True Martial World Chapter 319

Chapter 319: The Saber that Pressed forward with Indomitable Will
Chapter 319: The Saber that Pressed forward with Indomitable Will

“Well done, senior Xiaoran!”

As Chu Xiaoran got off the stage, a few of the Tai Ah Divine City juniors rushed forward to give Chu Xiaoran some healing medicine. However, Chu Xiaoran’s complexion was unnaturally red. The moment she got off the stage, she suddenly shook and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Senior Xiaoran!” Wen Yu and company jumped with fright. They quickly rushed to grab Chu Xiaoran.

Yi Yun looked at Chu Xiaoran’s wounds and frowned, her injuries were more serious than he imagined. Lin Tong was indeed not an average cultivator. He had cultivated the uncommon concept of rotation, so all of his attacks included a spiral force to them.

Although Chu Xiaoran did not seem to have been hit in any vital spots, but the spiral force from the flywheels had penetrated Chu Xiaoran’s meridians through the wounds, causing her meridians and organs to be damaged.

This sort of injury needed at least one to two days for it to completely heal. It was highly unlikely that Chu Xiaoran would be able to use half of her strength in battle with an injury like that.

With so many strong enemies to face, Chu Xiaoran’s 50% battle power was clearly insufficient.

“Sorry…I wanted to finished it quickly, but I never expected it that…the gains could not make up for the losses.”

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, the redness in Chu Xiaoran’s face disappeared and she turned pale.

Yi Yun shook his head, “If you did not finish it quickly, you would have consumed too much Yuan Qi and end up too weak to fight. The outcome would have been the same.”

Lin Tong was indeed very strong. With Chu Xiaoran’s strength, she was unable to battle again after beating Lin Tong.

The people in the Elder stands saw the scene of Chu Xiaoran spitting blood.

“Such a pity. It seems that there is only Yi Yun left. And he has six opponents left.” A Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder took pleasure for their misfortunes.

Yi Yun was facing an elimination tag team battle. He might not enough last long enough to face Jun Yue.

At this moment, a person from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom walked up the stage. This person was extremely thin. He gave a sense of fragility but his eyes looked like a blade. There was some killing intent in them.

“It’s Kui Yu! He is actually second up! He defeated Qiuniu before!”

A junior standing beside Yi Yun exclaimed after seeing this skeleton-like person walk up the stage.

“Oh?” Yi Yun was slightly shocked. So this was the person that Qiuniu lost to.

“Kui Yu was born in a Divine wilderness mystic clan. His mystic clan has the ability to create puppets. And this Kui Yu is a puppet master himself!”

“Kui Yu? An odd name…” Yi Yun had heard of Divine wilderness mystic clans in the past. There were some tribal clans that had a long history of living in certain areas of the Divine wilderness. This tribal clans were not as backward as the small tribal clans in the Cloud Wilderness. As the Divine wilderness was extremely dangerous, for any mortal tribe clan to survive and live on in the Divine wilderness, they had certain fortes.

They often had a unique heritage that was very difficult to deal with.

“I never expected a descendant from a Divine wilderness mystic clan to go to the Yun Long 72 Pagodas for training…”

“Brother Yi, be careful. That Kui Yu is very tough. A puppet master’s weakness is his own body, but when puppet masters fight, they would enter into a puppet with super strong defenses. It would be like a turtle shell. Although it does not have any offensive power, nor does it have the advantage of speed, it is extremely resistant to attacks.”

“Kui Yu is no different. When he enters his ‘turtle shell’, he would command his puppets to battle from within. If you were to attack his main body, then it would be over. Because as you are attacking, his puppets would take advantage of the moment when you run out of Yuan Qi and launch killing blows!”

Wen Yu finally showed her usefulness at this moment. She knew a lot about the Yun Long Divine Kingdom experts, and she searched for a lot of information about Kui Yu as well.

Wen Yu carried on, “To deal with Kui Yu, the best approach is to attack all of his puppets first. Once you get rid of all his puppets, he would be like a tiger without claws and teeth. It would not be sufficient to cause fear. Although his main body would still have strong defenses, he would not be able to fight without his puppets. At that point, he would just be a moving target, so it will be easy to defeat him then!”

“But… dealing with Kui Yu’s puppets is not easy!”

Wen Yu really did do her homework. She again introduced Kui Yu’s weaknesses. “Puppets are refined using special techniques. It is either made of metallic armor or strong scale armor from desolate beast corpses. These puppets have high defenses, so it would be very difficult to damage a puppet directly!”

“But thankfully, puppets have a weakness… Every puppet has a core array within their body. It is used to receive the instructions from their owner. Although each core array have layers of protection, just destroying the array will make destroying the entire puppet much easier. As long as you destroy the array, then the puppet will be an immobile object. If so, then Senior Yi can win!”

Wen Yu said all of that in one breath. Yi Yun nodded upon hearing it and gave a simple reply, “Got it.”

Wen Yu was overjoyed. She had finally made herself useful.

After this, Yi Yun walked up onto the stage.

Kui Yu laughed without any restraint and quipped, “Are you discussing battle strategies? Hehe! That young lady seems to be prepared. She must have told you to attack my puppets’ core array, right?”

Wen Yu had spoke to Yi Yun using Yuan Qi transmissions, so it was impossible for Kui Yu to have heard them. However, he was able to guess what she had said.

Wen Yu’s expression changed. It did not feel good to be completely grasped by others.

