True Martial World Chapter 343

Chapter 343: The Dust Settles
Chapter 343: The Dust Settles

“This kid! Has he made a full recovery!?”

Cang Yan looked at Yi Yun with open eyes. He too could not figure out what Yi Yun had done. Yi Yun had returned brimming with energy in about 8 minutes. It went against common logic.

He looked at the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord questioningly, and he noticed the City Lord looking at Yi Yun thoughtfully. Cang Yan had no idea what he was thinking.

Yi Yun stood on the Divine Wilderness Stage with a sword and saber in each hand, looking down at the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors off-stage.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s body was covered with blood. The blood was both his and his enemies. Although his clothes were torn and tattered, the aura he gave of was like that of the triumphant return of a king, looking down upon all men!

“Who else is there?” Yi Yun asked.

He did not mean to shout, but his voice contained a lot of energy. This caused his words to echo throughout the arena.

“Who else is there?” “Who else is there?” “Who else is there?”…

Hearing Yi Yun’s question, the audience held their breaths.


A person with one saber and one sword managed to battle the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s 15 proud children of heaven!

And this generation of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom was a generation filled with talent, talent that was not seen in the past century!

Otherwise, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom’s Seven Star Pagoda Owner would not have proposed for the younger generation to fight it out to decide on the number of seats.

However, under these circumstances, none of the proud children of the Yun Long Divine Kingdom dared to accept Yi Yun’s challenge to fight!

Now, all the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors were in complete silence.

This overall group match was like facing a humanoid primordial species when they faced Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s strength, endurance and ability to endure pain was incredulous.

Not only did he easily defeat Qianshui, and then defeat Feng Lin and Bai in two intense battles, he had even defeated the two Murong brothers in a split second when they took the opportunity to challenge Yi Yun when he was at his limits!

A terrifying opponent like Yi Yun made them struggle to muster the courage.

He seemed to have an endless amount of power. It made people feel a sense of despair. It was impossible beating him.

At that moment, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors were looking at each other, yet none of them dared to go on stage. What a joke! Wasn’t one courting death to fight against this humanoid primordial species? The Murong brothers were the perfect example!

Especially Murong Fei. His injuries were worse than Murong Guang’s. He had two holes left in his body and he lost an arm. His life was nearly on doorsteps of death.

Although he still had a breath of life left, he was crippled. It was clear that he would be left behind by the elites at his level. His talent would drop down a level.

With such a heavy price, who was willing to fight Yi Yun?

“Yun Long Divine Kingdom, is there no one willing to fight?” The referee asked again.

The audience all looked at the remaining 9 Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors.

These nine people were suddenly the focus of attention. However, it did not feel good being the focus of attention at this moment.

Being defeated by others was originally embarrassing, but now, they were the type that did not even fight. It was even more embarrassing.

Against all the stares of everyone, the nine of them seemed to be sitting on pins and needles. They simply wished that they could turn into a pile of s**t. At least in that case, no one would focus on them.

They really regretted participating in this alliance tournament. Many of them had not even fought once.

In the young adult division matches, they had no chance to fight because they were too strong.

In the overall group match, they still had no chance to fight because they were too weak!

The nine of them evaded the gazes of Yi Yun and the audience. It was clear that they were abandoning the battle.

Seeing that the nine of them were abandoning the battle, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elders felt a sense of anger and pity. However, they knew that with Yi Yun completely recovered, having the nine people go up would only result in them being battered.


A Yun Long Divine Kingdom Elder slapped his thigh. Having all the country’s elites defeated by a single person felt frustrating!

As for the Yun Long Divine Kingdom audience, they no longer had any feelings. All of them remained silent. Back when Yi Yun had defeated Feng Lin and Bai consecutively, they were still suppressing their fiery anger, but now, that fiery anger had been extinguished by a basin of water.

Originally, they had wanted to say that the top geniuses of their Yun Long Divine Kingdom was just weaker than Yi Yun by a bit, and they won in numbers.

However, now that those geniuses had been defeated by a single Yi Yun even with their numbers, what else could be said?

“Since that is the case, I shall announce that the overall group champion belongs to the… Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!” On the Divine Wilderness Stage, the referee announced excitedly. As a Tai Ah Divine City law-enforcer, he too felt extremely excited.

With the referee’s announcement, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warriors began to scream wildly.

“Yi Yun! Yi Yun!”

If not for the law-enforcers maintained order, they would have rushed up the stage to lift Yi Yun up.

This victory was definitely not easy!

The battle process was intense and difficult. It was nearly all fought by Yi Yun alone. He had used all his energy to the point of overextending himself!

“We won!”

Chu Xiaoran exhaled. She looked at Yi Yun with eyes full of admiration and curiosity. Originally, when Yi Yun asked her to draw out the time, she did not believe that Yi Yun could recover to near peak conditions in such a short period of time.

What did he do?

“Senior Brother Yi, you’re awesome!”

When Yi Yun walked off the Divine Wilderness Stage, the Tai Ah Divine City competitors, the juniors and Wen Yu all gathered to congratulate him.

They had overjoyed expressions and they were extremely excited.

Although they were only there to make up the numbers for this tournament, they had at least gone on stage. And it was not meaningless, they had collectively managed to gain some time for Yi Yun.

Seeing these juniors reveal smiles that came right from the heart, Yi Yun finally relaxed his high-strung nerves.

He smiled, “It wasn’t just me alone.”

Yi Yun had meant to refer to someone else, but these group of juniors naturally did not realize that. They thought that Yi Yun was referring to them.

Even though they liked to brag occasionally, they did not feel comfortable stealing the credit at this moment. They scratched their heads and said sheepishly, “Senior Yi, you are too modest. What we did was nearly nothing…”

Yi Yun smiled and did not explain. He knew Luo Huo’er did not want to proclaim this.

He casually looked towards the audience stands and saw a red figure hiding in the corner. Her elbow was propped onto a railing with her hand cupping her chin.

This young girl was naturally Luo Huo’er, and beside her was her maid servant Dong’er.

“Hmph! This fellow sure is c*cky. Without me, he wouldn’t be able to be so spirited!” Luo Huo’er said in a pissed off manner. She was the type that liked to show off, but due to her family’s secret, she had no choice but to stay low-key, otherwise, her father would scold her.

This feeling of being a hero behind the scenes did not feel good!

“Indeed, indeed! Miss is the best!” Dong’er nodded to praise Luo Huo’er hurriedly. She was afraid that if she was any slower, Luo Huo’er would pinch her face again.