True Martial World Chapter 339

Chapter 339: A Tiger leaving his Hill and descending to the Plains
Chapter 339: A Tiger leaving his Hill and descending to the Plains

A warrior’s Aspect Totem was usually condensed after continuously hunting desolate beasts. The beast marks condensed after killing a desolate beast might not be perfect, so for those warriors that lacked talent in condensing an Aspect Totem, they might have to attempt it hundreds of times before they would be barely able to condense an Aspect Totem.

Furthermore, for Aspect Totems that were in the shape of a beast, they became harder and harder to condense the higher ranked the desolate beasts were. It was not only the difficulty in killing a high-ranked desolate beast, even the condensing of the beast mark after killing the high-ranking desolate beast was not simple.

For example, even if a Purple Blood realm warrior were to actually kill a primordial species he might not be able to condense a primordial species Aspect Totem, let alone a Three-legged Golden Crow which is much more powerful than primordial species!

The vast arena was in complete silence. Be it the Tai Ah Divine City warriors or the Yun Long 72 Pagodas warriors, the Southern 10 countries or the other small factions, everyone found it incredulous.

“How does Yi Yun have a Golden Crow totem?” A Tai Ah Divine City Elder asked Cang Yan. Although Yi Yun’s quasi-master was Grandmaster Yuehua, Cang Yan was the one who knew more regarding his cultivation.

Cang Yan froze for a while before he stuttered, “I do not know either… In fact, I was the one who took him to choose a totem mystic technique, and later on… Hai, he chose the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’…”

“Ten Thousand Beast Totem!?”

As an Elder of the Tai Ah Divine City, he naturally knew what that totem mystic technique meant.

Not only was it a remnant copy, it was also extremely difficult to cultivate. Since ancient times, no one from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had been able to master it.

Yi Yun mastered the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’!?

Many of the present Elders from the Tai Ah Divine City had previously seen the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. Upon careful thinking, the Aspect Totem which Yi Yun conjured did greatly resemble the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’.

Is… that possible?

Yi Yun actually managed to master a totem mystic technique they did not?

Many Elders were looking at Cang Yan with a questioning look, Cang Yan could only stare back as he had been rendered completely speechless.

He had tried every means to stop Yi Yun from choosing the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, but in the end, this kid actually mastered it!?

This really toppled Cang Yan’s perception of the world.

“Really a monster… After the tournament, I will make sure to ask him how he managed to master it.”

As Cang Yan was thinking, the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord’s voice transmission resounded in his ear.

“For our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom to produce such a person is of the greatest blessings. If the Shepherd Boy really is to bring a beast horde that will bring a calamity to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, then maybe this will be the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s chance to rise up from the ashes. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom has existed for too long, causing the country to become a bit lethargic. Death might not be a bad thing, and Yi Yun might give way to the opportunity that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom has to rise back up from the ashes…”

“In the future, he might even have the chance of becoming a Great Emperor…”

The City Lord’s said it in a solemn voice.

Not only Cang Yan, many of the Elders present were greatly alarmed upon hearing the City Lord’s voice transmission.

Great Emperor!

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s history of tens of millions of years, there had never been a single Great Emperor. The strongest person was just a peak-Sage.

The distance between Sages and Great Emperors was separated by a huge gap. It was a gap that made people lament upon seeing it.

Yi Yun had the possibility of becoming a Great Emperor?

If that was the case, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would very likely undergo a quantum leap!

A Great Emperor not only guaranteed the prosperity of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, if a Great Emperor’s bloodline was to be mixed with the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal bloodline, then it would cause the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal bloodline to become even more powerful.

Other than that, a Great Emperor would create many sorts of martial arts, leaving behind heritages that were obviously priceless!

After all, the sword and saber tombs were left behind by a person suspected of being a Great Emperor. Unfortunately, the sword and saber tomb was not the completely heritage of a Great Emperor.

They had been opened before, losing a lot of the valuable heritage within. Only the marks were left within the sword and saber tomb, and even they looked as if they had been casually drawn by the owner, so it was not considered a heritage. However, the sword and saber tombs, along with the array within them allowed the Tai Ah Divine City to be opened up in the Divine wilderness in conjunction with a peerless expert from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

Just a incomplete heritage had so much value to it, so the value for a complete Great Emperor’s heritage was obvious!

If there was a Great Emperor within the country, it would raise the overall strength of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. With a Great Emperor, the number of Sages within the country would also increase.

And a second Great Emperor might even appear not long after!

“Great Emperor, is that really possible? Yi Yun might become a Great Emperor?”

Cang Yan looked at Yi Yun and felt incredulous. To him, Great Emperors were a legend that eluded him.

Was he going to witness the rise of a Great Emperor and become one of the masters of this Great Emperor?

Just thinking of this made Cang Yan feel like he was dreaming.

If he became a Great Emperor’s master, then even if he was one of the least outstanding ones amongst Yi Yun’s future masters, Cang Yan would still feel extremely satisfied. It was impossible for him to become a Great Emperor in his life, but if he had student that became a Great Emperor, he could really die without any regrets.

