True Martial World Chapter 325

Chapter 325: The Memories of the Broken Sword
Chapter 325: The Memories of the Broken Sword

Below the Divine Wilderness Stage, Yang Qian slowly regained consciousness under the care of a few medical personnel. He was still coughing incessantly as he weakly said, “Sorry…”

The proud Yang Qian felt ashamed at this moment. The gap in strength between him and the fatty in yellow was too great. Being unguarded against illusions, he had fallen into the fatty’s illusion, causing him to lose terribly.

Beside Yang Qian stood a young man, Yao Dao.

Yao Dao was silent. As he looked at the fatty on-stage who was enjoying the cheers of the crowd, his gaze turned grim.

The fatty was older than him, and his cultivation level was higher than his. Fighting him was very tricky!

Yao Dao was full of confidence regarding his saber techniques, but Yao Dao had never undergone training to combat in an illusionary world.

This fatty was the first illusion warrior Yao Dao had ever met.

Fighting in an illusion was completely different from actual fighting. Without experience, he was bound to suffer.

Now, Yao Dao felt like he had just mastered his saber techniques and had challenged an expert without having any combat experience.

Everything had to be discovered on his own.

“Yao Dao, just do your best.”

Yao Dao’s instructor, who was standing beside him, pat him on the shoulders.

Yao Dao nodded. Before the competition, he had never expected his opponent to turn out this way. He had originally looked forward to a stormy duel, but things did not go according to his wishes.

Yao Dao carried his saber up onto the Divine Wilderness Stage. The fatty who was across him revealed a playful smile, “Yet another one. Interesting.”

“Cut the crap. Let’s fight!”

The moment he finished saying that, Yao Dao circulated his Yuan Qi and began focusing his mind, in preparation to withstand the fatty’s illusion attack.

The fatty laughed as he slowly took out a gourd from his interspatial ring.

The gourd was small and about a foot tall. It was dark gold in color.


Yao Dao focused his mind as his right hand griped his saber’s hilt tightly. The fatty did not take out a gourd when he was fighting Yang Qian.

Or could this scene of the fatty taking out the gourd be an illusion?

At that moment, Yao Dao hesitated attacking the fatty. He was afraid that he would fall into the illusion the moment he moved and end up in a pointless battle with the fatty inside of the illusionary world. If that happened, he was bound to lose!

But he could not just stand there watching. It was equivalent to letting the fatty use his mystic techniques. Yao Dao had a hunch that whatever was within the gourd was extremely dangerous. If he allowed the fatty to use it, only grim possibilities awaited him.

Upon thinking of this, Yao Dao suddenly bit the tip of his tongue. By biting his tongue, the pain would allow him to wake up.

“How can I be so timid? The battle has not even begun and I have lost my fighting spirit. How can I hesitate attacking my enemy just because I’m afraid of the illusion!?”

All these thoughts appeared in Yao Dao’s mind. He was suddenly enlightened. As a saber user, one had to foremost press forward with indomitable will. He calmed his mind and his saber Qi exploded to slice through all that was unreal!


Yao Dao charged forward, and with his narrow saber in hand, he slashed at the fatty.

And at this moment, the fatty pulled out the gourd’s stopper. Rainbow-colored smoke emitted from the gourd like a thin veil.

“Using the Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke against you is because I, the Fat Lord, thinks highly of you. You should be proud to lose in the Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke!”

The Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke instantly thickened, covering everyone’s vision. It formed a barrier on the stage. Everything inside could no longer be seen.

In the stands, the audience were staring widely with their eyes open, afraid to miss a single scene.

However, they could not see a thing.

The Tai Ah Divine City warriors were extremely nervous. They were worried for Yao Dao, and did not know what the outcome would be.

Yao Dao was the only person left in the Tai Ah Divine City’s young adult division. The moment he lost, their Tai Ah Divine City young adult division would suffer a terrible failure!

In the sword tomb, Yi Yun was sitting crossed legged. On his lap was a broken sword covered in patches of rust. This sword was the one Yi Yun had taken out from the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

Yi Yun had tried to learn the way of the sword for nearly a year. He had come up with numerous scenarios and simulations in his mind regarding the huge sword scar left in the Pure Yang Sword Palace, but up to this day, he still had a vague feeling whenever he recalled the sword scar.

It was as if there was something hiding the sword scar when he tried to recall it, preventing him from identifying it.

Today, Yi Yun was still maintaining his cross-legged posture. Subconsciously, he had entered a state of forgetting everything else. It seemed like there was a heavy mist in his mind.

Yi Yun tried hard to see through it and when the mist slowly dissipated, he saw blurry figures.

Oh? This is…

Yi Yun mind lit up. He had never seen this scene before.

Amongst the figures was a man holding a sword. He was brandishing his sword without thought and every sword beam that slashed out had the power to destroy celestial bodies and cut open the Heavens.

