True Martial World Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Overall Group Match Begins
Chapter 326: Overall Group Match Begins

With the broken sword in hand, Yi Yun injected his spiritual energy into the sword as he stood up to obtain the memories from the sword.

He began brandishing the sword slowly, as if he was immersed in that dream-like spiritual world.

The sword-wielding man’s attack that cut the bronze giant’s neck was naturally much clearer than the sword scars left in the Pure Yang Sword Palace. Yi Yun just needed to recall it as it was now a clear memory in his mind.

Looking at a sword scar to learn an attack was naturally limited. But having seen the attack personally, and having the scenes of the sword attack imprinted into his mind, it was completely different.

Yi Yun slowly entered that mysterious state again. He wandered around that dream-like world and he could faintly feel that the things he had previously not understood become clearer.

So that was how it was…

Yi Yun muttered to himself. He did not know how much time had passed when suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from outside the sword tomb.

The sound of the footsteps were very soft, but they had a rhythm to it. The interval between each step was like clockwork precision. It was the footsteps of an expert.

Cang Yan…

Yi Yun knew who the owner of the footsteps was immediately.

Yi Yun was surprised that he could hear the footsteps from inside the sword tomb. It was fascinating.

This was because the sword tomb’s door isolated the sword tomb from the exterior world once it was closed.

And not only could he hear the footsteps, he was even able to identify the owner of those footsteps.

“This kid still hasn’t come out yet.”

Outside the sword tomb, Cang Yan began talking to himself in an annoyed manner.

There were only two hours left till the beginning of the overall group match. Every time Yi Yun entered the sword tomb, he will lose track of time, requiring Cang Yan to remind him.

But, Cang Yan was afraid of disturbing Yi Yun. Warriors were most afraid of being disturbed when they were cultivating.

Just as Cang Yan was looking at the hourglass, the sword tomb’s door suddenly opened.

Yi Yun appeared by the door, “The overall group matches are beginning?”

Yi Yun was able to hear the words Cang Yan was saying to himself from inside the sword tomb.

Cang Yan was stumped for a while before saying snappily, “You sure are on time, you seemed to be in the right place to catch that. Almost everyone is at the arena now. There are still two hours left. You can still meditate and rest for a while to adjust your condition. Your opponent today is very strong, extremely strong!”

Cang Yan used two consecutive “strong” words to describe the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s overall group match opponent.

“This old man doesn’t expect you to become the champion, and I only want you to fight to show our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s forceful stance, lest those sons-of-bi*ches continue being so complacent in front of me!”

Cang Yan looked pissed. He was in a bad mood after those two white-robed Elders nipped at him.

“I got it.” Yi Yun responded tersely as if his mind was still wandering. He was still immersed in gaining insight of the Sword Intent, so he could not help it.

Seeing Yi Yun not taking it at heart, Cang Yan turned despondent, “Kid, what are you thinking? The entire Tai Ah Divine City’s hopes for the overall group match are resting on your shoulders.”

“Kid, let me tell you. The Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s young adult group has several people who are very strong. If you can just beat any one of those strong ones, or win five consecutive matches, I will get the City Lord to give you a saber!”

Cang Yan felt that Yi Yun was like a rabbit who did not worry until it saw an eagle coming, so he decided to bait him with some attractive prizes.

“Saber?” Yi Yun was slightly stunned.

Cang Yan smiled mysteriously, “Don’t be deceived by the City Lord’s scholarly appearance. He actually uses a saber. And the City Lord loves to collect all sorts of treasured sabers. His personal arsenal is filled with great sabers. If you can win five consecutive matches, you can pick any saber!”

“The City Lord’s collection?”

Yi Yun was tempted. The Sonic Deathblade he was currently using was taken from the Tai Ah Divine City’s armory. Although it was a good saber, it was much worse compared to those the City Lord collected.

He already had the mysterious broken sword, and as for his saber, it was indeed normal.

If he had a good saber to help him in his battles, his combat powers would go another step further!

But…actually, the broken sword was not something that could see the light of day. Yi Yun did not dare use it easily as it was one of his absolute trump cards. Therefore, he was lacking a sword as well.

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun glanced at Cang Yan, and grinned, “About that…Senior Cang Yan, why not give me a sword too. Elder Jian Ge likes collecting swords, right?”

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words, Cang Yan’s beard went diagonal with a quirk of his lips, “Kid, you sure take a yard when given an inch! You aren’t even at the Yuan foundation realm and you want to keep two sage-level weapons. Aren’t you afraid people will eye them!? With your current strength, you can’t even use the power of a sage-level weapon!” Cang Yan said unhappily.

But upon saying that, he changed his mind and said, “Hmph, if you win, so what if I want to give you a good sword. Don’t even talk about that old kid, Jian Ge’s collection, even if you want the sword in Jian Ge’s hands, I’ll grab it for you!”

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s honor was on the line for this battle. Although sage-level sabers and swords were precious, rewarding Yi Yun with them was not a big deal.

But Cang Yan knew that it was not easy for Yi Yun to beat any of those strong experts, or to win 5 consecutive matches!

