True Martial World Chapter 299

Chapter 299: The counter-attack while in extreme danger
Chapter 299: The counter-attack while in extreme danger

Back when Yi Yun first met Su Jie, he had sparred with Lin Xintong. Lin Xintong had suppressed her strength and although she beat Yi Yun, she admitted defeat because she had used her ‘Fairy Maiden Heart Sutra’.

And because of this, Su Jie left Yi Yun two items. One was the Chi Lin beast’s head and the other was a yellow toilet-paper like charm.

Su Jie had previously said that the charm could save Yi Yun’s life at a critical moment.

This was Yi Yun’s last trump card in the Divine wilderness. It was also one of the crutches he relied on to risk entering the burning hell.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s only glimmer of hope while facing against the Golden Crow species was Su Jie’s charm!

“Old man Su, old man Su, you love to take advantage of people, and you have taken advantage of me. Please do not take advantage of me this time!”

Yi Yun prayed in his heart as he injected all his strength into the sachet according to Su Jie’s instructions. He was activating the energy within the charm!

In the dark and lifeless forest, the sachet floated in the air as a yellow charm paper flew out of the sachet. It was like an old moth flying right into the burning pure Yang flames!

The flying moth entering the fire was a collision that was out of proportions. It was as if time had suddenly stopped.

The Golden Crow species’ sharp claws, Yi Yun’s frozen facial expression and the flying yellow piece of paper seemed to freeze in their spots…


With a light sound, the charm paper burned.

As the charm paper was not eye-catching, the Golden Crow species completely ignored it as it sent its claw attack at Yi Yun.

But at this moment, a golden sword beam came out from the flames of the charm.

It was a half-foot long sword beam. It stabbed at the Golden Crow species at an incredible speed!

The Golden Crow species’ pupils constricted because of its desolate beast instincts, it sensed the impending danger. But at this moment, it was already a spent force. It could not respond in time.

The sword beam was too fast!


The beam sword went through a gap in the Golden Crow species’ sharp claws as it mercilessly pierced the Golden Crow species’ heart!


Blood splattered!

The Golden Crow species’ body trembled. Its heart had been penetrated by the sword beam!

Although the sword beam’s force was expended, the energy within continued to enter the Golden Crow species’ body like a maggot!

If the Golden Crow species was in its optimum state, it was still able to suppress this strength.

However, at this moment, this energy together with the pure Yang spirit’s energy became the straw that broke the camel’s back!


The Golden Crow species gave out a shrill cry of pain that soared up into the skies! Its body was about to explode!

The first to bear the brunt of it was Yi Yun. He was affected by the sound waves as his eardrums broke, and they were spraying blood!

The pain from both his ears did not affect Yi Yun one bit. At that moment, Yi Yun was extremely calm. With the Thousand Army Saber in hand, his body’s Yuan Qi exploded!

The saber tomb’s 32 words flashed through Yi Yun’s mind. The ultimate saber truths that he had eventually gained insight on merged with his killing intent burst out!


Behind Yi Yun, Radiant Sun Qi condensed to form a ghostly image of the Tang valley. There was faint light of the Sun spilling out from it!

At the same moment the beautiful picture was born, the Thousand Army Saber in Yi Yun’s hand gave out a roar. The Thousand Army Saber almost seemed to merge with Yi Yun as one!

The saber was man, and the man was a saber!

“Saber Truth’s 32 Words–One With the Saber!”

Yi Yun and the Thousand Army Saber became a dazzling pure Yang beam as it flew right at the Golden Crow species’ chest!

Although the Golden Crow species was not noted for its defense amongst all the desolate beasts, its feathers were still as tough as blades. It was not something that Yi Yun could break through, and in fact, he would be far from capable in doing so.

Yi Yun’s attack was injected with all his energy. The spot his chose to attack was where the beam sword had split it apart. It was also the Golden Crow species’ heart which had been seriously injured!


Yi Yun’s attack followed through the Golden Crow species’ wound and stabbed right into its flesh. More than half the 6 foot long saber had penetrated into it!


The strong impact and the explosive power broke the Thousand Army Saber!

No matter how strong the Golden Crow species was, there was a limit to its flesh’s defenses. The Golden Crow species let out a deathly cry after the saber penetrated it!

Yi Yun felt the weight in his hands disappear. Seeing that the Thousand Army Saber had been broken, he did not hesitate and he used the Minute Subtlety large success stage to retreat!

At the same time, the Golden Crow species’ angry claw had swiped down.

It was the moment of the Golden Crow species’ death, so the attack had slowed down tremendously. It rubbed across Yi Yun’s chest!

But even so, the force wind that came from that attack cut through Yi Yun’s body!

Just the force wind was sufficient to cut through Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi like paper!

Three deep blood marks appeared from Yi Yun’s shoulder to his waist. It had nearly cut Yi Yun apart!

Blood splattered.

Yi Yun flew out as he tumbled roughly on the ground several times. The pain and the loss of blood nearly made Yi Yun faint.

He bit the tip of his tongue to keep himself awake. He knew that fainting here was no different than death.

Yi Yun maintained his energy vision and from it, he saw that the energy within the Golden Crow species was becoming increasingly chaotic.

