True Martial World Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Son of Lightning
Chapter 335: Son of Lightning

As Bai stood up and drew his sword, the arena, which was originally very quiet, became so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Bai was finally fighting. Due to the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s side being so strong in the alliance tournament, Bai had never needed to fight until now.

This was the first time he was actually fighting in any real sense of the word.

Yi Yun also stood up and, with his right hand, took out the Sonic Deathblade.

A saber in his right hand and a sword in his left.

“His saber is in his right hand while his sword is in his left hand. Is Yi Yun going to rely mostly on the saber?”

Many people began to worry upon seeing Yi Yun use his saber against Bai.

To them, Yi Yun’s sword was much stronger than his saber.

“Why is he not using his sword?” Many people were curious.

Someone shook his head, “Against Bai, it is likely that Yi Yun cannot continuously use his sword, or maybe it is that he will not be able to handle the energy drain.”

Yi Yun’s sword attacks were only stronger than his saber attacks when the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s sword intent was used. And once the pure Yang sword intent was used, even just a tenth of it would be beyond that which Yi Yun’s body could handle.

Nonetheless, if Yi Yun was going to rely mostly on his saber, how was he to defeat Bai?

“Thank you for giving me two hours to recuperate! Are you not afraid that by giving me two hours to recover, it might led to your defeat?”

Yi Yun casually shook the Sonic Deathblade as he injected Yuan Qi into it.


The saber blade emitted a clear hum that sounded like the roar of a dragon. The Sonic Deathblade’s sound waves alone could kill.

Bai however, was not affected by the Sonic Deathblade’s hum. When the sound wave was 3 feet away from him, it was destroyed by his protective sword Qi.

“If you want to thank me, just go all out! It has been a long time since last I looked forward to a fight. I can only wish for you having the ability to defeat me. It is a pity that, in the past two years, I have never suffered defeat against the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s younger generation.”

“One victorious battle after another, not only does it not make me feel delighted, it also makes me feel perplexed. The Yun Long Divine Kingdom is just a tiny stage, I do not want to be blinded by the halo titles of being ‘Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s Number One’ or ‘Invincible amongst the Younger Generation’. If I do, I might not know how strong I am when I leave the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and enter a stronger faction. Maybe I would be as ridiculous as a frog in a well?”

“I do not want to end up in that situation. Therefore, your appearance has made me excited. If I were to be defeated by you, I will feel glad. I am not afraid of others surpassing me, I am only afraid that I do not know how far a real elite has progressed. If humans do not have a goal, they will be lost! Only with a goal will I be excited!”

The usually silent Bai suddenly spoke a lot.

Yi Yun was slightly stunned upon hearing this. He never expected Bai to have such thoughts and vision.

Indeed, be it the Yun Long Divine Kingdom or the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, they were just a drop in the ocean of this vast world.

Bai could not see how vast the world was, but he could foresee it.

As for Yi Yun, he really had seen a corner of that magnificent world. In the Pure Yang Sword Palace, that bronze giant who could destroy worlds and the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner left Yi Yun shocked.

The mushroom knows not the alternation of day and night, while the short-lived cicada does not know the seasons. If one were to see the vast world yet not explore it, turning to dust hundreds or thousands of years later, then what difference was there between them and the mushrooms and cicadas?

Such a life was too insignificant for people not resigning to fate. Yi Yun wished that he could be an equal of the world, becoming a main character of the current generation.

With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was already standing higher than others. As such, did he have any reason to slack off?

“Words are needless, let us fight!” Bai said and with a light “Chi” sound, lightning emerged from his sword’s blade.

The purple lightning were like small snakes surging wantonly.

The law Bai cultivated was Lightning!

Yuan foundation realm elites all cultivated a certain law. Thunder-elemental laws belonged to one of the nature-based elemental laws of Wind, Snow, Thunder and Lightning. They were ranked equal to the five elements, but exceeded them in power.

“This sword’s name is Black Light.” Bai stretched out his index and middle finger as he gently stroked the sword’s blade. The sword blade was black and did not reflect a single beam of light. It was only three feet long and the sword’s pommel was unsophisticated while the sword’s hilt was covered in old snake skin. Under the illumination of the lightning, the snake skin’s scales had a luster sheen.

“I am going to attack!”

Just as Bai finished speaking, a purple beam suddenly flashed. The Black Light sword had stabbed straight through Yi Yun!

Bai’s sword was so fast that it exceeded the limits of human recognition.

People only saw a purple flash and then Bai’s sword had pierced through Yi Yun’s chest!


Some people gasped, but in a blink of an eye, Yi Yun’s figure slowly blurred before completely disappearing.

Yi Yun’s body had already appeared more than a hundred feet away.

It was an after-image that was stabbed.

Seeing Yi Yun look completely fine, many Tai Ah Divine City warriors let out a sigh of relief. This attack was too soul-wrenching. Before they could even react, the sword had already hit its mark. Thankfully Yi Yun’s speed was very fast, if it was switched to them being on stage, they would have died.

