True Martial World Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Yi Yun vs Qianshui
Chapter 327: Yi Yun vs Qianshui

“Today is the overall group competition and it is also the last competition! The group champion will win 10 seats! Tai Ah Divine City’s fighters, Yi Yun, Chu Xiaoran! Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s fighters, Bai, Feng Lin….”

On the Divine Wilderness Stage, the referee announced each and every name of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s warriors. There was a total of 15 names and the Yun Long Divine Kingdom crowd would loudly cheer as every name was read out. As that happened, the Tai Ah Divine City’s warriors became even more solemn with every readout name.

There were just too many people left standing on the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s side for the competition.

After the referee finished announcing the names, he carried on, “Next, may the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warriors come up on stage!”

After the referee said that, the fatty dressed in yellow jumped up on stage from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s side.

He was holding the dark gold gourd in his hand. As he raised the gourd high up, he loudly screamed. His presence was domineering!

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience was riled up as they started shouting back, “Qianshui! Qianshui!”

The fatty stretched out his arms and closed both his eyes. He was enjoying the cheers and screams of the audience. As a member of the Qianshui family clan, he enjoyed the infinite glory he got from allowing his surname to reverberate within the Tai Ah Divine City’s arena.

The cheers lasted for a long time, when they ended the fatty lowered his head slightly and looked at Yi Yun with a provocative smile.

“Yi Yun, I will go up first!” Chu Xiaoran said to Yi Yun. She knew that it was impossible for her to win against fatty, but at least she could share some of Yi Yun’s burden. By scouting the battle ahead, she could allow for Yi Yun to gain a better understanding of the fatty’s fighting techniques.

“There is no need. I alone will be enough for this overall group competition.”

Yi Yun’s words stunned Chu Xiaoran, “Yi Yun, you want to fight against all of them alone?”

Yi Yun said, “Actually… Not all of them will fight. Except for a few people, the rest are just there to make the numbers and can simply be ignored.”


Chu Xiaoran was speechless. At this moment, Yi Yun had already walked up on the Divine Wilderness Stage.

“Yi Yun! Yi Yun!”

In the arena, there were also people from Tai Ah Divine City shouting for Yi Yun. Although this was the overall group competition and the hopes of the Tai Ah Divine City winning were slim they could not lose their stance, even if they lost the match. Having more people, the Tai Ah Divine City’s cries managed to drown the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s cheers.”

“It’s useless to shout with that much strength. Although Yi Yun is not bad, his abilities will be suppressed by Qianshui and he will not be able to use them at all.” a Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder said unhappily upon seeing the Tai Ah Divine City’s cheers drown out the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s cheers.

Yi Yun’s strength came from his ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ and his Saber Dao.

However, fighting against Qianshui, what mattered most was the depth of one’s Yuan Qi and the strength of one’s spiritual mind.

There were only two ways in which Yi Yun could turn the tables. Either Yi Yun’s cultivation level had to be higher than Qianshui, so that he could use his thick Yuan Qi to withstand the illusion technique, or he had to have strong spiritual mental powers so that he would not be affected by the illusion technique.

And for these two conditions, the former was not even up for consideration as Yi Yun was still not at the Yuan foundation realm, the depth of his Yuan Qi was inferior to Qianshui’s.

As for spiritual mental powers, Qianshui had cultivated the Qianshui clan’s mystic technique, which was a mystic technique that focused on training one’s spiritual mental powers. So, his spiritual mental powers were much stronger than his peers, even more so when compared to a younger Yi Yun. Why would Yi Yun, a saber user, specifically train his spiritual mental powers?

Yi Yun’s saber techniques and cultivation techniques had no effects in a illusion technique battle.

This was the reason why Qianshui was so confident in himself. No matter how peerless your saber techniques were, so what if you could conjure a Tang Valley phantom image for your ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’? Once you get lost in the illusion, none of those abilities could be used effectively.

Although Qianshui was confident, he did not underestimate Yi Yun. He took out the golden gourd from the beginning and planned to use the Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke.

“Yi Yun! You are sure to lose!”

When the referee announced the beginning of the match, the fatty immediately opened up a distance and pulled out the stopper of the golden gourd. Right after, the Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke emanated out from it. It was like a colorful cloud.

The illusion only needed an instance to activate. It was impossible to use the short time gap to attack the fatty.

“Yi Yun, preserve your mind. Do not fall under the influence of the illusion. Attack with your saber and finish off the fatty. He is not good at actual fighting, so if you were to inject the strongest combat power of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ into your attack, just one attack alone will secure your victory!”

