True Martial World Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Spy
Chapter 354: Spy

The Chu Prefecture City was on lockdown. People began going door to door to search for the Desolate race’s spy.

A lot of Desolate Mirror Stones were handed out. The Shen Tu family clan and people from the Chu royal residence were also searching. However, not a single Desolate race was found after a few days.

Some people suspected that Shen Tu Nantian was being overly sensitive.

“If I said that they exist, then they exist! My intuition is not wrong. I have previously seen some Desolate race members with very pure blood and I have used the pureblood blood elixirs of the Desolate race, so I have a vague sense of the existence of a Desolate race. Now, I have already sensed them, so there must be a Desolate race lurking here. You must carry on searching!”

Shen Tu Nantian was extremely confident of his judgment. The Desolate Mirror Stone was not omniscient. When a Desolate race member’s strength reached a certain realm, they would be able to hide their signature, as such it would not be surprising that the Desolate Mirror Stone was not able to detect anything.

And the stronger and purer the Desolate race’s blood was, the more valuable it was.

This time, the Shen Tu family clan had sent several top experts. They were not afraid of the Desolate race’s strength, they were only afraid that the Desolate race blood would be impure.

“Let me… extract a high-ranking Desolate race’s life-giving blood to refine into elixirs. I will use their corpses as a sacrifice to my clansmen who died that year.”

Shen Tu Nantian rubbed his interspatial ring as a cold beam flashed in his eyes. He had made it his life’s goal to slaughter the whole Desolate race. As long as he killed the whole Desolate race, then the desolate beasts would not be able to form into a super beast horde, so it was insufficient to cause fear.

“Using the blood of a Desolate race member to refine into elixirs…” In a small courtyard in the Chu royal residence, Yi Yun was sitting on a long bench as he watched the leaves fall from a hundred-year-old tree.

This looked like one of the courtyards that one of the Chu royal residence’s palace girls lived in. There was even a swing in the courtyard. However, no one knew where the girl had gone, so Yi Yun and Jiang Xiaorou were assigned to live in it.

There were too many people that had entered the Chu Prefecture City. Although the Chu royal residence was large, it was quickly filled up. It was extremely difficult to be assigned a residence with a courtyard for a single person like Yi Yun.

“Are you biased against using Desolate blood to refine into elixirs?” Chu Xiaoran was sitting opposite Yi Yun. These days against the beast horde, Chu Xiaoran would occasionally look for Yi Yun to chat with so as to relieve her stress.

She did not have many friends in the Tai Ah Divine City. Qiuniu was one, while Yi Yun was the second.

“There will be at least some. The Desolate race look no different to Humans, so to use the Desolate race’s blood to refine into elixirs makes me somewhat uncomfortable with the thought…”

Yi Yun spoke with some deliberation, despite Shen Tu Nantian having previously said that members of the Desolate race should not be treated as humans, and instead, they should be treated like a type of desolate beast.

Chu Xiaoran said, “The Desolate race is cruel and they have killed countless numbers of people. The Shepherd Boy looks like a neighborly youth, but underneath his skin, he is extremely cruel. The ancients describe death feuds as ‘wishing only to eat one’s flesh and drink one’s blood’, so I don’t think it’s too much.”

What Chu Xiaoran said was not unreasonable, but Yi Yun recalled a phrase from his previous life, “there, we shall feast on barbarian flesh and drink the blood of the Xiongnu”. Now, Shen Tu Nantian’s feud with the Desolate race was probably similar to the famous general Yue Fei…

“Right, you must be careful of Yang Yuefeng and Yang Dingkun. They have returned to the Chu royal residence and the Chu royal residence is their turf.” Chu Xiaoran suddenly remembered Yi Yun’s feud with the Chu royal residence’s children.

“Yes…I know. I will be careful.”

In the Tai Ah Divine City, Yi Yun could not do anything to Yang Yuefeng and company and vice-versa due to the Divine City’s rules.

However, now in the Chu royal residence, Yi Yun had to be on the watch.

Thankfully, be it Yang Dingkun or Yang Yuefeng, they were just juniors in the Chu royal residence. They could not affect those who held power in the Chu royal residence with their own intentions.

As Yi Yun was thinking, he suddenly heard a commotion outside.

Oh? What happened?

Yi Yun focused and listened. He heard people shouting like they had caught a Desolate race spy and were prepared to submit it to Shen Tu Nantian to gain credit.

“They have caught a Desolate race spy?” Chu Xiaoran also heard the commotion. She was pleasantly surprised as she stood up.

However, beside Chu Xiaoran, Yi Yun’s expression seemed to change. Why…

His body flashed as he rushed out of the small courtyard!

“This is the Desolate race spy? How can it be so weak… Didn’t Young master Nantian say that the Desolate race spy should be very strong?”

“Haha, who cares. The Desolate Mirror Stone is so bright, so it can’t be wrong. Let’s send the news now.”

There were two Chu royal residence’s guards. One of them lit a voice transmission charm and directly sent the information.

This had happened only about a hundred meters away from Yi Yun’s tiny courtyard, so Yi Yun reached here in a flash.

And what Yi Yun saw made him freeze.

Two large and sturdy Chu royal residence’s guards were surrounding a girl dressed in green. She was his sister, Jiang Xiaorou!

Sis Xiaorou… How is this possible!?

Yi Yun’s heartbeat stagnated as he couldn’t believe it!

“I… I’m not a Desolate race spy, I’m not…” Jiang Xiaorou was curled up in the corner of a wall. Beside her was the basket she had dropped. In it were fresh vegetables and eggs that were scattered all over the ground.

