True Martial World Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Terrible
Chapter 337: Terrible

Being trapped in the lightning force field, Yi Yun felt the current passing through his skin, which made his whole body feel numb.

“Since I can’t defeat you just with speed alone, let me fight you directly!”

Bai’s body was encased by purple lightning in a spasmodic manner. His clothes and hair moved along with the purple lightning.

By setting aside his speed, Bai’s energy soared. At this moment, he was like a god that controlled thunder and lightning.


It was as if a behemoth roared from Bai’s body as he made his move. This was the first time he was using all of his strength.

The Black Light sword, which gathered the divine lightning within the lightning force field, slashed towards Yi Yun as it emitted a tumultuous whizzing sound. The purple lightning gathered in the air as it reached an extremum, turning black in color. This black lightning eventually condensed into the shape of a lightning beast that was tens of feet long!

This lightning beast looked life-like and it’s appearance was that of a black tiger. It charged at Yi Yun.

“Lightning Kill!”

When the black lightning beast flew at Yi Yun, the purple tungsten ground beneath it melted into a molten metal.

This sort of power made the audience hold their breaths.

Seeing the black lightning beast attacking him, Yi Yun’s body surged with Radiant Sun Qi, as a Tang Valley phantom image appeared behind him.

Yi Yun knew that this attack from Bai was extraordinary. Due to the difference in their cultivation levels, it was impossible for him to withstand it just with the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.


Within Yi Yun’s body, the pure Yang spirit’s energy surged as he pushed the Purple Crystal to an extreme. The pure Yang spirit rapidly absorbed the pure Yang energy from the surroundings. The pure Yang spirit, which was originally burning quietly, transformed into a blazing brilliant Sun.

The pure Yang spirit nearly charged out of the Purple Crystal. It’s searing power was like a tidal wave that filled Yi Yun’s limbs. Yi Yun felt as if his body was burning up.

Saber Truth’s 32 Words – One With the Saber!

Yi Yun slashed his saber. His body and the Sonic Deathblade combined into one, and shot out like a meteor.


The strong impact resulted in an aftershock that cut the purple tungsten ground up like sharp sabers.


The warriors closest to the Divine Wilderness Stage could clearly feel the terrifying sword and saber Qi. Even with the protective shield separating them, they still felt the immense pressure.

The first direct clash resulted in Yi Yun’s body shuddering as his hand numbed from it.

He felt the lightning entering his body as it wantonly surged through his meridians. Bai’s lightning seemed to have an endless flow of power that even the pure Yang energy could not easily dissipate.

Similarly, Bai did not feel any better. Yi Yun’s saber Qi was too sharp. Besides, after gaining an insight into the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s sword intent, Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi had an additional trace of an undying property to it. This undying power would appear even when Yi Yun did not use the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s sword intent on purpose.

As such, Yi Yun’s pure Yang energy was like an inextinguishable flame that burned in Bai’s body. It was ineradicable so Bai’s entire body felt the pain.

Both of them retreated more than a hundred feet from each other. Their faces were pale as their blood was in turmoil.

“Yi Yun!” Seeing Yi Yun’s pale face with a deep frown, Wen Yu, Chu Xiaoran and company started to worry for him.

Bai was too strong!

From the strength Yi Yun had displayed up till now, it was already very difficult for him to win this battle. Even if he had won, it would have been a Pyrrhic victory!

Just from that clash of blows, both of them sustained severe internal injuries.

Bai being injured was no big deal, but with Yi Yun injured, the situation turned sour.

After all, after Bai, there were still 10 more Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors left!

These people may be far inferior to Bai and Feng Lin, but they were also strong. Relatively speaking, Murong Guang, who Yi Yun defeated in one sword attack, was just average amongst the group.

Yi Yun had expended a lot of Yuan Qi when handling Murong Guang, even though it appeared as if it was easy.

If he were to fight against these people after fighting Bai, how much Yuan Qi would he have left?

At that time, it was unlikely Yi Yun could use that sword move again.

“Good saber attack! Such strong pure Yang energy!” As Bai said, an unnatural flush appeared on his face. He wiped the corner of his mouth, and a tiny stream of blood flowed out.

In the direct clash with Yi Yun before, his meridians had been damaged.

“However, you can’t be feeling too good now. My lightning isn’t that easily annihilated!”

Bai looked at Yi Yun as the corners of his mouth turned into a smile. This was a smile that arose from the excitement of meeting someone his equal. Fighting against Yi Yun made him more and more excited.

Opposite from Bai, Yi Yun looked straight into Bai’s eyes as he clenched his Sonic Deathblade tighter.

It was indeed extremely difficult fighting Bai. In the end, it was too demanding for him to face fifteen elites from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom alone!

If he were to conjure his Golden Crow Aspect Totem, Yi Yun believed that his energy would be emptied out in a short period of time!

But if he did not use his Golden Crow Aspect Totem, how was he going to beat Bai?


Bai roared loudly and attacked once again.


Again with another roar, the black lightning beast appeared behind Bai once again.

The lightning beast was infused in Bai’s Black Light sword, resulting in radiant black beams being emitted by the entire sword!

Bai leapt up high in the air, with countless number of lightning current flowing around him. It was as if numerous thick purple snakes were surging towards Bai. Within the lightning force field, he could use his full power!

