True Martial World Chapter 352

Chapter 352: The Glimmer of Hope
Chapter 352: The Glimmer of Hope

Yi Yun set up a simple sound isolation energy barrier in Jiang Xiaorou’s boudoir. He then told her everything about the beast horde.

The more Jiang Xiaorou heard, the more alarmed she became. What Yi Yun was telling her was truly unbelievable.

A 100,000 feet tall Long Gui behemoth? How big was that?

Jiang Xiaorou had heard of beast hordes more than once while they were living in the Cloud Wilderness. However, she had never encountered one. Today, the beast horde Yi Yun told her about was unexpectedly a super beast horde that could wipe out the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Jiang Xiaorou had gotten a clear idea of how big the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was over the past year. Such a vast country could actually be destroyed? It sounded incredulous.

“Sis Xiaorou, you cannot tell others of what I told you. Follow me to the army campgrounds and bring Zhou Xiaoke, Aunt Wang and Uncle Zhou with you… This is probably the largest number of people I can take with me.”

Yi Yun believed the law-enforcer would accommodate him bringing four people along.

Yi Yun did not know what would await him in this travel back to the Cloud Wilderness. For such a large Divine Kingdom to hole up in a barren land like the Cloud Wilderness, was it planning to become a Cloud Wilderness tribe in the future?

For a large Divine Kingdom to become a tribe was just ironic.

“Only four people?” Jiang Xiaorou could not bear it. What about the people who were left behind?

However, she knew she was unable to change anything and could only nod, “I… got it…”

Jiang Xiaorou followed Yi Yun and stayed within the Jin Long Wei campground. Now, the Jin Long Wei campground was the temporary residence of the Tai Ah Divine City’s elites.

With the looming presence of the beast horde, Yan Menglong and the other Jin Long Wei superiors of Yi Yun had all been deployed to the front lines.

For days, the campground’s atmosphere was extremely depressing. Everyone was waiting for the order to come down, as if they were waiting for the decree of Fate.

And today… the order finally came. However, they were not to head to the Cloud Wilderness, but… to rush to the Chu Prefecture City.

To the Chu Prefecture City?

People were confused as they did not know why they were going to the Chu Prefecture City for at this moment.

The Chu Prefecture City was not near the Cloud Wilderness, it was actually closer to the Divine Wilderness. Could it be that the Tai Ah Divine City had been successfully defended?

People could not help but have such thoughts as this was the outcome they wished to see the most.

When Yi Yun learned of their destination, he slightly frowned. He had heard of the Chu Prefecture City. It was the fief of the Chu royal residence. It was also the Chu royal residence’s largest city in the Chu Prefecture.

Yi Yun did not have a good impression of the Chu royal residence. Previously, his enemies, Yang Yuefeng, Yang Dingkun and company were all from the Chu royal residence.

Regardless of that, an order was an order. Yi Yun followed everyone as they flew towards the Chu Prefecture City.

Jiang Xiaorou and company were also brought along by Yi Yun.

Following that, it was another boring journey. Through these days, they were constantly on the move, not knowing what their future fate would be…

The airship went through one teleportation array after another, slowly closing in on the Chu Prefecture City.

However, at this moment, people on the airship’s deck saw another airship fly alongside them in the air.

This was an airship they had never seen before. It did not belong to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, nor any of the other large factions.

This airship was black in color and its surface was engraved with complicated red runes. As the airship flew, these runes shimmered with a rhythm. They exuded a mysterious and ancient feeling.

Clearly, the red runes were some form of esoteric array; but the law-enforcer in charge of the journey from the Divine Capital, who happened to be proficient in arrays, did not understand it at all.

The airship was about a thousand feet long but its volume was not too ludicrous in size. However, when the airships keel came in sight, a law-enforcer who was proficient in the Desolate Heaven technique became greatly alarmed.

“The heel is made of primordial species ribs!”

The keel of an airship’s main backbone was a straight beam. Along the beam were several crescent-shaped bones that formed the curvature of the keel.

This shape was in fact similar to a human’s sternum and ribs.

If a large primordial species’ sternum and ribs were used to construct an airships keel, then the quality of that boat would be obvious!

However, in practice, the corpses of primordial species are extremely precious. The precious bones of the species were usually used to refine desolate bone relics, so who would be willing to use them to construct an airship?

Besides, for an airship of this size meant that the primordial species must have exceeded a thousand feet in size. It was definitely a horrific existence that could cast away mountains and upset the sea, bringing about Armageddon. Even a peak-Sage might not be able to kill such a beast!

