True Martial World Chapter 320

Chapter 320: The Precise Saber
Chapter 320: The Precise Saber

The five foot long Sonic Deathblade had stabbed right through, till the base of the blade. The front portion of the shell had already started to crack. Due to the powerful impact, the purple tungsten tiles below the turtle shell had slightly cratered downwards.

It was obvious how powerful Yi Yun’s attack was.

And at this moment, Yi Yun was still holding onto the Sonic Deathblade’s hilt. Behind him, the eight puppets that had been rushing to attack him had all lost their ability to move and just stood in their spots like straw men.

The entire arena turned silent. Everyone were extremely shocked, especially the people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom. They found it impossible to accept the situation right in front of them.

Yi Yun’s saber had pierced through Kui Yu…

Kui Yu’s main body, whose defense he was proud of, was not even able to withstand a single blow from Yi Yun.

Originally, people thought that Yi Yun would attempt to look for Kui Yu’s weakness.

However, he unexpectedly, brutally, attacked Kui Yu’s main body. In front of an absolute attack, Kui Yu’s defense as well as his puppets lost their meaning.

“Is Kui Yu dead?” The Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors said as if they just woke up from a dream.

That impact, coupled with his body being pierced through like that, likely meant that the odds were greatly against him being alive.

“This Yi Yun is too ruthless!”

Many of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors saw the killing intent that accompanied Yi Yun’s gaze. Although the alliance tournament would not hold someone accountable if they did not have the intent to cause death, the killer would still be hated by others if someone really died.

A Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder disappeared and appeared on the stage. His face was sour as he pressed onto Kui Yu’s turtle shell puppet with one hand.


The turtle shell was removed by the Elder through some unknown technique.

At this moment, everyone could clearly see that Kui Yu’s chest had been penetrated straight through by the Sonic Deathblade.

His face was pale and his forehead was covered in sweat as his body slightly trembled.

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder’s face turned increasingly ugly.

He did not dare to rashly pull out the Sonic Deathblade. He placed one hand on Kui Yu’s chest, intending to inject Yuan Qi into him to extend his life.

At the same moment, he took out a sacred healing pill from his interspatial ring to feed Kui Yu.

However, the moment he rested his hand on Kui Yu’s chest, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder’s expression suddenly changed.


He realized that Yi Yun’s saber had pierced right through Kui Yu’s body, without causing much damage to his meridians, even his organs were intact.

Yi Yun’s saber had pierced through a narrow gap between Kui Yu’s heart and right lung.

Although it seemed to have pierced through his chest, he was not greatly injured.

“The saber pierced through the gap between the organs!?”

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder looked incredulously at Yi Yun.

The organs of a human body were basically stuck to each other. It was difficult to explain this phenomena just by luck.

The organs’ placement are slightly different in everybody’s body, so to avoid stabbing an organ was extremely difficult to do. Some saber users could sometimes do it with their intuition. However, just now, Kui Yu’s body had been hidden within his turtle shell puppet. Not even his position was clear, so how was Yi Yun able to attack him so precisely with his saber?

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder looked deeply at Yi Yun, “Yi Yun right? I will remember you!”

This Elder tapped on Kui Yu’s acupuncture points to stop the flowing blood.

“Can I pull away my blade?”

Yi Yun had opened his Purple Crystal’s energy vision in his attack. He was able to see the placement of Kui Yu’s organs, so although his attack looked fatal, Kui Yu was not severely injured at all.

“Hmph!” The Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder grunted as he flicked the blade with his fingers.


The Sonic Deathblade emitted a clear sound as it flew straight out and into Yi Yun’s hands.

Yi Yun wiped the blade with one hand, and all the blood on the Sonic Deathblade had been cleanly dropped off. Not a single blood drop was left on the blade.

A saber was chief amongst weapons. In terms of variations of moves, it was inferior to a sword, but in terms of attack power, it exceeded that of a sword.

In the countries of mortals, to prevent citizens from rebelling, sabers and crossbows were banned while swords and bows were permitted. This explained things clearly. In the hands of mortals, a saber’s destructive power exceeded that of a sword by a lot.

After Kui Yu was defeated, there were only five people left on the Yun Long Divine Kingdom side.

Yi Yun stood on the stage with the Sonic Deathblade in hand. His blade formed an angle with the ground as he waited for the next person to come on stage.

“Yun Long Divine Kingdom, who is fighting next?”

The referee shouted loudly on stage as he looked at the people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom.

Who should go up?

The few people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom looked at each other. They did not know who to send. Many of them were even weaker than Lin Tong.

As for Kui Yu, he was stronger than Lin Tong. In the previous small team matches, Kui Yu fought as the leader and defeated Qiuniu, proving his strength.

Yi Yun had instantly defeated Kui Yu, so if they were to go up, they would most likely end up worse than him.

Against such a strong opponent as Yi Yun, the people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom were experiencing tremendous pressure. With so many important figures focusing on them, not one of them wished to be tortured by Yi Yun on stage. It was a very embarrassing outcome.

“I’ll fight…”

At this moment, a deep voice said. Jun Yue stood up.

“Jun Yue…”

When they saw Jun Yue standing up, they clearly showed greater respect.

Jun Yue said, “The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom side still has three people who have not gone on stage. However, this group championship is eventually still a contest between me and Yi Yun.”

As he was speaking, Jun Yue had already walked up on the stage. He stood 100 feet away from Yi Yun.

“Jun Yue has gone on stage. The number one person amongst our Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s younger generation. To think that he went on stage so early… against Yi Yun…”

People originally thought that Jun Yue was the leader amongst their leaders. That he only needed to fight at the end, or might not even need to at all.

However, now, before even 15 minutes had passed, Jun Yue had already gone up on stage to have a showdown with Yi Yun.

And the outcome of this battle determined the group champion.

Jun Yue…

Yi Yun opened his Purple Crystal’s energy vision. In the Purple Crystal’s vision, Jun Yue’s body was surging with energy. Standing on stage, he looked like the bright moon in the night sky.

“Senior Yi, this person’s attainments in the Metal laws are extremely high. When fighting against him, be careful of the ground beneath you. He can control even the purple tungsten ground.”

At this moment, Wen Yu’s Yuan Qi transmission reached Yi Yun’s ear.

Yi Yun nodded slightly. The Yun Long Divine Kingdom was filled with elites. Their areas of expertise and their battle strategies were all different. To fight against them on the same stage benefited him by broadening his horizons.

“Jun Yue, just over fifteen years of age, and more than a year older than Yi Yun. You will need to suppress your cultivation level by half a small realm.” The referee in charge of the group match said.

Jun Yue’s cultivation level was at the peak of the early stages of the Yuan foundation realm. After suppressing it by half a small realm, he was still in the beginning stages of the Yuan foundation realm, which was still higher than Yi Yun’s.

Jun Yue nodded. Suppressing his cultivation level was very easy. It could accomplished by injecting a seal mark into his body.