True Martial World Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Breaking Waves
Chapter 331: Breaking Waves

“A sword attack you just learned?”

If not for Yi Yun previously beating the strong Jun Yue, using some unknown technique to defeat Qianshui through trickery, and having a remarkable battle record, Feng Lin would have suspected that Yi Yun had a mental problem. He was actually going to use a sword attack that he recently learned to attack her with all he got when he had never even used a sword before.

“In the Tai Ah Divine City, there is a sacred ground for learning saber and swords. I had the privilege of entering the sacred ground of swords and gained some insight.” Yi Yun gave a vague explanation. Feng Lin was stunned upon hearing this. There was a sacred ground for learning the way of the saber and sword in the Tai Ah Divine City?

“What sacred ground of sabers and swords? It’s just the saber tomb and the sword tomb!” At this moment, a Yun Long 72 Pagodas Elder transmitted his voice, using Yuan Qi, right into Feng Lin’s ear.

This old man knew that the Tai Ah Divine City had two mystic grounds, named the saber tomb and the sword tomb.

Both of the tombs were treated as an absolute treasure by the Tai Ah Divine City. And this bunch of Tai Ah Divine City fellows guarded this place very carefully, believing that it was a remnant of a Great Emperor expert, calling it a sacred ground for swordsmen and saber users, despite not even being able to verify the tombs’ history.

However, to the Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders, this was all just intentional idealizing and bragging. Although they had never seen the sword and saber tomb, they knew that, over many years in the Tai Ah Divine City, many sages would constantly enter the tombs to gain insight into the sword and saber Dao, but weren’t the sages that grasped something from the tombs still considered a bunch of weak trash?

In every generation of the Tai Ah Divine City, only the City Lord was worrisome.

Even if the tombs’ grade was as described by the Tai Ah Divine City, taking 10,000 steps back, so what if it really was a remnant of a Great Emperor?

As people studied the sword tomb for tens of millions of years with no obvious results, how could a young junior, like Yi Yun, go in and come out with the ability to flip the heavens?

“Lin’er, this kid is just bluffing. Saying that his uncontrollable power will hurt you is just psychological warfare. If any sword move can be learned from the sword tomb, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would long since have exceeded the Yun Long Divine Kingdom. Would they then have gone around asking for help just just because of the fear of a Shepherd Boy?”

“You do not need to bother with it. Just go all out. Even if you kill Yi Yun, it is what he deserves. With us around you can rest assured. We are on the side of reason, so the Tai Ah Divine City will not dare to do anything to you.”

The white-robed Elder who had transmitted his voice was half a teacher of Feng Lin. Feng Lin’s water-elemental laws were all learned from this white-robed Elder.

“Lin’er understands. No matter how good Yi Yun’s sword techniques are, I will do my best to use my sword attack.”

Feng Lin did not despise Yi Yun. Her powerful stance was continuously rising. It was as if she had become a Jade Maiden mountain that could not be looked at.

In the Elder stands, Cang Yan’s fingers were rapping on the table. His thin palm was oozing with sweat.

What is this kid doing. Does he really want to use a move he just learned from the sword tomb to face Feng Lin?

“Cang Yan, Yi Yun was learning the ways of the sword in the sword tomb?”

At this moment, the stern voice of the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord rang in Cang Yan’s ear.

Cang Yan felt bitter. It was him who had brought Yi Yun into the tomb to learn the ways of the sword.

He bit down and said, “Yes, this kid had adamantly requested to enter the sword tomb a few days ago. Old me was originally thinking of bringing him down a peg or two and set some conditions, bringing him into the sword tomb, who knew that he would…”

“A few days ago… bringing him down a peg or two…” The middle-aged scholar repeated those words a few times. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Cang Yan was helpless. Yi Yun had a bright future ahead of him with sabers, yet he wanted to learn swords. He really was someone that made one worry.

And at this moment, Cang Yan had no time to explain any further. The 18 Feng Lins as well as Feng Lin’s Aspect Totem raised their swords.

The sword beams were intertwined as they filled the sky. Seen from a distance, it was like an immense ocean. This ocean was a vast expanse of misty, shimmering, rolling waters.

The ocean was filled with a vast amounts of water.

People held their breaths. From the beginning of this match, Feng Lin’s moves were all too shocking.

At this moment, Feng Lin struck. 18 sword beams, together with the Aspect Totem’s sword, entered the vast ocean, giving rise to a huge wave. This wave was filled with killing intent. It was not a phantom image of Yuan Qi, but formed from sword Qi.

There was not only one wave. One wave followed another as each wave rose higher than the other. There were a total of 9 huge waves now surging right at Yi Yun like mountains.

Within the waves were terrifying sword Qi!

At that moment, the warriors below the Divine Wilderness Stage, especially those who were facing the surging wave, felt the sword Qi at their eyebrows. It made them feel frightened and distraught. Many people subconsciously moved backwards.

One could tell how terrifying Feng Lin’s sword attack was just from the sword Qi’s prowess which was enough to force these favored children of the Heavens to retreat!

At this moment, Yi Yun, who was standing in front of the roaring ocean and huge waves, appeared small in size. He looked like a little boat in a storm, completely negligible.

Yi Yun held the Distinguished Light sword tightly. In Yi Yun’s vision, time seemed to come to a stop. The huge, surging wave seemed to move extremely slow.

