True Martial World Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire
Chapter 289: Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire

Hearing Yang Haoran’s strange cry, Yi Yun was delighted. If the rascal was caught by the mutated Three Eyed Spider, it would be a joyous occasion for all.

This was retribution and Yang Haoran could give them some time by delaying the monster.

Of course, before Yi Yun could focus to see what had happened to Yang Haoran, he heard a loud explosion as a surge of energy chaotically erupted like a volcano.

Yang Haoran had detonated a high grade explosive disk array!

This disk array slightly impeded the mutated Three Eyed Spider, and after that Yang Haoran’s body emitted a pale gold aura. His speed instantly increased as he charged towards Yi Yun and company!

“That rascal sure has a haunting presence!” Yi Yun cursed in his heart.

But this was reasonable. Even Chu Shan and Chu Luo would specially buy a special disk array and array charms as their life-saving trump cards, so why would Yang Haoran not do so?

A person like him would not easily die while in training.

Many thoughts whizzed past Yi Yun’s mind and at this moment, the frost pool that Chu Xiaoran mentioned appeared in front of them!

Below the steep cliff, there was a deep blue pool. There was a wind blowing through the canyon, but the water remained calm, without any ripples or waves. It was quiet like a piece of cold jade.

A frost pool like this gave off a very eerie feel to it.

“There it is!” Chu Xiaoran said.

At this moment, the group no longer had time to decide what was inside the frost pool. They charged right into the frost pool at a high speed.


Water splashed up. The moment Yi Yun entered the water, he could feel the biting cold of the cold water.

It was a temperature that really froze right into a person’s marrow. It was a surprise that this frost pool did not freeze at such a low temperature.

And not only that, Yi Yun felt that the water in the frost pool was heavy and sticky. It had great resistance and it was very strange!

Yi Yun did not think any further and he circulated his body’s pure Yang Qi, which instantly removed the coldness. He was like a lively fish swimming deep into the frost pool.

Previously, Yi Yun had practiced the ‘Dragon Dancing in Vast Water’ of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, so he was very familiar with deep diving.

The five of them helped each other out. Chu Shan and Chu Luo were weaker than the other three, but by using all their Yuan Qi, they were able to cope with the cold pool water.


Another heavy object entered the water. Yang Haoran had caught up.

“This rascal… There is no fairness in this world. He actually did not die!” Qiuniu gritted his teeth as he said that.

At this moment, all of them were unable to fend for themselves, so no one could be bothered to care about Yang Haoran. All of them used all of their strength to swim deeper into the pool.

Soon, the surrounding environment turned dark.

The pool had an extremely strong ability to remain opaque to light. Just diving down tens of meters into the pool resulted in one not being able to see one’s fingers in front of them.

Although all them were using their strength to wade through the water, there was not a single wave of sound in the water. It was an eerie silence.

The mysterious deep pool was like the huge mouth of a demon that had swallowed all of them up.

At this moment, Yi Yun had realized why Chu Xiaoran had only previously dived in halfway before not venturing any further. This deep pool really gave one a strong sense of unease. No one knew what was down below.

The water insulated against sound, light and perception. It was as if they were trapped in an eternal darkness. This was like the legendary gate to Hell, and if they were to swim deeper, they would swim into Hell.

“Is everyone here?” Chu Xiaoran’s Yuan Qi transmission rung in Yi Yun’s ears.

After reaching a depth of about 200 meters in the pool, the few of them were separated by about ten meters, yet they found it difficult to perceive the other’s presence.

Although warriors could see in the dark, they still needed a trace of light. In an environment without any light, a warrior was unable to see anything.

Besides, in the pool, there was a strong damping of Yuan Qi fluctuations. Even Chu Xiaoran’s Yuan Qi transmission became intermittent due to the dampening.

“Here!” Yi Yun transmitted his voice.

He opened his energy vision but in the bizarre pool, the range he could see using the energy vision was greatly reduced compared to being on land. But, it was still much better than Chu Xiaoran and company.

Yi Yun first looked up to see if the mutated Three Eyed Spider was still chasing after them.

But just above Yi Yun, in the still water, there was the mutated Three Eyed Spider!

