True Martial World Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Taste of Your Own Medicine
Chapter 312: Taste of Your Own Medicine

“What the heck?”

Xiao Zhen’s team members below the stage were extremely alarmed. Xiao Zhen supposedly dodged Sun Long’s attack, so how did he get hit?

This slash on his face by the claws was too terrible. His face had been ripped open, it looked like even his bones might have been slashed through.

And behind these people was a sullen Yi Yun.

Sun Long was stronger than Xiao Zhen and could have easily defeat him, only leaving him with slight injuries.

However, that was not what he did. Instead, he first indicated where was going to attack, allowing Xiao Zhen to be prepared, yet the attack still connected.

This was extremely shameful for warriors.

And to have one’s face ripped open, to the point of being disfigured, was a great humiliation.

Such humiliation happening at such an important occasion, under the attentive gazes of the various factions’ important figures, was equivalent to stamping Xiao Zhen’s face onto the ground.

It could even destroy Xiao Zhen’s confidence in martial arts, giving his mind demons in the future.

Even if Xiao Zhen’s wounds were to completely heal, the psychological impact would be hard to get rid off. Doing it like this was an extremely evil act!

“Xiao Zhen, admit defeat and come down here!”

Yi Yun stood up. The battle’s result was already obvious.

Originally, getting these young masters and mistresses, who had never experienced the cruelty of battles, to experience a little bloodshed was a good thing, but going beyond the limit was no good. If this carried on, it would cause demons to appear in Xiao Zhen’s mind, and these mind demons could cause Xiao Zhen to fail in breaking through in the future.

Xiao Zhen covered his face. His mouth and the right side of his face had been ripped open. He could not speak, yet he tried to open his mouth with great difficulty.

However, at this moment, he saw a blur in front of him and suddenly his right leg and right arm felt cold. Following that was an intense pain.


Blood once more appeared as Xiao Zhen tumbled out. His right hand and right leg’s tendons had all been cut apart!

Sun Long licked the blood off his metal claws and wantonly laughed, “Hahaha, I said that I would break the tendons of your right leg and hand, how can I break my promise? I am a man of my words.”

Xiao Zhen’s team members fumed with anger when they heard Sun Long. He was going too far by bullying others to such an extreme!

According to the alliance ranking competition’s rules, as long as there was no intent to cause death to the other party, or to deliberately cause permanent disability to the other person, it would not be breaking the rules.

However, “deliberately” was something which was hard to define.

This rule was filled with loopholes. Besides, Sun Long cutting Xiao Zhen’s tendons would not create a permanent disability as they could be healed with good medicine.

However, the damage inflicted to Xiao Zhen’s psyche and the humiliation he experienced would be hard to cure.

“What a pathetic sight!”

Sun Long shook his head as the cultivators from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom behind him all began to laugh.

“This is a Tai Ah Divine City warrior? He’s no different from a dog. Being placed on par with us from the Yun Long 72 Pagodas is a great humiliation!”

As these harsh words reached Yi Yun’s small team, Viper pointed a thumbs down towards Yi Yun.


The team members present were all teenagers and they were all at the age where their self-esteem was at their highest. Being humiliated like this made them feel an understandable amount of humiliation and anger.

Especially Xiao Zhen, who had been seriously injured. His body was shaking. He really wished he could die in exchange for a victory in battle.

Yi Yun turned silent. He calmly looked at Sun Long on the stage, “Your name is Sun Long?”

“Yes, you better remember my name!” Sun Long smiled willfully. His chin raised slightly as he looked at Yi Yun with contempt.

Yi Yun lightly touched the ring on his hand and calmly said, “I already made him throw in the towel. Why did you carry on attacking him?”

“You made him throw in the towel? I need to stop just because of that? Who do you think you are? What a joke!” Sun Long looked at Yi Yun as if he was looking at a retard. “Just because you are a leader? Don’t you know that in the competition’s rules, only the opponent’s own concession counts. Too bad he couldn’t open his mouth just now! Hahaha!”

Sun Long laughed and behind him, Viper and company also laughed.

“Tsk, your gaze looks terrifying.”

Sun Long looked at Yi Yun and knew that there was killing intent in Yi Yun’s calm eyes. Yet, he did not feel any fear, “Who’s the next one? Come on up. Should I rip the left side or the right side of your face?”

“You are courting death! I will seek revenge for Xiao Zhen!”

The Tai Ah Divine City’s youths were weaker in their stance, but being hot-blooded and because of Sun Long’s provocation, they could no longer endure it.

A youth pressed the edge of the stage and was about to jump on up but was stopped by Wen Yu.

“You are not his match. Going up will just make him show off more!”

Wen Yu gritted her teeth. She was prepared to go up to fight Sun Long herself. Actually Wen Yu also felt immense pressure, her opponent was also older than her.

“Tsk! What a pretty girl. You want to come up? If I were to rip open such a pretty face, it will be an interesting event.”

Wen Yu became even more enraged at Sun Long’s words.

However, at this moment a voice transmission from Yi Yun reached her ears, “Your mind is already in chaos due to his provocative words, even before going on stage. If you were to fight like this, the chances of winning will be lower than losing.”


