True Martial World Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Lightning Snake against Golden Crow
Chapter 338: Lightning Snake against Golden Crow

Just as Bai finished speaking, the presence of the phantom image of the lightning beast grew stronger. The lightning force field around Bai also began to create thunder, as if it was going to spit out all of its energy.


The force field formed a lightning barrier around Bai, placing him under its protection.


The lightning beast issued a roar that shook the heavens and earth, piercing through people’s eardrums. Even from behind the array barrier, the audience could still feel the powerful energy that resided within the sound. This sort of energy seemed like a bolt, hitting their insides, causing their blood to go into disarray. It was extremely uncomfortable.

“So terrifying!”

People were alarmed. Just the lightning beast’s roar alone was something they could not handle. If they were to stand where Yi Yun was, how would it be like to experience the frontal impact from the lightning beast?

At this moment, Bai extended his hand out and grabbed the lightning beast’s neck.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The lightning beast began to roar crazily as its body began to intensely convulse. While convulsing, it was actually reducing in size.

As its size reduced, the lightning beast’s lightning energy grew even stronger. The lightning’s color turned from a purplish black to pure black!

Just as people thought Bai would conjure the lightning beast to attack Yi Yun, a shocking scene happened. Bai actually pressed the lightning beast into his own chest.

Whew! The lightning beast entered Bai’s body and with a “Chi La” explosive sound, the clothes Bai was wearing exploded after the lightning beast entered his body. A strong wind blew the remnant cloth and Bai’s hair around until they stood up vertically.


People were alarmed. They could not help but stand up.

At this moment, the lightning beast’s phantom image appeared on Bai’s chest, it was like a tattoo on his skin.

Many of them were completely speechless upon seeing this scene.

Bai had actually devoured the lightning beast!

The lightning beast tattoo spread across Bai’s body. Wisp after wisp of tiger stripes slowly encroached Bai’s neck and face like Lichtenberg figures. Bai seemed to have completely transformed into another person. With this look, Bai made everyone tremble with fear.

At this moment, the lightning barrier around Bai contracted once more. Finally, all the energy condensed together, forming into the phantom image of a long, thick snake.

The snake became more and more realistic and increased in presence. It was 70-80 feet long and completely black. It had six heads and its body stripes looked like lightning.

“Six-headed Lightning Snake!?”

Someone exclaimed in the audience stands. This was Bai’s Aspect Totem!

Bai’s Aspect Totem turned out to be a Six-headed Lightning Snake. It was a terrifying existence amongst lightning-elemental desolate beasts. In the Divine wilderness, even late-stage human lords might not be able to handle Six-headed Lightning Snakes.

And Bai had actually obtained a Six-headed Lightning Snake as an Aspect Totem.

Typically, the Aspect Totems that were in the forms of beast, corresponded to the desolate beast a warrior killed.

The desolate beast killed would form the corresponding Aspect Totem.

To condensed an Aspect Totem, one had to personally kill the desolate beast. It did not work if it was killed by someone else. This was a law that even the Purple Crystal could not violate.

And Bai had actually condensed a Six-headed Lightning Snake Aspect Totem.

This proved that he might have personally killed a Six-headed Lightning Snake!

It was also possible that Bai had killed a lot of Three-headed Lightning Snakes, causing his original Three-headed Lightning Snake Aspect Totem to evolve into a Six-headed Lightning Snake. If a Six-headed Lightning Snake were to evolve once more, it would become a primordial species-grade Nine-headed Lightning Snake.

However, even Three-headed Lightning Snakes were strong desolate beasts that even early stage human lords would not be able to handle.

How did Bai manage to kill Three-headed Lightning Snakes?

With the appearance of the Six-headed Lightning Snake, black clouds started to gather together as lightning started to cover the sky.


As the lightning flashed, the dark clouds grew bigger. From the open dome of the arena, the spectators could see the dark clouds gather, as water vapor began to appear.

Not a second later, it started to rain in the arena!


People felt the cool rain drops pattering on their face as they felt appalled.

Lightning resulted in rain. So when Bai conjured his Six-headed Lightning Snake Aspect Totem, due to the powerful lightning he released, it affected the weather, causing it to pour down.

It was simple inconceivable for a Yuan foundation realm warrior to influence the weather.

“Is this Bai in his strongest state?”

People looked at Bai with alarm.

“Hahaha! It has been a while since I have felt this good!” Bai loudly laughed. Currently, he was naked from the waist up, revealing his taut muscles. His body was covered in tiger stripes and lightning tattoos, and on his chest, there was a roaring black tiger lightning beast, while a Six-headed Lightning Snake was rising up from behind him. The Black Light sword in his hand also manifested a large amount of black lightning. All of this made Bai look like a statuesque thunder god!

