True Martial World Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Poison-elemental Laws
Chapter 314: Poison-elemental Laws

“Yi Yun, meeting me is bad luck on your part. I will make you remember this battle for your entire life!” Viper said in a Yuan Qi voice transmission to Yi Yun before the battle began.
Yi Yun slightly frowned. Viper had been aiming at him from the beginning. It was definitely not because he had beaten up Sun Long, otherwise he would not have taken the initiative to set up the challenge.

“Why are you targeting me?” Yi Yun asked with a Yuan Qi transmission. He did not believe that Viper was interested in him solely because he was the last rookie ranking competition’s champion. Viper was obviously a very arrogant person, so he would never have taken interest in a person that was a level lower than him.

Yi Yun was suspecting that there was someone behind Viper deliberately targeting him.

“Hehe, you still have time to think about this. It seems that you still do not know your situation. In a while, it will be me torturing you. If you were to admit defeat now, there would still be time. If you don’t, I will first make you unable to speak, then I will make you suffer a hundred times worse than Sun Long!”

As Viper said this, a law-enforcer who was made referee especially for the battles between the leaders asked the two of them if they were ready.

This law-enforcer was a Tai Ah Divine City person. He was mainly asking Yi Yun because he realized that Yi Yun had yet to take his weapon out.

“I am ready.”

Yi Yun nodded and casually loosened his wrists, waving the brick which was still dripping with blood.


The law-enforcer became momentarily stunned. Yi Yun was planning to fight like that?

Not only the law-enforcer, even the people behind Yi Yun, like Wen Yu and company were stunned as well. They felt that, due to the difference in cultivation level, Yi Yun would find it difficult to win against Viper, yet he chose to not take out a weapon?

“This kid sure makes one worry!”

Not far away, Cang Yan was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry. This kid, Yi Yun, had chosen the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ as his totem mystic technique and went into the sword tomb after learning from the saber tomb. Now, he was using a brick to go against a Yun Long Divine Kingdom genius whose cultivation was a level higher than his.

Were these things a normal person would do?

Viper laughed heartily upon hearing Yi Yun, “Is your brain normal? You actually do not want to use a weapon to go against me?”

Yi Yun said with a smile, “Who told you that this isn’t my weapon? I’ve said it before, my saber is only to be used against opponents that are worthy of respect or formidable. Against scum or retards, the brick is sufficient.”

Yi Yun’s words made Wen Yu and company hold their breaths. Viper was already a lunatic, yet Yi Yun purposely provoked him. If Viper were to really get mad, the outcome would be unpredictable.

Viper’s face started to tense up as his pupils turned into the shape of a spindle, like that of a snake. “I see… you wish for me to send you to the netherworld!”


Viper charged forward. His speed was extremely fast and his body seemed to lack bones as he moved forward while sticking close to the ground. He was like a python that was moving forward quickly!

It was the first time for many to see such a weird movement technique.


Viper swiped forward with his claw. His weapon was also a metallic claw and his swipe came from the top heading downwards. His attack’s target was Yi Yun’s chin!

If it were to dig in, the metallic claw would pierce through the chin, stabbing into Yi Yun’s mouth and tearing apart his tongue. This would naturally prevent Yi Yun from speaking.

Viper was fulfilling his words, attempting to prevent Yi Yun from admitting defeat.

Yi Yun’s gaze turned cold as he raised the brick in his hand and smashed it at Viper’s claw!

For a brick to go against a metallic claw, a blunt weapon like the brick would naturally hold a greater advantage. However, at this moment, the venomous snake that was resting on Viper’s shoulders suddenly flew out towards Yi Yun’s chest in an attack.

Heart Piercing Snake!

Yi Yun had a deep impression of this snake. A few days before he went out into the Divine wilderness, about a year ago, a three-man cultivator team had been completely obliterated because they had misidentified a Heart Piercing Snake as a Golden Line Snake.

This Heart Piercing Snake was an extremely dangerous desolate beast. Yet, how could Viper control a desolate beast? Yi Yun had the impression that it was extremely difficult for humans to tame desolate beasts!

Yi Yun did not have time to think about it too deeply. Just as the Heart Piercing Snake was about to bite at his heart, he quickly retreated.

However, Viper swiftly followed him as a grin flashed from the corner of his lips, “You’re finished!”

Viper’s murderous Qi exploded and then merged into one with his Yuan Qi, turning into a visible black air flow. This air flow covered Yi Yun’s surroundings like a lock, sealing every direction that Yi Yun could use to dodge!

“Let me see how you will dodge this!”

Viper thrust his claw at Yi Yun and at the same time, the Heart Piercing Snake on his shoulders went straight for Yi Yun’s mouth. It wanted to swallow Yi Yun’s tongue!

Almost at the same moment as the Heart Piercing Snake was about to bite Yi Yun, his body suddenly twisted bizarrely and thick layers of after-images appeared. Yi Yun’s body seemed to suddenly transform into a flexible swift, shuttling through the air without any resistance.

Large success stage of Minute Subtlety!

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Yi Yun abruptly changed directions in the air and went through the murderous Qi lock using an incredulous trajectory! He dodged more than ten of them continuously, upon reaching the last few that he could not dodge, he smashed at them with his brick.

“Peng Peng Peng!”

Three of the murderous Qi locks were broken by Yi Yun!


Suddenly, the hissing sound of the venomous snake came from behind Yi Yun!

This Heart Piercing Snake was like a maggot, following Yi Yun without being shaken off.

