True Martial World Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Meeting the City Lord
Chapter 344: Meeting the City Lord

Although the alliance tournament had ended, the audience still cheered, with each wave louder than the other.

The Tai Ah Divine City warriors were too excited and they could not stop at all.

The glory belonged to the Tai Ah Divine City today, and it belonged to Yi Yun even more.

Yi Yun stood on the Divine Wilderness Stage with his eyes closed as the waves of cheers roared.

Although this cheering was intoxicating, Yi Yun was not enjoying the cheers. He was trying to gain some insights.

In the battle with Feng Lin, Yi Yun had gathered new insight on the sword intent when he used the Pure Yang Sword Palace sword intent, and that brought some changes to Yi Yun’s Dantian.

Following that, Yi Yun drank the Golden Crow species’ blood. In the intense battle, the Golden Crow species’ blood slowly merged with Yi Yun’s blood, forming a harmony in his body.

And in the battle with Bai, this harmony reached an extreme. Yi Yun’s understanding was continuously being accumulated and increased.

Finally, when Luo Huo’er healed him, the cool energy that entered Yi Yun made his meridians harmonize and clear. It was as if he was going to break through soon.

He could vaguely feel his body’s Yuan Qi slowly gathering towards his Dantian, and slowly binding together.

Yi Yun knew that once the Yuan Qi binded and condensed together, he would be entering the Yuan foundation realm.

Yuan foundation was the foundation for a warrior to climb to the peak of martial arts!

“Yi Yun!” Cang Yan jumped down from the Elder stands. “You little kid, you grew that much by being out for less than a year.”

Cang Yan looked at Yi Yun, but he felt the more he looked at him, the more he didn’t understand. It was amazing how Yi Yun had come this far.

“Senior Cang Yan.” Yi Yun bowed.

“The City Lord wants to meet you!” Cang Yan suddenly said.

Yi Yun was slightly stunned. Meet the City Lord?

Yi Yun nodded and said, “I got it. I had gained several insights in the battles before. In two hours time, I’ll meet the City Lord.”

It was rare for warriors to gain insight. The insights gained from a close fight were especially valuable. If one did not strike while the iron was hot to convert the insights into one’s strength, then these insights would fade away after a period of time.

“Alright. Feel at ease while digesting them. There’s no need to rush to meet the City Lord.”

Cang Yan didn’t seem to mind. Now, the more he looked at Yi Yun, the more he liked him. Yi Yun not only had gained seats for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but he had gained glory for the Tai Ah Divine City. It also gave Cang Yan a life goal.

At Cang Yan’s stage, his position and status was pretty much at the peak of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, however, it was all meaningless to Cang Yan.

He was on the path of pursuing martial arts, but due to his age, his potential had been expended, so he could not go further anymore.

Even with his martial arts at its end, Cang Yan still wished to pursuit other things.

Cang Yan also wanted to leave a name in history.

For so many years in the history of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there had been so many Sages since ancient times. In that long river of history, Cang Yan was not outstanding. However, if he were to groom Yi Yun well, then it would be different.

He could make history from achieving this feat.

The news of Yi Yun defeated all the Yun Long Divine Kingdom warriors, and winning first place in the overall group match for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was immediately spread like the wind through various channels the moment the tournament was over!

All sorts of long distance arrays, jade scrolls and letters were used.

Soon, Yi Yun was the most dazzling person in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Numerous factions paid attention to Yi Yun. And countless numbers of young warriors treated Yi Yun as an idol. His achievements were really amazing. Besides, he was still young, so his future was limitless!

At this moment, Yi Yun was in his residence, having just finished two hours of meditation.

Bit by bit, he clarified his understandings as he consolidated his foundations and cultivation level.

Yi Yun felt that he had reached a critical point. He was close to breaking through to the Yuan foundation realm.

“It’s time to meet the City Lord!”

Yi Yun stood up and calmed his mind. Against the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord, Yi Yun did not feel at ease. He knew that in a while, he would be questioned a lot.

Outside the door, three law-enforcers had been waiting all that time.

“Are you ready?” A peak-human lord cultivation level law-enforcer, who was usually cold, now turned respectful when he met Yi Yun.

“Yes!” Yi Yun nodded. He followed the three law-enforcers all the way to the top of the central divine tower.

In the middle of the central divine tower, there was a vertical tunnel. And in the tunnel, there was a spirit boat powered by relics. Yi Yun rode the spirit boat together with the three law-enforcers, flying to the top of the tower.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord residence was located at the 99th floor of the central divine tower!

This level had only three other heaven-graded rooms other than the City Lord’s residence. These three rooms were provided to guests. For example, people from neighboring countries of equal level to the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord or the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Emperor would use these rooms.

The City Lord residence was situated in the middle of the three heaven-graded rooms. There was a large plaque on the door, and on it there were two large carved words, “Tai Ah”!

