True Martial World Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Leaving
Chapter 350: Leaving

Cang Yan was certain that Luo Huo’er came from an impressive background. And Luo Huo’er seemed to be someone of importance in her family clan.

Under these circumstances, it was unlikely that Luo Huo’er’s family clan would leave her completely unprotected by letting her go to the Tai Ah Divine City alone.

It was likely that Luo Huo’er had some method that could save her life. If this life-saving method could not rival the Shepherd Boy, then under normal circumstances, Luo Huo’er would have secretly informed her family clan several months ago to request for protection.

Now, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was like a drowning person. Any hanging blade of grass that could save it would be grabbed on.

Although the chances of relying on Luo Huo’er to save the Tai Ah Divine City were extremely minute, it was better than having no hope.

It was extremely difficult for a Tai Ah Divine City Sage, such as Jian Ge, to raise this issue with a young lady like Luo Huo’er as they could not bear ripping off their face to do so. Hence, this task fell gloriously onto Cang Yan, who had the thickest skin.

“Family clan? What family clan?” Luo Huo’er’s eyes rolled her eyes, as if she was clueless about it.

Yi Yun also stopped his steps. He looked behind him at Luo Huo’er and Cang Yan. Cang Yan clearly had expected Luo Huo’er to feign ignorance. He coughed drily and rubbed his hands, saying, “Miss Luo, don’t joke around with this old man in such a time of need. We are gambling the numerous lives of the Tai Ah Divine City’s residents on this. If we had any other options, this old man would not have put up this old face to mention this to you…”

“Lives are precious. All of us old fellows do not have many years left to live, so it’s fine if we lose our lives. However, behind us, there are trillions of citizens. Amongst them are newly-wed couples, newborn children…”

“I don’t think you want to see these citizens die in the beast horde. When that happens, how great a human tragedy would that be…” Cang Yan said earnestly.

Yi Yun, who was eavesdropping, could not help but admit that Cang Yan was very good at speaking. If Luo Huo’er were to turn away and leave now, she would be a heartless person.

Besides… the Tai Ah Divine City’s teleportation array needed the control of two law-enforcers to activate it. If Luo Huo’er did not make any affirmation, Cang Yan would probably not let her leave.

If Luo Huo’er was forcefully left in the Tai Ah Divine City, then her family clan would probably not turn a blind eye.

Luo Huo’er clearly also understood this. She bit her lips and said, “Senior Cang Yan, it isn’t because I don’t want to help you all… but… I can’t be of help. Your guesses are right, I do come from a very large faction. However, if you think that there is some expert protecting me nearby, then you are wrong…”

“Why do you think that with my large faction background, I would come to a place like the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom?” Luo Huo’er answered with a question. Yi Yun was shocked as he too was curious over this point.

“Actually… I’m here as a refugee. My family clan is in the midst of a war with it being in a precarious position. As a result, for the past few years, the children of my family clan have been sent to the family clan’s branches all around the world to prevent the annihilation of the family clan, and ending our bloodline.”

“As for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, it happens to have a branch of our family, that’s why… I was sent here. If my family clan was at its peak, I might have had experts protecting me when I went out training. However, now… How could there be any one available? As for the secret family clan branch in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, they are likely helpless against such a beast horde even if they were willing to reveal themselves…”

When Cang Yan heard all that Luo Huo’er had to say, he was completely stunned.

After more than 30 seconds, Cang Yan let out a long sigh, it looked like he had grown older.

“Is that so…? If that is the case, then the Heavens really wants my Tai Ah destroyed…” Cang Yan shook his head. Although he did not hold much hope with Luo Huo’er, Cang Yan still felt his heart sink when he truly realized that Luo Huo’er could not help at all.

If the Tai Ah Divine City was lost, Cang Yan did not dare to think what would happen to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Would the majestic Royal Capital and the bustling state cities be void of all life, eventually becoming a part of the Divine Wilderness?

Cang Yan’s heart sank even more when he thought of this.

“Leave.” Cang Yan waved his hand, as he stopped making it difficult for Luo Huo’er to leave.

Luo Huo’er bit her lips and strangely felt sorry. Although this matter had nothing to do with her, she still felt responsible for it.

After some thought, Luo Huo’er seemed to make up her mind. She took a jade scroll out from her interspatial ring and placed it into Cang Yan’s hands.

“Senior Cang Yan, this was given to me by my father. It is an embodiment used to protect my life in times of danger, you might be able to make use of it. I’m leaving and now with the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom in danger, my family clan’s branch would most likely take me away…”

Luo Huo’er’s family clan was originally a passing guest in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. It was a migratory bird that landed on a tree.

Now with the tree toppling, it was impossible for the migratory bird to support the tree, it would now just fly away.

As the teleportation array flashed, Yi Yun’s heart felt heavy as he was leaving.

He did not know what would happen to the Tai Ah Divine City. Cang Yan, Jian Ge and the City Lord, what did their fates entail with them staying behind?

As for Yi Yun himself, although he was returning to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, where would it be safe when the Tai Ah Divine City falls?

