True Martial World Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Young master Nantian
Chapter 353: Young master Nantian

The grand Chu royal residence was filled with palatial towers everywhere. The main Hall was situated in the King Chu tower that stood magnificently high in the sky.

Currently, the Sun was setting in the West, enveloping the sky in a red glow. The tall King Chu tower was covered by a layer of golden light, making one feel like they were in an immortal paradise.

Before Yi Yun followed the law-enforcers into the King Chu tower, he saw the Shen Tu family clan’s airship. It was docked in the square in front of the King Chu tower, and surrounding it were Shen Tu family clan guards.

These guards looked strong and sturdy. Their breathing was restrained making it difficult to estimate their strength.

They stood there motionless like wooden poles. As they all uniformly wore the same type of Shen Tu family clan armor, it was majestic at a glance.

When Yi Yun and company walked past them, all of them continued looking straight, clearly following regimental discipline.

This made Yi Yun secretly surprised. He roughly estimated that these soldiers were no weaker than the Tai Ah Divine City instructors. However, in the Tai Ah Divine City, once people reached that amount of strength, they would have great freedom and a high status.

However, in the Shen Tu family clan, these people could only become soldiers and guards.

This was the difference between a large faction and a small faction. Although the people were of the same cultivation level and those in a small faction could lead a more comfortable life, they would lose more opportunities and resources. Their horizons were more narrow, so there were people who were willing to serve a large faction, even if they were to be a normal soldier.

“The Shen Tu family clan has such military prowess and such regimental discipline. It’s much stronger than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.” Yi Yun thought in his mind. He felt more confident of being able to withstand this beast horde.

Stepping through the King Chu tower’s door, he was met with a solemn atmosphere in the main Hall. The ground was paved with inscribed stones. Not only they were harder than steel, they formed a very pretty pattern on the surface. It looked beautiful and noble.

Yi Yun saw that further in the Hall, there was a young man dressed in a traditional costume. His clothes were green in color, and there was a hair band on his head. His skin was white, and his forehead was revealed. His face had a healthy red shine to it. In a subtle way, Yi Yun could feel that in the middle of his eyebrows, there was a hint of purple air.

Purple Air Comes From The East was a symbol of innate royalty.

This youth’s dress sense was simple and his breathing was very deep and composed. He did not seem to have any airs to him, and he seemed very amiable.

Beside the youth there were two elders who wore golden robes. They were both very respectful to the youth.

Yi Yun noticed that although the two elders were sitting on chairs, they only sat on a third of the seat. Their backs were upright, and this was a sign of humility.

Yi Yun did not recognize the two elders, but, one of the elders was wearing a golden python robe, thus Yi Yun recognized him.

A golden python could be said to be a python, but it actually resembled a dragon. It had four claws which was one less claw than a dragon, so a golden python could be said to be a four-clawed dragon.

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, only those who were given the title of King could wear a four-clawed golden dragon robe. For example, Chu Xiaoran’s father was a Defender Duke, which was one level lower than King Chu’s noble rank, hence he could not wear such a robe.

In other words, the elder wearing a golden python robe was King Chu himself!

For a young man to be able to receive such respect from King Chu made it certain that he was from the Shen Tu family clan. And amongst the Shen Tu family clan, he probably did not have a low status. Yi Yun noticed that King Chu was showing heartfelt respect to the youth himself, and not because of the faction behind him.

Other than those three people sitting in the great hall, the rest were left standing.

Yi Yun noticed that amongst those who stood, there were some teenage boys and girls wearing uniforms. These young people were clearly from the Shen Tu family clan, and they were likely the talented juniors from the Shen Tu family clan.

There were other older followers and family generals, but all of them treated the youth in green as their leader.

“Young master Nantian, these are the young elites of our Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, please take a look.”

King Chu pointed at Yi Yun and company. The youth in green casually glanced at them and his gaze stopped for a short while on Yi Yun.

“Not bad…” Young master Nantian smiled and nodded, “When a country is in danger, being born in this chaotic times is unfortunate, but it is also lucky. If all of you can survive it, then this will be your fortuitous opportunity. Make sure to take advantage of it.”

Young master Nantian gave a simple evaluation. His voice was like powerful Spring pool, which made many of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s favored children of heaven feel as if they were put upon a pedestal.

These days, all these teenage boys and girls had slowly understood how vast the world was. They were located in a corner, and they had limited horizons.

Originally, as a figure of such stature, Young master Nantian would not concern himself with a bunch of geniuses from a small country as they were nothing. Unexpectedly, Young master Nantian had even given them a good evaluation, making them feel encouraged.

“This Young master Nantian does not have any airs.”

“Right, I never expected him to encourage us. What a pleasure.” A few youths began discussing using Yuan Qi transmissions.

Some of the young girls even looked at Young master Nantian with a hint of admiration and idolization.

For a favored son of Heaven from a powerful background to be this charming and strong, he easily moved the hearts of the young girls.

