True Martial World Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Burning Hell Huge Flower
Chapter 294: Burning Hell Huge Flower

Currently, there was a stone cliff stretching into the distance in front of Yi Yun. The spot where the Purple Crystal was pointing to was within this stone wall.

“Stone wall…”

Yi Yun frowned slightly. This stone wall did not seem peculiar. Could there be some mechanism to it?

Yi Yun reached out and touched the stone wall. The stone wall was scorching hot. Even with the Purple Crystal protecting his hand, Yi Yun found it unbearable.

He found nothing, yet the Purple Crystal was pointing here.

There had to be something odd with this stone wall. The burning hell’s temperature was so high, yet it was unable to burn or melt this stone wall.

Yi Yun pulled out his Thousand Army Saber and slashed out a chunk of rock.

Yi Yun examined the dark red stone in his hand again and again, but he could not discover anything special about it.

Yi Yun circulated the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ and injected Yuan Qi into the rock.


The rock exploded, turning to dust.

This dust spread over the burning hell, yet it did not get burned into ashes by the pure Yang flames.

Yi Yun took a deep breath. In the past tens of millions of years, an uncountable number of sages had visited Fallen Star Gate, attempting to discover its secrets, yet they all failed. This resulted in a loss of interest towards Fallen Star Gate amongst many mighty figures in the recent million years… Fallen Star Gate’s secrets were extremely well-hidden. He was unable to unearth the secrets even with the Purple Crystal.

When Yi Yun came to this conclusion, he calmed his mind.

Yi Yun opened the Purple Crystal’s vision and explored the smooth stony surface.

With the Purple Crystal’s vision, the stone face was shining brightly. Strands of mysterious energy gathered together.

And this energy was unable to erupt outwards as it seemed to be constrained.

As Yi Yun looked at the wall, a brilliant idea flashed in his head. He raised the Thousand Army Saber and injected Radiant Sun Qi into the saber before slashing at the area where the energy was focused.


Radiant Sun Qi exploded and this slash was like a heavy rock entering a pool of still water in Yi Yun’s energy vision. The energy restraint was broken, and all the energy gushed out, eventually forming a mysterious bright black blob of light. It slowly rose to the stone wall’s surface.

Above the blob of light, there was energy flowing around. It made one feel fresh.

“This is…”

Yi Yun’s heart thumped. He had finally discovered something unusual!

This black blob of light could only be seen using Yi Yun’s Purple Crystal energy vision, it was invisible to the naked eye.

Yi Yun hesitated for a while before carefully touching the black blob of light. The light blob was not hot to the touch, but it simply emitted a bit of warmth. Yi Yun felt like he was touching a warm piece of jade.

Yi Yun attempted moving the blob of light, hoping to see if there was some mechanism to it, but he failed.

The light blob was impervious to outside forces. Yi Yun’s hand went straight through it.

Yi Yun did not know what to do. After his repeated attempts failed, he even tried to use the Purple Crystal to absorb the energy within the blob of light; but, he realized that this energy was locked by certain array techniques, preventing him from absorbing it.

The Purple Crystal’s control of energy was not omnipotent. Back when Yi Yun was in the Wilderness Divine Hall, it was also extremely difficult to absorb the primordial species’ energy through the Great Yan gold.

A few hours had passed as Yi Yun tried various methods, but the light blob remained motionless. Yi Yun was completely out of ideas.

He had found a mysterious light blob using the Purple Crystal. What was it?

Was the Purple Crystal’s throbbing because of this blob?

Yi Yun had taken a huge risk and yet just as he discovered the secrets behind this place, he was unable to crack it. This made him frustrated.

He could not return empty-handed. Yet, if he were to continue staying here, he would be at a loss as to what to do.


Suddenly, Yi Yun had an idea. He took a few steps to the side and as he slowly walked, he made sure to focus on the changes of the Purple Crystal.

The Purple Crystal’s guidance let Yi Yun to find another spot.

This place…

Yi Yun’s eyes flashed. There was another energy focal point here as well.

Yi Yun slashed at it with the Thousand Army Saber.


