True Martial World Chapter 341

Chapter 341: Clear Water Fountain
Chapter 341: Clear Water Fountain

“Isn’t this a normal desolate bone relic refined from the White Spirit Divine Snake and Heavenly Star Worm Teeth?”

Yi Yun held the sparkling bone relic in his hand and examined it, while asking Luo Huo’er to clear his doubts.

Luo Huo’er was stunned for a moment. What the heck!? You can recognize it just like that?

Although Luo Huo’er knew Yi Yun had extremely high talent in the Desolate Heaven technique, his talent had always been in the extraction of energy. She had never seen his talent in identifying energy.

Energy identification was not easy as it required tremendous amounts of experience.

Many outstanding Desolate Heaven Masters, who had studied for decades up to a century, might not be able to completely identify the materials used in every relic. In contrast, how long had Yi Yun studied the Desolate Heaven technique? And he had spent a long period of time in the Divine wilderness, so how could he practice his Desolate Heaven Technique?

The desolate bone relic in Luo Huo’er’s hands was made of a mixture of materials, yet Yi Yun had managed to accurately identify them.

Luo Huo’er could not longer lie anymore after Yi Yun identified the original raw materials. Seeing that Yi Yun was still having his doubts and hesitations, Luo Huo’er went from embarrassment to anger, “Why do you have so many nonsensical questions!? Do you want to eat it or not?”

Yi Yun was speechless. This was a grave matter. He had accepted Murong Fei’s challenge, and if something went wrong, the outcome would be tragic.

However, the common desolate bone relic in his hand could recover stamina? Even ghosts wouldn’t believe it!

But at this moment, Yi Yun could only try it as a last resort. He could only pray that Luo Huo’er was not pulling a prank on him. If she were to pull a prank like that at this moment, then she would be too evil.

Yi Yun swallowed the relic in his hand.

Seeing that Yi Yun still had the expression of “stop kidding me” even after swallowing the relic, Luo Huo’er had no way of justifying herself.

The situation was too sudden, so she had not thought of a good way to conceal it. However upon further thinking, it seemed like it was impossible to conceal it.

As such, Luo Huo’er’s expression turned serious and she said with a threatening tone “Kid, this lady warns you! Whatever happens next, you are not to tell anyone. If anyone asks you how you recovered your strength, just saying that this lady gave you a special medicine will do!”

Luo Huo’er came from a special background. It was expected that no one would have doubts if it was explained in such a manner.

Back then, her family clan had placed an individual near the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, and then sent her to the Tai Ah Divine City. She didn’t know what sort of standing the person had in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. To Luo Huo’er, he was some low ranking person, or else why would he have placed her here?

However, it seemed like that fellow had some standing in this region. He was not only able to send Luo Huo’er to the Tai Ah Divine City, but he also got the maid servant Dong’er entry into the city. Bringing a servant into the Tai Ah Divine City was a treatment many of the young masters did not have.

Under such circumstances, Luo Huo’er’s status in the Tai Ah Divine City had always been mysterious. People guessed that her background was extraordinary, but it was weird because if she came from a prominent birthplace, why did she have to come to the Tai Ah Divine City for training, and not stay in her faction for training?

It was something that many people could not figure out.

Hearing Luo Huo’er’s words, Yi Yun was slightly stunned. He vaguely guessed that Luo Huo’er had most likely have a shocking secret that she did not want others to know. And clearly, the ability to heal his injuries had nothing to do with that relic.

“Not tell anyone, right…”

“Right! If not, you will… Eh?” Luo Huo’er stressed the “Eh” part of her speech in a strong tone. At the same time, she waved her tiny pink fist in front of Yi Yun’s face. She used what she thought was a vicious look to express how terrible the consequences would be if Yi Yun revealed the secret.

“Do not think that just because this lady looks weak and pretty that her strength is lacking. Hehe, if you do, then your are really naive!” Luo Huo’er said fairly confidently. People who usually said these kinds of words were weak trash, somewhat like Murong Guang,

When Luo Huo’er said those words, for some unknown reason, Yi Yun felt that this girl was really someone to be feared.

“Alright, there is no time! Close your eyes. You are not to peek. If you peek once, I’ll dig your eyes out!” Luo Huo’er said fiercely, so Yi Yun had no choice but to close his eyes.

Following that, Yi Yun felt his body suddenly being covered by a layer of light. This mysterious membrane of light completely cut off Yi Yun’s perception.


