True Martial World Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Qianshui Family Clan
Chapter 324: Qianshui Family Clan

As part of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royalty, Yang Qian was the second most important person in the Tai Ah Divine City for this alliance tournament. Yang Qian was always proud, but against someone from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, he held back his pride and focused all his spirit and mind.
Before the battle, he had also gathered information regarding the Yun Long Divine Kingdom geniuses.

However, as the alliance tournament had happened too suddenly, and due to the large distance between the Yun Long 72 Pagodas and the Tai Ah Divine City, it was difficult to obtain detailed information of the Yun Long 72 Pagodas in such a short time. Yang Qian was also unable to use the royal family’s powers, so whatever he gathered was just general information.

The general information he gathered that dealt with the Yun Long 72 Pagodas geniuses was extremely limited. Yang Qian only knew their weapons and commonly used attacks. As for their trump cards and killer moves, Yang Qian was also not able to probe in detail.

For example, the information on Jun Yue was very little. And it was same for the fatty in front of him.

Yang Qian only knew that this fatty came from a Divine wilderness mystic tribal clan. Anything related to the Divine wilderness tribal clans was not simple. They had unknown blood heritage and their tribe’s mystic techniques.

For example, Kui Yu, the puppet master from before was also from a Divine wilderness mystic tribe. But there was no doubt this fatty was much stronger than Kui Yu.

Although Yang Qian had not lost his presence in this battle, he knew that this battle would be extremely difficult.

“Let the match… begin!”

With the referee’s announcement, light circulated around Yang Qian’s body as a tiger appeared behind him. It was Yang Qian’s Aspect Totem.


The tiger roared as Yang Qian rushed forward. While moving forward, his body began burning with flames.

It was pure Yang flames.

As one of the elites of the Tai Ah Divine City and as a royal house member, Yang Qian’s core cultivation technique was also the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.

Compared to Yi Yun’s ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, Yang Qian’s ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was unable to conjure the Tang Valley Radiant Sun phantom image. However, with his cultivation level being at the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm, the pure Yang flames burning around his body encompassed an even greater area!


Slashing with his sword, the pure Yang flames flared. At the same time, the tiger behind Yang Qian charged at the fatty.

The tiger roared and swiped downwards with its sharp claws. The fatty grinned as he stretched out his right hand, and blocked the tiger’s claw attack with just his arm alone!

Courting death! Yang Qian’s expression revealed killing intent. This fatty obviously did not want his arm anymore by using it to block the Totem tiger’s sharp claws!


With a powerful impact, the fatty’s body shook as he took a half step back. He pressed his feet into the purple tungsten ground, creating a deep footprint.

The cloth on his arm was torn, but his arm remained fine.

The corners of fatty’s mouth formed a grin. He had really used his arm to block the Totem tiger’s attack!


Yang Qian was greatly alarmed. How was this possible? The totem tiger behind him was a mutated Golden Eyed Tiger. This kind of desolate beast’s strength was immense. It could smash a tiny mountain with a swipe of its claw. It was a strength that really could smashed a mountain!

The Aspect Totem behind him may be weaker than a real mutated Golden Eyed Tiger, but its attack was not something that a Yuan foundation realm warrior could withstand with his body.

Yang Qian believed that even Qin Haotian would not have such terrifying physical strength!

Could this be the mystic technique that belonged to the fatty’s Divine wilderness mystic tribe?

Yang Qian may have been awed by it, but his attack was treated seriously. He slashed with his sword as the pure Yang flames flared at the fatty.


The fatty clasped his two big hands together, clamping Yang Qian’s sword!


Yang Qian powered the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ to an extreme. The fatty may be able to block Yang Qian’s sword, but with the pure Yang flames flaring, he could not block the burning flames.

The flames engulfed his body. The fatty’s body was covered in flames. Even his hair began to burn.

However, the fatty began roaring with laughter within the fire.

“So this is your strength. It feels like a fire during winter. It’s pretty warm. Hahaha!”

Fatty’s laughter resounded through the arena. It was like a demonic curse when it entered Yang Qian’s ears. “How is this possible? He does not feel a thing with the pure Yang flames engulfing his body?”

What sort of Divine wilderness mystic technique was this? He could both block the mutated Golden Eyed Tiger’s sharp claws with his bare hands and laugh even while his body was engulfed in flames?

Yang Qian felt true fear. He felt that his opponent’s strength had gone far beyond his imagination.

And he did not even know what his opponent was relying on. Logic told him that it was impossible to have such a strong body, but it was happening right in front of his eyes.

Without understanding what mystic technique this fatty was relying on, Yang Qian knew that he was bound to lose. His strongest attack now couldn’t even hurt the fatty, while his opponent had not even used a weapon!

Yang Qian panicked. He used strength in both his hands and pulled his sword out from the fatty’s hands.

But fatty seemed to be invulnerable. His palms did not shed a single drop of blood.

“Tai Ah Sacred Technique – Radiant Sun Sword!”

Yang Qian’s sword swept up the flames, forming a golden Radiant Sun swirl as his sword stabbed straight at the fatty’s heart!