Cang Yan’s Yuan Qi transmission rang in Yi Yun’s ear. The old man’s voice sounded anxious.

“Got it.”

Yi Yun responded tersely. He closed his eyes as his body was slowly covered by the Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke.

“If you think closing your eyes is of any use, then you are too naive!” The fatty grinned. Between his eyebrows was a glimmering ancient mystic mark. This was the Qianshui clan’s symbol and was also the source of the illusion.

Under the shimmering of the mysterious mark, the Seven Illusion Wolf Smoke completed the forming of its barrier. The Divine Wilderness Stage was completely blocked off as the fatty pushed his illusion to the extreme.

At this moment, Yi Yun still remained motionless.

The fatty did not lie. One could not withstand the Qianshui clan’s illusions even with their eyes closed.

Yi Yun saw that he had arrived in the desolate wilderness. This place looked familiar and resembled Meteorite Abyss when Yi Yun was out training in the Divine wilderness. And right in front of Yi Yun was a huge mutated Three-Eyed Spider!

This mutated Three-Eyed Spider was staring at Yi Yun with its three red eyes. Its mouth constantly dripped with saliva while its two fangs reflected a cold beam.

“Mutated Three-Eyed Spider…This is a desolate beast I have seen before. It is also a terrifying monster that I could not defeat back then. The Qianshui clan’s illusions can dig up my memories of terrifying existences.”

Yi Yun’s spiritual mental powers and Yuan Qi were indeed weaker than the fatty’s, so he was not able to shake off the influence caused by the illusion. However, Yi Yun’s mind was clear, and he would not succumb to the illusion.

Actually, the fatty’s illusion technique had not yet reached the ultimate realm. If so, he could easily cause his opponent to be lost in the illusion, and kills in the illusion would be reflected in reality.

However, even so, the fatty’s illusion technique was still very deadly.

It was equivalent to cutting off the five senses of a warrior. Even if you knew that you were in an illusion, even if you knew everything in front of you was fake, you would not be able to do anything about it.

You would see the things in the illusion coming forth to kill you. At that moment, no matter how you resisted, you would not be able to break out of the illusion.

As for the fatty who was outside the illusion, he could attack at anytime, killing you in one strike.

At this moment, Yi Yun was standing silently in the illusionary world. No matter how much the mutated Three-Eyed Spider growled, he remained motionless.

Yi Yun had opened his Purple Crystal energy vision before the fatty activated his illusion.

In the energy vision, all sorts of illusions lost their meaning. Yi Yun was able to directly see the origin of the energy flows within this world.

He clearly saw, in his energy vision, that the fatty was huddled in one corner. His energy was not strong and was weaker than Jun Yue’s.

Yi Yun even saw thread-like energies flowing from the fatty’s body. It was likely that these energies were responsible for conjuring up the illusions.

“The Qianshui clan’s illusion technique is different from the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng’s illusions, but they still have the same effect.”

Many thoughts flashed past Yi Yun’s mind. Back when he captured the primordial herb, the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, he had used the Purple Crystal to see through its illusions, enabling him to lock onto its position.

As for the fatty’s illusion technique, it was actually slightly worse than the primordial herb’s. It was completely ineffective against Yi Yun.

Yi Yun stood there without a single motion. His right hand silently pressing over his interspatial ring.

Next, he allowed the fake mutated Three-Eyed Spider to attack at him.


The mutated Three-Eyed Spider passed right through his body and disappeared like the wind.

Seeing Yi Yun’s reaction, the fatty laughed.

“I was pondering over the reason why you were so arrogant. So it is because you think that my illusions will be useless against you if you closed your eyes and remained motionless by not attacking or defending, letting the illusions attack you. It’s ridiculously funny! The attacks within the illusion are indeed fake, but some attacks are real!”

The fatty laughed out loudly as he took out an axe from his interspatial ring. He was not afraid to let Yi Yun hear his words as Yi Yun’s five senses were being controlled by the illusion technique. Yi Yun was unable to hear a single thing.

The fatty played with his Soul Cutting Axe as he slowly walked towards Yi Yun. The axe was very short and there was an extremely hideous, ghastly face drawn on the handle.

“By falling into my illusion, you will lose your body’s ability to resist. Let me use my Soul Cutting Axe to send you on your way!”

The fatty laughed. The axe could be injected with spiritual mental energy. Although he was not good at actual fighting, he could imbue a spiritual attack into his physical attack. One attack could severely injure his opponent’s spiritual soul, making his opponent turn into a retard.

