True Martial World Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Diverting Trouble
Chapter 287: Diverting Trouble

“Hahaha! Your father is dying of laughter! Your father is dying of laughter!” Qiuniu jumped up and down while laughing. “Daddy Niu has never seen such a good show before in his life!”

“Brother Yi, you sure are prophetic! Thankfully, I recorded it!” Qiuniu slapped Yi Yun strongly on his shoulders. He waved the video disk array in his hands with delight. Yang Haoran was a complete retard!

Yi Yun laughed and said, “I was just saying. I didn’t expect it to actually happen. Is this the legendary foul mouth?”

“Hahaha! What foul mouth? This is Buddha’s mouth. Whatever you say happens! I’m only thinking, why didn’t it explode in that rascal’s mouth?” Qiuniu said with some regret.

Yi Yun felt a chill down his spine when he heard this. Wasn’t this the so-called **** (censored)? This Qiuniu sure was evil.

But it was impossible, even if he really wanted to make it explode in Yang Haoran’s mouth. A distance of three inches was Yi Yun’s limit. As the beast mark was formed, the connection between the beast mark and Yang Haoran’s Dantian would become stronger, and the beast mark’s energy would become energy that had an owner. When that happened, the Purple Crystal could no longer control it.

Seeing the disk array in Qiuniu’s hand, Yang Haoran clenched his fists as his nails lodged deep into his flesh.

What was going on today? Why did that happen!?

“Young… Young master… It was just an accident, right…?” A lackey ventured a guess when he noticed Yang Haoran’s unkindly expression.

“Shut up!” Yang Haoran growled deeply. The lackey immediately turned silent and he did not dare to say another word.

Could an accident happen twice?

What was the reason behind this?

Yang Haoran was really going mad. He did not know where the problem lay. He even suspected that there was a problem with his soul. Did it suddenly become unsuitable for condensing beast marks?

No matter what the reason was, Yang Haoran felt that it was pointless to cultivate anymore today.

Ignoring his repeated failures, he was even unable to calm his current state of mind down. Cultivating an Aspect Totem required a calm state of mind.

With a group of people watching him, and having someone record a disk array video, Yang Haoran felt as if he was a clown performing on stage.

Although Yang Haoran wanted to attempt condensing another beast mark, for some unknown reason, he had a hunch that his third attempt would also result in failure.

He took a few deep breaths before he managed to pacify his furious mood.

With his purple sword in hand, he walked towards Qiuniu.

“What do you want? Do you want to fight?” Qiuniu was lacking in confidence about facing Yang Haoran. He was after all a person who ranked around 100 on the Tai Ah Divine City’s Earth roll. Even Yi Yun was no match for him.

“Give me the disk array. I’ll leave the place for you!”

Since he was not able to cultivate for the moment, Yang Haoran planned on leaving. Hence, the place would naturally be left for Qiuniu and company, but he did not want Qiuniu to have a disk array of his pathetic performance.

With Qiuniu’s personality, it was very likely that he would leak the disk array’s video out. This was something that made Yang Haoran feel full of disgust.

“Heh!” Qiuniu snorted. He wanted to use the disk array to reprimand Yang Haoran and add insult to injury.

But before he could open his mouth, Yi Yun said, “Give it to him.”

“Brother Yi…” Qiuniu glanced at Yi Yun.

He found that Yang Haoran was an eyesore and he felt that not insulting him would be a pity. But since Yi Yun said so, Qiuniu decided to let it go.

Yi Yun said, “Toe the line on everything. There is no need to offend him too openly. Yang Haoran has his bottom line. If he really wants to fight us, we are not his match.”

“Young master Haoran probably made an accidental mistake this time.”

The first few sentences were said to Qiuniu through a transmission. The last sentence was said by Yi Yun to Yang Haoran. Yang Haoran grunted before taking the disk array and left without turning back.

Seeing Yang Haoran thwarted, Qiuniu had not fully expressed his views and clicked his tongue, “Such a pity. There are plenty of girls who like Yang Haoran. I really wanted to know what their expressions would be like if I were to show them the disk array. Two consecutively failures at condensing a beast mark at the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm. Haha! I wonder what went wrong with Yang Haoran.”

Qiuniu was in high spirits. He felt extremely good today. He was nursing a grievance because of Yang Haoran, but now, he managed to find respite. It felt great!

Qiuniu could not get his mind off that matter and he asked Yi Yun, “I must say. Brother Yi, you are too nice. How could you give him the disk array back so easily?”

Yi Yun laughed and said, “You must toe the line as a human being. Besides, we did not lose a thing.”

Yi Yun’s words were echoed by Chu Shan, “Brother Yi is right. There’s no need to push the matter to an irreconcilable state.”

Chu Luo also said, “Little brother Yi Yun is so gifted, yet he is so humble. He is nice and he has a big heart. That is something rare.”

The group began chatting while Yi Yun laughed ingenuously. These people sure had good eyes. My character has always been good and my heart has always been wide.

Yi Yun accepted their praises calmly. As he was smiling, he noticed Chu Xiaoran’s gaze. Chu Xiaoran was looking deeply at him with an indescribable meaning behind it.

