True Martial World Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Fallen Star Gate
Chapter 290: Fallen Star Gate

With the light from the strange fishes’ glowing red eyes, the group could see fuzzily see the surroundings up to a five meter range. They formed a circle with their backs facing each other as they faced the school of strange fish.

Yi Yun gripped his Tai Cang Bow tightly. At this moment, he was extremely calm. He knew very well that they would be bitten to shreds if they were to fight them head on.

“There are three whirlpools a hundred meters below us. Using my bow and arrow as a signal, we will all rush there when I shoot out my arrow. All of you take out the heaviest item in your interspatial rings to accelerate your sinking. At the same time, circulate your Yuan Qi to its extreme… maybe we can charge into the whirlpool…”

Currently, there was no way of escape. Although the whirlpool was fraught with unknown dangers, it was still better than staying and become fish food.


Qiuniu and company agreed. They focused as they waited for Yi Yun’s signaling arrow.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and flipped his palm. An item appeared in his palm. It was the… Beast Luring Grass!

Previously, Yang Haoran had left behind the Beast Luring Grass, and it was still effective for another two hours. Since Yi Yun was going to do it, he went all the way. He injected his Yuan Qi into the Beast Luring Grass and forced all of its smell out of it!

Following that, with his fastest speed, Yi Yun stuffed the Beast Luring Grass into a Wind Chasing Arrow’s hollow arrowhead. He then pulled his bow and strung the arrow, injecting all of his Yuan Qi into it.


The bowstring hummed loudly, like a thunderous explosion, in the water. This Wind Chasing Arrow containing the scents of the Beast Luring Grass was shot out!

And the direction in which Yi Yun shot the arrow was at the direction in which Yang Haoran was escaping towards!

The Beast Luring Grass simulated the scents of Power of Desolates treasures, so they were very attractive to desolate beasts. These strange fish hesitated for a while before chasing the Beast Luring Grass.

This school of strange fish swam after that lightning-like arrow!


Without needing Yi Yun to say this, Chu Xiaoran and company flared up their Yuan Qi, swimming towards the deep ends of the pool as quickly as they could!

There were still a small amount of strange fish behind Yi Yun. Because of Yi Yun and company’s sudden attempt at fleeing, they were pursued by the fish.


Chu Xiaoran shouted and Qiuniu retrieved a huge shield from his interspatial ring. With his huge shield leading the front, the strange fish was reduced by 75%. They were no longer able to create a threat with their encircling.

Chu Xiaoran also took out a sword and slashed gracefully. The sword Qi forced a path through the five strange fish blocking them. The five of them pressed on towards the bottom of the pool without letup.

After diving for tens of meters, they felt a strong suction force. They did not need to swim anymore because they were now being sucked in by the whirlpool, unable to control themselves!

The water flow was too fast. The strange fish shrunk back when they encountered the vortices’ water flow. They swung their tails to balance their bodies and stopped their pursuit.

As for Yi Yun, Chu Xiaoran and company, they were like duckweeds in a thunderstorm. They found it difficult to control their bodies, so they were involuntarily sucked underground by the high speed water flow.


Yi Yun and company entered the bottomless tunnel. The tunnel was completely dark so Yi Yun used his Purple Crystal vision to view his surroundings. The tunnel was about thirty meters wide and the rock walls extremely smooth. Being sucked in here was like riding a flying dragon. The speed was extremely fast and they were unable to control their bodies!

This underground tunnel was not a straight tunnel. It had numerous branches. Due to the speed of the water currents, Yi Yun was unable to control the direction in which he went. After passing through a branch, Yi Yun became speechless when he realized that Chu Xiaoran, Qiuniu and company, who were beside him, had disappeared. He was left alone!

With the endless darkness and an accelerating speed, Yi Yun felt greatly disturbed. This was a fear of the unknown. He did not know what was in this underground world.

“The water current is so strong, so there should still be an exit. Maybe it will lead to an underground river or lake…” Yi Yun consoled himself. If this whirlpool had no exits, then he would die in this endless tunnel.

The turbulent current carried him for about 15 minutes before the water flow slowly ceased being cold. Instead, it was becoming warmer now.

Even a warrior was unable to hold his breath for this long. So, Yi Yun had long since exhausted the breath he had. He could only use the Yuan Qi in his Dantian to maintain his bodily motions.

At this moment, Yi Yun heard a loud rumbling sound. He felt thrown out by a strong force. It suddenly became bright, and when Yi Yun opened his eyes, he realized that he was flying in midair.

I’m out!

Yi Yun took a deep breath and stretched his body in the air. He was happy like a bird returning to the skies.