Yi Yun knew clearly that his present strength was like a tiny bubble in a large tidal wave that was the super beast horde which was sweeping through several countries. He was not only helpless, but he could be destroyed anytime.

It seemed like… he was out of options…

Yi Yun and Luo Huo’er walked through the teleportation array together. There was already an airship docked at the other end. Many of the young elites had long boarded the airship, waiting to retreat back into the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Yi Yun saw Yang Qian, Yao Dao and company.

No one spoke a word. The atmosphere was very solemn.

In a corner, Luo Huo’er sat in a daze. She seemed to be lost in thought.

Yi Yun sighed lightly as he sat beside Luo Huo’er.

The airship was started up and as it flew, it trembled in the turbulent air. Luo Huo’er’s body was swaying with every tremble of the airship.

“Yi Yun… why do you think… war exists?” During the flight, Luo Huo’er suddenly asked faintly. She was looking out the window at the Divine Wilderness with a dazed expression.

If it was not for war, she would not have left her family clan. And if was not for war, lives would not be lost.

Yi Yun stayed silent for a while before saying, “The fighting between humans is the same as animals hunting each other for food. It will always be this tragic. Maybe real peace will never exist. This is because for Life to exist in this world, it has to continually hunt for food. Only through non-stop killing can Life carry on. Those are the Heavenly laws.”

“Either we become the hunter or we will become the prey. There is no way to escape this cycle. Even in death, our corpses might become food or nutrients, continuing on this cycle… This is probably the hallmark of Life…” Yi Yun sighed, but when Luo Huo’er heard this, she was slightly shocked. She had just said it in passing, as if she was speaking to herself, but she had never expected Yi Yun to give her such an answer.

She never expected that a fourteen-year-old youth like Yi Yun could say such things.

“It wasn’t serious.” Yi Yun shrugged as he carried on, “Instead, we should now think about how we are going to carry on living.”

“Carry on living?” Luo Huo’er pursed her lips, “I should… be leaving… Actually… I can put in a word with my family clan, to bring you along…”

Luo Huo’er did not have any friends in the Tai Ah Divine City, other than the dim-witted Dong’er.

Yi Yun was originally a person that Luo Huo’er found very irritating, but now with life and death on the line, Luo Huo’er no longer found him irritating.

“Leave?” Yi Yun was shocked. At that moment, he felt somewhat tempted.

If he could leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom with Luo Huo’er, then he would naturally be safe.

However… once he left the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, he would not know when he would ever return.

Just thinking of Cang Yan and the words that the City Lord had said to him, Yi Yun felt that it was impossible for him to do such a thing no matter what.

He was able to accomplish everything he had done because of the resources the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom provided.

He had already accepted the fact that he had no other choice but to retreat back into the Divine Kingdom. However, if he escaped by himself, while people risked their lives by staying behind, then he would be an ungrateful brat.

Furthermore, Yi Yun still had his elder sister, Jiang Xiaorou, still in the Divine Capital City. There was also Zhou Xiaoke, Aunt Wang and all those people he had close relations with. It was impossible for Yi Yun to abandon them, leaving them to die in the beast horde.

Returning to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom meant that there was a chance to reverse the tide. After all, with so many people working hard at it, how could he choose to escape?

“No, I’ll be staying behind.” Yi Yun eventually rejected the tempting offer. Luo Huo’er pursed her lips and did not say anything else.

She knew that the people in her family clan branch were definitely aware that the beast horde conjured by the Shepherd Boy was much more horrifying than they had previously estimated.

Under these circumstances, her family clan branch would most likely to send someone to get her.

The airship traversed through Divine Wilderness with the atmosphere in it of complete silence. It flew towards the territories of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

While it flew, it continuously went through many large scale teleportation arrays. One bustling city after another was left behind by the airship.

Yi Yun knew that once the beast horde came, these cities would all turn to ruins.

And the residents of these cities had basically no hope of retreating. Sending away tens of millions of citizens through the city teleportation arrays needed energy that they could not afford.

“Where are we going?” A person could not help but ask when a law-enforcer walked past.

“The Divine Capital City!” The law-enforcer answered.

“Divine Capital? Why are we going to the Divine Capital?” People had originally assumed that they would head to the Imperial City.

The Imperial City was the city that had the greatest defense in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, other than the Tai Ah Divine City.

The law-enforcer said, “The Divine Capital is the largest city closest to the Cloud Wilderness. If the Tai Ah Divine City falls, the Imperial City will naturally fall too. At that moment, we can only send all of you into the Cloud Wilderness, to hide in some barren lands. Compared to the Divine Wilderness, the Cloud Wilderness is much safer.”

Escape into the Cloud Wilderness?

Yi Yun was shocked. This was probably the last resort.

However, with beast hordes erupting everywhere, and the Cloud Wilderness being one of the gathering spots of desolate beasts, was it really much safer?

Regardless of this, he could at least see his elder sister, Jiang Xiaorou, once again if he were to return to the Divine Capital.

His fiefdom was after all located in the Divine Capital City.

To be able to meet Jiang Xiaorou once again in this time of chaos was a blessing.