The energy balance was broken once again, and another energy blob rose to the stone wall’s surface.

This blob of light was about the same size as the first blob of light, but its color was different.

The first light blob was black, but this light blob was dark red in color.

There was not only one light blob!

Yi Yun carried on searching, and with the Purple Crystal’s guidance, he found more light blobs, one after another. The distance between these light blobs were sometimes far and sometimes near, they were placed seemingly in a random fashion.

But there were only two kinds of colors, black and dark red.

“There are too many!”

Yi Yun used a few hours time to discover more than a hundred light blobs!

All these light blobs were scattered within the stone wall and looked extremely spectacular!

Could it be a huge array?

That was the first thought Yi Yun had when he saw these light blobs.

This was very likely an array set up by a peerless expert. Yi Yun had little understanding over array methods, and he was inferior to Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s array masters. He could not break a normal array, what more a peerless array.

Now, he was clueless facing these numerous blobs of light!

“This puzzle is too hard!” Yi Yun frowned.

In the past tens of millions of years, many sages came back with nothing after probing Fallen Star Gate. They could not even find these blobs of light.

Without the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, even if they conjured the light blobs, they could not even see it.

And there were so many light blobs. The probability of conjuring all of them was extremely improbable.

Now, Yi Yun had everything with the Purple Crystal, yet he could not understand the light blob array…

Thinking of this, Yi Yun was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. He was just one step away from success! Was he going to fail after putting in so much effort and undertaking so much risk?

“Oh? Wait!”

Yi Yun’s heart thumped. The Purple Crystal’s had another sudden odd throb!

A vague feeling made Yi Yun hold his breath.

“What is it now?”

This feeling was completely different from the tiny throbs the light blobs created. This made Yi Yun’s heart beat faster. Could it be the key point to the array?

Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal to converge all his body’s energy before slowly approaching the spot the Purple Crystal detected…

After going around a stone forest, where the stone seemed like erected swords, Yi Yun was extremely shocked to see what was behind the stone forest.

Behind the stone forest, there was a basin. Unexpectedly, there was a huge flower growing within the basin!

The flower’s stem was more than ten meters tall, and about four or five people had to hug it to completely encircle it. Its huge leaves were the size of houses.

The flower was in full bloom and there were seven petals. Each petal had its own color. The petals were plump and extremely beautiful.

It was a seven-colored flower!

And these seven colors corresponded to the seven colors of the Seven Colored Radiance. It shocked one down to their spirit!


It was the first time Yi Yun saw such a large flower. What surprised Yi Yun the most was that this flower was growing in the burning hell!

The temperature here was extremely high, so much so that even pure Yang elemental beasts did not dare enter. Yet, this mysterious flower was able to be in full bloom here!

This Divine wilderness world was filled with endless magnificence. It was filled with an endless number of powerful desolate beasts and there was also such a mysterious flower.

Although the mysterious flower was pretty, it was unlikely to be the key point of the array. It was likely a fascinating plant that grew in the burning hell.

“Oh? That is…”

Yi Yun suddenly held his breath. He noticed that there was a mysterious flame quietly burning right in the middle of the huge flower.

This flame was also seven-colored. It emitted a faint halo, which made him feel dreamy.

Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal’s energy vision to look at it. The seven-colored flame was like a tiny Sun. It emitted infinite brilliance and heat. It filled the energy vision with the seven beautiful colors!

“Could this be…”

Yi Yun held his breath. He recalled the information he previously read on pure Yang Qi. There were also records in the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’…

This was likely a pure Yang spirit!

When pure Yang Qi became infinitely thick, it would give birth to a pure Yang spirit after a very long period of time!

A pure Yang spirit could physically transform a person, leading them to possess a pure Yang body.

At the same time, the pure Yang spirit was an extremely great gift that enriched cultivators of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!

If a warrior absorb a pure Yang spirit and then cultivate the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, the speed of cultivation would improve at a tremendous pace.

The ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ moves powered by the pure Yang spirit were also extremely powerful!

“I actually managed to encounter a pure Yang spirit!”

Yi Yun’s heart beat like a drum. It was a tremendous fortuitous opportunity!