Yi Yun turned and looked back. He saw a huge hole spitting out water, forming a waterfall!

And the waterfall scene shocked Yi Yun. Below him was a clump of red clouds. The large waterfall was flowing into the red clouds. It was like a 30,000 meters tall waterfall.

This scenery was a wondrous sight to behold!


Yi Yun was descending at a fast speed. When he pierced through the red clouds, he could feel hot air. Surging towards him was pure Yang Qi, richer by tens of times that of the canyon!

Even though he cultivated the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, Yi Yun still felt the strength of the pure Yang Qi. When he sucked it in, it was like his Dantian had been lit up by a fire.

So tall!

After Yi Yun pierced through the fire clouds, he saw the vast land underneath him. It was at least thousands of meters. He had started falling down from a tall mountain cliff.

As he was nearing the ground, Yi Yun pulled up his bow and shot out an arrow, straight into the vertical rock face. There was a rope attached to the arrow’s tail.

With the power of the arrow, Yi Yun swung around while holding onto the rope as he easily landed on the ground.

Yi Yun looked around, it was a magnificent and mysterious odd world.

The lingering red clouds hung in the sky.

The mountain peaks stretched out uninterrupted and were filled with life under the clouds.

He also saw clumps of towering red mighty trees.

Further in the distance was a barren red land, the flames reached out into the sky. It looked like a realm of death.

There was a clear boundary between the life and death.

From a distance came the deep growls of beasts which shook the world.

Seeing this scene made Yi Yun’s heart palpitate. He found it hard to imagine that there would be such an underground world here!

An underground world could be this vast?

“Is this still Meteorite Abyss…?”

This thought flashed passed Yi Yun’s mind, but at this moment, a person fell from the sky.

Yi Yun looked up and that it was Chu Xiaoran! Although the whirlpool had several forks, many of the forks led to the same world.


Sword Qi cut through the air as Chu Xiaoran borrowed the rebounding strength of the sword Qi to easily land on the ground. Like Yi Yun, she was filled with shock upon suddenly entering this world.

“This place…” Chu Xiaoran’s knitted her eyebrows. The scene in front of her was being compared with the memories she had. Slowly, she had a rough understanding of what this world was.

“I’m afraid that this is… Fallen Star Gate!”

Fallen Star Gate!?

Yi Yun was shocked. He obviously knew of Fallen Star Gate. Tens of millions of years ago, a huge star fell into Meteorite Abyss. The core of it was within Fallen Star Gate, and the pure Yang flames in here raged on forever.

Fallen Star Gate was the core of Meteorite Abyss. The information spread in the Tai Ah Divine City regarding Fallen Star Gate was extremely little. This was because typical cultivators would never enter here at all.

“We actually entered Fallen Star Gate? Isn’t Fallen Star Gate a place which is a result of a falling star crashing here from outer space? A meteorite smashed open a world?”

Yi Yun found it incredible. He originally thought that, no matter how big the meteorite was, it would only create a bigger crater. Tens of millions of years later, although the pure Yang flames burned everlasting in the crater, it would only appear as a hell burning with flames.

But the scene in front of his eyes made it hard to imagine that it was all the result of a meteorite.

Was such a vast world underground or overground?

If it was overground, why did he not see this world when he looked over Meteorite Abyss?

If it was underground, then what was the vast sky and clouds above his head?

Chu Xiaoran said, “It isn’t necessarily a meteorite… It is just a saying on the surface. I’ve previously heard from my father that the star that crashed into Meteorite Abyss, might have been a cave left behind by a peerless expert. Tens of millions of years ago, this cave fell from the sky, smashing open Meteorite Abyss and Fallen Star Gate…”


Yi Yun was greatly shocked by this. A cave left behind by a peerless expert?

A cave had smashed open Meteorite Abyss? Smashing out an eternal pure Yang flame that continued to burn for tens of millions of years? Smashing out such a magnificent and fascinating world?

What sort of level was such a peerless expert at!?

What sort of level would a cave, left behind by such an expert, be at? Was there some sort of incredible heritage left behind by him within it?

“Do not bother thinking about it.”

Understanding Yi Yun’s thoughts, Chu Xiaoran sighed and shook her head slightly, “Since ancient times, numerous Tai Ah Divine Kingdom sages have tried to probe Meteorite Abyss, hoping to see the entrance to this mysterious cave. But, it was all to no avail. So… the saying of the fallen star being a cave is just a speculation. It’s impossible to tell whether it is or not.”

“Even if it really is a cave, no matter how heaven-defying our fated luck is, we will not be able to enter it with our lowly abilities as juniors.”