True Martial World Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Metal-elemental Laws
Chapter 317: Metal-elemental Laws

With the metallic arrow projectiles flying towards him, Li Hong did not think twice and immediately retreated, smashing his staff down to deflect the projectiles.

“Ding Ding Ding!”

A series of metallic collision sounds rang. Li Hong had deflected the metallic projectiles, but at the same time he felt his arms go numb, and the thigh of his hands felt pain. It was difficult for him to withstand the strong attacks.

Could it be…

A thought suddenly appeared in Li Hong’s mind, but at this moment, the metallic projectiles that Li Hong had deflected returned and flew at Li Hong once again!

These metallic projectiles seemed to have a life of their own and they pierced the air without any resistance. They could even dodge Li Hong’s staff.

The quantity and intensity of the attacks had increased. Li Hong’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

“Metal-elemental laws!”

Li Hong finally realized what sort of attack it was.

Amongst the five elements; Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, the metal-elemental laws were the best. There were very few who could master the metal-elemental laws.

This lanky youth was a metal-elemental practitioner, and the degree of his nomological insight was extremely terrifying!

Typically for those who practiced the five elemental laws, even if they would have some achievement amongst those laws, they would only be able to inject the power of the five elements into their own attacks. Very few people could be like this lanky youth, who could control the elemental energy so easily, like it was a part of his body.

He could even manipulate the purple Tungsten tiles on the ground. This power was very terrifying.

“Ding Ding Ding!”

Many projectiles flew in the air as Li Hong conjured his Aspect Totem. However, the projectiles pierced right through his Aspect Totem!

Li Hong felt his soul tremor and his face went white.

His limbs numbed from the relentless attacks. He could not take it any longer.


A projectile had finally bypassed Li Hong’s defenses and penetrated his shoulder. It exited his shoulder from the back, bringing with it a shower of blood!

Li Hong grunted and fell backwards.

At this moment, another projectile pierced through his belly. Li Hong’s protective Yuan Qi was like paper in front of these sharp metallic projectiles.

Li Hong’s body was sent flying before he landed heavily on the ground, while his entire body twitched.

Jun Yue’s metallic arrows moved in a spiral and after the arrows the thickness of a thumb pierced through Li Hong’s body, the wounds inflicted were the size of a cup of alcohol. Li Hong’s entire arm had nearly been twisted off.

“I…admit defeat…”

He said those words with difficulty. Li Hong’s face was pale and it was covered in sweat. The two open wounds made him lose a lot of blood.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s medical staff rushed up to save Li Hong.

Jun Yue’s expression remained calm. He only nodded and from beginning to the end, Jun Yue did not move a single step. He had only used the metal-elemental laws to control those arrow projectiles and eventually, he gained victory.

The gap was too large!

Li Hong was extremely depressed. This alliance tournament had become an unforgettable experience for him.

After Jun Yue clinched victory, he stared right through the crowd, straight at Yi Yun who was meditating in the participant benches.

Yi Yun heart thumped. He did not open his eyes but using the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, he could feel the existence of this person.

It was because he was too striking.

In the energy vision, human sages like Cang Yan and Jian Ge only gave off a dim light as they kept their energy within. Even for figures like the Tai Ah Divine City City Lord, they were no different from mortals.

As for people like Wen Yu, they were too weak so their presence was very small.

He could pick Jun Yue out clearly. Not only was he strong, his energy was willfully displayed. His existence was like a fire in the night. It was extremely visible.

“This person does not seem typical.”

Yi Yun quietly took note of this person. But he was currently trying to comprehend the sword truths, so he was unable to check up the other party.

But beside Yi Yun, Wen Yu and company had already dug out all the information of Jun Yue.

The world was vast, and there was always someone stronger. Even though Jun Yue’s nomological insight reached such a perverse level, he was not very famous. From the information gathered by Wen Yu, there was less information on Jun Yue than that of Viper.

“Senior Yi has met his match…”

“This Jun Yue is really terrifying.” A few juniors lacked confidence. It was hard to determine who would win when Yi Yun faced Jun Yue.

After Jun Yue defeated Li Hong, the results of Chu Xiaoran and Qiuniu’s battles also came out. Chu Xiaoran had won and Qiuniu had lost!

For the under-fifteen teenager group matches between the Tai Ah Divine City and the Yun Long 72 Pagodas, it ended in a draw with both groups securing two wins and two losses.