But the fatty only laughed. He did not dodge but instead, sent a palm towards Yang Qian!


The sword pierced through the fatty’s body, but at the same time, the palm had slammed onto Yang Qian’s chest.


Yang Qian felt a huge tremor in his chest as he flew backwards. In the air, he spit out a mouthful of blood.

On the other hand, the fatty’s body had been pierced through, however it was like as if nothing had happened. He grinned showing the blood in his mouth.

The fatty could still laugh with a sword stabbed through his body. The scene was extremely weird. His body shook a bit before he grabbed the sword with one hand. Bit by bit, he pulled out the burning hot sword.

“Good attack, too bad…It’s useless against me!”

The fatty wiped the blood off his lips. It was as if Yang Qian’s sword had never stabbed at him.

Seeing this scene, Yang Qian, who had always been extremely proud, nearly collapsed.

How could there be such an opponent? Did he have an undying body?

Could the Divine wilderness mystic technique be an undying body? How could an opponent with an undying body be defeated?

Yang Qian had never felt so powerless before.

“What’s the matter? The match has began a long time ago. What are they doing?”

In the arena, people were watching the “battle situation” on the Divine Wilderness Stage, but were confused.

After the referee declared the beginning of the match, Yang Qian and the fatty stood motionless about 30 feet apart.

The only change was a mystic mark that had appeared between the fatty’s eyebrows. The mystic mark sparkled and gave off an ancient mystic aura.

“Why are they just standing? Why aren’t they fighting?”

Some of the Tai Ah Divine City warriors asked. They were looking forward to an intense battle, but they were left scratching their heads with the actual situation.

But in the stands where the Tai Ah Divine City’s instructors and administrators sat, many of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom human lords had solemn expressions.

“The battle has long since begun…” A Tai Ah Divine City instructor said. His voice sounded worried, “That fatty’s move is an illusion technique. The situation is not good. Yang Qian is lost in the illusion technique.”

“Illusion technique?”

Many of the Tai Ah Divine City warriors were shocked hearing this. Attacking with illusion techniques?

There was such a move?

Some people suddenly recalled the mark between fatty’s eyebrows. Could the shimmering ancient mystic mark be the source of the illusion technique?

As they looked at Yang Qian again, his face was covered in sweat. The hand that was holding his sword was trembling slightly. It seemed like his mental condition was extremely unstable!

“This is bad!”

Although they did not know the actual situation an illusion technique duel entailed, just from Yang Qian’s condition, they knew that he could not hold on much longer.

Within the world of the illusion technique, the fatty was the absolute master. Once his opponents entered the illusion, they would fall under his control.

Whatever the fatty thought up in his mind, it would happen in the illusion. As such, in the illusion, the fatty was in an unassailable position!

“The Qianshui Family Clan really has matchless illusion techniques.” In the Elder stands, a white-robed Elder, who had the bearing of an immortal, stroked his beard and laughed happily.

“Of course. It is a pity the Qianshui family clan is so limited in numbers. In this generation, they do not have many people left. Some Divine wilderness mystic tribes have problems with reproduction due to their blood heritage.”

Another white-robed Elder added on. These two white-robed Elders were the ones who had disparaged Yi Yun previously, and also the two that had bickered with Cang Yan.

As they spoke, the two of them glanced at Cang Yan with smiles on their faces. Cang Yan had just given Yi Yun a token, allowing him to enter the sword tomb. He had just returned and had been targeted by the two white-robed old men.

The white-robed old men purposely reminded Cang Yan, “The greatest advantage of illusion techniques is that it ignores the opponent’s movement techniques, attack moves, cultivation techniques and laws. As long as the opponent’s mental strength and Yuan Qi is lacking, then just entering the illusion would render any move meaningless.”

Cang Yan understood the thoughts behind the two. They were hinting that Yi Yun’s cultivation level was limited, and it would be difficult for him to stay clear-minded in the illusion.

Cang Yan grunted and could not be bothered to reply. He grabbed a handful of Spirit Abutilon Seeds. As he was munching on it, he was also beginning to worry. If Yao Dao could not defeat this fatty, then what would be the outcome when Yi Yun were to duel this fatty in two days?

As Cang Yan was thinking, something happened on the Divine Wilderness Stage. Yang Qian’s body suddenly quivered as his nostrils and ears bled. His face was pale and his eyes listless. It seemed like his fighting spirit had been destroyed inside the illusion!

The fatty chuckled as he leapt forward. Like a violent bear, he rushed right in front of Yang Qian and sent a forceful punch right into Yang Qian’s chest!


With an explosive sound, Yang Qian’s sternum fractured. His body flew out, slamming heavily into the purple tungsten wall, immediately fainting.

Yang Qian could not withstand the double attack against his soul and body.

“Haha!” The fatty began laughing loudly. “It was so easy!”

With his illusion, the yellow-clothed fatty only used one move, other than the illusion technique, from beginning to end.

Immediately, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors in the audience erupted with cheers.

The fatty closed his eyes as he stretched out his arms to enjoy the cheers and shouting. This was his stage. This was his glory.

The fatty was intoxicated by the cheers the crowd gave him!