True Martial World Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Lightning Force Field
Chapter 336: Lightning Force Field

No matter who faced Bai, that person would end up experiencing extreme pressure!

Other than his extreme speed he also had unfathomable strength.

Yi Yun’s speed clearly could not keep up with Bai’s. This worried many of the Tai Ah Divine City warriors.

At this moment, Yi Yun closed both his eyes. A human’s eye would have the after-image of a person left behind in it if the opponent was faster than a tenth of a second. As Bai’s speed was too fast, one would only see numerous after-images due to his blazing speed. As a result, it was very difficult to lock onto Bai’s location.

Yi Yun opened up the Purple Crystal’s energy vision. Within the energy vision, all the after-images disappeared, only leaving behind a energy beam that moved at high speeds!

The energy vision could see through to the most fundamental energy flow, leaving no after-images behind.

In his energy vision, Yi Yun was able to clearly see Bai’s location.

“Yi Yun closed his eyes!?”

“Is he only relying on his perception?”

Seeing Yi Yun close his eyes, people were alarmed. To Purple Blood realm and Yuan foundation realm warriors, their Yuan Qi perception was relatively weak so it was inferior to using their own eyes.

In this split second, people had no time to think over it carefully as they saw a purple beam flash past!


The Black Light sword’s trajectory left an energy ripple in the air.

Yi Yun felt as if he was standing on a lake. Bai’s sword was like a swimming fish, and as it swam, it agitated the lake’s water, forming ripples that reached Yi Yun’s heart.

At this moment, Yi Yun made his move. With a saber and sword, Saber and Sword Combined!

Yi Yun did not use the Pure Yang Sword Palace sword intent. Having entered the saber tomb as well as the sword tomb, he had gained insight into both sword and saber intents from this heritage ground of sword and saber.

Although the saber and sword tombs were greatly inferior to the Pure Yang Sword Palace, they still far exceeded the realms of many Tai Ah Divine Kingdom sages!


Yi Yun’s sword and saber clashed against the Black Light sword!

The energy collision set off a fierce explosion as purple light swept across the area, as if many purple snakes were dancing in the air. And within this surging wave of purple, there was also burning pure Yang energy!

Yi Yun’s saber and sword Qi were burning like the Sun. He had blocked Bai’s attack head on!

Bai’s attack speed was fast, faster than Yi Yun by a lot, but Yi Yun’s sword and saber moves had characteristics that Bai lacked. They were steady, as Yi Yun’s domineering stance was like a towering mountain. His energy was like the roar of the ocean!

In a blink of an eye, Bai and Yi Yun had exchanged hundreds of blows!

During this period, the number of attacks Bai did were at least twice those of Yi Yun’s as their speed differed by a level.

If this was any other person, an opponent whose speed was inferior to Bai, that person would have been defeated by Bai’s fast attacks.

However, this time it was against Yi Yun, as such, the situation was completely different.

Although Bai’s attack speed was faster, he was not able to break through Yi Yun’s defenses.

That sword and saber were like a dragon and a tiger. They defended Yi Yun’s body flawlessly. It was impossible to break through them.

Bai would attack twice, but Yi Yun would use a single move to block them both.

The exchange of blows became more intense. People could only see the numerous after-images in the middle of the stage. It was like a crazy storm. Bai’s speed was obvious, and although Yi Yun’s speed was a bit slower, that was only relative to Bai. To others, it was still an unattainable speed!

Sword beams! Saber beams!

Pure Yang energy! Lightning energy!

Marks began to appear on the purple tungsten tiles of the Divine Wilderness Stage due to the unrestrained surging energies.

“This is too terrifying. Is this the battle scene of the number one people from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom?”

Quite a number of people in the audience came from the ten Southern countries or other smaller factions. Their tournament was separate from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Seeing Yi Yun exchange blows with Bai, no matter how much the ten Southern countries and the factions did not want to admit, they definitely had no temper left.

“This speed… This strength. Our country’s number one person may be pretty wild, but compared to them, he will probably lose in just a few seconds…”

“Our country is about the same. There is always someone stronger…”

A few warriors from the smaller countries said as they swallowed their saliva. They had never thought that it would be possible for the younger generation to fight at such a high level, let alone see one.

At this moment a “Peng” sound rang out as some Yuan Qi exploded, sending out a shock wave. Yi Yun and Bai separated from each other.

The exchange of blows before was like a storm. It was unknown how many blows they had exchanged.

Yi Yun and Bai stood about 200 feet apart. The remnant Yuan Qi still lingering between them.

“I have to admit that even with my speed being faster than your’s, I still cannot beat you by using speed!”

Bai’s voice was solemn. Before this, he had always won just by using his speed. However, today, against Yi Yun, he had to change that view.

One could still break through fast speeds.

Previously, the opponents he faced were all lacking. Now, against an expert, such unexpected scenarios could happen.

Yi Yun said, “When you are obsessed with speed, your attack power naturally weakens!”

“You are right. Fighting with you has not disappointed me. You and I have to battle to mature. Only by facing more experts will we learn. Only then will we no longer become flustered when we face unforeseen circumstances in a life and death battle.”

Bai said as he stabbed his sword into the purple tungsten tiles.

“Zi Zi Zi!”

With the sound of electric currents being released, Yi Yun felt a current from from the tiles. It made him feel numb!

Yi Yun immediately circulated his pure Yang Qi to withstand the attack.

“Oh? Bai transmitted lightning into the purple tungsten tiles, using the ground to attack Yi Yun?” Many people were stunned. The ground seemed to be adverse against Yi Yun.

Soon however, they shut up. They realized that a purple light curtain had appeared above the Divine Wilderness Stage. Like a huge bowl, it engulfed the Divine Wilderness Stage.

“This is?”

Many people were confused.

“It’s a force field!” Amongst the crowd, a person at the human lord level alarmedly said, “Force fields are also known as a domain. Only a very limited number of people are able to have such supernatural affinity with certain laws . Only then can they gain such insight. Unexpectedly, this youth in black can have his own force field at such a young age…”

Anyone could learn laws when they reached a high realm of cultivation. The only difference was one’s level of understanding of the laws.

Force fields however, were different.

Force fields were extremely profound. Non-geniuses amongst geniuses would not be able to gain such insight.

If one’s affinity with the laws were insufficient, then one would not be able to gain insight into force fields throughout their entire lives. And this affinity with laws was decided congenitally. The results from subsequent hard work was extremely limited.

Not even Yuan foundation realm warriors, peak-human lords, or even sages, they could all fail at gaining insight into nomological force fields. This was because sages could be strong in other areas and still not necessarily have a high affinity with certain laws.

For example, Jian Ge focused on swords and was matchless in swordsmanship.

For laws, Jian Ge cultivated the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, and although he had reached a very high realm, he was still lacking affinity with pure Yang energy, so up to this day, he was still unable to create his own pure Yang force field.

When Bai used his lightning force field, even the Elders in the Elder stands were shocked, let alone the audience.

This black-clothed youth was no doubt a darling of lightning. He was a natural Son of Lightning.

His understanding and affinity with the lightning laws were shocking!