True Martial World Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The weak are enslaved as slaves
Chapter 32: The weak are enslaved as slaves

“Everyone is here, Lord Zhang. Please take your pick. Of course, lowly me will want to participate in the Kingdom’s selection. If possible, I wish to be a subordinate of the Lord, receiving the Lord’s teachings,” said Lian Chengyu respectfully.

Zhang Yuxian took a glance at Lian Chengyu and measured him up.

“Oh? What is your cultivation level?”

A Mortal Blood warrior was after all in the beginning stages of cultivation, all they practiced were skills that involved their bodies. The five levels in Mortal Blood were classified by a person’s physical phenomena. Hence, it was hard to tell with a look that a person had opened up their meridians, or if their bones and tendons could make sounds.

Only a person who had reached a cultivation level at the spiritual level could sense a person’s level of accomplishment. This was called “Opening Heaven’s Eyes”. Only then could they judge a Mortal Blood warrior’s cultivation level.

Evidently, Zhang Yuxian had not reached such a level.

“Answering the Lord, lowly me has reached the peak of Mortal Blood level five, Qi Gatherer. I’m one step short of the Purple Blood realm!”

“Oh?” Zhang Yuxian furrowed his brows. “To be able to reach such a level while growing up in a small tribe that lacks resources. You must either have exceptional talent or have had an opportunous event. Either way, it’s all very good!”

Zhang Yuxian nodded saying, “Stay behind then!”

“Thank you for the Lord’s appraisal!” Lian Chengyu said respectfully. He was not overjoyed because he had taken for granted that he would pass Zhang Yuxian’s assessment!

His goal was the Kingdom’s selection. If he could not even pass the preliminaries, there was no point talking about his high ambitions.

After choosing Lian Chengyu, Zhang Yuxian turned his head and looked towards the members of the warrior preparation camp. He stared at them for five minutes before feeling a sense of disappointment.

Besides Lian Chengyu, no one else in the entire Lian tribal clan caught his eye.

He could only choose a general from among the dwarves. He reluctantly began choosing some.

Although he was ordered by his superiors to choose thirty, Zhang Yuxian had his own principles. He could not be bothered to teach those who seriously lacked talent.

“Is there no one else in the Lian tribal clan who want to participate in the Kingdom’s selection?” Zhang Yuxian’s eyes swept through the commoners of the Lian tribal clan.

Coming into contact with Zhang Yuxian’s glance, the people were a prudent lot. They too wanted to be given pointers from a legendary person like Zhang Yuxian. But they could not even make ends meet, so they knew no martial arts. Even if they stood forward, they would be brushed off by Zhang Yuxian.

It would only be humiliating to step forward; the entire tribe will mock his feeble attempts.

The commoners’ reaction was within Lian Chengyu’s expectations, he laughed saying, “Sorry for the joke displayed before the Lord, the ones who practice martial arts in the tribe are all here. As for the rest, they are commoners who are good for nothings. They are only good for agriculture and picking herbs. They are not suited for martial arts, so may the Lord not pay attention to these people, may the Lord please…”

Before Lian Chengyu finished, a voice rang from the crowd, “Please let me through…”

In a moment, a growing boy holding on to a young lass had squeezed out of the crowd.

Yi Yun was originally late, so he was in the outer layers of the crowd. He did not enjoy the good positions afforded to the warrior preparation camp members.

“Yun-er, you…” Jiang Xiaorou had been pulled forward before she could grasp the situation. Only when she went through the last layer of the crowd did she realize where she and Yi Yun were.

Jiang Xiaorou was dazed. This was the center of the square!

Seeing Zhang Yuxian surrounded by the Lian tribal clan’s upper echelon standing in front of her, Jiang Xiaorou was momentarily lost.

And at this moment, Jiang Xiaorou felt Yi Yun release her hand, and saw him walking forward. He stopped walking only when he reached the group of warrior preparation camp members.

Jiang Xiaorou’s mouth gaped, but nothing came out of her mouth.

As for Lian Chengyu, his smile froze. All the members of the warrior preparation camp were also stunned!

Zhang Yuxian looked surprisingly at Yi Yun asking, “You want to participate?”

“Yes, milord!” said Yi Yun in a short but powerful voice.

Those words stunned the crowd into silence. Everyone looked flabbergasted at Yi Yun.

This Yi Yun must be mad?

He didn’t know his place. He was like a little chick and probably didn’t even weigh eighty pounds. All the strongmen in the crowd who were ineligible were stronger than him by a hundred times!

