True Martial World Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Fighting Again
Chapter 342: Fighting Again

At this moment in the arena, the alliance tournament between the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and Yun Long Divine Kingdom was in its final stages. Yun Long Divine Kingdom was likely to clinch victory.

“I admit defeat!”

A few seconds after the referee declared the beginning of the current match, a youth representing the Tai Ah Divine City timidly raised his hand.

“Admit defeat? Admitting defeat again?”

The Tai Ah Divine City audience were dumbfounded.

A few cultivators from their Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had consecutively done lots of preparation before going on stage. They then hung around the stage for a while, and a few seconds after the match began, they would admit defeat!

What are they doing?

Actually, the Tai Ah Divine City warriors knew that those who came up on stage last were not Murong Fei’s match at all. Since they were not his match, there was no point forcing it. Why go up and not fight, only bringing shame to yourself?

“Hahaha, I’ve never seen a group of extreme quality tortoises!”

“I’m dying of laughter. They don’t even dare to fight. Are you coming up on stage en masse to sing!?”

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors quipped sarcastically as they laughed.

Previously they had suppressed their anger, as Yi Yun was too strong. They had not been able to relieve their anger. Now in a rare turn of events, Yi Yun was seriously injured and could no longer fight, resulting in the others going up on stage. They immediately began to relieve their anger by sarcastically ridiculing the Tai Ah Divine City warriors.

“Your Tai Ah Divine Kingdom has only one strong person. As for our Yun Long Divine Kingdom, we have a group of strong people! Feng Lin, Bai, Murong Fei. Anyone is good!”

Another Yun Long Divine Kingdom warrior in the audience stands shouted loudly.

When Murong Fei heard this, he felt extremely elated. This person’s words had specially mentioned his name, and he was ranked together with Feng Lin and Bai.

Murong Fei was planning to brutally fight and torture in his one-man show, but was unable to do so because of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warriors surrendering. However, he still felt extremely good being able to stand on stage alone, triumphant over the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warriors and looking down on the masses!

“Wen Yu, you are last. Delay it as much as you can! The second joss stick should only be burned halfway. Yi Yun should be back soon!”

Chu Xiaoran was confident in Yi Yun. She believed that even if Yi Yun could not recover from his injuries, he would still return by the appointed time.

“Yes.” Wen Yu nodded.

“Ah, little beauty. Are you prepared to fight me, or will you be like the rest, admitting defeat once the match begins?” Murong Fei’s mouth curled up in a mocking smile, “If I fight you, I will be gentle. Don’t worry.”

Murong Fei’s words were filled with mockery.

Wen Yu’s face sank and did not speak a word. As she adjusted her weapon, she prepared to go on stage.

“Adjust it a bit more. Don’t think I do not know what you are doing. You are all coming up one after another to mess around. Are you trying to stall for time? Hahaha! Yi Yun, that gutless fellow is using women as shields. Such a pity, how long can the lot of you delay? So what if you drag it out for another 15-20 minutes? The outcome would not change!”

Murong Fei’s smile turned cold as he waited to see Wen Yu perform.

Having Murong Fei see through their ploy, Wen Yu’s hand trembled as her sword nearly dropped to the ground. Previously, she was a proud daughter of heaven in her family clan. When had she ever lost her confidence because of going on stage to battle?

But now, faced with this scenario, Wen Yu was feeling intense pressure.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom audience’s depression, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience’s ridicule and the perverse gaze from Murong Fei were all sources of Wen Yu’s pressure.

Just as Wen Yu had finished adjusting everything and was about to go on stage, she suddenly heard a voice transmission, “That will do. Just leave it to me from here on out.”

Wen Yu halted in her steps and turned her head forcefully. She did not know when Yi Yun had walked up behind her.

Yi Yun’s clothes were still stained with blood and no one knew what he had done in the time it took two joss sticks to burn.

Wen Yu used her perception to probe but failed to discover any gains in Yuan Qi for Yi Yun.

“Senior Yi…” Wen Yu was just about to say something when Yi Yun walked up to the center of the Divine Wilderness Stage, standing in front of Murong Fei.

“Yi Yun is here!” Chu Xiaoran exhaled deeply. Yi Yun had indeed arrived back at the appointed time. If not, she would not have known what to do next.

Chu Xiaoran did not know what Yi Yun did. Although her rationale told her that it was impossible to recover from such serious injuries in a short time, she still looked forward to Yi Yun bringing about a miracle.

“Yi Yun, you have finally come out? I thought you wouldn’t dare.” Murong Fei looked at Yi Yun with a grin on his lips.

Yi Yun had finally appeared and it was time for Murong Fei to show off. He was looking forward to this fight. All these years, he had been overshadowed by Feng Lin and Bai’s halo. He was not famous, but in fact, he was very confident in his strength!

He needed an opportunity to prove himself.

And the greatly drained yet prominent Yi Yun was the best stepping stone!

Although he knew Yi Yun could not recover in such a short period of time, Murong Fei still checked Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi to be safe. He wanted to know how much he had recovered.