Yi Yun took a deep breath upon seeing Bai’s state, his expression turning solemn.

After devouring the black lightning beast, inserting its energy into his own body and then conjure up a Six-headed Lightning Snake Aspect Totem. The present Bai, who was at his peak, was too strong.

He had to go all out against Bai. However, by using all of his strength, that would mean that he would not be able to fight in the subsequent matches.

“Yi Yun, make your move! In my current state, what I look most forward to is the sword attack that you used to defeat Feng Lin! I really want to know how much damage it will cause me to take on that attack.”

Bai did not say whether the attack would defeat him or not, he only questioned how much damage it would cause him. Clearly, he believed that he could withstand that attack completely! He would only be injured and not defeated!

Bai had complete confidence in himself, that he could handle the sword attack that nearly killed Feng Lin, this showed how presumptuous he was!

However, no one said anything about how presumptuous Bai was, this was because his strength gave him the right to say such words!

“Unfortunately, you can no longer use that attack. I feel regret, but I will still use my strongest state to defeat you. Make your move, maybe… you will surprise me and not disappoint me!”

Bai pointed the Black Light sword at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun sighed as he touched the Distinguished Light sword and helplessly smiled.

“Indeed, I can no longer use that sword attack… I was still having that tinge of hope about winning this overall group championship. After all, I am grateful towards the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, so I have been reserving my strength and not use certain moves if I could help it. The energy consumption of using them will be too great, resulting in me not being able to fight the battles after. However…”

Yi Yun paused upon saying this and gently swiped his hand across the Distinguished Light sword, opening up a gash on his palm, resulting in blood flowing onto the sword.

Yi Yun’s blood seemed to be like hot lava. It started burning the moment it flowed onto the Distinguished Light sword.

“However, against you, I indeed have no other choice. So be it! I will not care so much anymore and fight a magnificent battle with you!”

Yi Yun’s eyes were burning with fighting spirit as he said those words.

Yi Yun was staring right at Bai, with Bai staring back at him.

“Oh? Do you still think that you have the capital to fight against me? In my upcoming attack, I will be going all out!” Bai loudly said.

Yi Yun laughed, “I will also be going all out. I believe that my full-powered attack will at least ‘not make you disappointed’!”

Yi Yun used Bai’s words back at him.

Bai laughed loudly, “Great! I look forward to it! Let me remind you that you might die from this attack!”

As Bai spoke, killing Qi surged from his body.

The Tai Ah Divine City warriors, especially Wen Yu, Chu Xiaoran and company who knew Yi Yun, held their breaths. Bai, in his peak state, was indeed too terrifying. He was so strong that he made people not have the courage to resist him.

In the Elder stands, Cang Yan was even more concentrated. He was afraid that Yi Yun would suffer a mishap. In his opinion, even sages in their youths did not match up the current Bai!

The rain became heavier.

Water vapor permeated the visions of people.

Bai and Yi Yun, two contemporary proud sons of heaven, were less than 200 feet away from each other. They were looking at each other, separated by a curtain of rain.

At this moment, Bai made his move!

He brandished the black sword in his hand, and like a black bolt of lightning within the rain, he cut through the thick curtain of rain!

The power of that one sword attack was enough to shake the heaven and earth!

The entire Divine Wilderness Stage as well as the thick purple tungsten ground was slashed opened by the sword, resulting in a huge sword scar!

Bai’s sharp sword beam, along with his Six-headed Lightning Snake, rushed at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun constricted his pupils. At that moment, he too made his move. It was still the move from the sword tomb, but within it, there was now a trace of the pure Yang sword intent. This was also the strongest sword intent Yi Yun could handle at the moment.

However, just this sword intent alone was far from enough.

At this moment, a clear cry rang from within Yi Yun’s body!

This clear cry seemed to be cry of a phoenix that transcended the heavens. No matter how loud the falling rain and the rumbling thunder was, they were drowned by that clear cry.

“What was that!?”

The spectators became alarmed as the sound was too loud. It was as if it was ringing within their own ears, straight into their hearts. Yet, it was not harsh on the ears, it instead had the power to refresh their minds!


The pure Yang flames burned, and like a Radiant Sun that exploded behind Yi Yun, the phantom image of a Tang Valley appeared behind Yi Yun. Before people could react, they saw a divine light rise up into the sky. Like a divine sword, it charged into the clouds, splitting them apart!


They once again heard that clear and loud cry. The audience helplessly watched on as a Golden Crow, covered in pure Yang flames, rushed out from Yi Yun’s body, following the divine light’s path all the way up!

This Golden Crow had a wingspan of tens of meters and nearly covered the entire Divine Wilderness Stage.