Yi Yun’s heart thumped. Could it be that this maiden had seen through something?

But even if Chu Xiaoran vaguely felt something was amiss, it was just a guess. She had no evidence for anything.

No one would believe that Yi Yun, as a Purple Blood realm warrior, had the ability to affect Yang Haoran’s ability in condensing a beast mark.

“Speaking of this, they did not take the Beast Luring Grass away!” Yi Yun noticed the Beast Luring Grass on the ground and hurriedly changed the subject. He wanted to prevent Chu Xiaoran from thinking too much.

With a flash of his figure, he came to the side of the Beast Luring Grass and picked it up.

Chu Luo said, “There’s not much effect in this Beast Luring Grass you picked up. Once the Beast Luring Grass is heated up, its effects can only last about 2-4 hours. And in Meteorite Abyss, the Beast Luring Grass is too dangerous. You might lure a strong desolate beast you cannot handle.”

Although Chu Luo said that, Yi Yun still decided to keep the Beast Luring Grass after some thought.

In his interspatial ring, the Beast Luring Grass’ smell was cut off, so he did not worry about attracting desolate beasts.

Now they occupied the best canyon in the perimeter of Meteorite Abyss, it was of great value. Training here with the desolate beasts that had abundant pure Yang energy within their bodies would save them a lot of time.

They split up and helped each other out as they advanced through the canyon.


With a bowstring sounding out, a large red bird was shot down by the Tai Cang Bow. It had wanted to launch a surprise attack on Yi Yun.

It was a Fire Falcon that liked to eat the hearts and livers of humans. Legend has it that some tribes in the wilderness had burial traditions that Yi Yun had seen before in his previous life. They would feed the corpses of the dead to Fire Falcons as a burial method, allowing their souls to rise to Heaven.

The Wind Chasing Arrow had pierced through the Fire Falcon’s abdomen. Before it died, its sharp talons swiped down at Yi Yun without taking it lying down.

But Yi Yun was well prepared. He slashed with the Thousand Army Saber and chopped the Fire Falcon with one attack!

“Good archery skills Brother Yi!” Qiuniu praised. He was not praising Yi Yun’s accuracy but he was praising Yi Yun’s strength. To be able to pierce through a Fire Falcon indicated that the strength behind that arrow was tremendously terrifying!

Yi Yun did not say anything and interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal. As the purple light swirled, the pure Yuan Qi within the Fire Falcon condensed into a beast mark.

Up until now, Yi Yun had killed two Fire Boars and a Fire Falcon in this canyon.

But when he absorbed the beast marks into his body, he felt that he was still a long way off from forming a ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ Aspect Totem…

“It looks like I cannot continue on this training expedition. I need to return to the Tai Ah Divine City to exchange for another totem mystic technique.”

As Yi Yun was thinking of that, he suddenly heard a scream coming from behind the canyon. Following that, there was a fierce roar of a beast!

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

Yi Yun was alarmed. Beside him, Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran gripped their weapons tightly.

Before the surprise appeared, a killing intent had spread over!

Yi Yun opened his Purple Crystal’s vision and he saw the scene at the back. In his vision, there was a shining energy fire. This made Yi Yun’s heart miss a beat. It was a terrifying desolate beast, almost the level of a King-ranked desolate beast, and it was charging towards them!

And running in front of the desolate beast was Yang Haoran!


Yet another scream. Yang Haoran’s lackey was pinned to the ground by the desolate beast. His entire torso was penetrated and his organs were destroyed. He bled from all his orifices!

Yi Yun was completely stunned. Although he had previously heard that countless numbers of people died in the Divine wilderness in the millions of years, and there was a 20% death or disability rate amongst the Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators, this was the first time he actually saw a cultivator die while training in the Divine wilderness.

A live person, even if he had a weak presence, was still a life. And he had turned into a bloody pile of meat in an instant!

The world was cruel! The Divine wilderness was cruel!

“Young master, save me!”

Behind Yang Haoran, there was a heart-wrenching scream, but Yang Haoran could not be bothered with him. He only hated the fact that he did not bring enough followers with him this time. The more followers he had, the more they could delay the huge monster behind him. Even delaying it by half a second was good.

But, it was alright. Yang Haoran still remembered that Yi Yun, Chu Xiaoran and company had entered this canyon.

Yi Yun, Chu Xiaoran and company were stronger than his lackeys. With them in the rear, his chances of survival was much higher.

With this thought in mind, Yang Haoran sped up as he rushed towards Yi Yun and company.

All of this happened in a split second. Yi Yun loudly shouted, “Run!”

Saying that, Yi Yun turned around and ran!


Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu did not have Yi Yun’s energy vision and they did not know what had happened. However, they heard the scream, and seeing Yi Yun’s reaction, they did not hesitate and they immediately followed Yi Yun in escaping!

Chu Shan and Chu Luo did not delay either. They were the weakest in the group. Seeing a person like Yi Yun turn pale, they knew that a terrible existence must have appeared.

In the face of such an existence, they would be killed in a second!

They had slight hesitations before they reluctantly used their life protecting trump card, which they did not use while facing the Metallic Fire Ant, the Extreme Speed Array Charm. This charm was the only thing that could help them at this moment.