True Martial World Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Great Expectations
Chapter 345: Great Expectations

Tai Ah Compass?

Yi Yun knew about this item. It was one of the most important items of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Back when the phenomenon of the Purple Clouds’ Birth happened, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had used the Tai Ah Compass to search for treasures. In fact, the Tai Ah Compass was used to search for treasures most of the time. As a result, citizens usually called it a treasure compass.

“What were the results of the divination?” Yi Yun asked.

“The result was… Extreme calamity!”

The expression of the middle-aged scholar turned serious, “Actually, before the divination was made, I had an ominous feeling. I too am not able to predict the future.”

The middle-aged scholar shook his head. The future was filled with mysteries. It was too difficult to catch a glimpse of the future with the cultivation level of a Sage. He was only able to get a vague premonition.

“Shepherd Boy…”

Yi Yun did not know what to feel. Originally, when the Shepherd Boy appeared, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom only became alarmed. They had contacted the alliance countries to prepare for battle, as to whether there really would be a real beast horde or not, it was still an unknown.

People hoped that they were alarmed for no reason. However, from the words of the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord, one could tell that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was likely to soon face a crisis.

Yi Yun recalled the time when he met the Shepherd Boy. He found it hard to believe that such a peaceful looking and delicate youth, who looked like a regular country farm boy, was actually a demonic person that had killed countless people. His appearance was accompanied by a blood storm.

What sort of person was he?

“Yi Yun, the future of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is unknown. This Divine Kingdom has existed for too long and I can feel a trace of apathy… I cannot see the future of the Divine Kingdom, but I can guess that this crisis might be a chance for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom to break and recreate itself. If it can survive this crisis, the Divine Kingdom will be reborn. If it cannot…”

The middle-aged scholar stopped in his words.

Yi Yun was alarmed upon hearing this. The situation was a lot more serious than he thought. Could such a big country be destroyed?

“Alright, let us not talk about this anymore. Yi Yun, you have contributed the most this time. I will reward you. You are about to break through to the Yuan foundation. Here, I have a elixir, something that you can use right now.”

As the City Lord spoke, he took out a small porcelain vase and handed it over to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun received the vase and removed the cap. A elixir in the color of dark red blood rolled out.

Just holding the elixir made Yi Yun’s hands feel hot. It was like he was holding a flame.

“Many years ago, I obtained a primordial herb. Its name is the Dragon Blood Lucidum. This primordial herb looks no different from normal lucidums. However, when you cut its roots or pileus, juice the color of blood will flow out, hence its name.

The Dragon Blood Lucidum is extremely difficult to catch, much harder than the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng you obtained. I used it as the main drug to refine a Blood Yang Elixir. Blood Yang Elixirs are extreme Yang herbal items. You are cultivating the pure Yang laws and with your fortuitous opportunities, you have now a partial pure Yang body. If you were to eat this Blood Yang Elixir before you break through to the Yuan foundation realm, it will benefit you greatly!”

“To break through to the Yuan foundation realm and using this Blood Yang Elixir, a normal person might end up dying from his body exploding, ignoring the fact that it would be a waste. However, I believe that giving it to you will make the Blood Yang Elixir be put to good use.

“At that time, I will give you a heaven-grade room in the central divine tower’s 99 floor to allow you to go into reclusive training to break through. The Blood Yang Elixir will allow your Yuan foundation realm to become even sturdier!”

“Remember, the Yuan foundation realm is extremely important. Yuan foundation, Yuan foundation. Yuan means “first”, while foundation means the “base foundation”. Yuan foundation realm is the base of your martial arts. You have to create a solid and sturdy Yuan foundation. It will greatly affect your future success!”

Yi Yun felt heartfelt gratitude when he heard the middle-aged scholar say all this. All these great conditions were probably the highest possible treatment a young warrior in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom could enjoy while breaking through to the Yuan foundation realm.

He had sincerely worked hard for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom while the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom reciprocated likewise. This relationship was very rare.

“This is also for you.”

As the middle-aged scholar said this, he handed over a wooden box to Yi Yun.

The wooden box had an ancient make to it. When Yi Yun held it in both hands, he felt his hands sink. The wood was surprisingly several times heavier than metal.

It was Divine Ebony.

Yi Yun recognized this wood. Divine Ebony was harder than metal. It would not decay, even when buried in the ground for 100,000 years. However, the Divine Ebony box in Yi Yun’s hands were lined with the marks of time. It was mottled with age. It was unknown about how much time this wooden box had experienced.

Yi Yun opened the wooden box, and within it was a yellow silk fabric. Above the silk fabric were nine jade scrolls.

All the jade scrolls were lined up, with one piece larger than the other. Yi Yun could feel the jade scroll’s heat when he picked up one of them and placed it in his hand. It felt like flesh and blood.

“This is… the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’!” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up.

“That it is. This is the complete jade scroll set of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. These nine jade scrolls correspond to the nine levels of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. The higher you go, the fewer the jade scrolls. Especially the ninth jade scroll, it only has one copy!”

“Attempts to replicate the ninth jade scroll have been made since ancient times by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Emperor, the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord and anyone else who have had great accomplishments in the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. However, all attempts have failed. The only few copies that exist are too different from the original copy!”

The replication of cultivation techniques is extremely difficult. There was the requirement of the replicator completely mastering the cultivation technique before one even had the ability to replicate. And to completely master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, this was just too difficult.

“Now, I am passing the nine jade scrolls to you. They are the foundations of our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom! There are rumors amongst the citizens that the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ was created by the founding Emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but in fact, this is not true… This Sacred Technique was found within an ancient ruin by the founding Emperor. The nine jade scrolls in your hands are the original copies the founding Emperor took out from the ruin!”

“From now on, the jade scrolls will be left with you. However, if the crisis really comes, then I will take them away from you. You… still do not have the ability to protect them.”

“These nine jade scrolls are invulnerable and impermeable to water and fire. They have been handed down without problems for over tens of millions of years in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. I do not wish for them to be lost by my hands!”

The middle-aged scholar looked seriously at Yi Yun as he spoke. With that, he placed a hand on Yi Yun’s shoulder.

Yi Yun found the hand very heavy.

These nine jade scrolls were actually the original jade scrolls the founding Divine Emperor left behind. Their value was obvious.

It was unexpected that the City Lord would give the original jade scrolls to him for cultivation.

This amount of debt could not be said to be light.

The Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord had placed very high expectations on Yi Yun. He was also hoping that, in the event that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom encountered anything terrible, Yi Yun would become the remnant seed of the Divine Kingdom.

When this seed germinated, it could one day grow into a towering tree…