Under the burning of the pure Yang flames, the raindrops and water mist around it immediately evaporated!

“Heavens! What is that?”

People were extremely shocked. The divine bird that rushed out had the eyes of a crow, the beak of an eagle and the feathers of a phoenix. It had three legs and all of its feathers were burning with golden, pure Yang flames!

“Golden Crow!? Three-legged Golden Crow!?”

Some people incredulously shouted out the name. This Golden Crow had rushed out from Yi Yun’s body. Could it be Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem!?

“How is that possible!?”

A typical warrior, whose Aspect Totem was in the form of a king-grade desolate beast, was already extremely stunning!

For example, Bai was as such.

If it was a primordial species, it would be even more fascinating. However, only sages would have these types of aspect totems.

After all, the Aspect Totems warriors gained were obtained from the process of their hunting. Typically, those who could hunt primordial species were only sages.

Even human lords, who might have the fortuitous luck of killing a primordial species, might not have the ability to absorb it!

A Three-legged Golden Crow!

It was a level higher than primordial species!

How could it appear on a Purple Blood realm warrior!?

The audience did not have time to think about it carefully. All they saw was the Three-legged Golden Crow rush at the Six-headed Lightning Snake and with a fierce cry, stretch out the sharp claws of its three legs to grab the Six-headed Lightning Snake.


The purple lightning roared as the pure Yang flames engulfed it. The lightning snake and Golden Crow fought a fierce battle in the sky!

Snakes, were by nature, not the match of eagles, so how could a Six-headed Lightning Snake be the match of a divine beast like the Golden Crow?

In just a few seconds, the three legs managed to hit its mark and the Golden Crow tore the Six-headed Lightning Snake open!

The Six-headed Lightning Snake began to bleed like it was a real desolate beast, made up of flesh and blood!

Yi Yun’s sword followed right after the Three-legged Golden Crow killed the Six-headed Lightning Snake, sending a slash down along with the Three-legged Golden Crow!

At that moment, it was as if Heaven and Earth had lost their sound. A golden sword beam was all that was left in the sights of people. The beam illuminated the world and even the dark clouds in the sky were split apart!


The lightning broke apart as the pure Yang flames engulfed it, burning everything to cinders.

Yi Yun’s sword heavily smashed into Bai’s lightning force field, and the force field shattered like it was made out of paper!

Bai was greatly alarmed and raised his sword to face the incoming attack. However, under the pressure of the terrifying pure Yang flames, as well as the Three-legged Golden Crow divine beast, he felt it was impossible to compete with them with his power alone.


The sword beam exploded and Bai felt a strong surge rushing towards him. He was like the leaf of a tree, helpless in a stormy hurricane!


Beside the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord, the Seven Star Pagoda Owner constricted his pupils and rushed out straight away. The chair beneath him was instantly smashed to smithereens!

At the same time, Bai spat out a mouthful of blood. His protective Yuan Qi had shattered, and his sternum had completely collapsed. He was sent flying like a piece of paper. As for the deadly pure Yang sword Qi, it was still locked onto his body, wanting to take his life!

However at that moment, the Seven Star Pagoda Owner seemed to instantaneously appear beside Bai and grabbed him.


With a flick of the Seven Star Pagoda Owner’s sleeves, that terrifying pure Yang sword Qi completely shattered, before even coming close to him.

Seeing the Seven Star Pagoda Owner grab the heavily injured Bai, no one spoke a single word.

The outcome of this battle was completely different to what was expected. Bai had been defeated by Yi Yun!?

In the end, Bai actually needed the strongest person of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s entourage, the Seven Star Pagoda Owner, to personally come and save him!

The audience felt like they were in a dream, especially the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors who could not accept this.

Bai was their Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s god of war, yet he was defeated by a youth who was younger than him and of a lower cultivation level than him. How was this possible?!

People looked up at the sky. The rain had actually stopped. Yi Yun’s attack had slashed apart the dark clouds, dispersing the rain clouds that resulted from Bai’s lightning!

One could cause rain, while the other had the ability to disperse clouds!

It was difficult to imagine that this battle actually reached such an extent. It was difficult to imagine that they were both only warriors from the younger generation!

However, what was most shocking of all was the Three-legged Golden Crow that flashed past in the final moments of that battle.

The mysterious phantom image that burned with golden pure Yang flames was still lodged in the iris of everyone in the audience, unable to be removed.

That was no doubt a Three-legged Golden Crow, but how could it have appeared? Was it Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem?

People looked at Yi Yun and felt incredulous.

How could a Purple Blood realm warrior have a Three-legged Golden Crow as an Aspect Totem!?

Author’s Note: 4000 character chapter. Finished this battle in one go.