True Martial World Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Jun Yue
Chapter 316: Jun Yue

“Senior Yi, were you using the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ just now!?”

When Yi Yun got off the stage, his team members asked as they gathered around him.

As the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s top cultivation technique, the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” was very famous.

Many rookies had long heard of its name, but had never seen it before.

“Of course, is there a need to ask!?” Another junior said, “The ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ is so powerful. All that poison was burnt away in a second.”

These juniors had previously heard rumors that the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was extremely difficult to cultivate. Many geniuses had attempted cultivating it but ended up failing.

For the outstanding leaders amongst the rookies like Wen Yu, they set mastering the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” as their goal. But this goal was extremely distant.

Now, Yi Yun could use the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in a very well-versed manner. He could easily use it even with the metallic brick as a weapon. Yi Yun was not much older than them, yet he had reached such an amazing level with the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, which made them admire and envy him.

“Hehe, this kid Yi Yun did well!” Not far away, Cang Yan was rubbing his chin with a satisfied look.

Beside Cang Yan was Jian Ge who had seen the entire match. He said, “Yi Yun’s ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ has improved a lot since he went out for almost a year.”

The current Yi Yun not only had a simple transformation in his cultivation level, he experienced a qualitative improvement in every aspect.

“Of course, who do you think taught him!?” Cang Yan was very pleased.

Jian Ge turned speechless upon hearing this. This old man sure liked to boast without shame.

Old man Cang had naturally given a lot of help to Yi Yun, but as for teaching him, old man Cang had obviously never taught Yi Yun anything.

But, Jian Ge did not argue with Cang Yan over this. He knew that it was indeed Cang Yan who first discovered Yi Yun. At the beginning, it was also Cang Yan who brought Yi Yun into the saber tomb.

“He has already won two seats. Yi Yun’s batch is the strongest batch our Tai Ah Divine City has seen in recent years. It even exceeds Qin Haotian’s batch. Unfortunately, they haven’t grown up yet. If they were to break through to the Yuan foundation realm, it would be even better.”

The competition rules set the demarcating age to be fifteen years of age. This was extremely disadvantageous for Yi Yun, Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran.

In this tournament, the third year cultivators were actually the most important. Unfortunately, there was only Li Hong amongst the Tai Ah Divine City’s third year cultivators that was worthy.

And Li Hong clearly could not hold the ground.

The first match had ended, so Yi Yun had nothing to do. There was still some time left for the remaining matches.

Yi Yun sat in the participant benches and began meditating.

He was trying to understand the sword truths from the sword tomb.

Upon seeing Yi Yun meditating, a few of the juniors looked at each other. Yi Yun still had matches he had not fought.

At this moment, Yi Yun should have gone to learn about the other teams’ battle situation and understand his competitors, yet he was sitting there meditating.

If it was 15 minutes ago, Wen Yu would have despised Yi Yun in her heart for his actions. But now, after easily taking down Viper, Wen Yu no longer said a word.

Different people doing the same thing would have completely different results. Weaklings who did so were retards, but when the strong did so, they had the bearing of experts.

“What are you dazing for. Let’s get some information!” Wen Yu tapped on a junior’s head. As they did not play a significant role, this was the time for them to do something.

The four factions’ alliance tournament began with the small group battles happening concurrently.

Later on in the championship match, the under-fifteens groups would first compete before the above-fifteen and the overall group matches.

They split up to watch the battle situation of the various teams.

Yi Yun, who was meditating, ignored Wen Yu and company’s departure. He felt that there were a few stares watching him. The stares came with both hostility and fear.

Yi Yun did not need to see to know who they were.

“This kid actually defeated Viper despite being a level lower…”

Not far away, Yang Haoran was clenching his only fist so tightly that his whole hand shook.

The outcome of Yi Yun and Viper’s battle was unexpected to him. He had handpicked the ruthless and powerful Viper to get rid of Yi Yun.

To what extent…did Yi Yun’s strength reach?

He suddenly realized a possibility that made him despair. Even now, with Yi Yun not grown up, he with his severed arm might not be Yi Yun’s match!

This made Yang Haoran experience an extremely great setback.

“Haoran…It’s better we…don’t target him anymore…”

Beside Yang Haoran, Li Hong was beginning to lack confidence.

Li Hong was a vengeful person. He would think of ways to retaliate more than ten times worse against anyone that provoked him.

However, who the other party was mattered. If he knew that the other party far exceeded him, it would only be him being stupid to provoke the other party.

Li Hong initially went against Yi Yun because he thought Yi Yun would be easily bullied.

But now, Yi Yun’s strength and talent was greater than his. Yi Yun already exceeded him in several aspects. The only advantage he had was his family clan behind him. But compared to the high regard given to Yi Yun by the Tai Ah Divine City Elders, it was nothing.

And after not being able to deal with Yi Yun, he would only end with a tragic fate when Yi Yun eventually became a mighty figure in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Li Hong already had thoughts of backing out.

