True Martial World Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Two Hours
Chapter 334: Two Hours

Everyone knew that with more than 10 people fighting him one after another, Yi Yun would definitely not be able to last more than a few rounds. However, everyone wanted to be the last person to end the situation. As prominent figures of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, no one wanted to be the second Murong Guang, sustaining serious injuries that would affect their own future.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s left hand trembled gently. One blood vessel after another began to bulge. Although they did not rupture, they still looked like they were under immense stress. It seemed like Yi Yun was still greatly depleted from using that sword attack.

He took out another container of beast blood and tossed his head back to drink it down.

Many people turned speechless seeing this scene. They felt that Yi Yun should suffer a calamity from the skies and be struck by lightning. He always misled people. His hands were already trembling, the meridians and blood vessels on his arm had ruptured and his Yuan Qi had been greatly depleted. From the looks of it, he should not have lasted long, yet he nearly killed Murong Guang with his sword attack. With him doing this again, he made them lose confidence.

And that beast blood, what was it?

It seemed like the effects were very noticeable after drinking it. If it was ordinary desolate beast blood, then the effects should be very typical.

If it was the blood of a primordial species, ignoring the preciousness of it, it was not easy to absorb the primordial species’ blood with his Purple Blood realm cultivation level.

To many warriors, the blood of a primordial species was no different than poison.

Without knowing the full details, many of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom elites were in a dilemma.

They were as concerned about their future prospects as they treasured their lives. When they believed they could not beat Yi Yun, all of them hesitated as none of them took the initiative to stand forward.

At this moment, Bai quietly stood up. Without a word, he walked up the Divine Wilderness Stage.

When Yi Yun saw Bai appear, his pupils constricted. He gripped his sword’s hilt tightly and breathed slowly. At this moment, Yi Yun was a like a desolate beast that was poised to attack.

Finally, he was going to fight this youth in black!

Yi Yun could guess the difficulty of this battle. If he was still at his peak condition, he would definitely look forward to the battle with Bai, and would be filled with confidence.

However…now, Yi Yun was lacking in confidence. He did not know how strong Bai really was, nor did he know what moves he had.

The entire arena immediately turned silent.

Everyone was watching the Divine Wilderness Stage quietly, awaiting the final battle.

In the participant benches, Wen Yu, Chu Xiaoran and other Tai Ah Divine City warriors were worried for Yi Yun. Unless a miracle happened, Yi Yun was unlikely to be able to use the strong sword attack he used to defeat Feng Lin.

Without that attack, could Yi Yun win against the unfathomable youth in black, Bai?

Amongst those people included the people in the Elder stands. There, the expressions of Cang Yan and company were solemn. They did not know what the outcome of the battle would be. Now, Cang Yan no longer cared if Yi Yun won the overall group championship, he was only worried about Yi Yun suffering any mishaps. If that happened, it would not have been worth it.

In the corner of the arena was a girl in red clothes. She was watching all of this quietly.

She was Luo Huo’er.

Luo Huo’er gave the reason of her being bad at actual combat to not participate in the alliance tournament. However, she had quietly come to the arena to watch the final match.

Since she was just there to watch, she was not worried of having any abnormalities discovered, as long as she didn’t reveal the special energy within her body.

“Miss, that black-clothed guy looks very strong…”

Beside Luo Huo’er was the short-legged Dong’er.

“Tsk, are you worried about that rascal, Yi Yun?”

Dong’er immediately shut up. She slipped a glance at Luo Huo’er. She was unsure what Luo Huo’er was thinking, so at this moment, she felt that it was best she kept quiet.

Up on the Divine Wilderness Stage, the black-clothed youth was hugging his sword and did not attack Yi Yun.

“Are the two of you ready?” A Tai Ah Divine City referee asked.

At this moment, Bai extended a finger and looked at Yi Yun, “One two-hour period! I will only wait one two-hour period!”

When he said this, the entire audience became slightly stunned.

Two hours? This black-clothed youth was giving Yi Yun time to recuperate?

In the seats of honor, the Seven Star Pagoda Owner frowned.

Although he was extremely confident in Bai, that even if Bai were to fight against Yi Yun in his optimal state, he would have 80-90% chances of winning, he did not wish for Bai to give the other party time to recuperate his physical strength.

After all, this match was of grave importance. If a 100% guarantee could be accomplished, then it should not be any less. Now, having lost the teenager division championship, if the overall group championship had any mishaps, then he would be ridiculed by countless numbers of people when he returned to the Yun Long Divine Kingdom.

“Bai! You are being too arrogant!” The Seven Star Pagoda Owner said with a stern voice that rang in Bai’s ear. “You do not have the right to underestimate the enemy at this moment!”

“I’m not being arrogant, nor am I underestimating my enemy. I just want to have a proper and real duel. If the Lord Pagoda Owner isn’t agreeable, you can always find someone else to replace me.”

“You…” The Seven Star Pagoda Owner glanced at others as he frowned even more. Without Bai fighting Yi Yun, it was useless hoping for the others to win.

The Seven Star Pagoda Owner knew Bai’s personality. No matter what others said, once Bai made a decision, he would not waver. His personality caused one headaches.

The Seven Star Pagoda Owner had no choice but to accept it. He knew that punishing Bai was also pointless.

“Two hours?” Yi Yun looked at Bai with surprised. He never expected the other party to have such a request. He looked at the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s authority, the Seven Star Pagoda Owner who did not have any objections.

As such, Yi Yun sat down cross-legged, “Even if you are giving me time, I will not go easy!”

“That suits me!” Bai’s voice was clear. “Resting for two hours will also not restore your arm, this actually…isn’t a battle I want.”

Bai looked at Yi Yun’s hand and felt a sense of regret. He wanted to experience the power of that sword attack.

“You will have the chance in the future.”

Yi Yun hurriedly began conditioning his breathing. He was just in need of time to absorb the two containers of Golden Crow species heart blood he had drunk.

Two hours of rest was extremely important for Yi Yun.

His opponent was not only Bai, but the rest too.

He expected the fight with Bai to be even harder than the battle with Feng Lin. After finishing the battle, even if he won, he would be left with even less Yuan Qi.

There was still a bit of Golden Crow precious blood left. Using that precious blood and the remaining Yuan Qi he had to deal with the remaining 11 Yun Long Divine Kingdom members would be extremely difficult.

Time slowly passed as everyone watched the stage with bated breaths. No one spoke a word, nor did anyone leave.

People were waiting for the two hours to pass.

Yi Yun’s hand no longer bled, and his meridians were slowly joining up. As long as he did not use the complete sword intent from the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun’s hands would be completely fine.

Yi Yun, who was meditating, slowly felt the Golden Crow species blood in his body burning. This energy made Yi Yun’s body fill with fighting spirit.

Bai watched Yi Yun from a distance of 30 feet away. Bit by bit, he wrapped a white cloth around his hand. When he finish winding the cloth, Bai stood up and said calmly, “The time is up.”