Its speed was extremely fast, almost like a beam of light. However, Yi Yun did not even look at it, for in his energy vision, he could perfectly grasp the Heart Piercing Snake’s attack trajectory!

Yi Yun sent out a brick attack!


Yi Yun’s brick heavily hit the Heart Piercing Snake’s triangular-shaped head!

With a loud moan, the Heart Piercing Snake was sent flying by Yi Yun!


Seeing the Heart Piercing Snake fly out and how most of his murderous Qi had been dispersed by Yi Yun, Viper was greatly alarmed.

By using such a blunt weapon in hand, Yi Yun’s attack speed should have been greatly limited, so with the Heart Piercing Snake being as quick as lightning it was completely unexpected that it would be smashed by Yi Yun’s brick!

Viper’s spindle-shaped pupils stared at Yi Yun, a flash of shock appeared in his eyes.

The two of them had only exchanged blows for a few seconds. Many of those watching did not even have time to react to what was going on, it was so fast that people like Wen Yu and company did not even see the process of them exchanging blows.

They could only feel that the battle was intense enough to take their breaths away.

“Senior Yi is amazing. He isn’t at a disadvantage at all!” To Wen Yu and company, to not be disadvantaged against a Yuan foundation realm expert was an extremely amazing feat.

“Senior Yi hasn’t even used his saber!”

Yi Yun’s team of rookies were all bright-eyed.

It was a great mistake to think that Yi Yun would be weak with the brick, even though he did not use his saber to deal with Viper.

As Yi Yun had said, the brick was also his weapon.

Viper’s expression turned sullen from this first exchange of blows. He originally thought that victory was his, he never expected that Yi Yun would be able to counter attack and even injure his Heart Piercing Snake.

He felt that it was humiliating that despite him being at the Yuan foundation realm when going against a peak Purple Blood realm opponent, who was one year younger than him, he could not brutally kill him in one move.


The Heart Piercing Snake, who had been hit to the ground by Yi Yun, climbed back onto Viper’s shoulders while spitting out its tongue.

Upon seeing this, Yi Yun was alarmed. The Heart Piercing Snake had received a heavy blow on its head, yet it was able to withstand it and did not die.

This snake was stronger than a typical Heart Piercing Snake!


At this moment, the Heart Piercing Snake emitted green Yuan Qi. It was like the miasma that arose from a swamp. The Heart Piercing Snake’s body began to emit crackling explosive sounds as a layer of scales grew on its body. This layer of scales were extremely sharp looking almost like blades.

“This is…” Yi Yun was shocked. How could the Heart Piercing Snake transform?

And this feeling was as if it was… an Aspect Totem!

“Kid, the Heart Piercing Snake on Viper is actually a puppet made from the corpse of a Heart Piercing Snake. And Viper’s Aspect Totem is also in the shape of a snake. He has combined his Aspect Totem and puppet into one body. He is going to use his real abilities now, be careful!”

At this moment, Cang Yan’s Yuan Qi voice transmission rang in Yi Yun’s ears.

Heart Piercing Snake puppet? Combined with an Aspect Totem? There was such a technique?

Yi Yun was alarmed. The path of martial arts did indeed have many roads. There was no lack of different sorts of battle techniques.

Viper roared as green smoke appeared from his body. The purple tungsten stage below his feet began to emit “chi chi” sounds the moment they were stained by the green gas. Holes were eroded out where the gas met the stage.

Such a powerful poison?

Many people held their breaths. Even the purple tungsten metal corroded from it. If it touched a person’s body, everything would have been burnt off before it even reached the bone!

“Yi Yun, you are indeed very strong. To force me to use my Aspect Totem and poison laws is impressive.” Viper approached Yi Yun step by step as he planned to use the poison to corrode Yi Yun’s body.

Yi Yun remained silent as he loosened his wrists and turned the metallic brick in his hand.

“You still aren’t using your saber. You really are courting death!” Viper raged. For him, as a Yuan foundation realm warrior, to fight against Yi Yun’s who was at the peak of Purple Blood realm, it was undermining his title of a genius. He never expected that even after he used his Aspect Totem, Yi Yun would still not use his saber. Even if he were to win, it would be disgraceful.

“I’ve said before. My saber is only to be used against opponents that are worthy of respect or formidable. You, as a scum, are only worthy of a brick.”

Yi Yun’s voice was nonchalant. Around the stage, Wen Yu and company gaped when they heard him, they were speechless. At this moment, Viper had presented all of his techniques, yet not only did Yi Yun not use his saber, he was also repeatedly cursing Viper as a scum.

“Stop provoking him any further…” Wen Yu said in her mind. She had seen Viper’s complete information and knew of his character. This person was perverted and cruel. She was afraid that Viper would use some sort of cheap shot in this battle, causing Yi Yun an incurable injury.

“I will corrode your flesh and blood cleanly, bit by bit!”

Viper roared as both of his metallic claws turned into a misty green. The entire eight stage was covered in green smoke.

This green smoke was ten times stronger than the miasma of Blackwater swamp!

Warriors could endure the swamp’s miasma for short periods of time, but in this green smoke, even weapons refined by masters would start to corrode.

Those who practiced the poison-elemental laws would have to swallow all sorts of poisonous things, changing their Yuan Qi into a highly toxic Qi.

There were even legends that said that when the poison-elemental laws reached the highest levels, they could make all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the world become an extremely toxic Qi, corroding an entire world, transforming it into large tracks of toxic marshes that caused death!

All the toxic gas gathered towards Yi Yun. This was an attack a metallic brick could not block against!