True Martial World Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Defeating Viper
Chapter 315: Defeating Viper

Hum Hum Hum…

That toxic green gas seemed to take on a life of its own as it began to wail like a ghost.

The toxic gas was extremely thick, as if it was made from that of a snake’s bile. It emitted a putrid smell that assailed one’s nostrils.


The Heart Piercing Snake puppet began to sound out as it flew in the air. It stared on with its dark green pair of eyes as it silently approached Yi Yun. Not only did this toxic gas not affect this venomous snake puppet, but it even supplemented it with energy!

Aspect Totems could originally fly, so this venomous snake puppet also had the ability to fly.

It could actually be considered a doppelganger of Viper, and although it was a puppet, it had a life of its own.

“So what if you don’t use a weapon. Be it a saber or this metallic blunt weapon, it will not be able to withstand the poison! In this toxic area, I dominate absolutely everything!”

Viper laughed sardonically. With the metallic claw in hand, he started to rapidly move!

Amidst poison, a typical warrior could only power up his protective Yuan Qi to withstand the poison’s corrosive properties.

However, by doing so, not only would their Yuan Qi be quickly consumed due to using a large portion of their Yuan Qi to withstand the poison, the amount left to block Viper and the Heart Piercing Snake puppet’s attack would also be reduced.

Only one could be handled, leaving the other free to reign!

As such, Viper could maximize his combat power within this toxic mist.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Upon coming into contact with the toxic mist, Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi began to corrode and shrink.

Yi Yun was after all only at the peak of the Purple Blood realm, the amount of Yuan Qi he had was much lower than that of a Yuan foundation realm warrior. As a result, it would be harder for him to withstand the toxic mist as time went on.

Many people were worried for Yi Yun, but there were also Yang Haoran and company who were looking forward to seeing Yi Yun turn into a skeleton after being corroded by the toxic mist.


Viper roared as he and the Heart Piercing Snake puppet split into two different directions. One came from the front while the other came from the back, attacking Yi Yun who was in the middle of the toxic mist!

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Viper’s body began to flash our tens of after-images, preventing others from telling where he was. As for the Heart Piercing Snake, it was like lightning, turning its airborne body into a blur.

Against Viper’s attack, Yi Yun’s mind was as still as water. He gathered his Yuan Qi to an extreme with the brick in hand.


With a clear sound, the Purple Crystal Origins within Yi Yun’s heart shook.

At that moment, it was as if a volcano had erupted. Burning hot, pure Yang Qi gushed out from Yi Yun’s body!

Second stage of the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”!

Pure Yang Qi of the finest purity turned into the image of a Tang Valley image in the air. A thin mist covered the ghostly valley, shrouding the divine green trees within!

After absorbing the Golden Crow species’ beast mark and having cultivated in the burning hell’s Pure Yang Sword Palace for ten months, Yi Yun’s ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was no longer comparable to what it once was!

The pure Yang flames burned and a large portion of the toxic mist was burned up by the pure Yang fire.

The poison-elemental law ranked on the same level as the five elemental laws. It could not withstand the burning of a higher grade pure Yang flame.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Large swaths of green mist burned into green smoke. Even the purple tungsten metal beneath Yi Yun’s feet had melted into a molten liquid!


Viper was great alarmed. To have such a thick pure Yang flame, Yi Yun’s attainment in the pure Yang laws exceeded his own poison-elemental laws.

Although there was a difference in cultivation level, Yi Yun’s pure Yang Qi came from the Pure Yang Sword Palace and the Golden Crow species. The quality was not something comparable to the poisonous elements Viper had extracted from desolate beasts like the Heart Piercing Snake.

This difference in quality reversed the deficits of his cultivation level!

At this moment, Yi Yun’s eyes flashed, all his body’s pure Yang Qi had been injected into the metallic brick. The metallic brick began to shine and burn with pure Yang flames!

This was no longer any typical metallic brick, but a pure Yang flaming brick!

Viper held his breath as he shuttled around. He pushed his snake-like movement technique to the limit. Even with the pure Yang laws, there was still a chance for one of his attacks to hit Yi Yun if he was to attack together with his Heart Piercing Snake puppet!

However, at that moment, Yi Yun moved. He opened his Purple Crystal energy vision and the after-images that covered the sky disappeared from his view. Yi Yun clearly locked onto Viper’s actual position.

As for the lightning fast Heart Piercing Snake puppet, it could not hide in the Purple Crystal’s vision.

Large success stage of Minute Subtlety!


Yi Yun’s body mysteriously disappeared. Viper felt felt his back turn cold and a chill arose from his heart. Without thinking, his claw attacked towards his back!

At this moment, the pure Yang flaming brick in Yi Yun’s hand had been send slamming heavily downwards.

With the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ pushed to its limits, the slamming of the brick created fiery arc beams in the air.


Yi Yun’s flaming brick smashed into Viper’s metallic claw. The hot, pure Yang flames bent the claw, while the brick did not lose any of its momentum. After it pushed down the metallic claw, it went straight for Viper’s head!