The scene was in complete chaos. At times it was clear, but at other times, it was blurry. Yi Yun could not see the opponent of the sword-wielding man. He only felt that the chaotic battle was earth-shattering.

At this moment, a giant appeared high in the sky.

This giant was as if he was casted out of bronze. His body was like a vast mountain, emitting a suffocating aura. It was as if he was a divine spirit that came from the Nine Heavens, a controller of the Heaven and Earth, a proud being over all existence.

He held in his hand a humongous bronze halberd. Just brandishing the halberd caused the world to fracture!

This shocking crack spread through the ground, all the way to the oceans and sky!

The oceans ripped apart as the sea water formed numerous huge whirlpools. Everything that entered the crack disappeared till the oceans was completely dried up. Following that, the sky tore apart. Eventually, a complete world had been ripped apart by the giant!

A halberd attack that could split an entire world!

Yi Yun was greatly shocked. What sort of existence was this giant?

He did not have time to think carefully as light began to distort. In the blurriness, he saw the sword-wielding man turn into a beam of light as he flew towards the bronze giant.

At that moment, the man and his sword had combined into one.

The sword beam flashed past and the man stabbed the bronze giant’s neck, almost to the point of cutting off the bronze giant’s head!

Yi Yun’s pupils constricted. This attack was too terrifying!

The giant’s strength was able to split a world apart with his halberd. Now, his head had nearly been chopped off by the man’s sword?

Next, Yi Yun seemed to hear a “ping” sound. The man’s sword had broken because of the enormous impact!

The man was left with half a broken sword in his hand. Because it had been stained by the bronze giant’s blood, it was slowly being corroded, emitting trails of green smoke.

The divine sword was originally covered in flowing light, but now the light rapidly disappeared. The sword seemed to have a life of its own as it issued out painful cries.

The bronze giant, whose head had nearly been chopped off, also let out a painful roar. He swiped his halberd towards the sword-wielding man!

The halberd flooded Yi Yun’s vision. He could only vaguely see the sword-wielding man being hit by the halberd and his body flying out. His body even flew out of this world.

And this world also shattered with the bronze giant’s second attack.

An entire corner of a world peeled off and left the world’s main body as it drifted into the endless universe…

Following that, this corner of the world experienced a long and aimless drifting through the universe…

And that broken sword was left in that world.

It had already completely lost its spiritual essence. As it was corroded by the bronze giant’s blood, its surface began to rust.

Rust kept building up and soon, this broken sword was covered in rust, and looked no different from a piece of junk metal…

From the beginning to the end, Yi Yun was like a spectator of this world. He had silently witnessed everything.

He saw the river of time flow as he saw seas change into mulberry fields…

Yi Yun did not know how long he spent in his vision. He seemed to experience numerous lifetimes that lacked any emotion, and only after leading a long and callous life did he somehow suddenly awaken.

The awoken Yi Yun was covered in cold sweat. The dreary life he experienced refreshed his memory. He felt like he had turned into a lifeless stone residing in that world, which did nothing but be a witness.

Yi Yun looked towards a wall corner. The oil lamps were still silently burning in the chamber. From the amount of oil that was consumed, he estimated that he had only spent about an hour throughout that experience.

But in the dream, Yi Yun felt like he had experienced thousands of years.

Yi Yun lowered his head as he pondered. He looked towards his knees and there laid the broken sword motionless on his lap.

The patches of rust covered the entire blade. Vaguely, Yi Yun could see a few brown spots on the broken sword. Around the spots, there was clearly more rust.

Were these spots left behind by the bronze giant’s dried up blood?

The scenes in his vision seemed to be the origins of the broken sword…

And the corner of the world that the bronze giant ripped off with his large halberd must have been the world that had drifted amongst the stars for a long period of time before crashing into this world. It was the so-called meteorite that fell into Fallen Star Gate?

Normal warriors believed that a meteorite had crashed into Fallen Star Gate, while there were reclusive family clans that thought that it was a mystic cave.

But no matter what they believed, it was not right.

It was a corner of a world that a bronze giant had cut off.

Yi Yun’s mind became clearer. He finally understood that the vision he previously saw was the memories of the sword.

A sword could also have memories?

Yi Yun lifted up the broken sword from his lap as he examined it from all angles.

No matter how he examined it, the sword was like a piece of scrap metal. It was unbelievable that before it lost its spiritual essence, it was the sword of a peerless expert that could kill gods.

Could the sword-wielding man be the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner…?

Many thoughts flashed past Yi Yun’s mind. It was hard to believe what sort of martial arts realm the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner and that bronze giant had reached.

After being hit by the bronze giant’s blow, did the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner die?

That terrible blow could ever shatter a world, and with the tens of millions of years, the odds of him still being alive were low.

If he was still alive, how could he ignore the Pure Yang Sword Palace?

It was such a pity for this peerless expert!