“Are you afraid?” Yang Haoran looked angrily at Li Hong.

Li Hong shook his head. He was afraid of Yi Yun, but he did not want to offend Yang Haoran. “I only feel that we might not be his match…”

“Not his match…” Yang Haoran gritted his teeth. He had to admit that what Li Hong said was the truth.

Yi Yun was a person who had shown brilliant results in the alliance tournament, and was being highly regarded by the Divine City’s Elders, and also taken in as a disciple by Grandmaster Yuehua. Their families would not offend someone like him just for them.

And what was most critical was that a family clan would weigh the pros and cons. They might even give up on him. After all, he had lost an arm.

This was the cruelty and the reality of a large family clan.

Upon thinking of this, Yang Haoran felt extreme sorrow.

“Yi Yun broke my arm, ending my martial arts career. Yet, I, Yang Haoran have to endure this…When have I ever suffered such humiliation…”

The world of warriors respected those who were strong. When Yi Yun proved his strength, even as a son of a prominent family clan, he had to bow.

As Li Hong was talking with Yang Haoran using Yuan Qi voice transmissions, a loud scream from the stage sounded out from behind Li Hong.

Li Hong turned around and saw that one of his team members had his arm broken, and had been thrown down the stage.

That team member was also a rookie. His face was pale and laid on the ground twitching. The outcome was obvious.

The groups that progressed the fastest was Li Hong’s team other than Yi Yun’s.

This was because Li Hong’s team was also filled with a bunch of ineffective troops. It was about the same as Yi Yun’s team.

But with similar ineffective troops, Yi Yun had shone. He managed to win two seats in less than 15 minutes after the competition began. As for Li Hong’s side, they were almost wiped out.

Seeing the ‘forerunners’ that were supposed to protect him get defeated one after another, Li Hong could no longer sit at ease.

This difference was too great!

“Really so weak!”

On the stage was a stout youth. He was laughing, “You are the group that was given up, right? You sure are humiliated being the leader of this group.”

The youth’s words struck a nerve with Li Hong.

Li Hong’s expression turned cold as he carried his long staff up the stage. His team no longer had anyone left except him, so he had to go on stage anyway.

He swung his staff and pointed at the stout youth, “Cut the nonsense. Let me see what allows you to be this arrogant.”

Li Hong was after all the best cultivator amongst the Tai Ah Divine City’s third years. How could he not be angry after being provoked by a forerunner.

“Ah Jun, come on down. Let me take him on.”

At this moment, an indifferent voice came from off the stage. A tall and thin man stepped onto the stage.

This man did not look anything like a youth. He looked cultured and his eyes were slender but had spirit in it. He gave off a different kind of aura.

Upon seeing this man, the arrogant youth immediately became a lot more respectful.

“Senior Jun Yue, you are the leader. Why would there be a need for you to deal with a small fry?”

Although the youth said such words, Jun Yue did not mind and laughed, “I actually thought that I didn’t need to do anything, but…I saw Viper being defeated on the eighth stage. The person, who defeated Viper, is very interesting. As a result, my hand is itching. I should be battling him, so this will be my warm up before it.”

Jun Yue’s voice was very casual. While speaking, he kept looking far away at Yi Yun who had his eyes closed. A smile formed on his lips.

And at this moment on the stage, Li Hong’s face had already turned green.

Jun Yue was taking bullying to an extreme!

This Jun Yue only saw Yi Yun as his opponent. He actually treated the battle with him as a “warm up”?

Courting death!

Li Hong clenched his fist. The veins on his fist started to twist like earthworms. He had to fight well to regain his dignity in this match!

He too was a proud son of Heaven. By being disregarded in such a manner, he wanted to bite off a piece of his opponent’s flesh even if he would be sent flying.

As this was another battle between leaders, a Tai Ah Divine City law-enforcer came forward to be the referee. After he asked if both parties were ready, Jun Yue’s hands remained empty. He did not take out a weapon.

“Not taking out a weapon?” Li Hong’s expression turned sullen. But he did not shout for his opponent to take out his weapon.

He knew his opponent was very strong. Even though his opponent did not have a weapon, he would still have to go all out. The only way of obtaining victory was to take advantage of his enemy’s underestimation.

“The match begins!”

With the announcement from the Tai Ah Divine City’s law-enforcer, Li Hong charged forward with his staff in hand.

At the same moment, an Aspect Totem the shape of a gray bear appeared behind him!

Over the past year, Li Hong had also gained his own Aspect Totem. Against Jun Yue who was unfathomable, Li Hong had to go all out from the beginning!

However, Jun Yue stood on the stage like a sword even though Li Hong was charging forward.

At the moment Li Hong reached 30 feet in front of him, Jun Yue’s pupils contracted, emitting an eye-catching cold glimmer.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

Below Li Hong, the metal tiles suddenly underwent an incredulous change. Metallic arrow projectiles that were the thickness of a thumb began separating from the ground, shooting at Li Hong!


Li Hong’s expression changed. What sort of attack was this!?