Cang Yan was very satisfied with this result.

After all, the Tai Ah Divine City only had three main powerhouses; Yi Yun, Qiuniu and Chu Xiaoran. They were not even fifteen years of age, so they had a handicap in terms of age. Even so, they managed to tie with their opponents.

At least they had managed to hold on to 4 seats.

But following the under-fifteen group matches was the teenager group championship. To become group champion was the most important thing.

If someone became a champion, their camp would gain at least eight seats.

The person who could win the championship for the Tai Ah Divine City was none other than Yi Yun, but he had to face Jun Yue.

Cang Yan frowned slightly. Previously, in Li Hong and Jun Yue’s battle, it was clear that Jun Yue did not use all his strength. Cang Yan found it hard to determine how Yi Yun would compare with Jun Yue. This was a serious challenge.

Immediately following that, the results of the above-fifteen groups’ matches came out.

Yao Dao’s team had managed to clinch victory, while the other three teams were undoubtedly annihilated.

In fact, when the three teams faced their opponents, their opponents only sent out one or two people and they fought all the way to the end.

As they belonged to teams that were abandoned, those members lacked fighting spirit because they knew no matter how much they fought, they would end up defeated as well.

“The Tai Ah Divine City’s cultivators’ battle strategy is very effective!” On the seats of honor, the Seven Star Pagoda Owner laughed while saying that. He still had a sarcastic tone. “To give up on three groups and concentrate all your power into one group, and win that match. That match was against my Yun Long 72 Pagodas’ weakest team, and that is all thanks to your luck.”

“Luck is also a kind of strength.” The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord was unaffected by his words. No matter what the Seven Star Pagoda Owner said, he would respond with a smile, not taking it to heart.

“Unfortunately, luck does not mean anything in the final match. There’s no avoiding it.”

The Seven Star Pagoda Owner was full of confidence. The outcomes of the matches before did not matter much. What was most important were the matches ahead.

A group’s champion could win at least 8 or 10 seats.

The Seven Star Pagoda Owner was confident that the Yun Long Divine Kingdom was able to win all those seats.

His goal was to obtain more than 60% of the seats, and that was including the Southern 10 countries and the other neutral factions!

The battle carried on.

After the small group matches, there was a break for an hour. Following that was the group championship!

The teams that won in the group matches and those cultivators who were not defeated could participate in the group championship.

The group championship rules were very simple. There was freedom to challenge anyone.

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would send one person out and challenge one person from the other side. The person who lost was eliminated. The person who won would carry on fighting. It would be fought to the end and the last man standing would be the group champion.

For the under-fifteen group, the group champion would win eight seats.

For the over-fifteen group and the overall group group champions would win ten seats.

If there were more than ten people left on one side, an additional two seats could be won.

The group championships were what the Seven Star Pagoda Owner cared the most about.

There were nearly 30 seats. In contrast, the 6 seats lost in the small group matches did not mean anything.

“Kid, the group championship is beginning soon!” While Yi Yun was meditating, Cang Yan’s voice rang in Yi Yun’s ear.

Yi Yun opened his eyes. The Pure Yang Sword Palace’s sword truths were too profound. Even with the Purple Crystal’s help, Yi Yun found cultivating it impossibly difficult. This was definitely the most difficult and hardest to understand cultivation technique that he had faced in his martial arts career until now.

“The group championship is an elimination tag-team tournament. The more people you have, the more advantageous for you would be. We do not hold the advantage in numbers. Do your best.” Cang Yan said while pointing to a girl not far from Yi Yun. She was none other than Chu Xiaoran.

“We have become teammates now…” Chu Xiaoran said with a smile.

Yi Yun looked at Chu Xiaoran and noticed that she was alone.

Chu Xiaoran smiled coyly. “My teammates had all been defeated. Qiuniu and Li Hong’s groups lost, so there’s really only me. Together with the people from your team, there is a total of five people…”


Yi Yun’s eyebrows scrunched together. Around him, there were Wen Yu and two other juniors who lacked any presence.

The three of them were there to make up the numbers.

No matter how it was counted, there were only two people who were actually participating in this championship, Yi Yun and Chu Xiaoran.

Looking back at his opponents, they were a group of powerful people that were like wolves and tigers.

This number sure was “not holding the advantage”!