True Martial World Chapter 330

Chapter 330: The Sword Appears
Chapter 330: The Sword Appears

The audience around the Divine Wilderness Stage were staring unblinkingly at the stage, afraid to miss any of the exciting scenes. The atmosphere in the entire arena seemed to freeze.

Especially the Tai Ah Divine City warriors, who were even more nervous. At this moment, only Yi Yun could fight for their Tai Ah Divine City.

And until now, the battle between Yi Yun and Feng Lin was a close call. It was hard to predict what the outcome of the battle would be.

“You really are impressive!” Feng Lin looked at Yi Yun and showed some appreciation of him, “Unfortunately… your cultivation level limits you, dooming you to fail in this battle!”

When Feng Lin said this, before Yi Yun could respond, the Tai Ah Divine City warriors off-stage immediately roused up, “This Feng Lin sure can brag. Wasn’t her 18 chicks array or whatever broken by Yi Yun!?”

“Right, she couldn’t even beat him with 18 people. What’s she so c*cky about!?”

As Yi Yun had created a series of victories previously, many Tai Ah Divine City warriors had absolute confidence in Yi Yun. Although the outcome of the battle was currently not clear, they still hoped that Yi Yun would be able to create a miracle at the very last moment.

Some of the Tai Ah Divine City warriors were already standing up, jeering at Feng Lin. However, Feng Lin was not affected by it and simply turned a deaf ear.

Feng Lin continued, “Yi Yun, the accomplishments in your saber techniques is shocking. As for your understanding of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, it far exceeds your peers. Unfortunately, your cultivation level has not broken into the Yuan foundation realm, so you are lacking in Yuan Qi. Your struggle in gathering Yuan Qi could be seen when you were dealing with my Jade Maiden 18 Swords Array.”

Feng Lin’s words pointed Yi Yun’s weakness out in the previous round. When Feng Lin attacked with 18 people, there was no gap in her offense, and the attack was like a relentless rain.

Yi Yun could handle the first wave of attacks, but the second wave would follow closely behind!

This meant that Yi Yun had no choice but to forcefully gather his Yuan Qi. This created extreme pressure on his body and meridians.

If Yi Yun was in the Yuan foundation realm, the depth of his Yuan Qi would prevent that from happening.

Even the Tai Ah Divine City warriors had to admit that what Feng Lin said was true.

But so what if it was the truth, Yi Yun might still have hidden moves. At the final critical moment, he could conquer and secure victory!

In the audience stands, there were Tai Ah Divine City warriors beginning to shout words of encouragement to Yi Yun.

However at this moment, Feng Lin grabbed the sword handle on the opened up sword case with a single hand.

“Oh? Could it be…”

Yi Yun’s heart thumped. After Feng Lin’s sword case was opened, there were 9 swords on both sides of it. All the hilts were pointing upwards, like that of a opened peacock’s tail.

However, the fact of the matter was that right in the middle of the sword case was another sword hilt. Yi Yun had previously thought that the sword hilt was the handle to the sword case, but it did not seem so anymore.


With a clear ring, Feng Lin pulled out a huge sword from the top of the sword case!

The sword’s blade was 156cm long, it was as wide as a palm, which meant that it was much larger than the other 18 swords.

This heavy sword was more suited for a stout man. It looked quite jarring to see Feng Lin holding it.

“This 19th sword’s name is the Angel Sword, and it is also my last sword…” Feng Lin said as she threw the sword into the air.

And at this moment, Feng Lin’s body began glowing, as if countless pieces of silver was shimmering.

In this light, a light entity in the shape of a young girl appeared from within her. Her arms were covering her chest and her body was curled up. And on her back was a pair of wings.


The girl spread out her wings and they spanned nearly three meters, covering Feng Lin completely.

The girl stood up from the light. She seemed to have hatched out from a cocoon. Finally, the “Angel Sword” floated in front of the girl.

She slowly grabbed the Angel Sword and pointed it at Yi Yun!

This winged girl was more than two meters in height. The huge sword suited her very well!

“Aspect Totem?”

Yi Yun constricted his pupils. From the beginning of the battle till now, Feng Lin had not conjured her Aspect Totem. Yi Yun never expected that Feng Lin’s Aspect Totem was the shape of a girl. Looking at the girl, besides the wings behind her back, she looked identical to Feng Lin.

“”Phew! Phew! Phew!”

With a soft sound, water-elemental mirror images began appearing beside Feng Lin!

A row of Feng Lins stood. And in the air, there was a winged girl totem.

“19 swords!”

Seeing Feng Lin’s Aspect Totem and her forceful stance, all the Tai Ah Divine City warriors who had previously cursed at Feng Lin immediately shut up.

Against such a Feng Lin, they too began to lack confidence.

“There’s such an Aspect Totem?”

The Tai Ah Divine City warriors looked at each other. Amongst the Aspect Totems, they had seen beast-like ones the most. They had also seen Aspect Totems in the shape of weapons, such as sabers, swords, spears and halberds.

However, it was very rare to see a humanoid Aspect Totem.

For a person’s Aspect Totem to resemble themselves identically, and with another pair of wings was shocking. It was like the mythical legends of gods!

