True Martial World Chapter 297

Chapter 297: The Broken World
Chapter 297: The Broken World


As Yi Yun approached the bronze door, the door opened with a rumble!

Suddenly, a forceful presence that seemed to contain the universe’s great Dao origins surged forward.

At the same time, a seven-colored whirlpool was forming in the pure Yang burning hell, sucking the seven-colored radiance towards the large door!

Bathed in this surging energy, Yi Yun did not hesitate and quickly rushed into the bronze doorway.

Not far away, the Golden Crow species, who was battling the pure Yang spirit, was alarmed by the bronze door.

It looked in disbelief at the scene in front of its eyes. It had stayed in the burning hell for tens of thousands of years, and it never knew that there was such a door in the deep ends of the burning hell!

In the split second the Golden Crow species was slightly distracted, the pure Yang spirit’s attack burnt a large patch of its feathers.

The Golden Crow species let out an alarming scream as it retreated.

The pure Yang spirit may have been sentient, but it was all instinct and no wisdom. It did not know what the sudden opening of the bronze door meant.

It had been attacked by the Golden Crow species and it had instinctively counter-attacked. Other than that, everything else that happened in its surroundings had no significant meaning to it.

The Golden Crow species had no way of making an agreement with the pure Yang spirit to probe the bronze door together.

Seeing the puny human being enter the bronze door to explore the secrets within, the Golden Crow species was in a rage!

In its mind, this part of pure Yang burning hell was its territory. Everything within this territory belonged to it. This bronze door that suddenly appeared was its, including everything within.

How could it allow a puny human to plunder its items?

The Golden Crow roared as it tried to break away from the pure Yang spirit and kill that puny human first.

But the pure Yang spirit was like a maggot that latched on. It continuously burnt the Golden Crow species’ feathers and flesh!

If the Golden Crow retreated ever so slightly, it would launch a fierce attack, preventing the Golden Crow species from escaping.

The Golden Crow species may be strong, but the pure Yang spirit was not something easy to handle either. It was an existence that even human sages had difficulty refining!

The Golden Crow species was both anxious and furious. It was unable to break away from the pure Yang spirit completely. It was also afraid that the benefits past the bronze door would be taken away by Yi Yun.

It gave out a sharp scream as it burnt a bit of its pure Yang blood.

Burning pure Yang blood would temporarily give the Golden Crow species a burst of immense strength, but the after-effects would make it extremely weak and exhausted for a long period of time!

At this moment, the Golden Crow species could not care less.

The flames burning on its body burned more fiercely as its strength rose to an extreme in an instant.


The Golden Crow species let out a shrill cry as it extended its sharp claw and swiped at the pure Yang spirit without any regard.

It used this attack method of harming a 1000 enemies, while sacrificing 800 to quickly end the match!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The pure Yang spirit charred a large portion of the Golden Crow species’ flesh and blood, but the Golden Crow species ignored its injuries as it grabbed the pure Yang spirit and swallowed it!

Previously, it had used the same method to swallow the pure Yang spirit, but as it did not deplete the pure Yang spirit of its energy, the pure Yang spirit was able to burn a hole through its body.

It had learnt from its mistakes. The Golden Crow species knew that using this method to kill the pure Yang spirit was extremely difficult.

But it had no other choice. It had gone all out burning its blood and with the burning flame that came out of it, it managed to temporarily suppress the pure Yang spirit.

It had to take this opportunity to kill that human first!

The human was weak and it could kill him in an instant. Following that, it could slowly deal with the pure Yang spirit within its stomach.

In this way, it could swallow the pure Yang spirit and also kill that human, obtaining the exclusive opportunities within the bronze door!


The Golden Crow species let out a sharp cry as it flew towards the bronze door!

At this moment, Yi Yun had rushed into the world behind the bronze door.


A misty light flashed as Yi Yun felt he had passed through a transparent membrane. His eyes lit up and what he saw in front of him was shocking!

What was within the door was not some immortal cave that Yi Yun was expecting.