The pure Yang spirit was still indignant about it as it tried to break through the Golden Crow species’ body!

But the Golden Crow species had already burnt its pure Yang blood and it had lost control at this moment. It was a final confrontation with the pure Yang spirit where the consequences did not matter.

Yi Yun’s continuous attack had pushed the primordial species’ life to the brink. And the chaotic energy within its body was no longer constrained, it was about to break out!

“No good!”

Yi Yun endured the pain as he gritted his teeth. He rolled on the ground to the back of a large tree that was 7-8 meters in diameter.

Almost at the same moment Yi Yun rolled to the back of the large tree, he heard a loud bang.

The pure Yang energy within the Golden Crow species’ body had exploded!

Blood and flesh splattered with its innards completely burnt. The Golden Crow species’ body exploded from the inside!

Its body was extremely tough, so even such an explosion did not blow it to pieces. A large portion of its body was left behind, but it had still been blown into two pieces!

The flesh and blood fragments shot out in all directions together with the shockwave. Yi Yun felt that tree behind him tremble as its tree bark was torn off, its roots breaking and the the tree collapsing.


With a snap, the large tree that needed about 10 people hugging it to encircle it, broke from the middle as the upper end of the ancient tree crashed to the ground.

Yi Yun hid in the space between the stump and the collapsed trunk, avoiding the crashing down of the tree trunk.

“Puah Puah Puah!”

Wood and flesh dropped to the ground. Everything around Yi Yun was covered in the rain of blood.

It has ended…

In his energy vision, the Golden Crow species was completely dead. Even the pure Yang spirit imprisoned within its body had lost its lifeforce. It seemed like its body was now a candle in the wind, about to extinguish any moment.

Yi Yun was currently seriously injured. His eardrums were broken and there were three gruesome wounds across his chest. His organs had been slashed and he was bleeding internally!

If not for the large tree behind him, Yi Yun would have died from the final explosion.

“This tree…”

Yi Yun touched the withered wood that was old and strong. He was extremely shocked.

What sort of tree was this? Even though it was dead, it could still stand for thousands of years. Even though it had withered, it was able to endure the primordial species’ explosive shockwave!

Although it had eventually snapped, it had saved him from doom.

Yi Yun leaned on the stump. He really did not want to move even a finger. He wanted to just sleep.

But this was not the time to sleep. He still had more important things to do.

Yi Yun’s fingers trembled as he took out a healing relic from his interspatial ring.

This was an expensive healing medicine that he had bought. It could heal the wounds in his organs and the injury to his ear drums.

After swallowing the healing relic with difficulty, Yi Yun felt a warmth flow permeating his body. It flowed from his Dantian to every end of his body, rejuvenating his broken body.

With the healing relic, Yi Yun managed to recover some Yuan Qi.

After that, Yi Yun took out some expensive herbs to smear on his wounds.

Yi Yun was using the best herbs within his interspatial ring, regardless of cost.

He wanted to recover quickly. He needed to be in a relatively good state to complete his next task.

After about ten seconds, Yi Yun stood up while holding on to the trunk. He walked to the Golden Crow species’ corpse.

Taking a deep breath, Yi Yun clenched his fists.

This was an extremely critical moment!

‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was a totem mystic technique that Yi Yun nearly wanted to give up on, but now, he saw a glimmer of hope!

To condense an Aspect Totem with the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, the requirement was to kill a primordial species. Previously, Yi Yun had killed all sorts of pure Yang desolate beasts and absorbed their energies, but they were a fraction of what was needed to condense an Aspect Totem.

But now, Yi Yun finally had a chance!

Closing his eyes as he focused, Yi Yun sent his perception into the Purple Crystal Origins.

The sutras of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ flowed across Yi Yun’s mind, and with the Purple Crystal Origins, Yi Yun was able to achieve the stringent requirements of the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

Yi Yun’s hands started to form seals as the pure Yang energy within the Golden Crow species’ corpse was extracted bit by bit.

Condensing a primordial species’ beast mark was easier said than done.

But with the Purple Crystal’s help, as long as it was energy without an owner, there were no problems and even if the energy was difficult to control, he could control it.

Within the quiet dead forest, a golden light appeared as if a phoenix was consuming itself in death.

At the same moment, the pure Yang energy contained within the pure Yang spirit that was almost dispersing was also sucked out by the Purple Crystal. It merged into the beast mark that was almost formed. It was an unexpected combination.

The pure Yang spirit danced around in the golden light like a flame.

The golden light within the forest become richer as if there was a heavenly treasure about to be born.

If this scene was seen by others, it would have been shocking. Because even when sages advanced their Aspect Totem, it would not have such divine light!

From within the golden light, a fire bird flew out. It had a hawk’s beak as its mouth, a crow’s eyes, red wings and three legs!

Three-legged Golden Crow!

Maybe it was due to its ancestral bloodline, or because of the pure Yang spirit’s injection, it was because the Golden Crow species’ beast mark actually was in the form of a three-legged Golden Crow!

This made Yi Yun pleasantly surprised. A three-legged Golden Crow’s beast mark was enough to allow him to condense his own Aspect Totem!