Yi Yun found it strange when he suddenly felt a cool energy envelope him.

It was as if he was submerged in the purest water, with his body left hanging in the void. Water flowed around him wave after wave and cleansed his body. It was like a young girl’s lovely touch. It was extremely comfortable.

This is…

Yi Yun was shocked. He really wanted to open his eyes to see what Luo Huo’er was doing.

However, upon recalling Luo Huo’er’s words, Yi Yun held back the thought.

Without a doubt, Luo Huo’er was risking exposing her secret by helping him. As such, Yi Yun did not take the initiative to peek.

The clear water flow that seemed to contain wonderful amounts of energy seemed like a pure water fountain. It slowly meandered through Yi Yun’s pores, orifices and into his meridians. It nourished his Dantian, organs and even his bone marrow.

In a subtle fashion, Yi Yun felt his own energy gradually recovering. He even felt that the severed meridians in his right hand, sustained from using the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s sword intent, were slowly recovering.

Even that was possible!?

Yi Yun was really shocked in awe.

With his body gradually recovering and as he felt that clear water flow, Yi Yun seemed to feel of a joy in life that he had never felt before. It was something he had never even thought of before.

It was like Man and Woman, who had never tasted the forbidden fruit, would never know the joy of love. Currently, Yi Yun also never thought that there was such a wondrous joy in the world.

Yi Yun felt like a fish, that had been separated from the ocean for a long time, and now it had finally returned into the water. He swam freely as he stretched his limbs out comfortably. He relaxed his body as every inch of his muscles and skin felt completely relaxed.

The pure water that gushed into his body was constantly accumulating energy within his body. Yi Yun felt as his body seem to go through very subtle changes. Even if he probed it carefully, he could still not figure out the changes. Yet inadvertently, it seemed to really exist…

At this moment, Yi Yun felt a pair of soft, cool and smooth arms hug him. When he received the embrace, that joy reached an extreme. And at that split second, Yi Yun felt as if the clear energy within his body had evolved. It really merged with his flesh and blood, no longer separating.

This feeling was too beautiful.

Unfortunately, it was just a fleeting instance that seemed like a dream. It even made Yi Yun suspect if that was really the arms of a young girl hugging him.

Checking his own body, Yi Yun realized that he had recovered to his optimum condition. His injuries had recovered by more than 90%. Including his Yuan Qi and stamina, they had nearly recovered to their peaks.

Now, Yi Yun even felt that it was no problem conjuring the Golden Crow totem or even using the full Pure Yang Sword Palace sword intent!

It is so magical!?

Yi Yun really found it unbelievable.

“It’s done!” At this moment, Luo Huo’er’s voice rang in Yi Yun’s ear.

“Can I open my eyes?” Yi Yun asked.

“You can keep them closed, I won’t stop you.” Luo Huo’er answered stiffly.

Yi Yun was speechless as he opened his eyes. He saw Luo Huo’er wearing an exquisite dress standing there. Her eyebrows were like willows, and her small face was red. Only her cute lips had a paleness to them that made one feel a sense of pity.

It seems… using that mysterious technique was quite exhausting on her.

Yi Yun suddenly felt a surge of pity and gratitude. He suddenly felt that this Luo Huo’er, who was usually up to no good and had a bad temper, seemed pretty cute.

Just as Yi Yun wanted to say thank you, Luo Huo’er suddenly said, “Why do you keep staring at me for?”

Luo Huo’er’s eyes seemed to dodge his. She was like a little rabbit who would retreat 4-5 meters away at the slightest commotion. It was as if she wanted to draw a line between herself and Yi Yun.

Yi Yun’s word of thanks was suddenly taken back. “Just now…”

Just after he said two words, Luo Huo’er suddenly cut him off, “What are you dazing around here for?! If you don’t go, your tournament will be lost!”

Hearing Luo Huo’er’s words, Yi Yun knew that she did not want to mention any of this, so he did not say anything else.

He did not say thank you and just nodded solemnly. With a flash, he rushed out of the small courtyard.

At the instance of him rushing out of the courtyard, Yi Yun inadvertently saw that on the corner of the wall in the courtyard was the short-legged Dong’er. With her two pigtails, she had found two bricks from somewhere to step on. She was lying on top of the wall as she tip-toed to peek into the courtyard!

