True Martial World Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Jiang Xiaorou’s warning
Chapter 34: Jiang Xiaorou’s warning

Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou returned home almost under the escort of all the villagers.

To the Lian tribal clan, it was big news that Yi Yun had passed the examination.

A poor kid had been chosen by a High Ambassador and would be given martial art pointers. He could even participate in the Kingdom selection in the future!

This could not be described by any auspicious omen.

“You say, I watched this Yun-kiddo grow up. I never felt anything special about him. He’s really a martial arts prodigy? And to contest in the Kingdom selection. Is that true?”

“Since it was said by the High Ambassador himself, there has to be some truth in it. But I doubt he would have enough time to prepare for the Kingdom’s selection. Even if Yi Yun was a prodigy, he would have absolutely no hope.”

To the villagers of the Lian tribal clan, they knew that martial arts wasn’t something that could be accomplished overnight. The Kingdom’s selection was an elite selection process. To catch Zhang Yuxian’s fancy was already some sh*t good luck.

It would be akin to daydreaming for him to pass the Kingdom’s selection.

No matter how clever a child was, giving a child, who had never read before a scholarly collection was pointless. It would never allow him to pass the exam to become a scholar in two months.

It was the same logic with participating in the Kingdom selection. The Lian tribal clan had came to a consensus, which no one doubted.

With a lot of effort, Jiang Xiaorou finally brought Yi Yun home.

Despite Jiang Xiaorou closing the courtyard’s door, many people had climbed up the walls to look into Jiang Xiaorou’s house. As the mud walls in the villagers were short, a kid could easily climb up the walls.

As a result, a row of people were slumped over Jiang Xiaorou’s house walls. The mud walls began to sink, as if they were about to collapse.

Jiang Xiaorou did not bother about that. She had mixed thoughts. She was proud of her brother, but it was also mixed with the fear and confusion of the unknown future.

Jiang Xiaorou knew that Yi Yun only had talent, but lacked strength.

The villagers might have mixed it up, thinking that Yi Yun had undergone a life changing event. Jiang Xiaorou knew that in the vast wilderness, strength was of utmost importance. A person with talent had to let the strength grow to be of use, or it would be useless!

“Yun-er, Lord Zhang said you had a Seamless Body, do you know what a Seamless Body is?” Jiang Xiaorou held onto Yi Yun’s hands as she sat by the bedside.

Yi Yun shook his head, “Sis Xiaorou, could it be that you know what it is?”

“Yes…I’ve heard a bit about this. A Seamless Body means that a body does not have any energy ‘leaks’. Such a constitution is extremely suitable for practicing martial arts.”

“Seamless Body also has levels. The lowest level is Mortal Blood Seamless Body. One can be without leaks while in the Mortal Blood realm, but will not be able to do so upon reaching Purple Blood. A Purple Blood Seamless Body would not have any leaks in both the Mortal Blood and Purple Blood realm. But at higher levels, they will not be able to do so…I don’t know what you are at the moment.”

Yi Yun was surprised at Jiang Xiaorou’s words, “Sis Xiaorou, how do you know so much?”

Jiang Xiaorou touched Yi Yun’s head saying, “When I was young, I had my talent tested by my family, so I had learned something from there.”

“The steps to testing a Seamless Body were extremely troublesome. That Lord Zhang did not have any array set up, and his cultivation was limited, so he could only test you crudely…”

“A person with Seamless Body is highly appreciated in a clan. But if you were only a Mortal Blood Seamless Body, then the appreciation will be limited. However the higher levels of Seamless Body are extremely rare. I remember on the day of the test, a cousin of mine named Jiang Mingzhe was a Sage level Seamless Body. The entire family was overjoyed, and they celebrated for days. There were many VIPs who came during those days, as for the details, I don’t really remember anymore…” Yi Yun was stunned after hearing Jiang Xiaorou’s words.

Sage level Seamless Body?

Although he didn’t know what level that was, it sounded really powerful.

And…to be able to produce such a constitution in the family, what sort of clan did Jiang Xiaorou belong to.

Yi Yun knew that Jiang Xiaorou came from a rich background. She was taught how to write from young. She had read widely, so she knew about cultivation. It was not possible children from small families could do.

Having been born in such a clan, how did she inexplicable find herself seeking refuge in the vast wilderness, to be eventually adopted by his own family?

Yi Yun could not help but ask, “Sis Xiaorou, what sort of family clan was yours?”

Jiang Xiaorou wrinkled her little brow as she thought for a while before shaking her head saying, “I don’t remember anymore. I only remember it was a big family clan. Then I remember…that I began reading and writing at a young age. I remember the courtyard I stayed in when I was young. As for the events after that, I don’t remember anymore even if I tried.”

Jiang Xiaorou’s words piqued the curiosity of Yi Yun. Did Jiang Xiaorou’s family experience some huge transition?

Could such a brilliant family been destroyed, causing the clan to disperse?

