True Martial World Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Jade Maiden 18 Swords
Chapter 329: Jade Maiden 18 Swords

“Yi Yun, I never expected that in my trip to the Tai Ah Divine City, my first battle would be against you, a fourteen year old child.”

Feng Lin looked at Yi Yun as she slowly took her palatial gown off.

Feng Lin’s body was slender and she was an elite of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom. Although she wore a tight combat attire under her palatial gown and wasn’t revealing anything provocative, the blood of the hot-blooded teenagers present started pulsating through their veins upon seeing the stripping scene.

Some of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s youths even started cheering loudly, shouting out Feng Lin’s name.

Feng Lin was very popular in the Yun Long 72 Pagodas. She was the object of admiration for many of the male cultivators.

Feng Lin was different from Fatty Qianshui as she did not have the slightest reaction to the cheers. She was only looking at Yi Yun. At this moment, Feng Lin had already appeared in her combat attire that clung closely to her body, perfectly showcasing her relatively well-developed mature figure.

She slowly took out a broad and tall, ice-blue metal box from her interspatial ring.

There was a slender, foot-long sword hilt on the top of the ice-blue metal box.

It was a sword case.

The sword case was wider than Feng Lin’s waist and it almost looked like a door. It did not match Feng Lin’s figure.

Yi Yun looked carefully at the weapon, “Truly… an exotic weapon, but… you seem to be older than me by only a few years.”

Yi Yun found it amusing. This bunch of elites liked to act older than they were. Just because they were a few years older, they would label others as children. However, it was likely that, as the leader of these people, this young girl was used to being a young leader and considered herself mature.

“My sword, is actually not exotic…”

As Feng Lin said that, she lightly pressed on the sword hilt as if activating a mechanism. With a soft “Ka” sound, the sword case opened and numerous small sword cases popped out of the main sword case as they split into two sides.

There were a total of 18 sword cases and they formed into a semicircle, like a peacock’s tail. Every sword case had a sword hilt to it.

“Oh? This is…”

Yi Yun looked at the ice-blue, fan-shaped sword cases. These weapons seemed very gaudy.

A single person using 18 swords? Why did the people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom like to use so many swords?

Feng Lin smiled, “My swords are different…”

As she said that, she gently pulled out a sword. This sword case was made of an unknown metal which was ice-blue in color, and so was the sword itself. The sword was about four feet long and the blade was not more than three fingers wide. On the blade, there were blue lines resembling ice cracks, making it extremely beautiful.

Feng Lin said, “Usually when I fight others, using up to my fourth sword will be enough. Today, I have to suppress my cultivation level to the early stage of the Yuan foundation realm while fighting you. I wonder how many swords I will need? I might even need to use all of them.”

As Feng Lin said that, her figure moved, and an unbelievable scene occurred. Behind Feng Lin, water vapor started concealing her, causing her figure to turn blurry, as if she was conjuring many phantom images.

After that, those phantom images suddenly turned into real bodies as they walked out one by one from behind Feng Lin. These girls were identical to Feng Lin, as if she was part of multiple births.


Yi Yun was shocked. What sort of cultivation technique was this? Cloning technique?

A person could suddenly split into so many people?

Yi Yun knew that these were not after-images formed from extreme speed but actual bodies!

Every Feng Lin was identical in terms of clothes and dressing. They all came before a fan-shaped sword case and pulled out a sword.

In a split moment, there were 9 Feng Lins standing in front of Yi Yun, each with a sword in hand.

“For this battle, let’s begin with 9 swords!”

The 9 Feng Lins held up their swords and a row of flashes from the ice-blue swords’ ice fragment cracks was reflected, creating a dazzling scene.

“Yi Yun, this is a water-elemental mirror-image.” Cang Yan’s Yuan Qi transmission rang in Yi Yun’s ear.

“Oh? Water-elemental mirror image?” Yi Yun was shocked. The water-elemental laws of the five elemental laws, was a law that had multiple transformations. Different warriors would end up with completely different insights when they tried to understand the water-elemental laws.

For example, Feng Lin was currently manipulating the mirror-like properties of water.

Others would use the water-elemental healing properties, the water-elemental defensive properties, water-elemental attacks or water-elemental elixir refinement.

Every realm, when completely understood, could give rise to a top expert, or a talent many factions would woo to fill a support role.

At this moment, the 9 Feng Lins formed a circle, enclosing Yi Yun in the center.

Yi Yun knew exactly which one that was Feng Lin’s actual body, but identifying which one did not have much meaning to it. The water-elemental mirror images were not used to confuse the enemy but they were used to kill.

“Jade Maiden Nine Swords Array!”

All nine Feng Lins moved together! Their motions were uniform as four swords stabbed at Yi Yun’s head. Yi Yun brandished his saber, warding off the four swords. However, at this moment, from between the bodies of those four girls came another 4 sword attacks that stabbed forward like venomous snakes!

The other four girls were behind the initial four girls. They coordinated their attacks and their sword techniques were extremely precise!

Yi Yun had not yet recovered from brandishing his saber, so he was unable to do anything but use his Minute Subtlety movement technique to dodge to the side, surviving the second round of attacks.

However, at this moment, another Feng Lin came attacking out from thin air.

This Feng Lin was the real Feng Lin!

“Autumn Waters* of a Sword!”

Feng Lin’s sword slashed out. In the sky, her Yuan Qi formed into the phantom image of rippling autumn waters with the setting Sun shining as the sky darkened in the golden lit sparkling autumn lakes. It was extremely beautiful.