The maidservant seemed to be slow to respond. She did not realize that Yi Yun was rushing out so suddenly. Only when Yi Yun rushed out of the courtyard did she realize that Yi Yun had disappeared. With her slow reaction, she hurriedly turned her head.

This resulted in her staring at Yi Yun. The atmosphere turned awkward.

“Uh…” Dong’er’s tiny face was red as she pointed into the courtyard, saying hesitantly, “I was… just watching…”

Seeing Dong’er’s look, Yi Yun found it amusing, “Then keep watching.”

While saying that, Yi Yun’s body flashed again and completely disappeared.


At this moment, a cold voice rang. About halfway through, while Luo Huo’er was using her mystic technique, Dong’er had appeared. Luo Huo’er was concentrated on using her mystic technique and she did not realize that. However, later on, she naturally found out.

Dong’er jumped up with fright as she hurriedly climbed down the bricks and obediently walked into the courtyard.

“Miss… Dong’er was actually following you. When I saw the courtyard light up, I raised my neck to catch a glimpse…”

Dong’er shrunk back her neck like a child that had done something wrong.

Luo Huo’er’s face turned cold. Actually, it was alright even if Dong’er saw it. Treating Yi Yun was different from fighting in front of the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord. Just from this, even if she had revealed a bit of her secrets, people would only think that she had some fortuitous event and fascinating cultivation technique, and not suspect that she wasn’t human.

And with her background, no one would touch her because of this.

However, if people could recognize her race, then it would be problematic. Although, she could inform her family clan and ask for protection, then no one would do anything to her. However, it would bring a great deal of trouble to her family. At that moment, she would definitely be punished by her father.

Just thinking of the father who always abided to her wishes, and would suddenly become a stern father at the critical moment, Luo Huo’er felt helpless.

“That…” As Luo Huo’er’s mind was wandering, Dong’er, who had originally made a mistake, sneakily glanced at Luo Huo’er and asked softly, “Miss, why did you hug elder brother Yi Yun at the end?”

Hearing Dong’er’s words, Luo Huo’er’s small face sank. She glanced at Dong’er and said coldly, “That never happened!”

“Uh?” Dong’er was surprised for a moment and shook her head in confusion. She still said in a matter-of-fact manner, “That did happen…”

Luo Huo’er remained silent. Her pretty face seemed to almost drip water.

Dong’er, who was slow to react, still did not realize it. She continued to ask her question stubbornly. However, just as she opened her mouth to ask again, her chubby little face was suddenly pinched by two small hands!

Luo Huo’er pinched Dong’er’s chubby cheeks and pulled from both sides.

“Aiyah, pain! Pain!” Dong’er shouted. Her face was molded into a funny face as her small mouth was pulled wide apart.

However, Luo Huo’er did not let go, nor did she speak. She kept on pulling for about thirty seconds. Dong’er’s tears came out. From her experience, whenever this happened, it was because she had made a mistake or had said something wrong.

Dong’er finally understood and as she rubbed her face, she said dejectedly, “I think, I saw wrongly…”


Luo Huo’er gave a nod of satisfaction before releasing her hands.

However… She still felt unhappy.

In fact, she thought with her powers, she could easily treat Yi Yun. Unexpectedly, healing Yi Yun’s injuries required too much energy. It far exceeded her expectations.

90% of the healing power within Luo Huo’er’s body had been transferred into Yi Yun’s body, but it was still insufficient.

As a last resort, at the last moment of using her mystic technique, Luo Huo’er used her “Fusing Technique”, perfectly infusing the healing powers into Yi Yun’s blood, flesh and meridians.

If the healing power used by Luo Huo’er at the beginning was a boost in volume for Yi Yun, the last instant was a qualitative leap.

However, the “Fusing Technique” needed physical contact and it could not be transferred over empty space.

When Luo Huo’er was greatly drained, she could only use this method, in order to prevent it failing at the last moment.

“That toad has really lucked out. This lady’s first hug was given to him.” When Luo Huo’er was using her mystic technique, the situation was too urgent for her to think carefully. Now thinking about it, she felt she had got the bad side of the bargain. “It’s all Mother. Teaching me such a mystic technique. Isn’t this something only used for my husband or children? Forget it, I’ll not practice it in the future!”

As Luo Huo’er was thinking this, she kicked a stone on the ground up into the air. “Well, I’ll treat it as if I was hugging a pet dog. I hugged the family dog when I was young, so there is no difference!”

Luo Huo’er comforted herself as she slowly soothed her emotions.

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