This plaque was written by the first Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord himself. It had experienced the test of time.

When Yi Yun walked over, the door to the City Lord residence opened automatically.

Yi Yun adjusted his breathing before he walked in.

He entered a brightly lit hall after walking through the doors. Yi Yun saw a middle-aged scholar standing between some columns. His hands were held behind his back as he was admiring a picture.

This picture looked very strange. It had some abstract red lines that stretched endlessly. It looked like smeared out blood.

Just looking at this picture gave one an extremely unpleasant feeling.

Although Yi Yun vaguely knew what the picture was, he did not ask. He stood silently behind the City Lord.

This was the first time he met the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord. It was not convenient for him to ask too much.

The middle-aged scholar looked for a long while before he turned around to look at Yi Yun.

“City Lord!” Yi Yun bowed.

The middle-aged scholar smiled, “Yi Yun, can you tell me how you mastered the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’?”

Yi Yun had already expected that the middle-aged scholar would ask him that. He thought through his words before explaining how he met the pure Yang spirit and being unable to do anything to it, he met the Golden Crow species. He then witnessed the fight between the two pure Yang beings.

Later on, he mentioned how he used the protective charm Su Jie gave him. He managed to use the protective charm to resolve his crisis, and then, how he finally killed the Golden Crow species.

Everything Yi Yun said was the truth, without any lies. There were only some things that he did not reveal.

The City Lord nodded, “I see. In the way you describe it, it’s indeed a very good opportunity… However, I guess, that isn’t all the opportunities you have encountered, right…”

The middle-aged scholar was hinting at something, causing Yi Yun’s heart to beat fast.

“Yi Yun, you don’t have to be nervous!”

The middle-aged scholar laughed, “No matter what you encountered in Fallen Star Gate, all of them belong to you. As a junior, you risked your life to obtain them. If I were to vie with you for it, then with my outlook and aspirations, I am not worthy of being a City Lord.”

The Tai Ah Divine City had stood for tens of millions of years. All these years, the Tai Ah Divine City had Sages residing it. Elites often went out into the Divine Wilderness for training, so it was not uncommon for them to have a fortuitous event.

If the Divine City’s Sage level Elders fought for the fortuitous events every genius encountered, then it would be chaos. If this went on, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would have been destroyed in a short period of time.

The middle-aged man carried on, “At my stage, the chances of me breaking through to the Great Emperor realm is infinitely tiny. No matter how big a fortuitous opportunity it is, it would be very difficult. As I have expended a large amount of my potential, the gap from the peak of the Sage realm to the Great Emperor realm is like a divine moat. It is impossible for me to cross it, so you do not worry about me coveting your possessions.”

“And even if it were you, with a large fortuitous opportunity, it would be extremely difficult to break through to the Great Emperor realm. If you were managed to do so, it will be a huge blessing for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and me!”

When the middle-aged scholar said this, he suddenly felt an endless amount of emotions.

“Yi Yun, many of your accomplishments now are unprecedented in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. However, when placed in some factions which you can’t even imagine, it is probably nothing.”

“Now, you have gained insights on the saber tomb and the sword tomb, you managed to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ in tens of days, and you mastered the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’. All this achievements have surprised me. However… it is just a surprise. This is because I know that in your current state, you have a chance of becoming a Great Emperor in the future. But when placed in that vast world, so what?”

“This world is too big. You are not the only young person who I have not been able to see through. For example, the Luo Huo’er who healed you of your injuries may have achievements in the future that far exceed you.”

When the middled-aged scholar suddenly said this, Yi Yun felt alarmed.

The middle-aged scholar knew that Luo Huo’er had healed his injuries!

Indeed, although Luo Huo’er had chosen a concealed area to heal him, with the middle-aged scholar’s means, he probably had methods to track him and Luo Huo’er with his perception, seeing the process of Luo Huo’er healing him.

“You don’t have to worry. Regarding that young lady, I have no intentions in investigating her. She comes from a very huge faction. I also do not think that faction has any machinations on the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, so I am not too concerned.”

The middle aged scholar turned away slightly as he spoke. Again, he looked at the blood picture behind him.

“The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is like a tiny leaf in this world. It is extremely rare for it to stand for so long. In the future, it has every possibility to capsize…for example this crisis we are facing now!”

Yi Yun quietly listened to the City Lord’s words. He could feel the temperament of a leader from the middle-aged man. What concerned the middled-aged scholar the most was the future of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

“City Lord, are you referring to the Shepherd Boy?” Yi Yun asked cautiously.

“Maybe…” The middle-aged scholar sighed. “This picture you see in front of you was drawn by a Sage from the imperial city. He expended a few hundred years of his life span to use the Tai Ah Compass to draw a… Divination Picture!”