There he stood, silently in front of the huge wave. In his mind, the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s huge sword scar became even clearer. It was as if he had actually seen the past scene of the Sword Palace’s owner creating that scar with his very own eyes.

And that world destroying battle in the strange time-space. The bronze giant who was brandishing his halberd, ripping off a corner of the world, but still nearly had his head cut off by the Sword Palace’s owner!

Yi Yun could not reproduce the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s attack, but in this imagery, Yi Yun had managed to capture a trace of the sword attack’s concept.

This conceptual trace slowly fused with the sword moves Yi Yun learned within the sword tomb.

Immediately, Yi Yun’s mind seemed to be blessed. It was as if something had been activated as the concept and sword moves fused together.

He closed his eyes, ignoring the roar of the ocean. Without any conscious thought, Yi Yun raised his sword and gently slashed downwards!

At that moment, Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was pulled in. Everything began to condense into sword Qi. These sword Qi began roaring from all directions. In the sky, the phantom image of a huge divine sword began to condense!

This sword resembled the sword the Sword Palace owner once used! However, what Yi Yun was now using was a sword move from the sword tomb.

Only… Yi Yun had added an inexplicable concept into the sword tomb’s move.

This was one of the Pure Yang Sword Palace sword scar’s concepts. This concept seemed to be like a god having graced the lands, showing disdain at all life!


In the audience stands, the swords of some cultivators began to roar with a clear sound. Some of the swords even began to violently shake. Without the control of their owners, they even unsheathed themselves!

“My sword!”

A person quickly pressed and held onto his sword. The lower the cultivator’s cultivation level was, the greater the influence on their swords were!

In the air, Yi Yun slashed the huge divine sword that had been condensed downwards, right into the raging huge waves!

Strangely, this fierce impact was without sound. It was as if everything in the world had lost its voice.

The huge waves were split apart by that one sword. It was like a mountain having been split by a divine sword!

After the first huge wave was split apart, the divine sword did not lose its momentum. It was an irresistible force.

Wave after wave was split apart one after another. The divine sword slashed straight at Feng Lin’s eyebrows!


Seeing the powerful sword Qi coming towards her, Feng Lin was in a shock. At that moment, she really felt the approach of death!


At this moment, a white-robed Elder in the Elder stands stood up!

At the same time, Feng Lin pointed with her sword tip, and behind her, the 17 water-elemental mirror images, as well as her Aspect Totem, charged directly at the sword beam.


With an fierce impact, the 17 water-elemental mirror images exploded, turning into water vapor before completely disappearing. Even Feng Lin’s Aspect Totem was split apart by the sword beam.

Feng Lin’s body violently shook as a sword scar appeared from Feng Lin’s shoulder, going all the way down to her thigh. Her body flew out just like that!

While flying backwards, Feng Lin could feel that her body had almost been torn apart by the sword Qi!

Having her body torn apart would no doubt mean her death!

And at this moment, she suddenly felt her body become light. A white-robed old man had appeared behind her like a ghost. This white-robed old man grabbed Feng Lin with one hand, and flicked his sleeve with the other!


With a loud explosion, the huge phantom sword image formed from sword Qi was shattered by the white-robed Elder!

However, the shattered huge sword still formed into tiny pieces of sword Qi as the fragments spread out wantonly as they emitted “Chi Chi Chi” sounds. These sword Qi wandered around in the air for a long time…

“This sword Qi!”

The white-robed Elder focused his eyes. These sword Qi actually had a trace of an undying property.

Clearly his strength exceeded that of Yi Yun and could easily destroy the sword Qi instantaneously, but the destroyed sword Qi still remained lethal. It made people feel apprehension.

At this moment, Feng Lin, who had been saved by the white-robed Elder, was pale in the face.

There was a shocking wound on her body. It was almost as if her body had been cut open. If not for the white-robed old man suddenly appearing, Feng Lin would really have been killed by Yi Yun’s sword attack.

The entire audience turned silent upon seeing this scene.

Feng Lin’s terrifying final attack, with 19 swords as one, was broken by Yi Yun? And it was broken in such an easy fashion?

Even Feng Lin herself nearly got killed by Yi Yun!

What attack was this? Wasn’t it too terrifying?

Some Tai Ah Divine City Elders could tell that this attack was indeed a sword move from the sword tomb, but how did this sword tomb move gain such a powerful force to it?

“This attack… how could it be?”

The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord found it fascinating. He could faintly feel that this attack was somehow different from the sword tomb’s move.

He could not explain what this tiny difference was. Could it be something that Yi Yun had added?

As for Cang Yan, being the person who brought Yi Yun into the sword tomb, his expression was as if he had seen a ghost after seeing Yi Yun’s final sword attack.

He still did not understand what had just happened.

“This kid… he…”

Cang Yan looked at Yi Yun with his eyelids twitching.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s right hand, which wielded his sword, was completely covered in blood.

On his arm, one blood vessel after the other burst open and blood flowed out of them without stopping. It looked as if he had been fished out of a blood pool. It was shocking!

The hand which Yi Yun used to hold the sword was trembling. It looked as if he found it difficult to even hold the sword.

This sword attack had actually burst all the blood vessels in Yi Yun’s right hand!