“Your movement technique is not bad. Large success stage of Minute Subtlety!” Bai praised, “However… Minute Subtlety is just a form of controlling one’s body. By perfectly doing so, one can dodge the attacks from enemies, but…”

Once Bai said that, his words took a sudden turn, “There is a limit to how well you can control your body. The potential of Minute Subtlety is only that much. It is only able to work wonders at a low level. When one’s level slowly increases, especially when one begins to learn laws, the power of laws will far exceed that of Minute Subtlety and will completely replace it! As for Thunder and Lightning, it is the law that is best for speed.”

“If what you just did was the limit to your speed, then I am afraid you have already lost!”

As Bai said that, purple lightning flashed all over his body. Just a simple movement of his formed multiple layers of after-images around his body.

“Extreme speed!”

Bai shook his Black Light sword and after-images began to appear. It was impossible to tell Bai’s position. This time, Bai’s speed was even faster than before!

Soon, the stage was completely filled with Bai’s after-images. There were tens of after-images!

Many people focused their minds, trying with great difficulty to see through Bai’s after-images, but it was to no avail. It was as if Bai had completely transformed into a lightning bolt. His figure was surging around on the stage freely, leaving behind traces of lightning.

There were streaks of lightning and after-images of Bai everywhere!

“Such a fast speed! This black-clothed youth can trump many just with his speed. Besides, speed should just be a small aspect of his strengths.” Even a Tai Ah Divine City Elder’s expression changed upon seeing this!

All the martial arts in the world could not be defeated if one was fast enough. If the speed reached an extreme limit, one could pierce through an opponent’s throat before they could even react. This was the split moment that decided victory.

People looked with bated breaths as the after-images surrounded Yi Yun.

Yi Yun tightly clenched his Sonic Deathblade and became extremely wary. Bai’s speed was indeed very terrifying.


A purple beam flashed and like a lightning bolt, appeared before Yi Yun and sent out a hundred stabs in an instance!

These dense sword beams formed a lightning web that covered Yi Yun.

Minute Subtlety!

Yi Yun’s pupils constricted as he hurriedly retreated backwards. However, Bai’s attack was too fast, so fast that it far exceeded Yi Yun’s dodging speed.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Along with the sound of lightning, Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi was torn apart. The lightning current surged into Yi Yun’s meridians and made him feel paralyzed.

Yi Yun’s clothes were cut apart by the sword Qi, blood appearing on his arms and shoulders!

Tai Ah Sacred Technique!

Yi Yun circulated his body’s Yuan Qi. With the pure Yang Qi, he annihilated the lightning powers within his meridians. His body flashed and he was now 200 feet away!

It was too fast!

Yi Yun felt awed. He had just used a perfect Minute Subtlety movement technique, yet he was still unable to completely dodge Bai’s sword beams.

No matter what law it was, once it was understood well enough, it would be so powerful that it was shocking. And Bai was no doubt a youth that had reached an extreme level in the Thunder and Lightning elemental laws.

“I have not met my match amongst the Yun Long Divine Kingdom younger generation because none of them are able to keep up with my speed! I can easily attack anyone who is slower than me. It’s even to the point where I even have many methods that I have never tried before. It is a huge regret of mine! Yi Yun, is this as far as you can go? If that is the case, then I am too disappointed. Originally, I was looking forward to going all out when fighting against you!”

As Bai said this, there were many lightning after-images around his body. Above the Divine Wilderness Stage, there were surging purple bolts everywhere. Clearly, it was very easy for Bai to maintain this speed; hence, he could speak this calmly.

Upon seeing this scene and hearing Bai’s words, the Tai Ah Divine City’s warriors were shocked. They finally understood how strong Bai was. If their speed was inferior to his, then they would be defeated by him. However, with such speed, who could match him?

Yi Yun’s speed was already very fast, but it was still inferior to Bai’s!

And taking 10,000 steps back, even if he could catch up to Bai’s speed, Bai still had other tricks up his sleeve.

Extreme speed was just a small portion of Bai’s Lightning laws.

Completely opposite from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warriors’ astonishment, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors were burning with excitement. Bai was their Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s god of war, and was also known as the Son of Lightning.

Most of them had only heard of Bai, but had never seen him fight.

Today however, seeing Bai’s prominence, they felt extremely excited and were greatly looking forward to it!

“As long as one’s speed is inferior to yours, they will be defeated by you?”

Yi Yun gently wiped off the blood from his body. Yi Yun had always been confident when it came to his speed. Back when Yi Yun’s strength had not greatly increased, he had relied on his speed when fighting against Liu Yuxing and Qiuniu. Yi Yun had previously amazed everyone, but now however, he could only admit that he was slower than Bai.

With slow speed, one was at a greatly disadvantaged, whether it was offensive or defensive!

If he could not block Bai’s stabs or touch Bai’s sleeves when attacking, then there was no doubt that the results of this battle would end with his loss.

This was why Bai said that if Yi Yun’s speed was inferior to his, then Yi Yun would be easily defeated.

At this moment, Bai’s speed increased again. There were more and more after-images appearing on the stage, and each after-image was surging with lightning, completely surrounding Yi Yun!