Besides, Yi Yun had never practiced martial arts. He had almost died picking herbs. He couldn’t even chop the firewood for the desolate bones well, and he wanted to sign up?

The men who wanted but did not dare sign up looked furiously at the young kid, Yi Yun.

“This kid is creating trouble at such an occasion, does he not want to live?”

When a person sees another with courage do something he lacked the courage to do, it was often he would feel a sense of envy. Many of the commoners in the Lian tribal clan were precisely in that situation.

“Yi Yun, you little slave. How dare you show no respect for your elders. Today’s situation is not one you can mess with! Get the f**k down!” Lian Chengyu did not expect a retard like Yi Yun to have such actions on such an important occasion.

Yi Yun was just a child, and he was the weakest among the children. To dare sign up for the selection, it was clearly him using Zhang Yuxian to pass time!

It was so humiliating. It could even damage his reputation in front of Zhang Yuxian. Zhang Yuxian would think that he had disciplinary troubles, that he could not even control a child.

Yi Yun took a glance at Lian Chengyu and responded to his atrocities calmly and sharply, “In the wilderness, the weak are enslaved as slaves. To put it bluntly, the weak are slaves. If my strength is weak, then it is only right to call me a slave. I will not retort that. But if one day, Young master Lian meets a person stronger than himself, he too will become a slave. What does Young master Lian think of that?”

Lian Chengyu’s expression changed. He was furious. What was this? A little slave in the tribe dared to talk to him like that!?

If not for Zhang Yuxian, Lian Chengyu would have killed Yi Yun with a slap.

“The weak are enslaved as slaves?” Zhang Yuxian smirked. He did an unexpected glance at Yi Yun, “Interesting. To have such insight despite being born in a small tribe. You said it right. The weak are enslaved as slaves, and that is applicable to everyone. If I were to one day be subjected to someone more powerful than I, I too would become a slave.”

Hearing Zhang Yuxian’s words, Yi Yun was surprised. He never expected that Zhang Yuxian would openly admit that he could submit to another. This frankness may not be rare among important people, but it was seldom displayed from an important person to someone of lower stature since it was disdainful.

Zhang Yuxian’s approachability surprised Yi Yun.

Lian Chengyu had to pull back his rage with Zhang Yuxian’s words. An elite Jin Long Wei had already admitted so, he no longer dared say anything!

However, it did not mean that Lian Chengyu could tolerate Yi Yun causing a mess at such an occasion. He said to Zhang Yuxian, “High Ambassador, this kid is named Yi Yun. He is a lowly drug child in our Lian tribal clan. He has no martial arts background. He’s here only to use you to pass his time. The lowly me will throw him out. Please do not fault my inability to discipline my tribe, causing such a joke.”

Lian Chengyu was so furious not because Yi Yun had questioned his authority, but because he had humiliated him in front of Zhang Yuxian.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yuxian did not mind. He casually pointed to a spot saying to Yi Yun, “You as a child sure are interesting. Stand here. I will check your suitability for practicing martial arts later.”

Zhang Yuxian may appreciate Yi Yun but he was not overly concerned. From his point of view, few people in the wilderness were suited for martial arts. Since Yi Yun dared to stand forward, he would help examine Yi Yun.

Since Zhang Yuxian had already made clear his position, Lian Chengyu could say nothing but shoot a resentful glance at Yi Yun.

“Thank you milord.” Yi Yun thanked him in a decent manner and stood beside the warrior preparation camp troops. Incidentally, he was standing beside Zhao Tiezhu.

This was because Zhao Tiezhu was close with Lian Chengyu, so he had became the unspoken leader of the warrior preparation camp. As such, he stood first in line among the troops. With Yi Yun coming over, he naturally ended up standing beside Zhao Tiezhu.

As a result, Yi Yun was now standing at the first position.

As for this, Zhao Tiezhu was a bit irritated. What a joke, he was of great stature and great strength, how could he be compared to this little retard?

He was planning on entering the city with a high position as part of the family of a Kingdom Knight in the future. What was there to nitpick with a retard?

“Little slave, you are here as a joke, right?” Zhao Tiezhu mocked. He was waiting to see Yi Yun make a fool out of himself.

Yi Yun could not be bothered with him, and stood there silently.

At this time, Zhang Yuxian began his selection. No one knew what Zhang Yuxian’s selection criteria was. They had all gathered their strength awaiting it.