trying to steal the technique behind Young master Haoran’s beast mark condensation?” The lackeys, thinking that they had seen through Yi Yun’s intentions, smiled disdainfully. “So what if we let you watch? You think condensing a beast mark is something you can learn just by watching?”

“Let them be.” Yang Haoran said. Since they were willing to be his audience, there was no harm to it. Besides, Chu Xiaoran and Chu Luo were both young maidens. It was not bad to have beautiful girls as an audience.

“Young master Haoran’s Aspect Totem should be advancing pretty soon, right…?” A lackey asked Yang Haoran.

“Yes… If everything goes well today, it will probably be completed today.” Yang Haoran was very confident of himself as he had considerable talent in Aspect Totems. Although he did not manage to condense an Aspect Totem before the Yuan foundation realm, every beast mark he condensed were of high quality. So even though it was condensed after the Yuan foundation realm, his cultivation of the totem mystic technique went at a rapid pace.

“Young master Haoran sure is great. You are about to condense an elite-ranked Aspect Totem in the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm. In the future, you will have a beast-general ranked Aspect Totem at the peak of the Yuan foundation realm. When you become a human lord, it will be a beast-king rank. And at the peak of human lord, it might even be a primordial species-rank!”

The Aspect Totem’s ranks were the same as desolate beasts.

Typically, only sages could condense a primordial species-ranked Aspect Totem.

As for the probability of Yang Haoran becoming a sage, that was practically zero. It would be extremely difficult, even for him, to become a peak-human lord figure, not to mention possessing a primordial species Aspect Totem at the peak-human lord level.

“Ass skin can really be punctured by kissing it too much!”

Qiuniu coldly grunted beside Yi Yun. He had purposely lowered his voice to prevent the lackeys from hearing it, in order to prevent another quarrel.

“Take out your disk arrays and record it. We must record the evolution process of Young master Haoran’s Aspect Totem. In the future, this video will be precious.”

A few lackeys said as a video disk array was taken out and the condensation process of Yang Haoran’s beast mark was recorded.

A few days ago, they started recording it every single time. These were records of Yang Haoran’s brilliant history, which could make others admire and respect him.

Yang Haoran began to condense the beast mark while Yi Yun and company watching. Although Yang Haoran had no lack of girls, he still wanted to show off in front of outstanding members of the opposite s*x. He wanted to present a good show to these rookies.

With his spiritual energy interfacing with the Black Gold Ox’s corpse, Yang Haoran followed the procedure according to the records in his totem mystic technique and controlled the wanton and dissipating pure Yang energy and slowly formed it.

It was very difficult to condense a beast mark for Purple Blood realm warriors. But in the Yuan foundation realm, because of the Dantian becoming a Yuan foundation, a warrior had an easier time controlling energy. When that happened, most warriors were able to condense a beast mark.

If a Yuan foundation realm warrior could not condense a beast mark, it was a very shameful thing.

As the gathering pure Yang energy increased, a visible ball of light, the size of a walnut, appeared.

Chu Luo earlier said that the beast mark she condensed was at the size of a peanut, and that it was only under rare occasions that she was able to condense them. Now, Yang Haoran could form a light blob the size of a walnut with a casual attempt. This was the difference between the Yuan foundation realm and the Purple Blood realm.

“Young master Haoran is really talented!” A few lackeys praised him. They were not just words of flattery towards him, but words that came from their hearts. This was because 99% of the Tai Ah Divine City Yuan foundation realm warriors cannot condense a beast mark as easily as Yang Haoran.

Even Qiuniu, who was indignant, had to admit that Yang Haoran had the right to be proud.

Just as the walnut-sized light blob was about to condense into a beast mark, Yi Yun interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal and a purple whirlpool quietly appeared…

The Purple Crystal could control free energy. When the Black Gold Ox died, the energy it left behind was free energy.

Yi Yun could use this energy to practice his Desolate Heaven technique, or he could directly absorb it without any problems.

But if he wanted to use the energy to condense an Aspect Totem, he would need to use a totem mystic technique. And the totem mystic technique had to resonate with the murderous Qi before it could be used. Since the Black Gold Ox had not been killed by Yi Yun, that was impossible.

But, if he wanted to cause trouble, that was much easier.

With just a thought, the pure Yang energy far away immediately became chaotic.

At this moment, the beast mark Yang Haoran was controlling had condensed halfway. It was just in front of him as he prepared to absorb it into his body.

The sudden chaos in the energy took Yang Haoran off guard. He had nearly no time to react.


Yi Yun’s pupils shrunk, and with his spiritual energy controlling the Purple Crystal’s power, it was like he shot out an arrow!


The energy blob exploded less than a foot away from Yang Haoran’s face!


Yang Haoran was great shocked. He jerked back, but the explosion’s shock waves left his face ashen.

The hair on on his head had even become disheveled by the shock wave. His long hair messily hung downwards!


The lackeys, who were surrounding Yang Haoran and were about to shout out praises and flatter Yang Haoran, were also caught in the shock wave, leaving them in a sorry state. They turned dumbfounded upon seeing Yang Haoran and his now ashen expression on his blackened face.

What the hell… happened?