“Unfortunately, although the battle strategy given by this young lady is good, it is useless against me. I am completely different from other puppet masters. It has to do with my blood lineage, Je Je Je Je!”

Kui Yu laughed strangely. Wen Yu’s expression turned increasingly ugly after she heard what he said. She lost all confidence the moment Kui Yu said those words.

With blood lineage coming into play, it was hard to tell. It was possible that Kui Yu did not need to use a core array to control his puppets.

Wen Yu felt a sense of defeat. Was all the intelligence she gathered wrong?

“But, that young lady said something right. That is… my main body’s defense has no weaknesses!”

Kui Yu suddenly let out a hoarse scream. His body shrank and completely entered a turtle shell-like puppet.

The turtle shell puppet was dome shaped and made of some unknown alloy. Its surface, which was covered in mysterious lines, shimmered. These lines were injected with Yuan Qi, forming a Yuan Qi shield.

There were two layers of defense!

The audience were secretly horrified. If Yi Yun wanted to harm Kui Yu’s actual body, he had to break through two layers of protection. The difficulty to break through a Yuan Qi layer of protection and an additional alloy shell was obvious.

And the surrounding puppets would not let Yi Yun attack Kui Yu’s main body freely.

“Ka Ka Ka Ka!”

Eight puppets appeared around Kui Yu.

These eight puppets were all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some were made of pure metal and others were made from some unknown divine wood. And he had desolate beast corpses as well.

The eight puppets held different types of weapons. They formed a battle array around Kui Yu, keeping Kui Yu in the middle!

“Oh no. Back when he was fighting Qiuniu, Kui Yu only used six puppets! Now against Yi Yun, not only is he using eight puppets in an array, but with his main body’s crazy defense, Kui Yu would be invincible! And he also said that he does not have the weaknesses of typical puppet masters! How can we beat against him?”

Yi Yun’s expression turned slightly sullen upon facing the puppet battle array. He rubbed his interspatial ring and pulled out a long saber from within.

This saber was entirely black. The blade was about two-fingers wide and it was exactly five feet in length.

The blade was straight and it shone beautifully. Its body was engraved with beautiful patterns that looked similar to crushed ice.

The saber’s name was Sonic Deathblade and it was a weapon that Yi Yun had selected from the Tai Ah Divine City armory.

The meaning behind the Sonic Deathblade’s name was that it could kill people just from the sound waves emitted from brandishing the saber!

After being used to the Thousand Army Saber, Yi Yun still preferred straight sabers that were like Tang sabers. The Sonic Deathblade was slightly shorter than the Thousand Army Saber, but its quality was far beyond it!

“Oh? Finally using your saber? This would be fun! Unfortunately, it is still useless!” Kui Yu’s hoarse voice could be heard from within the turtle shell.

At this moment, Yi Yun moved. He leaped forward and charged straight at the puppet battle array.


Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi exploded and like the flare of the Sun, the Yuan Qi that appeared formed a phantom image of the Tang Valley behind him.

Radiant Sun Qi!

Yi Yun’s eyes flashed as killing intent surged out like a tidal wave from his body!

“Phew! Phew! Phew!”

The eight puppets moved and they began to gather around Yi Yun.

At this moment, Yi Yun reduced the footprint of the Sonic Deathblade. Without using his blade, he rushed straight inside the puppet battle array with just his body.

These puppets were extremely fast, rows of sharp blades and sharp claws hacked at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s mind was as still as water. He began to use his large success stage of Minute Subtlety and took advantage of the successive order of the puppets’ attacks to dodge every one of their attacks using incredible angles. In a blink of an eye, he had rushed at Kui Yu’s main body!

The Sonic Deathblade that had been pulled back suddenly flashed a cold brilliance!

He was attacking the main body immediately!?

The audience were surprised. Yi Yun did not look for the puppets’ weaknesses and he targeted Kui Yu’s main body. But Kui Yu’s body had two layers of protection and was almost invulnerable!

In the Elder stands, smiles formed on many of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders’ lips.

Attacking Kui Yu’s main body was a fool’s errand. It was equivalent to digging one’s grave.

They seemed to imagine the scenes of Yi Yun’s attacking with no avail. And right at the moment when he lost his momentum, he would be surrounded and attacked by all the puppets, resulting in him vomiting blood from his heavy injuries.

The thoughts of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders had coincided with Kui Yu’s in his turtle shell.

He grinned cheekily. As he powered the turtle shell puppet’s defensive shield, he gathered energy in preparation for his counter attack.

In front of him, Yi Yun was not distracted. Yi Yun’s body was covered in killing intent and it was raised to an extreme, merging with the Radiant Sun Qi as one!

The saber truth, pressing forward with indomitable will!

The Sonic Deathblade issued out a long cry and it became one with Yi Yun!

One With the Saber!


The bright blade beam slashed through the sky, making the celestial bodies lose their color. The only thing that was left behind was the blade beam that shone like the bright Sun!

This saber hit the turtle shell puppet without any fanciful moves!


A terrifying explosion sounded. The Radiant Sun Qi flooded the audience’s visual facilities, they could not see what had happened.

After the flash disappeared, what remained was a jaw-dropping scene. The five-foot-long Sonic Deathblade had completely pierced through Kui Yu’s turtle shell.

It had penetrated from one side and out the other, revealing a three-inch-long blade tip on the other side and it was dyed with blood…

Kui Yu and his turtle shell puppet had been…penetrated!?