If Yi Yun did well, the opponent will realize his outstanding strength and send an expert to end Yi Yun’s winning streak.

With Cang Yan’s guarantee, Yi Yun smiled, “Then this junior thanks Senior Cang Yan.”

Seeing Yi Yun smiling, Cang Yan rolled his eyes. This kid even thanked him. Did he really think that sword and saber were already his?

Yi Yun followed Cang Yan to the arena. The overall group matches were about to begin!

Yi Yun arrived at the participant benches. Chu Xiaoran was also there. For the Tai Ah Divine City overall group matches, only Yi Yun and Chu Xiaoran had the participating qualifications.

But not much could be expected of Chu Xiaoran’s strength. Basically, only Yi Yun could fight.

Glancing at his opponents, there were 15 people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom!

Other than the weakest young adult team having lost and being eliminated previously, every person from the other groups were present from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom.

They still had their full lineup after the young adult group match?

Yi Yun was surprised and he asked Chu Xiaoran who was beside him, “Xiaoran, wasn’t there a young adult match before the overall group match? Our Tai Ah Divine City’s Yao Dao and Yang Qian had fought. Both of them are very strong, but they could not defeat a single person from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom?”

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s question, Chu Xiaoran smiled bitterly, “The person they fought against was that fatty in yellow. He is proficient in using illusions. Yang Qian did not understand the situation and got hit with fatty’s illusions, resulting in his immediate defeat.”

“As for Yao Dao, he was in a better condition. He used his saber intent to break through the fatty’s illusions and slashed at the fatty thrice. Although the fatty had managed to dodge the slashes, preventing damage to any of his vital parts, he was still quite injured.”

“But the fatty is older than Yao Dao, and his cultivation level is higher. He used a gourd’s weird smoke, called Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke. The Wolf Smoke was very weird, it could form into an illusion barrier. Within the Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke array, Yao Dao was unable to keep his mind absolutely clear, so he was eventually defeated by the fatty.”

“Illusion?” Yi Yun thought for a while. He never expected that humans could use illusions as an attack.

It was not much different from the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s powers.

Back when Yi Yun first met the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, he had been hit by the herb’s illusion and nearly fell off a cliff.

Yao Dao was a very strong saber user. Although he was inferior to Qin Haotian, Li Xiao and company, he could not be defeated so easily. A person like Yao Dao, who faithfully trained the way of the saber, would have very strong martial arts conviction.

But even so, he still succumbed to the fatty’s illusion. From this, it was indeed true that the fatty was outstanding.

Yi Yun subconsciously looked towards the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s small groups and met the fatty’s gaze.

The fatty was leaning on a chair with his hand supporting his chin. He was looking at Yi Yun with great interest. That gaze looked like a hunter having seen his prey.

“Really interesting.”

The fatty began to laugh. Yesterday, he had met the one-armed man once again. This time, the one-armed man had offered a greater reward to get the fatty to maim Yi Yun.

The fatty was proficient in illusions, which was a spiritual mental attack. The souls of humans are very fragile, so once they get injured, they are very difficult to treat.

So whenever spiritual mental attacks were involved, it could easily hurt others, but it was also easy to have the attack reverse back at the caster.

In the illusionary world, it was not difficult to cause permanent damage to the other party’s soul.

The fatty did not care who the one-armed man was, but he was swayed by the high price the one-armed man offered. Hence, he did not mind doing so. After all, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom was a rival faction of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

“That fatty is targeting me!”

Yi Yun frowned slightly. At this moment, the fatty’s Yuan Qi voice transmission came into Yi Yun’s ears, “This Fat Lord will be the first one fighting. Have you gotten any information about this Fat Lord from the babe beside you? I recommend you to gather as much intelligence as possible, if not, in the match, you might just die without knowing why.”

Hearing the fatty’s words, Yi Yun hesitated for a while before scrunching of his eyebrows. He gave of a helpless looks. This fatty sure felt good about himself.

“I’ve asked. I heard you use illusion, I’m actually quite afraid.”


The fatty frowned as he sat up straight. He stared at Yi Yun from a distance more than a hundred feet away.

He stared at Yi Yun for more than the time it takes for 10 breaths before suddenly laughing, “Newborn calves sure aren’t afraid of tigers. Who gave you this courage?”

The fatty’s cultivation level was at the peak of the mid-stages of the Yuan foundation realm, and he was just a bit short of entering the late stages of the Yuan foundation realm.

During the match, the fatty had to suppress his cultivation level to the early stages of the Yuan foundation realm due to the age difference, but his illusions did not need to be suppressed. There was not much difference using illusions at the early stages of the Yuan foundation realm.

This was also the source of the fatty’s confidence.

He was not good at actual fighting, but he could prevent enemies, who were good at actual fighting, from showcasing their strength.

This was the fatty’s ability.

Yi Yun could not be bothered with the fatty as he began meditating. As he digested the insights gained from the sword tomb, he adjusted his breathing, pushing his condition to its peak before the match began.

At this moment, the Tai Ah Divine City referee had walked up the Divine Wilderness Stage. The overall group matches had officially began!