However, he did not detect any.

Realizing Murong Fei’s intentions, the ends of Yi Yun’s mouth curled up. He had long converged his body’s Yuan Qi. With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun’s control of Yuan Qi was too good. When he converged his Yuan Qi, Murong Fei naturally could not detect anything.

If this was seen through, how was he to fight in a while?

Yi Yun was not some magnanimous person. Against enemies, there was no lack of him stabbing them in the back.

“Hehe.” Murong Fei felt slightly relieved having not detected Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi. He smiled insidiously and mocked, “Yi Yun, you delayed all this time to secretly eat some medicine? How effective is it?”

Yi Yun lightly replied, “Not bad. It wouldn’t do against experts, but against some cats and dogs, especially those shameless people without any ability, it is not a problem.”

Hearing Yi Yun’s words, Murong Fei’s face sank. How could he not be aware of Yi Yun scolding him with his words, “Courting death!”

Murong Fei said the two words and his Yuan Qi exploded. Behind him, an Aspect Totem in the shape of a leopard appeared.

Murong Fei did have some ability. The Aspect Totem was known as a Golden Leopard. Its defense was extremely strong and was not easy to deal with. To be able to have a Golden Leopard as an Aspect Totem proved that Murong Fei had trained a lot in the Divine Wilderness, by killing a large number of desolate beasts with his own strength.

“Young master Murong! Kill the kid!”

In the audience stands, a vassal family of the Murong family clan began cheering for Murong Fei.

The Murong family clan was one of the top super families in the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, so it had many supporters in the audience.

Murong Fei’s energy rose to an extreme level and he shouted loudly. Just as he was about to use his skill, Yi Yun suddenly attacked!

Three sword attacks were slashed out in an instant!

Within these three sword attacks were about 10% of the Pure Yang Sword Palace sword intent.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The three beams cut through the air and shot straight at Murong Fei!

It was so fast that it left people no time to react. The Aspect Totem Murong Fei had just conjured up was slashed apart by the three sword attacks!


After the three sword attacks tore apart the Aspect Totem, they did not lose their momentum and carried on flying straight at Murong Fei!

The three sword beams brought with them a terrifying killing intent!


Murong Fei was greatly alarmed. He had some ability and in a hundredth of a blink of an eye, he managed to respond in a timely manner. His body flew back and wielded his sword to block the three sword beams.

However, how could he block Yi Yun’s sword attack?

When Murong Fei’s sword clashed with Yi Yun’s sword beam, a “Ding!” metallic cracking sound was heard. Murong Fei’s sword snapped from clashing with the three sword beams!

Murong Fei’s palm tore apart as he felt his arm go numb. His face was filled with inexplicable horror.

How could there be such a terrifying sword beam? It managed to snap the sword in his hand instantaneously!?

Murong Fei’s sword was no ordinary item.

However, even if it was a sword made by a master, it needed a warrior to inject within it Yuan Qi and sword intent to remain intact. When two swordsman differed greatly in their sword intent and strength, then a clash between them would usually lead to the breaking of one party’s sword!

Once the sword was broken, Murong Fei no longer had the ability to resist.

The three sword beams pierced through his protective Yuan Qi, right into his flesh without further thought.


Blood splattered and Murong Fei’s chest and abdomen were pierced open by the sword beam. What was even worse was the third sword beam stabbing into his shoulder, chopping off his right arm!

Murong Fei bellowed out a heart-wrenching cry as he slammed heavily to the ground. He saw his arm flying with his own eyes. That experience was unforgettable.

“My arm…”

Murong Fei’s face was pale. To warriors, even if an arm was chopped off, as long as it wasn’t destroyed, it could be reconnected with medicine.

However, even a rejoined arm would need more than half a year to fully recover.

Furthermore, his chest and abdomen had been pierced through. It would probably take Murong Fei more than a year to recover his Yuan Qi. His injuries were much worse than Murong Guang’s!

“Murong Fei!”

Seeing the tables turn, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom participants were completely shocked. What was this situation? Yi Yun was clearly drained of all his Yuan Qi previously and looked like he couldn’t last any further. Yet, in a blink of an eye, he was able to produce such a terrifying sword beam?

In less than a few seconds, Yi Yun had severely injured Murong Fei to the point of death with his slashes!

“Yi Yun, he!”

The Yun Long Divine Kingdom participants looked at Yi Yun with horror. They saw Yi Yun breathing deeply and quietly. He had a sword and saber in each of his hands. His body was straight like a javelin, erected on the Divine Wilderness Stage.

No Yuan Qi fluctuation was found in Yi Yun’s body. But for an unknown reason, seeing Yi Yun was like seeing a dormant primordial species. It caused great apprehension!

This fellow had really fought with Bai for several hundred rounds and had been seriously injured!?

How was it possible to be this strong even when seriously injured!?

Could it be…

People looked at each other and seemed to figure out of the only possibility.

That was…Yi Yun had recovered from his injuries!

With that thought in mind, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors held their breaths. Heavens! What happened in the 7-8 minutes Yi Yun was away!?