When the pure Yang energy burst out, Viper’s protective Yuan Qi shattered like glass. He felt his head buzz, as if his head had been smashed by a crazily charging near-horned beast. His mind went blank and his vision was completely covered by a golden color, he could no longer see anything else.

As for the Heart Piercing Snake puppet, the Aspect Totem within it dissipated when its owner was severely injured. It lost its combat power and its speed rapidly decreased. At this moment, Yi Yun grabbed the snake three inches away from its head!

With one hand grabbing the Heart Piercing Snake, and the other hand holding the pure Yang flaming brick, Yi Yun saw Viper’s body sway. Viper was delirious and Yi Yun did not hesitate in raising his brick to smash down on him again!

At this moment, Viper was like an immobile target. So Yi Yun’s brick attack smacked right into the right side of Viper’s face!


Viper began spinning in the air like a top, his body revolving while he threw up blood, the blood smeared the air into a red spiral. Even a few blood-stained teeth were spat out by Viper.

Seeing Viper fall to the ground, Yi Yun quickly rushed forward and sent out another brick attack.

This brick attack reversed its direction and hit the left side of Viper’s face. Viper, who was like a spinning top, was spinning clockwise, but after this hit, he began spinning counter-clockwise.

Viper’s face was completely mangled. Again, he threw up blood in a spiral.

Following that, Yi Yun leapt up with the brick in hand, and curving his body, he sent out a heavy third brick attack, as if he was smashing a ball.


Yi Yun’s brick hit Viper’s back and with the sound of a broken spine, Viper heavily fell to the ground!

Viper’s mind was completely in a daze.

However, at this moment, Yi Yun did not carry on minding Viper. Instead, he threw the Heart Piercing Snake in his hand down on the purple tungsten ground. Without Viper’s commanding it, the Heart Piercing Snake had lost its combat strength. Upon being thrown to the ground like this, it merely sprawled on the ground.

Following that, Yi Yun aimed right at the Heart Piercing Snake’s triangular shaped head and smashed down at it.


The Heart Piercing Snake’s head turned into bloody meat paste. Although this snake now lacked a head, its body was still struggling.

Wen Yu and company were completely stupefied on seeing what happened during this duel. Only one word appeared in their minds, brutal!

With the brick in hand, Yi Yun was a brutal erratic demon.

Sun Long and Viper, who had both gone up against him, were both smashed beyond recognition with just a few brick attacks!

After taking care of the Heart Piercing Snake, Yi Yun walked towards Viper with the brick in hand.

Although Viper had not fainted, the bone on both sides of his face could be seen. His eyes were completely covered in blood and he could not see anything, but he could still hear Yi Yun’s footsteps.

The footsteps for him sounded as if Death was approaching, making him horrified.

This person was a demon!

Viper, who had always abused others, had suddenly gone from being the abuser, to becoming the abused. His fear reached an extreme point.

“Are you not admitting defeat?” At this moment, Yi Yun’s voice reached Viper’s ears.

Viper felt as if he had been granted amnesty. His jaw had been beaten off so he was still unable to speak. He quickly sent a Yuan Qi voice transmission to Yi Yun, “Sto… Stop… I admit defeat…”

“Oh? Still not admitting defeat?” Yi Yun ignored Viper’s Yuan Qi transmission. How could it be admitting defeat without saying it personally?

Yi Yun firmly raised the metallic brick.

Viper was frightened out of his wits. If this brick were to slam down, such as hitting his head, he would die.

He did not wish to die here.

“Stop… Stop! I… I will tell you about the people who want to harm you!” Viper pleaded with a Yuan Qi voice transmission.


Upon hearing Viper’s words, Yi Yun slowed down his attack, “Speak!”

“It was two black-cloaked people. They conceal… concealed their looks. Their voice… voice also changed, but… one of them only had one arm…”

Viper used his Yuan Qi to intermittently describe the characteristics of the two cloaked people from yesterday.

After Yi Yun heard this, the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

One arm…

Yi Yun already knew who the cultivator with one arm that had a feud with him was.

As for the other person, although he was not sure about exactly who it was, he could make an educated guess that it was none other than either Li Hong or Yang Yuefeng.

Yi Yun kept the brick and stopped brutally attacking Viper.

According to the competition’s rules, he could not purposely cause the death of others and could not purposely cause the person to become permanently disabled.

Now, Viper had lost all ability to resist. If he were to continue abusing him, it would not be against the rules, but he could not kill or permanently disable Viper.

If so, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom would not turn a blind eye to it. It would also not be easy for the Tai Ah Divine City to protect him.

As such, Yi Yun decided to leave it as it was.

“Stage Eight, Yi Yun wins! He defeated the opponent’s leader, winning two seats!”

The law-enforcer announced the battle’s outcome.

This was the first round that ended in the alliance competition. It was also the first seats that got an owner.

The speed at which this battle ended was so fast that it felt like it was an exaggeration.

As Yi Yun walked down the stage, Wen Yu and company were still in a daze. They felt like all that happened just now was a dream.

They knew that Yi Yun was not simple, but they never expected that Yi Yun would be so violent. To finish Viper with a brick!

And the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ that Yi Yun displayed at the end stunned them even more.