The winged girl had a listless expression. She seemed to ignore everything, including Yi Yun.

Her wings were gently flapping as a layer of hazy light covered her. The sword in her hand shone a cold beam that threatened one’s soul!

“Yi Yun, he…” Wen Yu, Chu Xiaoran and company, who were sitting in the participant benches, could not help but be worried. One could tell a warrior’s strength from their forceful stance.

The current Feng Lin was as such.

The Tai Ah Divine City warriors were all silent. Those who were standing up began to sit back into their seats as they looked nervously at Yi Yun.

And opposing the Tai Ah Divine City audience was the Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience who started cheering. Many of them had never gotten the opportunity to see Feng Lin display her ultimate combat power.

In such a state, Feng Lin gave off the feeling of a fairy landing in the human realm.

“Breaking my Jade Maiden mirror-images was useless too. My Yuan Qi is thicker than yours. I can conjure an endless number of Jade Maiden mirror-images. As for your Yuan Qi, can you sustain it?”

Feng Lin’s cold voice rang as she pointed the icy marked sword at Yi Yun.

A total of 19 swords uniformly did the same!

Yi Yun’s face turned serious at being pointed at by 19 swords.

Feng Lin was indeed very strong. Yi Yun knew very clearly that with the powers that he had displayed, it was impossible to defeat Feng Lin.

Yi Yun was even considering if he should conjure his Aspect Totem.

At this stage, Yi Yun could no longer hide the fact that he had conjured a Golden Crow totem.

If he needed to explain to Cang Yan and company, it might be complicated, but it wasn’t like he was unable to explain it away. As long as he retold the story of how he encountered a Golden Crow species fighting a pure Yang spirit in Fallen Star Gate and then used the protective charm Su Jie had given him, then he could explain how he killed the Golden Crow species. It was reasonable. The only thing that was incredulous was how he managed to master the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem may be powerful, but it had a problem, that was it expended too much Yuan Qi!

Feng Lin was right. Yi Yun’s cultivation level was his weakness.

Yi Yun estimated that using his lacking Yuan Qi to support his Golden Crow totem only allowed him to use about one to two attacks.

After conjuring the Golden Crow totem, even if he defeated Feng Lin, Yi Yun would likely take days to recover his Yuan Qi.

But, this overall group competition was one where his opponents would fight him one by one.

Later on, Yi Yun still had to face the other opponents from the Yun Long 72 Pagodas, especially the youth in black. That youth’s strength was extremely mysterious that made him worry.

In an extremely weak condition, it would be difficult for him to carry on fighting against the youth in black.

Yi Yun realized that it was extremely hard for him to win the overall group championship alone…

Regardless, he had to do the best he could. Everything else was left to providence.

“Yi Yun, now I will combine all my 19 swords together. Let me warn you that, due to my present cultivation level and also it being recently learned, I am unable to control the strength of this move well once it is used. It might cost you your life. As a genius, there is no need to risk your life for an alliance tournament. It’s still not too late to admit defeat now!”

With a sword in hand, Feng Lin looked elegant with her hair fluttering in the gently wind!

Yi Yun looked at Feng Lin and took a deep breath. He touched his interspatial ring and a purple sword appeared in Yi Yun’s hand.


Everyone in the audience was stunned seeing Yi Yun take out a sword. Wasn’t Yi Yun a saber user? Why did he pull out a sword?

Yi Yun looked at the purple sword. Its blade was four feet long and emitted a cold shimmer.

Cang Yan had taken Yi Yun to the Tai Ah Divine City armory to choose this sword. It was one of the highest quality swords prepared for cultivators in the armory.

Its name was Distinguished Light. Even experts like Qin Haotian was unable to use the sword to its greatest capability.

“Indeed…” Yi Yun gently touched the sword blade and seemed to be speaking to himself. “There are some moves whose power is difficult to control. Although it is not a life and death match, it might still cause death. After all, in a final confrontation, when going all out, one cannot guarantee how much strength is used when using a move that you have not perfectly grasped…”

“You may have one, but so have I…” When Yi Yun said these words, the entire audience went into silence.

What did Yi Yun just say? “But so have I?”

By saying that, didn’t he mean that he too had a move that he found it hard to control, that might even take the life of Feng Lin!?

Feng Lin was so strong, yet Yi Yun could actually take her life?

Could it be related to this sword?

Is that really true?

Yi Yun had always used a saber, so this made people find it hard to believe that he could have a more powerful move using a sword. After all, since ancient times, warriors would usually specialize in one weapon. In the history they knew, it was extremely rare for a person to train in both sword and saber!

“You have used a sword before?” Feng Lin’s eyebrows frowned slightly as she looked suspiciously at Yi Yun. Before, she had some information on Yi Yun. In the Tai Ah Divine City, his weapon had always been a long saber.

“I’ve never used it in the past, but now I have to use it. I have a vague understanding of this sword attack. I too am not confident I can use this attack to its full extent. And you will be my first opponent to face my sword attack!”

After Yi Yun said this, Feng Lin’s eyebrows knitted even closer.

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