True Martial World Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Shepherd Boy
Chapter 307: Shepherd Boy

Seeing the middle-aged scholar appear, many of the young men and women in the Tai Ah Divine City pavilions held their breaths.

Wen Yu, Chu Xiaoran, Qiuniu, Yang Qian, Yao Dao… Even the most arrogant geniuses became extremely respectful while facing the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord as they all had a deep sense of reverence for him.

This was the first time they met the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord. Not only them, not even Qin Haotian or Li Xiao had ever managed to see the City Lord in the past.

As the middle-aged scholar, Seven Star Pagoda Owner and the important figures from various large factions entered, all the young elites in the pavilions stood up.

Seeing these legendary figures made them extremely excited and also made them feel a kind of pressure.

They thought that once the important figures were seated, the birthday banquet would begin, but unexpectedly, these people went straight past the “water canal”, going straight into one of the side chambers in the Splendid Room.

In the Splendid Room, there were side chambers used for negotiations. The doors to the side chamber closed the moment they entered.


Seeing the group of important figures disappear into the side chamber, left the juniors hanging and confused.

Wasn’t this supposed to be the City Lord’s birthday banquet?

The banquet had been laid out, yet these important figures did not take their seats and immediately went into one of the side chamber for negotiations?

At that instant, many of the juniors looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

“What the heck!?”

The yellow-clothed fatty from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom was planning to dig in, but without the important figures seated, he could not eat.

“What’s the matter…”

The other young elites from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom were also filled with questions. At this moment, the girl in a palace gown calmly said, “Maybe… this negotiation is the main purpose for this birthday banquet…”

At this moment, in the side chamber of the Splendid Room, many important figures from the various factions were seated.

The seats were clearly split into three regions.

One region was led by the middle-aged scholar. Behind him were the various factions affiliated with the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Another region was led by the Seven Star Pagoda Owner. Behind him were the factions affiliated with the Yun Long Divine Kingdom.

The last region was the twelve countries alliance from the South.

These twelve countries were smaller than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the Yun Long Divine Kingdom. However, with the twelve countries in an alliance, they were powerful enough to form a tripartite with the other two Divine Kingdoms.

And between these three regions, there were various reclusive family clans and some scattered smaller countries.

In some sense, they formed the last powerful faction, but they were not united.

This simple negotiation would go according to the clearly distinguished powers.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the Yun Long Divine Kingdom had been rivals for many years. There was constant friction between these two countries, but they never fought because of the constant fear of the Divine wilderness.

At this moment, the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord was sitting in the host’s seat, holding a scroll in his hands.

“I am honored by everyone attending my, Yang’s birthday banquet. Gathering all of you here is because there is an important thing we need to discuss. I wonder if everyone present has heard the legend of the ‘Shepherd Boy’…”

As the middle-aged scholar spoke, he opened up the scroll which contained a picture.

It was a youth, riding on a green cow in the picture. He held a piccolo in his hand and wore a bamboo hat. He dressed simply and looked like a handsome young farmer boy.

“‘Shepherd Boy’?”

Some people frowned, obviously they had never heard this name.

However, there were a few people whose expressions changed the moment they heard the words ‘Shepherd Boy’.

“I see. No wonder the City Lord has invited us over. I have heard the legend of the ‘Shepherd Boy’. 10 years ago, he appeared in the western regions and stirred up a bloody storm. I never expected him to suddenly appear here…” An elder said with a deep tone.

“Who is the ‘Shepherd Boy’?”

Some people frowned as they asked. Everyone present were important figures, so they did not feel good about not knowing something others knew.

“Let me tell you.”

The middle-aged scholar lightly threw the ‘Shepherd Boy’ picture and it flew up to a wall. He then slowly said, “The ‘Shepherd Boy’ is a mysterious youth. Of course, he just looks young. As for his actual age, I do not know. ‘Shepherd Boy’ is just a nickname of his. I am unsure of what his real name is.”

“The origins of the ‘Shepherd Boy’ is a mystery. We do not know who he is, but we do know that he is not human.”

“Oh!? What?”

A green-clothed elder was alarmed when he heard this. He carefully looked at the painting on the wall. It was clearly a young man, how could he not be human?

“Indeed. The last time the ‘Shepherd Boy’ appeared, he caused great misery in the western regions. Because, every time he appears, a massive beast horde will accompany him. At first, it will just be small-scaled. Later on, it will become more and more terrifying. There might even be many primordial species! Some people even suspect that the ‘Shepherd Boy’ is able to control desolate beasts.”

Control desolate beasts?

People were alarmed hearing this. “Could this ‘Shepherd Boy’ be a desolate beast in human form?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.