Bai came attacking from the top as he charged downwards at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun constricted his pupils. With the Sonic Deathblade in his hand, a Tang Valley phantom image appeared behind him. However, this time, a mountain of corpses and sea of blood that resembled Ashura Hell appeared as well!

“Hum Hum Hum…”

Wailing sounds accompanied the burning pure Yang flames. The two powers, which were nearly exact opposites in terms of properties, were injected into the Sonic Deathblade as Yi Yun attacked from bottom to top and slashed at Bai!

“Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Killing At Its Core!”


A fierce impact with the high temperatures made the purple tungsten ground below Yi Yun’s feet crack and a crater formed. Yi Yun’s entire body was nearly piled deep into the Divine Wilderness Stage!

However, Bai’s body was sent flying tens of meters back from the impact, while he spit a mouthful of blood out in the air.


Bai slammed heavily into the purple tungsten wall outside the Divine Wilderness Stage, deforming it. He slipped to the ground before using his Black Light sword as a crutch to stand up. His eyes sparkled with fighting spirit that exuded excitement.

Yi Yun also leaped out from the purple tungsten hole. The Sonic Deathblade formed an angle with the ground as its tip trembled slightly.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s shirt was torn. One could see the contours of his chest muscles, but there were blood stains and numerous spots that had been burnt black from the lightning on them.

Bai’s attack this time was even stronger than before. It was as if he had compressed all the lightning force field’s energy into that sword attack, causing Yi Yun’s blood to go into chaos!

The audience were quiet. From the speed battle in the beginning to the direct head-on clashes now, the battle was intensifying. Furthermore, Yi Yun and Bai’s injuries were getting more severe!

What would be the outcome of this battle?

“This really feels great!”

Bai was extremely excited. It was as if he became more excited the more injured he was. “Amongst the younger generation, it has been a long time since someone has managed to fight me to my heart’s content.”

As Bai said this, his aura did not decrease but increased!

It was as if the injuries he had sustained were nothing to him.

“Oh!? Bai’s aura is increasing?” People were alarmed. They had originally thought that the battle between Yi Yun and Bai would slowly become less intense as their energies were depleted, but now, looking at Bai, it looked like the battle would become even more intense!

“Bai still has a lot of strength he has not revealed. Or maybe it should be said that due to the excitement from fighting Yi Yun, he was able to release his body’s hidden potential power.”

“Bai still hasn’t conjured his Aspect Totem!”

People from the Yun Long Divine Kingdom turned excited.

To them, although the overall group championship was filled with ups and downs, and even though Yi Yun was extraordinary, the eventual outcome still wouldn’t change.

Bai was their Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s god of war. Other than Bai, there was no lack in strong experts amongst the other ten people. Many of them were stronger than Jun Yue because they had the advantage of age!

“This mad man…”

In the Elder stands, Cang Yan looked at Bai as he swore.

Even he had to admit that this battle was getting harder. Bai was the type that grew stronger the more he fought. Fighting such a war junkie was the trickiest!

“Cang Yan!” At this moment, a Yuan Qi transmission rang in Cang Yan’s ear. Cang Yan turned his head and saw that it was the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord.

“The outcome of this battle is still up in the air. If Yi Yun is defeated, you have to make a move and save Yi Yun. Do not allow him to have any mishaps in his battle with Bai.”

“Similarly, if Yi Yun were to defeat Bai, then we shall call it quits for the overall group championship. There is no need to fight the battles after this as there is no way we can win. Instead, I fear that someone will deliberately hurt Yi Yun severely, and gain fame within the Yun Long Divine Kingdom from this battle. I do not want to see Yi Yun severely injured under the hands of these weak juniors.”

Hearing the City Lord’s words, Cang Yan felt heart-warmed.

Cang Yan had already treated Yi Yun as if he was half a disciple of his. Seeing the City Lord not pursue victory for this overall group championship, and prioritizing Yi Yun’s safety first, Cang Yan could only feel grateful.

“I know, with me around, I will not let Yi Yun get into an accident.”

On the Divine Wilderness Stage, Yi Yun and Bai were standing about a hundred feet from each other.

Both of them could feel the other’s powerful strength.

“Yi Yun! I know you are worried about the battles after this, but… I think your worries are unnecessary. That is because you will not have a single chance defeating me if you do not go all out!”

“Even if you were to go all out, the chances of you winning is slim. Without being able to use that sword move, it is nearly impossible for you to defeat me!”

Bai felt regret as he really wanted to encounter Yi Yun’s sword attack. He wanted to battle a Yi Yun that was at his peak!

As Bai was speaking, a black lightning beast phantom image appeared behind him for the third time, “I wish that our battle was able to decide the champion of the overall group match between the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the Yun Long Divine Kingdom. However, it is is a pity that I do not have the power to make this decision. Letting you rest for two hours was the limit!”

Bai said frankly as Yi Yun nodded, “I understand!”

Bai could at most make decisions in his own battle, but he could not arrange the battles of the other people in the overall group championship.

Bai flicked his sword blade and a glimmer flashed in his eyes, “Being able to fight with you to such an extent has left me greatly satisfied. To show you my respect, I will use my strongest move to defeat you next!”