Wen Yu looked towards Yi Yun and felt some grievance. She felt that if he had not accepted the challenge from such a abnormal team, they would never have been in such a state in the first place.

“Stay put below the stage.”

Saying that, Yi Yun walked up the stage.

“Senior Yi!”

Wen Yu froze. A team’s leader was supposed to be the last to go on stage. If they went on stage early and was defeated, they would lose completely. It was similar to using the King piece to charge into battle in chess.

She did not have time to stop Yi Yun. At this moment, Yi Yun had already walked before Sun Long.

Sun Long looked derisively at Yi Yun, “To think you can be a leader. You can’t even hold your own temper. Once you are up here, you can’t leave!”

Viper, who was behind Sun Long, also looked dismissively at Yi Yun. As a leader, he was not supposed to be so irrational as to go up on stage like this. The two cloaked men yesterday were actually jealous over such an idiot. That bag of desolate bone relics sure was easy to earn.

Facing Yi Yun, Sun Long casually loosened his wrists. The metal claws on his hands were gleaming coldly. Although he seemed to look down on Yi Yun, he was actually on high alert.

The two cloaked men yesterday had given them precise information on Yi Yun. Sun Long knew that Yi Yun was very strong, he also knew the various moves Yi Yun had.

Sun Long wished to fight against Yi Yun. It didn’t mean much to defeat some random fish. Only defeating Yi Yun and obtaining the seats was meritorious!

“Where is your saber? Take it out!”

“Oh? You seem to understand me very well. To know that I use a saber, but… My saber is only used against opponents that are worthy of respect or formidable. Against scum or retards, I will usually only use another weapon…”

Yi Yun gently rubbed his interspatial ring, the corners of his mouth curled upwards, revealing a sinister smile.

This smile made Sun Long feel his heart thump. This smile looked familiar to him because he often smiled like that.

His face sank and gritted his teeth, saying, “I will let you know who’s the real retard!”

He was guessing on whether Yi Yun’s other weapon was a bow or not. The information the cloaked men gave did mention that Yi Yun’s two strongest weapons were the bow and the saber. It did not say anything else.

Yi Yun did not bother with Sun Long’s retort and suddenly recalled, saying, “Right… Just now, you said that the competition’s rules only allows for the opponents to concede defeat personally. If not, it will not be counted, right?”

Yi Yun asked, and before Sun Long could even reply, Yi Yun had extended three fingers, “Three moves. I will smash your face’s left side, your left hand and your left leg!”

“You! You are courting death!” Sun Long turned furious. Yi Yun sure did not know what it meant to die, to use the words he used against him. Did he think he could do anything to him!?

Sun Long’s body surged with murderous intent as his eyes locked on to Yi Yun. His body rushed forward like a cheetah!

However, just after rushing forward a few steps, the Yi Yun he saw disappeared suddenly!


Sun Long was greatly alarmed and at the next moment, he felt a cold feeling spread through his whole body. Yi Yun had suddenly appeared on the left side of his body like a ghost!

He subconsciously stabbed at Yi Yun’s chest with his claw, but at this moment, he felt his head being pressed down by a hand.

This hand forcefully locked his head, and at this moment, another hand appeared. It was unknown when this other hand suddenly started holding a metallic, rectangular object in it.

Sun Long did not have time to tell what it was as he saw the metallic object grow in size till it covered his entire vision.


There was a loud rumble. Yi Yun had used one hand to grab Sun Long’s head and the other hand to ferociously smash the left side of Sun Long’s face with a metal brick!

Yi Yun did not hold back with this brick. He slammed it down like he was using a ripe watermelon, smashing Sun Long’s bones apart!

Sun Long’s body trembled. He felt as if his head had been hit by a ten thousand pound sledgehammer. His eyes turned black as his ears rang and his mind went blank, and as if at that moment, he was isolated from this world. It was like his soul had been stripped from his body.

Shortly thereafter, an excruciating pain brought him back to reality.

Yi Yun had released his grip, and Sun Long was kneeling on the floor, vomiting.


The food Sun Long ate and about a dozen blood-stained teeth were vomited out by him.

His teeth had all been knocked out by Yi Yun.

His limbs went cold while his ears and nostrils bled. The left side of his face had been completely smashed. A large portion of his facial bone now sank inwards.

Yi Yun coldly looked at Sun Long. “When mortals receive a heavy blow to their head, they will feel nauseous and vomit. I didn’t expect you to be the same. Do you admit defeat?”

Yi Yun asked. Sun Long tried to open his mouth, but his chin’s left joint had been broken and with his mouth that was completely smashed in, how could he speak?

“Oh? You don’t admit defeat?” Yi Yun nodded, “I understand.”

“Stop it!”

At this moment, Viper’s cold voice rang in Yi Yun’s ears.

However, why would Yi Yun care about him?

Yi Yun kicked Sun Long up as if it was a dead dog, sending him sprawling to the ground. Yi Yun raised the brick in this hand and smashed down, hitting Sun Long’s left hand and then Sun Long’s left ankle!

Sun Long gave a shrill. His hand and foot had been completely smashed into a bloody mess by Yi Yun!

It was an explosive fracture that turned it to smithereens!