Its speed had slowed down because it seemed to be afraid of the unknown deep pool. It did not dare to dive down too quickly.

Many desolate beasts could sense ominous places better than humans. This was the only good news.

But, Yi Yun and company still had to dive deeper into the water. No one could guarantee that the mutated Three Eyed Spider would not suddenly crazily chase them again.

“Oh? Yang Haoran…” Yi Yun frowned slightly. He saw Yang Haoran in his energy vision. Due to the darkness caused by the pool’s water, Yang Haoran had opened up a gap between them. They were about 100 meters away from each other.

“This rascal…” Yi Yun was pissed.

Yang Haoran had hogged the training ground for himself from the beginning. After Yi Yun used trickery to force Yang Haoran to leave, Yang Haoran unexpectedly managed to attract a mutated Three Eyed Spider that nearly wiped them all out.

The culprit behind this was lucky enough to survive, while all his followers were now dead.

But currently, Yi Yun was no match for Yang Haoran. He could not beat him even if he wanted to seek revenge. Even if he could beat him, due to the Tai Ah Divine City’s rules, he could not do anything to Yang Haoran.

Yi Yun could no longer be bothered to think of Yang Haoran. He turned his focus towards the bottom and prepared to use the energy vision to figure out a path in the frost pool. This look made Yi Yun feel pins and needles!

About 100 meters deep later, there were three huge caves. Around the mouth of the cave, there was a rapid water flow as a strong suction tugged at the water, sucking the water into it. This formed three black swirls!

Yi Yun did not know where the swirls led to, but he felt a strong sense of unease.

Such a cave’s depth was unknowingly deep. Although a warrior could stay in the water for a very long time, he could not stay in there indefinitely. If the cave was so deep that it didn’t have a bottom and it led to an unknown secret ground, then it was likely that they would die in this underground deep pool.

Yi Yun’s first thought was to choose another direction to flee. As the threat from the mutated Three Eyed Spider had been greatly reduced, there was no reason to risk their lives to go into the unfathomably deep caves. There might be other paths that they could go in the deep pool.

Just as Yi Yun was looking around for another way out, he suddenly feel a chill engulf him from head to toe. It made his heart contract as his blood flow stopped!

Below the deep pool, about 50 meters away from them, there was a school of strange fish that surrounded them in a circle!

Every one of these strange fish were about a foot long. They were floating quietly in the water, slowly gathering around them like underwater spirits.

They had amber round eyes with an empty stare in them. It was as if they had no focal length. They approached in a quiet fashion. This situation was alarming!

“We have been surrounded!” Yi Yun transmitted his voice.

“What!?” Chu Xiaoran and company had not detected these strange fish.

“A sort of aquatic desolate beast that looks like a fish. There are no details on such desolate beasts in the “Divine Wilderness” book. There are at least a hundred of them in this pool!”

The strange fish may be small, but Yi Yun would not forget the palm-sized piranhas in his previous life. If they gathered into a large group, it was an absolute nightmare.

“Aquatic desolate beast?” Chu Xiaoran and company were like blind people in the pool, so they were unable to perceive the strange fish.

They did not know how Yi Yun was able to detect the beasts. But since he said so, there was no mistake in it.

“Where?” Qiuniu touched his interspatial ring, in preparation of taking out his weapon.

Yi Yun grimaced. A few hundred meters below the water surface, there was an immense pressure and a biting cold. Also, the water was heavy and sticky. It was also an environment which diminished perception, reducing their combat power to about 10-20%.

For example, Qiuniu’s weapon was a massive tower shield. Yi Yun could not imagine what sort of damage Qiuniu could do with that ridiculously heavy tower shield against the fish in the water.

And these fish were natural underwater killers. In the water, they were able to maximize their combat power. If this dragged out, the chances of the five of them fighting in a group was slim!

Several thoughts quickly flashed through Yi Yun’s mind. At this moment, Chu Xiaoran, Qiuniu and company saw the water monsters, as their amber eyes began to glow red.

With more than a hundred strange fish, it was like they were surrounded by ghosts at night with those hundred pairs of red glowing eyes.

Chu Xiaoran and company all held their breaths!

They were really surrounded.

They had just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire!