True Martial World Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Golden Crow’s Precious Blood
Chapter 333: Golden Crow’s Precious Blood

There was extremely rich pure Yang energy in the Golden Crow species’ precious blood.

It was better than any healing medicine by many times. Typical healing medicines, even very high grade ones, were limited when used by Purple Blood realm warriors. As Purple Blood realm warriors could only absorb a tiny amount, and even after absorbing it, the medicinal essence would take a while to be digested. After all, the medicinal properties of these healing medicines were different to the warrior’s energy.

However, since this was the precious blood of the Golden Crow species. The situation was completely different.

As Yi Yun had absorbed the Golden Crow species’ beast mark, and had condensed a Golden Crow Aspect Totem, the essence and pure Yang energy in the precious blood was highly compatible with Yi Yun considering that they came from the same source. Hence, it was very easy for him to absorb it.

After Yi Yun drank the Golden Crow’s precious blood, he felt as if there was a pure Yang flame burning in his body. The wanton energy first entered his Dantian, and from there, it flowed out into his limbs. This feeling was extremely comfortable!

As for Yi Yun’s heavily injured arm, the muscles in it were slowly moving, giving him a itchy feeling.

This meant that the muscles in Yi Yun’s arm were quickly regrowing. His wound was also healing. Although his flesh was growing rapidly, it was extremely difficult for his meridians to connect back together.

Even though the Golden Crow species’ precious blood came from the same source as Yi Yun’s energy, it could not recover Yi Yun’s arm in such a short time span.

“Taking medicine?”

Although he did not know what Yi Yun had drunk, Murong Guang could roughly guess that it was most likely the blood of some desolate beast. How effective could it be for healing one’s wounds and replenishing Yuan Qi?

“Meet your death!”

Murong Guang unsheathed his saber and his Yuan Qi exploded. Although he knew that Yi Yun could not recover greatly from drinking the rejuvenating beast blood, he did not want to give Yi Yun any time for a breather. That would only create more variables in this battle.

He wanted to defeat Yi Yun in one blow, becoming the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s hero!

Defeating the person who defeated Feng Lin, how impressive was that?

“This shameless villain!”

Off the stage, the Tai Ah Divine City warriors were fuming. Yi Yun had just consumed medicine, yet Murong Guang didn’t even wait to attack.

It was really like when the tiger enters leveled land, he would be insulted by dogs! Yi Yun may be strong, but fighting against more than 10 Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors turn by turn in such a condition fated him to be defeated. He might not even be able to beat Murong Guang.

Just thinking of Yi Yun losing to this nameless and shameless scum made the Tai Ah Divine City warriors’ hearts burn.

Losing to Feng Lin was alright, but losing to such a person only made one furious.

At this moment, Murong Guang had already charged at Yi Yun. He was brandishing his saber while laughing loudly, “I’ll show you my family’s ‘Murong Saber Technique’. This is a top class heritage saber technique of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom. Today, I’ll open your eyes! Letting you be defeated by this top class saber technique is me valuing you.”

As he said that, his saber gave rise to numerous saber images. These saber images condensed into a tiger that charged at Yi Yun.

This was a tiger condensed from saber Qi.


The tiger gave a tumultuous roar which echoed throughout the arena, hurting everyone’s eardrums!

At this moment, Yi Yun remained ever calm against the tiger.

His brain was recalling the sword attack from before. The sword Qi condensed from the powerful Heaven Earth Yuan Qi went beyond the limitations of his meridians.

His arm had yet to recover and he could not use that attack again. However, after consuming the Golden Crow species’ precious blood, Yi Yun had the ability to carry on. So what if he held back his Yuan Qi, and only used a tenth of that attack’s power?
Yi Yun cleansed his soul and passed the sword to his left hand. The memories of the broken sword flashed in his mind as the scene of the Sword Palace owner cutting the bronze giant’s head open once again appeared in his mind, clearer this time.

Yi Yun gently slashed with his left hand, following the Sword Palace’s owner’s strike.


A sword beam, the thickness of a chopstick, shot out from Yi Yun’s sword and it seemed to be hidden within the distortions of space-time.

This sword beam may be thin, but it did not mean that the injected energy was weak. It was because his sword Qi had reached an extreme, and it could compress the essence of the Yuan Qi greatly which resulted in this.

This sword beam was extremely sharp as it shot straight at the tiger’s eyebrows!


The sword beam did not meet any resistance as it pierced straight through the area between the tiger’s eyebrows. The tiger was still charging at Yi Yun but it had been pierced by Yi Yun’s sword beam!

This attack flew at Murong Guang in an unrivaled state.


Murong Guang was shocked. As he retreated, he brandished his saber to block!


With a metallic clang, Murong Guang felt pain in his arm. The thigh of his palm felt pain. There was a small hole, the size of a pinky, melted through his saber due to the highly compressed pure Yang sword beam!

Murong Guang watched the small hole form and next, he heard the sound of his protective Yuan Qi tear apart. At the same time, he felt pain in his heart. He felt great pain in his chest as his vision turned blurry.

He saw spurting blood. He felt his entire body lose all its energy as he knelt on the ground.

Murong Guang touched his chest and his fingers were covered with blood!


He looked disbelieving at the wound on his chest. From the small wound, blood spurted out. However, Murong Guang knew that his body had been pierced right through by the sword beam!

“How is it possible… he was clearly… heavily injured…!”


Murong Guang felt dizzy as his vision became even more blurry. With that, he fell straight to the ground.


After a thud, blood flowed out of Murong Guang’s chest, covering the floor with a pool of blood.

Everyone around the Divine Wilderness Stage who saw this scene was horrified!

Murong Guang’s body had been pierced by Yi Yun’s sword attack?

Just a few seconds ago, Yi Yun was still severely injured and it did not seem like he could make it, while Murong Guang seemed to have a forceful stance, wanting to defeat Yi Yun in one strike while he was weak.

Even to the Tai Ah Divine City warriors, it was highly likely that Murong Guang would have defeated Yi Yun.

However, in a split second, the situation was completely reversed!

After Murong Guang, who was once prominent, brandished his saber, he had been penetrated by Yi Yun’s attack without actually exchanging blows with Yi Yun. It was still unknown if he was dead or alive!

Yi Yun was already so injured, yet he could be this strong!?

People looked at Yi Yun with their eyelids twitching. Especially the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors who felt a chill looking at Yi Yun.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s right hand was no longer trembling. Though it could be said that he was still greatly drained, and that his arm was still bleeding.

Although he was in a state of nearly breaking down, he had still defeated Murong Guang with one attack.

It was shocking. His vitality and combat power could be compared to that of a humanoid desolate beast…

At that moment, with a “shua” sound, a Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder had instantaneously appeared on the Divine Wilderness Stage.

He lifted Murong Guang up and fed him healing medicine.

At this moment, Murong Guang could no longer swallow, so the Elder had to use Yuan Qi to force the medicine down his throat.

After checking Murong Guang’s injuries, the Elder’s face turned sullen.

“His left lung was been pierced, hurting his heart, resulting in spasms in his heart, and this prevented the heart from delivering blood. This kind of injury would be difficult to treat even with sacred medicine. Yi Yun, you sure are ruthless!”

The white-robed Elder looked angrily at Yi Yun with killing intent.

The people around the Divine Wilderness Stage gasped. Previously when Yi Yun fought with Kui Yu, he had purposely missed Kui Yu’s organs.

But this time, he did not.

For Yuan foundation realm warriors, they might not be able to recover in more than half a year when their hearts were injured. Just a bit of intense motion would cause the heart to not be able to provide blood, causing one to lose their breath.

The teenage years were the most precious period of the elites present. This was the period when warriors grew in strength rapidly. It could be said they were different every month.

After being so heavily injured, losing more than half a year’s time, it would definitely affect one’s accomplishments in the future!

Facing the white-robed Elder’s killing gaze, Yi Yun did not cower in fear. He did not break any rules, so the other party could not do anything to him.

Sure enough, after the white-robed Elder expressed his killing intent, all the Elders on the Tai Ah Divine City stood up and locked on to the white-robed Elder. If he were to make a move, all of them would attack.

In a split second, the entire arena turned quiet as the atmosphere became tense.

Yi Yun was holding the Distinguished Light sword with both his arms bleeding. The blood flowed down the sword’s blade and onto the floor, giving rise to the clear dripping sound. It filled the quiet arena.

“My physical condition isn’t good so I cannot control my strength very well. For the upcoming battles, I will go all out. Every attack I use will be aimed at a vital part and I will not hold back. For anyone who comes up, I cannot guarantee that you can live going down!”

Yi Yun’s words almost made the air freeze!

“This Yi Yun is courting death!” A Yun Long Divine Kingdom warrior said angrily.

“He is too arrogant!” a person echoed.

However, those who were angry quickly understood why Yi Yun was doing so.

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom participants for the overall group championship exceeded the teenager group in strength. All of them were strong and their numbers were great.

Yi Yun would not be able to handle the challenges of more than ten people from beginning to the end.

Now, he had to save his Yuan Qi and stamina for every battle.

Just like in the previous battle, Yi Yun may seem to defeat Murong Guang easily, but how easy was it really?

The fact was that it wasn’t. If it was that simple, Yi Yun could have defeated Murong Guang like he did with Kui Yu with the saber techniques from the saber tomb. That would reduce his energy consumption to the minimum.

However, he had used the sword intent from the Pure Yang Sword Palace. Although it was a small amount of energy, it was still an immense stress on Yi Yun’s meridians and stamina.

If this went on, in a few battles, Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi would be depleted. The meridians on both his hands would not be able to bear it and rupture. When that happened, Yi Yun would not be able to fight anymore.

When forced into this situation, would Yi Yun hold back?

Of course not!

Whoever wanted to challenge him had to pay the price!

They might be severely injured, crippled or even die!

As such, the people who wanted to challenge Yi Yun had to weigh the benefits to decide if it was worth it.

Going up was to be cannon fodder. They would consume Yi Yun’s energy, but they had to give up the degrading of their future achievements. They might even pay the price of death. As such, no one was willing to come up.

This was Yi Yun’s battle strategy. It was a bloody and simple, yet effective battle strategy.

Indeed, after Yi Yun said those words, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom overall group participants frowned. When their gaze clashed with Yi Yun’s cold gaze, they felt their confidence drop.

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