“Such precious bones were used to construct an airship?”

A few law-enforcers became extremely alarmed. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had a few similar grade primordial species corpses, but they were all placed in the Wilderness Divine Hall for the Tai Ah Divine City cultivators to use for cultivation.

How could they be so extravagant and use them to construct an airship?

“What faction is this?”

People started wondering. However, in times of peril, no matter what mysterious power it is, it will certainly bring imagination and hope to people.

At this moment, the black airship accelerated as it flew towards the Chu Prefecture City, leaving them behind.

“They too are going to the Chu Prefecture City?”

“Look, there are words on the back of the airship!’

People focused their gaze and saw ancient characters on the back of the airship. Two large blood-red words were written, Shen Tu!

The Shen Tu family clan!?

Could it be…

When people saw this surname, they all held their breaths.

If this was a few months back, no one on the airship would have known who the Shen Tu family clan was.

However, now, because of the Shepherd Boy, they all knew it clearly!

The Shen Tu family clan was an ancient family clan in the Western regions. Their heritage was unimaginably deep that far exceeded that of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

And when the Shepherd Boy first appeared, it was in the Western regions. He had once stirred up a vast beast horde in the Western regions, and at that time, the Shen Tu family clan had resisted against the beast horde.

Although the Shen Tu family clan was greatly weakened after the beast horde, they still managed to hold on!

A family clan which had been able to defend against the Shepherd Boy!

“It really is the Shen Tu family clan!”

“People from the Shen Tu family clan have come. Right, they have a feud with the Sheperd Boy. We might be saved!”

Thinking of this history, people were overjoyed. It could be said that the Shepherd Boy and the Shen Tu family clan would fight to the bitter end. Now, with the Shepherd Boy appearing once again, the Shen Tu family clan had taken the initiative to send someone!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. For the Shen Tu family clan to appear now, it no doubt brought a glimmer of hope to the despairing Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!

“Hahaha, this is great! Looks like our orders to head to the Chu Prefecture City is likely because of the Shen Tu family clan!” A law-enforcer, who was usually serious, became excited and started to cheer.

Even with the Shen Tu family clan joining, the war would still be extremely difficult with obscene amounts of bloodshed. However, it gave them hope of winning the war.

On the airship, Yi Yun gave a sigh of relief. It was best if they did not need to flee into the Cloud Wilderness.

“Disembark the airship!”

No one had time to appreciate the magnificence of the Chu Prefecture City after they landed. They had received orders to immediately head to the Chu royal residence’s main hall.

And this time, they received precise information that stated that the people from the Shen Tu family clan had arrived. They were planning to assist the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom in withstanding the beast horde.

“There are kindred spirits to be found in the human world. In this savage world, human forces have to be united!” A law-enforcer said from the bottom of his heart.

“Who can refute that. We humans are weak, so we need to unite to prosper. Things are now great!”

The law-enforcers leading the group were overjoyed. They brought the young Tai Ah Divine Kingdom elites to meet the Shen Tu family clan’s ambassadors.

Not every elite had this qualification.

It was only limited to Yi Yun, Yao Dao, Yang Qian, Chu Xiaoran and company.

Many of the others looked at Yi Yun and company with envy. To be able to meet the ambassadors of an ancient yet powerful family clan was an extremely glorious matter.

Not only did it broaden one’s views, but getting to know mighty figures, and gaining the appreciation of the mighty figures would allow one’s path to become smoother in the future.

There were all sorts of unexpected benefits!

Of course, they were only envious, they had no contempt. Only people like Yi Yun and company had the right to represent the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. If they were sent, they would only be humiliating themselves in front of the ancient family clan.

“In a while, rouse yourselves up. The higher-ups have instructed that you are to seriously handle the Shen Tu family clan if they are to question you. You must not let down the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s reputation!” A law-enforcer ordered. The higher-ups had just sent down the command. Yi Yun especially, for he was the most presentable talent the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had to offer.

They had to leave a good impression on the ambassadors from an ancient family clan. The ambassadors had to know that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was thriving with strong warriors in every generation. Only by letting them know that the younger generation of elites were extraordinary in strength could they show them the value of cooperation.

“Yes, I got it.”

Yi Yun nodded. He knew very well that this meeting between the Shen Tu family clan and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom in the Chu Prefecture City was extremely important. The fate of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom relied on it!

Whether the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom could survive this ordeal relied on the attitude of the Shen Tu family clan to a great extent.

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