“My Chu royal residence’s family generals, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Sages and all these young proud children of Heaven will listen to Young master Nantian’s orders!” King Chu respectfully said. At this moment, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was struggling, so naturally it was very courteous to the Shen Tu family clan, which was like a life-saving straw.

“Alright.” Young master Nantian responded lightly. “My Shen Tu family clan has come to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom for two things. Firstly, it is to clear the beast horde set off by the Shepherd Boy to settle my feud with him. Secondly, it is to discuss some matters with the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.”

As Young master Nantian spoke, he flipped his right hand slightly, and in his hand, a red stone appeared from out of nowhere.

He picked the gem out of his right hand and swiped it across all the people in the room. This gem emitted a light that put people in a dreamy state. If one looked at it, they would not even realize that their spirit was being sucked in.

Many of the favored children of Heaven were alarmed and hurriedly stop looking at it.

“This is…” King Chu was stunned, not knowing what Young master Nantian was doing.

“Desolate Mirror Stone!” Young master Nantian said calmly, “People from the Human race and Desolate race look no different. There is no way to distinguish them on the surface. Only this Desolate Mirror Stone can detect the Desolate race’s signature. This is to prevent spies from the Desolate race being amongst us!”

When Young master Nantian said this, King Chu’s expression changed. He smiled dryly, “How is that possible? My Chu Prefecture City is a long distance away from the Divine Wilderness. Besides, these are geniuses reared by the Tai Ah Divine City. We know their roots, so they can’t be of the Desolate race…”

“Impossible?” Young master Nantian chuckled and stood up. “How many people from the Desolate race have you interacted with before? You are just guessing. The Desolate race is cunning, cruel and bloodthirsty. On the way here, I have confirmed that there are more than one member of the Desolate race in the Chu Prefecture City!”

“My guess is that the plan to set off the beast horde to destroy the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom has been prepared by the Desolate race for a long time. Many years ago, the Desolate race might have sent numerous spies to infiltrate all corners of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom!”


Hearing Young master Nantian saying it so surely, the people in the great Hall looked at each other. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had been infiltrated by Desolate race spies? And there were that many?

Originally, their impression of the Desolate race was only that of the Shepherd Boy. It was synonymous with powerful, mysterious, bloodthirsty and cruel.

As for the other members of the Desolate race, they had never thought of them before.

“But…” Young master Nantian’s suddenly switched gears, “I’m curious. With the Shepherd Boy’s strength, he can destroy the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom by himself. I do not understand why he sent spies out before hand. I’m afraid that his goal of attacking the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is not that simple!”

Young master Nantian sighed slightly as he seemed to be in deep thought.

Yi Yun’s mind began cranking when he heard this. When he was in the Tai Ah Divine City, he had seen the Shepherd Boy lead the beast horde to attack the city with his own eyes. Back then, the Shepherd Boy had indeed said, “I have something to do… I do not truly want to destroy the Tai Ah Kingdom, but unfortunately, the few countries around the Divine Wilderness are hindering me from doing what I want to do. As such, I can only annihilate them!”

The fact that this Young master Nantian had managed to reach this conclusion from all sorts of small clues showed how capable he was.

Young master Nantian carried on, “Everyone, remember this. The Desolate race’s blood is silver in color! If you detect any people with silver blood, you are to immediately report it to me!”

“The Desolate race may look human, but they are in fact not human. In essence, they are desolate beasts. The Desolate race is innately cruel and prone to killing. They do not have any concept of mercy. They kill people like they are cutting grass!”

“Hence, do not treat the Desolate race as humans. Desolate race and Humans are arch-rivals, just as humans are arch-rivals with desolate beasts. You can say that we are irreconcilable!”

“The Desolate race’s silver blood is of great use to Humans. The corpses of high ranked Desolate race members are much more valuable than primordial species! And moving up, the blood of King-ranked Desolate race members are far superior than primordial true spirits! And King-ranked Desolate race members are not the strongest amongst the Desolate race!”

“The most important point is that the blood of Desolate race members have mild energies. They are not like the blood of primordial species that can cause damage to one’s meridians. If… anyone of you discovers a Desolate race, and report them to me, I will give you a portion of the Desolate race’s blood. Therefore… I had previously mentioned that this war is a fortuitous opportunity for all of you. Now, you should understand why!”

After Young master Nantian said all this, the young elites present were moved.

The value of a high ranked Desolate race member’s blood exceeded that of primordial species?

Furthermore, there were even King-ranked Desolate race members that exceeded primordial true spirits.

The concept of a primordial true spirit had been deeply engraved in their hearts. Back when the Shepherd Boy led the beast horde to attack the city, the giant turtle that shocked many was a primordial true spirit!

Then, what sort of value did the blood have that even a primordial true spirit paled in comparison?

“Alright, that will be all for today. There are no spies amongst us. From now on, the city gates have to be closed as we first find the spy!” Young master Nantian said as his mouth suffused into a confident smile.

The Shepherd Boy, who had previously stirred up a bloody storm in the Western regions, was an arch-enemy that had nearly killed his parents and himself.

Now, he wanted to make the Shepherd Boy know what it meant to atone with one’s blood!