Dynasties rose and fell, families grew and were destroyed. In this world, nothing was eternal.

“Yun-er, this set of clothes was made by me. See if it fits.” As Jiang Xiaorou said that, she took out a set of newly sewn clothes from some old baggage.

It was made of green fabric. It was very rough as people from the Cloud Wilderness usually wore clothes made of linen. They were tough and resistant.

Yi Yun was surprised. The family was so poor that locks were not needed. It was not an exaggeration but a fact. Poor families like Yi Yun’s did not have locks. In the Cloud Wilderness, locks made of metal were expensive. A poor family’s entire fortune was not worth more than the price of a lock.

In such a situation, Jiang Xiaorou was able to obtain a piece of cloth to make him new clothes?

Yi Yun received the clothes with mixed feelings. Although the cloth was rough, it was elegant and neat. The ends of the cloth were studded with tiny pins. This was sewn one stitch at a time by Jiang Xiaorou.

Honestly, the texture of the clothes was not good, in fact, it was pretty bad. Compared to the cotton and silk clothes Yi Yun had experienced on Earth, it was a heaven and earth difference.

But such a piece of clothing made Yi Yun feel extremely special.

“Quick, put it on. I wanted to give it to you for the new year, but you will be practicing martial arts today in the school yard. It’s a joyous occasion, so you should wear something nice. Others won’t be able to mock you that way.” Jiang Xiaorou’s words formed a lump in his throat. He took a deep breath before taking off his tattered clothes. He then changed into the new set of clothes.

The clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse. Jiang Xiaorou’s clothes were extremely fitting. Although it was made of linen, it matched well with Yi Yun’s growing body and the aura he obtained after breaking through into the Meridian realm. It was eye-catching.

Jiang Xiaorou pulled Yi Yun over and looked all over him, feeling extremely pleased.

But she recalled something, saying, “Yun-er, you may have been appreciated by Lord Zhang, but Lord Zhang will leave in three days. He isn’t related to us, so it will be hard for him to take care of us, so in the future, we must rely on ourselves.”

“Lord Zhang may say you have a lot of talent, but talent is not enough to protect yourself. You might face a disaster before you mature. It’s because an elephant has tusks, while a rhinoceros has a horn that they are hunted. When you are practicing under Lord Zhang, don’t be too excessive. Keeping things low key and staying cautious is the right way to go.”

“Especially people like Lian Chengyu who are extremely narrow minded. He will not spare you if you steal his limelight!”

“When Lord Zhang is here, Lian Chengyu would not dare try anything, but what would happen after Lord Zhang leaves? Lord Zhang wouldn’t know what sort of person Lian Chengyu is, nor would he know the ongoings in the Lian tribal clan and Lian Chengyu’s hostility towards you. Lord Zhang likely has his hands tied with some matters, and he came here out of convenience for the Kingdom’s selection preliminaries. He will likely not put too much thought into it, and wouldn’t meddle with the internal affairs of the Lian tribal clan. Hoping for him to protect you will be extremely hard. Do you understand?” Jiang Xiaorou said a lot in one breath, astonishing Yi Yun.

Jiang Xiaorou’s thoughts were prudent. Her understanding of people and the world exceeded girls of her age.

A normal girl would have fainted upon hearing her brother had been appreciated by a High Ambassador. She wouldn’t stay at home to give him advice, but run off to the neighbors to brag about her capable brother.

“Sis Xiaorou, I understand everything you said,” Yi Yun held on to Jiang Xiaorou’s hand. “Don’t worry, if I wasn’t confident in dealing with Lian Chengyu, I would never have stepped forward today.”

Yi Yun had carefully weighed his choices before registering.

Without question, Yi Yun had to pass the preliminaries hosted by Zhang Yuxian. Not only was it a required ticket for entry to the Kingdom’s selection, but to be able to be imparted skills from Zhang Yuxian made Yi Yun extremely interested.

Previously, Yi Yun had stolen lessons from Yao Yuan, so the effectiveness was largely reduced. Yi Yun had to step forward when Zhang Yuxian was making his selection.

However, Yi Yun could only reveal his talent, but not reveal his actual training in front of Zhang Yuxian.

Zhang Yuxian did not know Yi Yun’s trump card. Even Lian Chengyu did not know. Yi Yun was a weak kid a few days before, without herbs or people imparting skills to him, it was preposterous that he reached the Meridian realm out of nowhere!

If Lian Chengyu informed Zhang Yuxian of this, Zhang Yuxian would feel suspicious. A proud person like him could not even have such a fast cultivation speed even if he ate all sorts of precious herbs daily.

At that time, Zhang Yuxian might even suspect that he had a secret!

Although Zhang Yuxian seemed like an upright person, but it was best to err on the side of caution. An upright person could be tempted by the huge treasure in front of him to do horrible acts. Yi Yun definitely could not expose the Purple Crystal.