At this moment, the City Lord carried on, “I am afraid that Yi Yun can no longer fight. Let us admit defeat for this battle. To fight to such a level, he is already an elite amongst elites. He has obtained enough glory for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and have won us precious seats. I will personally reward Yi Yun for his meritorious achievements after this battle.”

Cang Yan looked at Yi Yun. At this moment, Yi Yun’s face was pale after having used his Golden Crow Aspect Totem. There was not a tinge of pink left on his face and his hands, which held the sword and saber, were trembling. Although he did not sever any meridians this time, Cang Yan could feel that Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi had been nearly completely expended.

Using the Golden Crow Aspect Totem for less than the time it took to take a breath completely drained Yi Yun of his Yuan Qi.

Yi Yun was now severely exhausted. It was very likely that he would not even be able to use the Saber Truth’s 32 Words’ moves. There was no meaning in fighting any further.

Yi Yun used the Sonic Deathblade to support himself as he breathed heavily. He barely managed to regulate his chaotic blood flow.

Although he had the Golden Crow’s blood as healing medicine, he had already drunk a lot of it, and whatever he could absorb had already been absorbed.

It would still be effective if he were to drink some more, but it definitely was not enough to replenish his energy to the point of winning this alliance tournament.

“He looks like… he can’t make it…”

Not only Cang Yan, others also started to discover Yi Yun’s situation.

“It looked like he couldn’t make it the last time too, but he still managed to finish off Murong Guang with one sword attack.”

Some of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s warriors on the participants benches were quietly discussing.

Previously, Murong Guang thought that he could easily take out Yi Yun but ended up being easily taken out by Yi Yun. That scene was still fresh in their minds.

In a once bitten, twice shy situation, and especially with Yi Yun nearly crippling Murong Guang, it made these elites feel fear. They lacked the courage to go against Yi Yun. No one wanted to follow in Murong Guang’s footsteps.

“Hmph! He has definitely expended even more this time! His Aspect Totem is even more terrifying than that sword attack. With his peak-Purple Blood cultivation level, to be able to stand after using it is already not bad! Yi Yun is already a spent force, not someone to be fearful of!”

A purple-dressed youth said arrogantly as he looked at Yi Yun.

At this moment, on the Divine Wilderness Stage, Yi Yun’s body suddenly convulsed as he placed his entire body’s weight onto the Sonic Deathblade, finally spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The blood stained the cold purple tungsten ground.

“Yi Yun!”

Chu Xiaoran and company were extremely worried upon seeing this.

“He’s vomiting blood! Haha!” The purple-dressed youth, who spoke earlier, laughed loudly upon seeing this scene. His eyes were shining with excitement. He looked back at his peers and gave a very pleased look.

“As I said, he can’t make it anymore, yet all of you don’t believe me!”

The others looked at each other before someone nodded, “Indeed, Yi Yun should not be able to make it. This is our chance.”

“Hmph! The Seven Star Pagoda Owner had transmitted his voice, saying that Yi Yun has a tiny possibility of becoming a Great Emperor. Although I do not believe he will become a Great Emperor, so what if he becomes one the future? Wasn’t he still defeated by us in his youth?”

“You’re right. Just thinking of defeating a youth Great Emperor makes me excited. In the future, we can all say that we were people who could defeat a youth Great Emperor, hahaha!”

Under the instigation of the purple-dressed youth, many of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom youths laughed excitedly. They were eager to defeat Yi Yun.

“Yi Yun, I’ll challenge you!”

The purple-dressed youth swaggered up the Divine Wilderness Stage and looked at Yi Yun with a haughty look.

At this moment, Cang Yan’s Yuan Qi voice transmission rang in Yi Yun’s ears, “Yi Yun, do not eat into his provocation. This person may look like a retard, but he is still very strong. Of the ten people the Yun Long Divine Kingdom have left, he is probably ranked third or fourth. The current you is no longer his match. You just need to admit defeat. If you do not want to say it, I will represent you in admitting defeat.”

Cang Yan was afraid that Yi Yun would be foolhardy due to his young age. Recklessly fighting against this shameless person and only end up falling into his ploy. Once they started fighting, the other party would definitely use various sorts of methods to severely injure Yi Yun.

Although Yi Yun’s life was not in peril with Cang Yan around, Cang Yan would still feel extremely pissed if the number one person of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was being brutally beaten by such a person.

Yi Yun remained silent and did not respond.

This purple-dressed youth was probably stronger than Jun Yue due to his age!

Currently, it was too demanding for Yi Yun to fight someone stronger than Jun Yue.

“I am Murong Fei. Remember my name because you will be defeated by me. In the future, even if you are to accomplish great things, it will not change the fact that you are like a woman I f**ked. No matter how distinguished she will be in the future, she would still be someone that I f**ked, hahahaha!”

The purple-dressed youth roared with laughter.

He had already guessed that Yi Yun might surrender, but how could he allow that?

If Yi Yun were to surrender, then he could not brutally beat up Yi Yun and could not be the person who defeated a youth Great Emperor.

He did not care if Yi Yun was currently completely exhausted, as long as he defeated Yi Yun, it would still become a fact. Be it within his family clan or in his circle, he would have the rights to flaunt himself.

Just thinking of defeating a figure known as a youth Great Emperor felt great!

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