This was a real world. It had mountains, rivers, lakes and forests.

The only thing was that the mountains had collapsed, the rivers were broken, the lakes were dry and the forests withered…

Everything he saw was shocking!

This was a broken world!

Yi Yun ran on the ground. There was ancient but pure Yuan Qi in the air. It made Yi Yun feel like his body was going through a cleansing baptism.

It was not hard to imagine that this world was once a tremendous place, but now, there was nothing here.

Yi Yun could not be bothered with exploring this broken world in detail. He used all his strength to run, hoping to find a glimmer of hope in this world!

The bronze door had opened, but it did not close. Yi Yun did not know when it would close, but it meant that the Golden Crow species would chase after him at any time.

Without touching the ground, Yi Yun jumped across a dried up lake. On the edge of the dried up lake, there was a collapsed celestial palace.

The ancient stone walls had already cracked but it still gave off a luster that was like jade. It seemed like infinite time was not enough to leave a mark on these stone walls.

Even a celestial palace had collapsed…

Yi Yun was greatly shocked seeing this. Seeing the remnants of the building, it was as if there were still lingering sentiments, experiencing thousands of years without dispersing. Even after becoming a ruin, it still gave one a feeling of greatness and a forbidding presence.

It was hard to imagine how grand this place was in its past.

It could even be the palace of a Great Emperor.

Yi Yun did not dare to stay put. He went around the collapsed site, and behind it, there was a dried up river bed.

This river was tens of kilometers wide, and had been dried up for an unknown number of years. According to Yi Yun’s understanding, once a river dried up, it would slowly be filled by dust and sand, eventually completely losing any trace of it.

But this river was not like that.

As he looked down at the river bed, Yi Yun felt his heart go cold.

There were bones piled in this river.

The bones were mostly from unknown creatures. Some of the bones were extremely huge, as if they were the size of mountain ridges as they laid in the river bed.

There were also bones the size of dogs and cats that were half-buried in the ground.

Amongst them, there were human bones. Some of the bones even sparkled. There was pure Yang Qi seeping out from the bone, slowly dispersing into the environment…

If a bone could still shine after experiencing thousands of years, it showed how strong the person was while they were alive.

But such a person and all these powerful creatures were now all dead…

Even the world was on the brink of destruction!

Yi Yun did not know what this world had experienced or how big it was.

According to the books, the history behind Meteorite Abyss was that a huge star had fallen into the Divine wilderness, smashing Meteorite Abyss open.

If so, this world could not be too big, or the entire Divine wilderness would also disappear.

Maybe what crashed down was just an edge of a broken world…

Then, what had happened to the original world? Why would a fragment of that world pass through the vast universe and finally crash into the Divine wilderness?

Yi Yun found it hard to believe, but he was sure that the past residents of this world were all extraordinary existences!

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was nothing compared to them.

Although there were many such thoughts flying through Yi Yun’s mind, he did not slow down at all.

Oh? That is…

Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. He saw a mountain far in the distance.

The mountain peak protruded like a divine sword piercing through the blue sky.

And at the top of the snow-capped mountain, there was a palace!

It was a complete palace that had not collapsed!

The entire palace gave off a faint glow, making one feel relaxed and happy.

“A mountain that has not crumbled and it is a complete palace on the mountain!”

Yi Yun held his breath. Could there be inheritance left behind by mighty figures in the palace?

Yi Yun increased his speed as he hurtled towards the palace.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly heard a sharp shrill behind him.

Turning his head, he saw the Golden Crow species spreading its wings as it flew towards him while screaming.

Its body was in flames as it traveled at a shocking speed!

The Golden Crow species had rage in its eyes. It seemed like it wanted to tear Yi Yun to pieces!


Yi Yun felt his skin go numb. At this moment, the Golden Crow species was chasing him. With its speed, it might catch up to him before he reached the celestial palace!

Yi Yun gritted his teeth and raised his speed to an extreme.

The Golden Crow species was in hot pursuit behind him.