He purposely measured Yi Yun’s neck and head with the axe, as if he was choosing his angle of attack. Attacking Yi Yun now was no different than attacking a motionless straw target.

Seeing the fatty gain complete control over the situation to the point of freely choosing the angle of his attack, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors off-stage turned excited.

“Qianshui! Qianshui!”

They shouted loudly as their emotions amplified in excitement.

“Qianshui! Chop off the kid’s head!”

“Qianshui! Cut him to pieces!”

Many of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors were standing up due to their excitement. They were waving their arms. Some even drew their weapons and gestured motions that resembled the act of cutting off Yi Yun’s head.

With the Soul Cutting Axe in hand, the fatty raised both his hands to enjoy the cheers. Following that, his eyes immediately turned cold as intense killing intent appeared in his gaze towards Yi Yun.

“Kid, don’t blame this Fat Lord.”

The fatty grinned as he leaped up to charge at Yi Yun!

His fat body began moving and he looked like a bouncing ball. His speed was not very fast, but there was no need for speed as his opponent could not dodge.

The fatty rushed right in front of Yi Yun and he injected spiritual mental energy into the Soul Cutting Axe, making it emit a black light. The ghastly face on the handle began to emit wailing sounds that were like a ghost crying!

At this moment, the referee in charge of this match turned nervous. He was, after all, a Tai Ah Divine City law-enforcer, so he was worried that the fatty would heavily injure Yi Yun on purpose. He was prepared to make a move at anytime to save Yi Yun. This was instructed to him by Cang Yan as Cang Yan had to guard against the fatty’s strange illusion techniques.

However, just as the referee was about to make his move, he was stunned. In his extreme focused spiritual perception, he suddenly noticed that Yi Yun’s body was circulating immense amounts of Yuan Qi. It was as if a calm pool of spring water had suddenly transformed into a violent vortex!

At that instant, the Soul Cutting Axe’s black light seemed to stall. The originally motionless Yi Yun reflected in the fatty’s eyes suddenly opened both his eyes.

Yi Yun’s gaze contained a hint of sneer and sinister playfulness.


The fatty’s grin immediately froze. He was like a mortal who was sneaking up on a tiger and, when he raised his metal fork, the tiger suddenly woke up.

Yi Yun’s right hand, which had been constantly pressing on his interspatial ring, suddenly sprang up and in his hand appeared a cold metallic brick.

Everything happened in a split second!

Yi Yun suddenly took a step forward and with his Yuan Qi exploding, the pure Yang Qi from the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was injected into the brick. The pure Yang flames burned as the brick came crashing down at the fatty’s head.

The fatty momentarily went into a daze. Although he was not good at actually fighting, as long as he was mentally prepared, he could dodge, but… Yi Yun’s sudden attack had exceeded all his expectations and understandings. This resulted in Yi Yun’s attack completing about half its trajectory before the fatty suddenly woke up from his daze to retreat.

However, it was already too late!

How could the fatty’s speed compare with Yi Yun’s?

Yi Yun quickly caught up and, like a maggot that could not be shaken, the brick hit the fatty’s oily forehead!


A thud boomed out and people heard the unmistakable crack of a skull fracture. The fatty’s body bounced off as if it was a ball that had impacted a wall. He then flew out tens of meters before heavily crashing into a purple tungsten wall.


Like the sound of a dead pig crashing down from a high height, the fatty’s body was like a large pancake that slapped onto the wall. After a few seconds, his body slowly slid down to the ground.

Left behind on the purple tungsten wall were gruesome blood stains. The fatty’s face was covered in blood with his eyes staring wide open. His expression was that of seeing a ghost.

Yi Yun’s attack had been too sudden. The final explosive attack at the last moment was Fast! Accurate! Ruthless! It did not give the fatty any chance of dodging.

Around the Divine Wilderness Stage, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience were like roosters who had their necks squeezed. The cheering stopped as the cacophony of voices turned into complete silence that resembled that of a graveyard. All of this happened in a second.

They were still maintaining their standing positions with their arms high up in the air. Their expressions were that of excitement as if they were waiting to see the mayhem that was to occur. All of that had been frozen on their faces. However, the mayhem that happened did not befall on Yi Yun, but instead it befell the unlucky fatty.

A group of people seemed to turn into a row of standing zombies. They were silent, stiff and twisting.

The reversal had happened too fast. They had yet to understood what had actually happened.

This included the Tai Ah Divine City’s warriors who were also confounded. They did not understand how Yi Yun won. Was the fatty’s illusion useless against Yi Yun? Even Yao Dao could not break through the illusions, so how was Yi Yun able to do so?

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