However, the middle-aged scholar shook his head. “I am afraid not. To date, in the most authoritative ancient records, there has been no records of a desolate beast taking on human form. Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility of a desolate beast cultivating to such an unimaginable realm that it is able to take on a human form.”

“Usually, there are beast hordes in the Divine wilderness, but the scale of them will not be large. And the desolate beasts’ intelligence is not high. The beast horde will charge and destroy aimlessly, like loose sand. It can be easily defeated, but… with the ‘Shepherd Boy’, it will be different. The beast horde will become very organized and strategic, making it extremely difficult to handle.”

“Ten years ago, when the ‘Shepherd Boy’ first appeared in the western region, he brought a huge disaster to the western regions. Back then, the ‘Shepherd Boy”s goal was the ancient family clan in the western regions, the Shen Tu family clan!”

“The Shen Tu family clan had a extremely deep heritage, so they were able to withstand that large scale beast horde. However, they suffered great losses!”

“After the ‘Shepherd Boy’ failed, he conjured up a few beast hordes in several places. Blood flowed like rivers, but these beast hordes were much weaker compared to the one that went against the Shen Tu family clan. It felt like it was a form of revenge…”

The middle-aged scholar told the story of the ‘Shepherd Boy’ in a calm tone.

“Shen Tu family clan?”

When people heard the name of the family clan, many of the important figures present looked at each other. This family clan’s heritage was extremely terrifying.

It was much stronger than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the Yun Long Divine Kingdom.

Why did the ‘Shepherd Boy’ go against a family clan of that power level?

“Everyone, you do not have to worry too much.” Seeing the ugly expressions of the principal figures of the various factions, the middle-aged scholar then continued, “The Shen Tu family clan might have had some feud with the ‘Shepherd Boy’, resulting in that huge battle. As for us, we should not have any crossed paths with him. However, since he has appeared in our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s northern regions, it is still very worrying. And once there is a beast horde, it will not just be the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s matter. Being closely related and having common interests, we all share the same fate, so all of you might be implicated too.

The middle-aged scholar slowly said this as the crowd listened to him with worried expressions. This topic was not something they could ease up on.

“Everyone, the reason for gathering everyone here today is to form an alliance, so that we will be able to combat the possible beast horde.”

The middle-aged scholar said the main purpose of this birthday banquet.

Everyone had different expressions when they heard this.

Although the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord was right about the fact that the surrounding countries would be implicated if there was a beast horde, the appearance of the ‘Shepherd Boy’ was in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s northern region, not near their countries. So the first one to suffer would be the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom in the event of a beast horde.

After all, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had to be destroyed first before it became their turn.

In fact, this beast horde might not be too large in scale and might not even be able to destroy the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. If so, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would be able to withstand the beast horde by suffering losses. If that was the case, it would be none of their business.

Also, there was another point. Although the beast horde would cause huge losses of lives, even to the point of sages dying, it was a great opportunity to train up experts with every beast horde. Warriors had to undergo hardship and killing to mature. Besides, after a beast horde, there would be extremely large amounts of resources. For example, the body of a killed primordial species was full of treasures!

If one could withstand a beast horde, it was also an opportunity to be reborn from the ashes like a phoenix!

The best outcome would be both the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the beast horde suffering great losses. With them joining late in the war, they would reduce the risk of their own sages and geniuses dying, only receiving the benefits…

The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord was no simple person. How could he not figure out their wishful thinking?

In time, many of the important figures of the various factions were having disparate thoughts.

Facing this possible disaster and the chance of fortuitous opportunities, everyone had their own plans. Everyone wanted to avoid the risks but reap the benefits.

Unless the ‘Shepherd Boy’ is able to conjure up a beast horde that really is able to destroy more than ten countries, it will be impossible for the various factions to resist the beast horde without any demands.

At this moment, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s Seven Star Pagoda Owner said, “City Lord Yang, you mentioned an alliance. I wonder, who will be taking on the responsibility of the alliance’s leader?”

The crowd’s attention was instantly attracted the moment the Seven Star Pagoda Owner said this.

The alliance’s leader was not just a problem of face, it also involved the commanding powers. After the beast horde was over, there would be unspeakable benefits to the person holding the commanding powers.

This was because each war had to do with deaths and injury, losses and also the victory items!

There might be certain wars where various factions would seek to fight, but there were other wars that no one would want to send their own warriors to their deaths.

The middle-aged scholar smiled upon hearing the Seven Star Pagoda Owner’s question. He answered, “There will be no need for a leader for the alliance. All it needs is a Council, consisting of all the important figures from the various factions.”

“Oh? Council? If the Council is in constant debate without a consensus? This is when an alliance leader is necessary!”

The Seven Star Pagoda Owner’s tone sounded calm, but it had a hidden sharpness to it!

People knew that the relationship between the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was not friendly.

Now, with core interests involved, how could a battle be avoided?

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