Seeing the residual energy left in the sky, the images of the explosive energy were still imprinted in their eyes. An explosion had really happened. It was not an illusion.

A few of the lackeys were still dumbstruck. The beast mark Young master Haoran condensed actually exploded?

Typically, mid-stage Yuan foundation realm warriors differed only in the quality for the beast marks they condensed. Very few would explode midway in the condensation process.

Besides those lackeys, even Chu Luo and Chu Xiaoran were extremely shocked. Yang Haoran actually failed?

At this moment, Qiuniu suddenly burst out laughing.

“Hahahaha! Your dad is dying of laughter. Who was it that previously said that we were trying to secretly learn Young master Haoran’s technique in condensing a beast mark? And he said we won’t be able to learn it? Hey, we really aren’t able to learn such a technique. Hahahaha!”

Qiuniu slapped his thigh and his voice was brazen.

Of course, Yang Haoran’s eyes turned blood red as he stared at Qiuniu with murderous intent. Qiuniu gave a shameless expression, “What? You want to beat people up? If you don’t kill your father, your father will still record you condensing a beast mark today. It will then be announced later in the Tai Ah Divine City that Young master Haoran failed at condensing a beast mark, and then beat people up as his embarrassment turned into rage.”

Qiuniu was completely impenetrable. He was not afraid of Yang Haoran making a move.

Yang Haoran sneered, “A bunch of swallows who don’t know how high the sky is. Just because they see a swan flying low sometimes, they think they can fly higher than a swan. What a joke!”

“Yichi, use a Beast Luring Grass!” Yang Haoran said to his lackey without turning his head. His voice was like a blade.

“Beast… Beast Luring Grass…” The lackey named Yichi was clearly dumbfounded. The Beast Luring Grass would emit a special smell, attracting desolate beasts. Beast Luring Grass were typically used elsewhere in the Divine wilderness. It was extremely dangerous to use the Beast Luring Grass in Meteorite Abyss, as there are many strong desolate beasts.

They would suffer greatly if it ended up attracting a desolate beast that they could not handle.

“What? Do you think I can’t handle it?”

Yang Haoran’s voice was filled with killing intent.

Yichi swallowed mouthfuls of saliva, he did not dare to disobey Yang Haoran. He placed down the Beast Luring Grass and lit it up with chemicals.

With that, an odd smell spread out.

The effects of the Beast Luring Grass were immediate. In less than 8 minutes, a roar could be heard. A huge black beast’s head appeared from behind a boulder, its eyes were red as it stared at the Beast Luring Grass with greed.

“Blue Blood Ape!”

Seeing the sudden appearance of the desolate beast, Yang Haoran’s eyes were filled with bloodlust. He made the first attack and with a flash of his body, he appeared in front of the Blue Blood Ape and sent his sword down.

Yang Haoran showed no mercy as he attacked it with killing blows. In about ten seconds, he killed the Blue Blood Ape!

The Blue Blood Ape had been beheaded. Yang Haoran looked at Qiuniu and company. The purple sword still dripping blood as if it was showing his prowess. “See, this is the distance between you and me!”

“Hmph!” Qiuniu snorted coldly. He was not afraid of Yang Haoran, but he knew that it was likely an accident on Yang Haoran’s part. If Yang Haoran were to get serious, there would be nothing for him to laugh at.

At this moment, Yi Yun crept up and seemed to unintentionally transmit his voice to Qiuniu, “Brother Niu, didn’t you say that you wanted to record video just now?”

Qiuniu shook his head and transmitted back, “There’s nothing good to record. Yang will likely succeed this time. You want me to record him in the limelight?”

“If he really is in the limelight, then delete it. In the rare chance of him failing…” Yi Yun said casually.

“Good point!” With this, Qiuniu took out a video disk array. After all, he had nothing to lose in recording it down.

Seeing Qiuniu’s actions, Yang Haoran laughed.

This retard! He really is all brawn and no brains. The video of his beast mark exploding while he condensed it was a once in a century occasion. Does he really think that I will make the same mistake twice?

Yang Haoran sank Qi into his Dantian and easily extracted the Blue Blood Ape’s energy and formed a walnut-sized energy blob.

Yang Haoran even purposely aligned the energy blood for Qiuniu to allow him to record the video from a better angle.

The energy blood slowly pulsated as it floated towards Yang Haoran. About 80% of it was in the shape of a beast mark.

Seeing this scene, Yang Haoran was extremely pleased. His glance at Qiuniu was a show of force. The walnut-sized beast mark had a clear form. This left Purple Blood realm warriors in the dust.

“You want to record a video? Then record this!”

Yang Haoran laughed disdainfully. He opened his mouth and sucked in the beast mark.

At this moment, Yang Haoran’s facial expression changed as he turned pale.


Without any warning, the Blue Blood Ape’s beast mark exploded three inches away from Yang Haoran.

No matter how fast Yang Haoran’s reaction was, it was too late. He retreated backwards at an extreme speed, but his mouth still became bloody from the explosion. Even his teeth nearly dropped.


When Yang Haoran retreated, he hit a rock and nearly fell to the ground.

He used the purple sword to support himself and found his footing. At this moment, Yang Haoran’s hair was disheveled, his face was ghastly pale and his expression, grim.

What the hell…… happened!?