Originally, she had gone to the Chu royal residence to obtain some ingredients so as to prepare a meal for Yi Yun, but she was stopped by these two guards. The stone they had emitted a red glow, and they had insisted that she was a Desolate race spy.

“Hmph, you sure can act!” One of the guards grinned. As a Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warrior, and knowing the cause and effect of the beast horde, they hated the Desolate race to the bone.

Without the Desolate race, would they have been in such a state?

“Let me see how long you can act!” A guard raised his hand as he was about to slap Jiang Xiaorou’s face.

This guard’s cultivation level was in the Yuan foundation realm. This slap of his was enough to fall a large tree.

Seeing the slap reaching her, Jiang Xiaorou curled into a ball as she closed her eyes. She was filled with panic and despair.

“Stop it!”

Yi Yun’s body flashed and appeared beside the guard like lightning. He reached out his hand and grabbed the guard’s hand.

“You…What are you doing?” Yi Yun had recently broken into the Yuan foundation and his strength exceeded similarly-ranked warriors. Yi Yun’s grab hurt the guard. The guard’s expression changed slightly as he never expected the youth to be that strong. He struggled to free himself from Yi Yun, but Yi Yun’s hand was like an iron cast. The more he struggled, the more his wrist hurt.

He was a bit afraid as he said cowardly, “Don’t tell me you are trying to protect a Desolate race spy?”

“Yun…Yun’er!” Jiang Xiaorou opened her eyes and she saw Yi Yun standing before her. She cried tears of joy.

“Yun’er, I’m not a spy, I really am not…” Jiang Xiaorou’s voice slightly trembled. She was a very ordinary girl. She had only been trying to get some ingredients before encountering this attack on her.

“You are… Yi Yun?” A guard recognized Yi Yun, whose identity was extremely shocking.

“So you are Yi Yun… So what if you are Yi Yun? She is a Desolate race spy, as if you can protect her!”

Although he knew Yi Yun’s identity and was lacking confidence, his anger had caused him to verbally attack Yi Yun as his wrist was hurting badly.

Yi Yun stood in front of Jiang Xiaorou to protect her. His expression was not happy. At this moment, Chu Xiaoran had also arrived, “What is going on… ?”

She knew Yi Yun had a mortal sister and she had heard the commotion amongst these people. She found it hard to believe that Yi Yun’s sister was a member of the Desolate race as it was too incredulous.

However, she also saw the Desolate Mirror Stone in the hands of the two guards shining the color of blood.

This meant that there was indeed a member of the Desolate race nearby, and it was extremely close!

Yi Yun looked at the Desolate Mirror Stone, and he found the red light emitted by the Desolate Mirror Stone extremely blinding.

He was silent as he turned his head around and looked at Jiang Xiaorou, “Sis Xiaorou…”

“Yun’er, I’m not a spy…” Jiang Xiaorou bit her lips. Her face was a bit pale. In Jiang Xiaorou’s bright eyes, Yi Yun could see his clear reflection.

He was sure that the girl in front of him was the Sis Xiaorou who had followed him all the way. She was not a Desolate race member in disguise.

He grabbed Jiang Xiaorou’s hand and that intimate and harmonious feeling was not something an unfamiliar Desolate race member could disguise.

“She is my elder sister.” Yi Yun turned his head and looked at the two guards as he said unhurriedly.

At this moment, there were more and more people gathering. Many people had rushed out when they heard the commotion.

Many of them were the favored children of the Tai Ah Divine City. Amongst them were Yang Qian and Yao Dao.

One of the Chu royal residence guards clutched his wrist that had been grabbed by Yi Yun. He pointed at Jiang Xiaorou and said to the people that had gathered, “We caught a Desolate race spy. It’s her!”

Everyone’s gaze fell onto Jiang Xiaorou, causing her to subconsciously move backwards.

Up to now, she had not figured out what had happened. Two fierce-looking stour men had waved a red stone around her body, and had insisted she was a spy.

“She’s from the Desolate race?” Yang Qian frowned as he looked at Yi Yun. To Yang Qian, he did not mind Jiang Xiaorou, but he had to consider his attitude towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was silent. Jiang Xiaorou’s background was mysterious and he did not know which family clan she came from either. He guessed that Jiang Xiaorou came from a huge background.

However… Desolate race?

Yi Yun recalled the bits and pieces of his interaction with Jiang Xiaorou before shaking his head, “Impossible!”

Back in the Cloud Wilderness, Jiang Xiaorou had previously told him of her childhood. Although she had lost a lot of her childhood memories, she still remembered certain scenes, which included her past life and her reading and writing.

The life she had described did not seem to be that of the Desolate race which lived with desolate beasts.

Besides, Jiang Xiaorou was literate. What she knew was language of humans, and Yi Yun knew that the Desolate race had their own language.

Jiang Xiaorou was the one who first taught Yi Yun’s how to read and write.

If Jiang Xiaorou was from the Desolate race, then why would she learn the language of humans at a young age?

“Just because you say it’s impossible, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible? The Desolate Mirror Stone can’t be wrong. If no one believes me, then we can test it now. Previously, Young master Nantian had said that the color of the Desolate race’s blood is silver. Let’s use a knife and see whether this girl’s blood is red or silver!”

The man who had his wrist grabbed by Yi Yun suddenly had a brilliant thought. He suggested this method and everyone who heard this agreed.

Indeed, checking the color of one’s blood was enough, wasn’t it?