This sword’s beautiful scene was intoxicating, but Yi Yun knew that behind the beautiful scene, there was deadly killing intent!

Yi Yun gathered an amount of Yuan Qi as the phantom image of a saber mountain in the midst of a sea of blood appeared behind him, as if Ashura hell had entered the human realm. This phantom image was in deep contrast with Feng Lin’s Autumn Water Sword image.

Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Killing At Its Core!

Yi Yun’s killing intent exploded as his saber beam was stained blood-red. Red Yuan Qi gushed out, breaking the Autumn Water Sunset in front of him apart!


The saber and sword clashed, issuing a clear ring!

The strong impact made both Feng Lin and Yi Yun retreat backwards. With a thought, Feng Lin used her Jade Maiden 12 Swords!

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Another 3 female figures flew out and, with a chime from the sword cases, 3 swords flew out and entered into the hands of the 3 girls!

These 3 girls attacked at Yi Yun, sending another 3 swords stabbing right at Yi Yun’s face!

At this moment, Yi Yun held his saber back. Seeing the nonstop attacks from the water-elemental mirror images, Yi Yun’s eyes were filling with killing intent. He bit the tip of his tongue as he gathered Yuan Qi.

Tai Ah Sacred Technique!


Yi Yun’s Radiant Sun Qi exploded and behind him, the phantom image of the Tang Valley formed.

Yi Yun slashed with his saber, which now contained the Radiant Sun’s power.

The Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Reigning Supreme!

The flames burned as the pure Yang Yuan Qi surged. The sky above the arena was immediately dyed golden by the pure Yang flames, as if a Sun had fallen into the human realm!

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

The 3 closest girls exploded in front of the Radiant Sun, turning into water vapor. Under the pure Yang flames, they instantly evaporated.

Three swords fell to the ground.

With his attack succeeding, without pause, he and his saber flew out in a beam. His target was the fan shaped sword case that was erected on the ground!

He could tell that the core of Feng Lin’s Jade Maiden Sword Array was the large sword case, so Yi Yun wanted to destroy the sword case’s power!

Seeing Yi Yun’s actions, Feng Lin grunted coldly!

Jade Maiden Sword Array – Ten Thousand Swords Firing in Unity!

In that instant, Feng Lin’s sword case shot out ten thousand beams of golden light. Each golden beam was a beam made out of Sword Qi!

The remaining 6 swords issued a clear ring as they left the scabbard and directly flew towards Yi Yun!

The six swords flew together with 10,000 sword beams!

Yi Yun constricted his pupils and quickly retreated!

There was no way to dodge such a dense amount of sword beams. As Yi Yun retreated, he brandished his saber to break the attack.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The saber beam directly clashed with the sword beams while Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi was constantly punctured by the swords!

At this moment, Feng Lin’s main body attacked Yi Yun from behind.

Jade Maiden 18 Swords!

Feng Lin circulated her Yuan Qi to an extreme as 18 mirror images simultaneously appeared. Even the 3 mirror images that had previously been destroyed by Yi Yun’s Radiant Sun Qi were once again recreated. As long as Feng Lin had any Yuan Qi left, she would be able to constantly create new mirror images!

Out of the 18 Feng Lins, 12 of them wielded swords while the other 6 were using their fingers as swords. A cold beam emerged out from their slender fingers that were no different from swords!

The 10,000 sword beams, together with the 18 Feng Lins, attacked Yi Yun from the front and the back!

At this moment, everyone in the audience were highly focused on the match as they held their breaths!

Yi Yun had no way of dodging. He sent his thoughts to the Purple Crystal, and activated the pure Yang spirit’s energy. Immediately, all the pure Yang Qi around him rushed towards Yi Yun.

Pure Yang spirit, explode!


In the Purple Crystal, what was a quietly burning pure Yang spirit now completely exploded. It was as if a Sun was born inside Yi Yun’s body. By using the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, Yi Yun was able to attack in all directions! Even the phantom image of the Tang Valley behind Yi Yun exploded.

The flames burned, repelling Feng Lin’s 17 mirror images and completely shattering the 10,000 sword beams.

Even so, Feng Lin’s main body broke through the pure Yang burning flames, but her sword’s momentum was greatly reduced.

The main body’s sword flew directly at Yi Yun’s heart!


The sword Qi stabbed through Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi, heavily impacting the pure Yang energy. Yi Yun flew backwards, like a kite, flying diagonally out of the Divine Wilderness Stage.

Feng Lin’s attack had lost all of its momentum, so she was still unable to hurt Yi Yun at all.

Yi Yun pressed his chest lightly as he adjusted his breathing and his Yuan Qi as he looked up at Feng Lin.

At this moment, Feng Lin’s long hair was a mess. There were many tears on her clothes. Even with the protection of her protective Yuan Qi, her combat attire could not withstand the powerful saber Qi.

And behind her, the 17 mirror images had completely exploded into a pool of water.

Yi Yun’s attack was powered by the pure Yang spirit’s energy. He may have expended quite a bit of energy, but he finally managed to break Feng Lin’s Jade Maiden 18 Swords Array.

Around the Divine Wilderness Stage, the audience stared on in silence as the battle was so intense.

In comparison, the battles before were similarly intense, but they were, after all, only sword and saber attacks. There was plenty of aggression and blood, but they were not as magnificent as this.

They were unlike this battle. The gorgeous lights and the picturesque phenomenon formed in the sky was a feast for their eyes.

*Autumn Waters is used to describe the limpid eyes of a maiden, tying with the concept of a Jade Maiden.